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  • New Experiment Launched: weather@home 2015: Western US Drought
    30.06.2015 08:54 Uhr

    We’ve just launched a new experiment looking at the causes of the ongoing drought in California, Oregon and Washington.

    Has climate change made the drought more likely? Or is it the “blob”, the giant patch of unusually warm water off the West Coast in the northeast Pacific Ocean?

    We’ve just put out over 20,000 models to study this phenomenon – you can read more about the drought in the Western US and how our experiment will help answer these questions on the weather@home pages on our website:

    We’ll be posting results up on our website as soon as we get the first models back, probably in about a week from now, so watch this space!

    We’re doing this experiment with scientists based at Oregon State University – read their media advisory about the project.

    western us drought map animation Alle BOINC Projektnews

    The drought in the Western US over the period covered by this experiment,
    from US Drought Monitor.

  • CAS@home: LHC@home Test4Theory passed 2 Trillion events
    29.06.2015 08:31 Uhr
    The Test4Theory application of LHC@home just announced that they have reached the total of 2 Trillion events simulated since 2011 by volunteers for the CERN PH-TH project MCPlots.

    The original news can be found here
  • PrimeGrid: SR5 Mega Prime!
    29.06.2015 02:29 Uhr
    On 23 May 2015, 17:47:52 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem project eliminated k=144052 by finding the mega prime: 144052*5^2018290+1 The prime is 1,410,730 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell’s The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 54th overall. This is the largest known base 5 mega prime. 36 k’s now remain in the Sierpinski Base 5 Problem. The discovery was made by Wolfgang Schmidt (Artist) of Germany using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz with 16GB RAM running Linux. This computer took about 6 hours and 17 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR. Wolfgang is a member of the Special: Off-Topic team. The prime was verified on 26 May 2015, 17:48:33 UTC, by user RoBorg of the United Kingdom using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz with 8GB RAM running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional. This computer took about 15 hours and 24 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR. RoBorg is a member of the Brony@Home team. For more details, please see the official announcement.
  • GPUGRID: Update to QC CPU application
    27.06.2015 12:30 Uhr
    Hello Crunchers! Things have been a bit quiet on the GPUGRID development front for a while as we have concentrated on our scientific projects. I’m now doing a spot of work on our new CPU quantum chemistry application, with a view to significantly increasing its use in the near future. Expect a flurry of updates (the first, version 101, is live now) – these are aimed at improving the platform support and performance. Please note that this app is Linux only. It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to get a Windows version of this software built. Matt
  • FiND@Home: server_status updated
    26.06.2015 12:22 Uhr

    Due to an XSS issues in server_status.php, I updated it. (vina) works well, do not mind the red warning.

    I’m a little bit stupid, I forgot to backup my code for the progress bar… I’ll do it again but maybe not today.
  • MilkyWay@Home: Nbody Status Update
    25.06.2015 16:28 Uhr
    Hey All,

    Just a quick update on the status of Nbody. I discovered that the hanging that people were experiencing were due to the Newton Raphson root finding algorithm which would get stuck in an infinite loop. After looking for why this occurred for sometime, I decided to switch to a bisection method which is insured not to get stuck.

    The slow nature of the initialization of the plummer was found to be an error in the calculation of one of the limits of integration in a crucial integral that was being calculated. What a time it was finding that! With that limit fixed, it seems that the initialization takes a few seconds!

    I am currently unit testing the code and hopefully should get a lovely new version in a couple of weeks.

  • MilkyWay@Home: Updates
    25.06.2015 15:59 Uhr
    Hey all,

    Jake Weiss and I will be making fairly regular updates on the status of the project under the Application Code Discussion part of the forum.

  • PrimeGrid: Another PPS Mega Prime!
    24.06.2015 02:58 Uhr
    On 10 May 2015, 02:13:21 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Mega Prime Search found the Mega Prime: 195*2^3486379+1 The prime is 1,049,507 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell’s The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 109th overall. The discovery was made by Naoki Yoshioka (oevrtaker@biomaterial) of Japan using an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2687W 0 @ 3.10GHz with 64GB RAM running Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise. This computer took about 1 hour and 32 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR. Naoki is a member of the Doshisha University team. The prime was verified on 10 May 2015, 10:12:42 UTC, by Scott Brown (Scott Brown) of the United States using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz with 8GB RAM, running Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise. This computer took about 1 hour and 14 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR. Scott is a member of the Duke University team. For more details, please see the official announcement.
  • SETI@home: Questions and Answers
    23.06.2015 21:51 Uhr
    We put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for questions for our scientists and engineers. We picked seven of the submissions and had our team give short answers.

    Follow us on Twitter:
  • WEP-M+2 Project: 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project…
    19.06.2015 10:52 Uhr
    …67830 times
  • GPUGRID: Urgent PhD position at GPUGRID in Barcelona (please forward)
    18.06.2015 08:07 Uhr
    hi guys, do you know anybody interested in doing a PhD with us. We have a fellowship but we need to find a candidate within a week. Please forward it on if you know somebody interested Best, gdf
  • Collatz Conjecture: Planned Outage 6/18/2015 @ 8:00am CDT
    18.06.2015 00:00 Uhr
    Tomorrow morning at 8:00am central daylight savings time, the power will be out. It is expected to be back on around 12:00pm.
  • Sixtrack: Brief Interruption, Thursday 18th June,2015
    17.06.2015 16:22 Uhr
    There will be a hopefully brief interruption to the service tomorrow
    Thursday at 10:30 CST to provide separate NFS servers for SixTrack
    and Atlas. The WWW pages should still be accessible and a further
    message will be posted when the operation is complete. Eric and Nils.
  • Collatz Conjecture: Planned Outage Today
    16.06.2015 13:32 Uhr
    The circuit breaker panel will be replaced today which will require all power to be shut off for an extended period today. Unfortunately, I have been given no specific start time or finish time. So, load up on your work units now.
  • POEM@HOME: Intel GPU Support
    16.06.2015 12:03 Uhr
    We are currently running a version of POEM++ for Intel GPUs on our Test Server. We only have a very limited amount of machines for testing this, so it would be great to find some volunteers with Intel GPU hardware to connect to the Test Project.

    To do so, use the “Add project” wizard of your BOINC client and paste the Project URL “” into the corresponding text field, as our test server is not listed as an official BOINC project. We appreciate every help for testing, but please keep the following in mind:
    - Test server results will not be used for scientific publications.
    - Credits will not be listed in the BOINC cross-project statistics.
    - Test server applications may crash your system, so be sure to save any valuable data beforehand.
    Best practice is to return a few tasks, and immediately detach from the POEM@TEST project.

    Thanks in advance,
  • World Community Grid News: In 10 years, 'crowdsourced computing' has changed the world; now it's tackling Ebola
    15.06.2015 19:12 Uhr
    An article on detailing the past 10 successful years of World Community Grid.
  • Rosetta@home: Project News Jun 15, 2015
    15.06.2015 07:00 Uhr
    The minirosetta application has been updated to 3.59. To report bugs, go to this thread.
  • SETI@home: Eric Korpela on UFOs and Conspiracy Theories
    12.06.2015 18:20 Uhr
    Berkeley SETI Research Center Project Scientist Eric Korpela talks about giant red aliens, sky queens, and what we’ll do when we make contact. Check out our latest video profile at
  • Sixtrack: Project down due to a server issue
    11.06.2015 09:42 Uhr
    Due to a problem with an NFS server backend at CERN, the Sixtrack and ATLAS BOINC projects are down. A fix is underway.
  • Collatz Conjecture: Sieve Application Testing
    11.06.2015 00:18 Uhr
    As some may have noticed on the server status page, there are daemons running for the new Collatz Sieve application. Work units are available for when the apps ready for testing. If you are a glutton for punishment, set your preferences to allow test applications and when the apps are ready, you can join in the testing. I know the credit calulation used by the old apps has to change because while the average steps has increased because of the sieve, the total steps has decreased. Also, the WUs are probably too large (a day or two or more??? on a very fast GPU). The sieve apps will come and go while testing the various platforms and plan classes. As they are determined to be stable they will be added to the list of production apps and, if all goes well, eventually the v6 apps will be deprecated.
  • yoyo@home: Muon update
    10.06.2015 22:00 Uhr
    Check the forum entry from the author for an update of the project. I’ll keep the project running with a lower weight.
  • Collatz Conjecture: She Needs More Power, Capt'n
    10.06.2015 17:09 Uhr
    After replacing the power supply, the Collatz server is back online. The database checked out OK so everything appears normal. As usual, if you find any quirks, please let me know.
  • RALPH@home: Project News June 10, 2015
    10.06.2015 07:00 Uhr
    The minirosetta_beta application has been updated to version 3.59. Please post bugs/issues in the 3.56 thread. This update fixes a corrupted Mac application.
  • Sixtrack: HostID 10137504 user aqvario
    06.06.2015 14:12 Uhr
    HostID 10137504 owner aqvario.
    I set the max_results_day to -1; locking the stable door
    after the horse has bolted. For some reason I cannot read the
    messages I read this morning on this topic. Thanks for the
    help and the Google translation. Eric.
  • World Community Grid News: Post grid calculations continue to yield progress and inspire new methods against deadly diseases
    05.06.2015 16:00 Uhr
    The GO Fight Against Malaria project team has been making good use of the calculations which were conducted by our volunteers and that concluded in summer 2013. Their findings have sparked progress against not only malaria, but tuberculosis as well. They have one paper published and two more about to be submitted. They continue their work to publish their findings, after which they will resume the analysis on and experimental assessment of the massive amount of data generated by World Community Grid volunteers.
  • FiND@Home: Shutting down
    05.06.2015 11:56 Uhr
    I have to shut down the server for the weekend. UCD is going to do some tests with the power in the building where the database is hosted.
  • MilkyWay@Home: server issues
    03.06.2015 18:47 Uhr
    Hey all,

    We are currently having a few issues with the server. Everything seems to be up and running yet no work units are being sent out. If any of you see any erroneous behavior on your end please let us know.

  • SETI@home: The challenges of funding SETI
    03.06.2015 18:00 Uhr
    Getting a steady stream of funding for SETI research is a challenge, as BSRC Director Andrew Siemion explains in this short video.
  • theSkyNet POGS – the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey: Help name exoplanets!
    02.06.2015 07:19 Uhr
    Hi theSkyNet POGS volunteers,
    The International Astronomical Union is allowing astronomical organisations (like theSkyNet) to submit potential names for 20 exoplanet systems outside our Solar System.

    We get to submit a name, and we’d like your help to choose it.

    If you get suggesting with names (that follow the IAU rules, see below) on June 10th we’ll compile all the suggestions and take a vote for what name to submit to the IAU on June 15th!

    Put your suggestions in replies on this thread on the message boards. Don’t forget to tell us which system your name suggestion is for, see the list linked below (and if you’ve got a reason why you think the name is good, then add that in too!)

    The Rules

    The name must be 16 characters or less in length, preferably one word, pronounceable, non-offensive and not too similar to an existing name of an astronomical object (you can check your suggested name at Sesame Service ( or the Minor Planet Centre (

    The names must not include names of pet animals, names of a purely or principally commercial nature, names of individuals, places or events principally known for political, military or religious activities, names of living individuals or names protected by trademarks or other forms of intellectual property.

    More details on the rules are on the IAU website:

    So is a list of the 20 exoplanet systems that are up for naming:

    Happy suggesting! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • RALPH@home: Project News June 2, 2015
    02.06.2015 07:00 Uhr
    The minirosetta_beta application has been updated to version 3.58. Please post bugs/issues in the 3.56 thread. There were minor feature additions to this version, particularly for cyclic peptide modeling.

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