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SETI@Home-Wow!-Event 2014
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38 years after the discovery of the Wow! Signal on August 15th, 1977, which was received from the direction of constellation Sagittarius, it is time to honor the mother of all BOINC projects.

Therefore SETI.Germany is calling for the fourth SETI@Home-Wow!-Event from 15.08.2015 to 29.08.2015.

Anyone, who wishes to participate, has to register on this site.

More information about the Wow!-Signal can be found here and about the SETI project here.

The current BOINC software and installation instructions can be found on the homepage of SETI@home:

To collect pending credits before race start is not only allowed but welcome! The whole purpose is to do our utmost and work hard for SETI@home and thus provide invaluable support. So don't be afraid to start crunching for SETI@home with all of your available CPUs & GPUs before the race starts.

And who knows, maybe it will be you who finds the new Wow! Signal which will not just be going down in grid computing history!

SETI.Germany wishes you a lot of fun with the fourth SETI@Home-Wow!-Event.