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  • World Community Grid News: Help Conquer Cancer project update
    09.07.2014 13:20 Uhr
    The research team expands to advance their analysis of the millions of protein-crystallization images processed by World Community Grid volunteers. This will help scientists understand how protein structure can lead to better cancer drug design.
  • OPTIMA@HOME: New test set was launched!
    08.07.2014 16:00 Uhr
    It is need for the optimization of the solver smallexpx.

  • World Community Grid News: The people of World Community Grid
    07.07.2014 15:25 Uhr
    New website features give you more information about the people and connections that make World Community Grid possible.
  • SAT@home: Competition 'Bienvenido, amigos!'
    07.07.2014 12:30 Uhr
    Competition Bienvenido, amigos! will be held from July 12 2014 to July 17 2014.

    Соревнование Bienvenido, amigos! будет проведено с 12 по 17 июля 2014 года.
  • SETI@home: Smithsonian Video
    03.07.2014 16:33 Uhr
    Recently Dan Werthimer was at the Smithsonian giving a talk about SETI. Video of this presentation is now available online.
  • MilkyWay@Home: Revised policy for Shipping T-shirts Internationally
    03.07.2014 15:13 Uhr
    Hello everyone, There has been a recent change in our policy regarding shipping T-shirts internationally. We previously required an extra $100 dollar donation for international addresses. However, due to our recent experience with sending T-shirts international, we have decided that this is no longer necessary. It costs us about $12 more to mail internationally than in the United States, plus we have to fill out a customs form, but we have found a convenient way to mail without running to the post office. While we would appreciate an additional donation for international shipping addresses, we will no longer require it. Unfortunately, the web form for credit card donations still says the additional $100 donation is required. You can ignore that and just type in the size requested. As before, the sizes available are adult Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, or XXXLarge Thank you all for your continuing support, -Sidd
  • Wildlife@Home: New user and gold badge surveys online
    02.07.2014 22:19 Uhr
    Hi Everyone! Our biologists have been really interested in getting some more information about our users so we can make the website better and more informational. Users who haven’t gotten a gold badge for watching video yet can take our new user survey which has a couple questions about where you live and what you do, which should only take a minute or two to complete. There’s a second more in-depth survey for after you’ve gotten a gold badge so we can get some more information for people who have used the site a bit. It’s another quick one. Right now, there’ll be a link in the navbar when there’s a survey available, and also a link on top of the video watching page. They’ll disappear after you take the survey. If this is annoying, please let me know and we can come up with a better solution — we just don’t want people to miss taking the survey as we could really use the information to help improve the website. If you have any suggestions and/or improvements for the survey pages, please let us know! thanks! –Travis
  • Wildlife@Home: New tutorial video
    02.07.2014 21:28 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Becca’s given me a new tutorial video, hope you enjoy it! It’s also in the video tutorial thread here:
  • MilkyWay@Home: Fundraiser Progress
    02.07.2014 19:24 Uhr
    Hey Everyone, Our current progress for the fundraiser is $11,505.22, which is a little over a quarter of the way there! We have already sent out 18 T-shirts! A big thank you to everyone who contributed from myself and the MilkyWay@home team! Due to the large influx of donations, it will take some time to update the profiles for users who wish to have a special contribution badge appear. Therefore, I ask for some patience in that regard. Thank you all for your continuing support, Sidd
  • Wildlife@Home: Short writeup on computer vision efforts
    02.07.2014 19:08 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Kyle’s written a brief description of what he’s been doing with the work units we’ve been generating for automated detection of the wildlife, you can find it here: And it’s linked from the video site selection page and on the front page. Let us know if you have any questions, and anything you’d like more details about! I’ll also be uploading another training video from Becca today; and we’ll also be putting up a brief survey to get a little more information about our volunteers so we can make the site better and provide better information and updates about the science we’re doing here. cheers, –Travis
  • MilkyWay@Home: PayPal and other options
    01.07.2014 18:51 Uhr
    Hello All, Many of you have asked about paypal and other donation methods. To address these concerns, Professor Heidi Newberg asked me to post the following on her behalf: I would like to answer some of your posts. I am aware of the problem with not having a direct Paypal giving option. I prefer to use Paypal myself. Until the university wakes up to this as an important option, the only thing I can do is offer my personal Paypal account as an option. I will donate all of your donations back to MilkyWay@home. It will not be US tax deductible, but that is not a problem for donors who do not reside in the US. You can send to Heidi Newberg, and put your username/userID, indicate whether or not you would like a badge on your profile and T-shirt info in the notes section if applicable. So far five people have taken me up on this option. I know it is not ideal. Regarding Kickstarter and other online donation sites, I did research these right after I was told that my grant was not renewed. These sites take a fraction of the proceeds (5% or more), and do not provide much (though they can figure out paypal better). I decided it was better to use the infrastructure provided by BOINC and by my university. I am having some trouble understanding GRIDcoin/BitCoin donations. In understand that I could take donations in these currencies, and then convert them to the cash that I need to pay students, etc. However, doesn’t that undermine the value of the currency itself? Why are people willing to exchange their BitCoins for GRIDcoins, and then their BitCoins for US dollars? Is there anything I can buy now with GRIDcoins (except BitCoins)? And thank you for all of your help on my research project. Best Wishes, Heidi Newberg
  • Wildlife@Home: Finishing videos with no events
    30.06.2014 20:16 Uhr
    Going through the videos watched while I was gone, I noticed a few videos were submitted with no events marked. I’ve updated the pages so that the “finished” button will disable when there are no events (as there should always be at least one, even if it is just too dark, etc).
  • Wildlife@Home: Back from vacation
    30.06.2014 18:59 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Had a great two weeks island camping on Lake George, NY. Now I’m back and will be updating things again. Will be working on getting the new validator running smoothly, and then getting the revalidation process working. After that I want to focus on developing the more BOINC side of the project, by implementing some computer vision techniques for automated detection using all the events you guys have provided. cheers, –Travis
  • Updates
    30.06.2014 14:41 Uhr
    Dear users, I am scheduling a small amount of down-time next Monday for server updates. If all goes to plan this will only be a few minutes. In other news, release 32 of our simulator software, OpenMalaria, is ready for use. This release includes a lot of work to increase the breadth of types of malaria intervention and intervention deployment strategies which OpenMalaria can simulate, as well as allowing monitoring of multiple subsets of the simulated human population. The test application and shortly thereafter branch A will be updated to use this in the next few weeks. Regards, Diggory Hardy
  • MilkyWay@Home: New N-Body Runs (6/28)
    28.06.2014 15:42 Uhr
    These are the new runs: de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_0 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_1 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_2 de_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_3 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_0 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_1 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_2 ps_nbody_06_28_orphan_sim_3 Most people’s issues with the last set should be fixed. Post errors here please. Also, if you are having issues still with the ones from 6/10 and 6/11, expect to stop seeing those work units as the queue vacates in the next few weeks. Thanks, Jake
  • Asteroids@home: Server maintenance
    28.06.2014 12:39 Uhr
    There is going to be server maintenance on 28.06.2014 starting at 13:00 UTC. It will take approximately 30 hours.

    Maintenance is done. Everything is running now.

    Radim Vančo (Kyong)
  • MindModeling@Home (Beta): Temporary Suspension of Work
    25.06.2014 13:46 Uhr
    Hi all, We’re temporarily suspending our BOINC feeder while we deploy new versions of all our applications. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers, -Tom
  • MilkyWay@Home: Dear MilkyWay@home Volunteers
    24.06.2014 01:06 Uhr
    Dear Milkyway@home volunteer, During the past year we have made great strides in scientific research using MilkyWay@home and we have great plans for the future. Thank you for your help in making this happen! As a token of our appreciation we have introduced the volunteer badge system; our cyber-gift that tracks your years of service to the project and your contributed computer power. I encourage you to read our Newsletter to find out more. You can also track us on the Web. Check out our YouTube Channel, where we post our simulation videos, and like us on Facebook to get the latest updates. Unfortunately, we now need your help more than ever. Last month I was informed that the U.S. National Science Foundation was not renewing our grant that operates MilkyWay@home. I would have been incensed, but unfortunately, due to the tight federal budgets, this is happening to strong and hard-working researchers all over the country. To maintain operations for the next year, we need to raise $40K (for budget details), and we need your help. Your contribution, of any amount, will be recognized with a badge on your MilkyWay@home profile. In addition, for every $100 donated before August 15, 2014, we will send a free T-shirt, designed by our team members, that says “I support MilkyWay@home” to any address in the United States (additional donation required for international addresses or special shirt sizes, see here). You can even link a cool picture of you in your shirt to our Facebook page! We really appreciate the use of your computer, which contributes to our 0.5 PetaFLOPS MilkyWay@home supercomputer. If you are also able and willing to help us financially you can make a donation by credit card here. For other donation options and to track our campaign see our Fundraising page. I and the MilkyWay@home team thank you so much for your assistance! In appreciation, Prof. Heidi Jo Newberg and the MilkyWay@home team
  • Rosetta@home: Project News Jun 20, 2014
    20.06.2014 07:00 Uhr
    Journal post from David BakerWe have recently made great progress in designing self assembling materials from proteins and in designing proteins which selectively kill tumor cells. These efforts have benefited tremendously from Rosetta@Home! News releases on these advances are at’-death
    19.06.2014 17:03 Uhr
    Hi guys!! There’s a new project in the long queue ( NOELIA_THROMBIN ) . It consists of the binding of 6 different inhibitors to the protease thrombin, a protein in the coagulation cascade. With these, we are trying to demonstrate that molecular simulations can be as useful as X-Ray crystallography predicting binding modes. Thanks to all, P.D: Report any problems please! Noelia
  • WEP-M+2 Project: 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project…
    19.06.2014 10:53 Uhr
    …50778 times – still no sign of any larger factors
  • SIMAP – Similarity Matrix of Proteins: Project maintenance and downtime on Jun 20
    18.06.2014 07:17 Uhr
    This project will be offline for maintenance on Friday, 20th of June, 6.30 UTC until approximately 14.00 UTC. best regards Thomas
  • POEM@HOME: GPU Project Status
    17.06.2014 13:43 Uhr
    As many of you have noticed, our GPU project has been re-enabled after the update last week. With the apparent error of our last release being fixed, I’m still not satisfied with the failing rate of GPU tasks, especially on NVIDIA cards. I think there are currently three main issues: 1. Incompatibility to old AMD GPUs. We’re suspecting our latest version of poemcl won’t run properly on cards of the Radeon 4000 series, which only have a limited OpenCL support. If you are using such a GPU, and it works however, please let me know which OS and driver version you are using. If there is no working setup, we will exclude the Radeon 4000 series in future releases. 2. Multi-GPU NVIDIA hosts still fail when using more than one graphics card for poemcl tasks. If you have attached a host with multiple NVIDIA cards to POEM@HOME, please configure your client to use only one of them for our project, see headword exclude_gpu. This is a well known problem which should have been fixed with the last release, but obviously it is a sticky one :( 3. There is a new error, which may be related to incompatible OpenCL library versions. If your host uses only a single GPU, but still fails with poemcl tasks, please download one of the following files (depending on your OS): Extract the files to a new folder, run the executable (if it works, this may take some minutes), and post the content of stderr.txt in this thread. Thanks for your help! I hope we can improve the application soon with your feedback.
  • BURP: Continuously BURPing for a decade
    16.06.2014 16:59 Uhr
    On June the 16th 2004, the very first test renders started rendering on BURP. A lot has happened since then and a lot of the original ideas from back then have now been turned into reality. We aren’t done just yet, so stay tuned for more in the next 10 years - Happy anniversary!  Alle BOINC Projektnews
  • Collatz Conjecture: Up and Running
    16.06.2014 14:24 Uhr
    Don’t blame the cat sitter! The server was online all last week. It was the firewall that was down. Naturally, I didn’t leave directions on how to check that. Regardless of the reason, Collatz is once again available. Before bringing the firewall back online, I ran a query to get the number and type of work units in progress for each host so I can manually grant credit for them if cancelled by the server for being late even if the grace period has not yet passed.
  • MilkyWay@Home: badge export for 3rd party sites.
    13.06.2014 19:23 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, I’ve made a script which outputs everyones badges to an xml file for 3rd party export. The badge information can be downloaded here: And will be updated daily. This information can also be found in the show_user.php page, e.g.: Let me know how it’s working! –Travis
  • Wildlife@Home: new interface validator up and going
    13.06.2014 18:29 Uhr
    I’ve been hand running it for awhile but I think it’s good to go. Please let me know if you see any issues. It’s up and going and trackable on the server status page. On another note, I’ll be camping from June 16-July 1st, and off the grid (hooray), so I won’t be checking the forums and projects for those two weeks. Hopefully nothing crashes and burns while I’m gone. cheers, –Travis
    11.06.2014 14:03 Uhr
    Dear all, Just sent 1000 WUs under the group name TRPS1S4. This is probably the last batch of a project you’ve been crunching for more than one year now (WUs: FXA, FXArep.. and similar names) for thrombosis disease. This last batch is particularly important, since will allow us to see if these simulations can predict experimental outcomes. Please report any problems. Thanks to all and happy crunching! Noelia
  • MilkyWay@Home: MilkyWay@home Fundraiser
    10.06.2014 16:43 Uhr
    Hey All, At the end of this summer the National Science Foundation will cease the funding of MilkyWay@home. We will be holding a fundraiser this summer to raise funds to maintain operations. Check out our fundraising page for more information. It includes information on how to donate, our budget information and more. A gift of any amount will earn you (if you so wish) a donor badge on your MilkyWay@home profile. Your gift can also earn you a free MilkyWay@home T-shirt! Here is the link: Thank you all for your continuing support! Siddhartha Shelton
  • Two New Post-Doc Vacancies with the Project
    10.06.2014 14:50 Uhr

    As part of our new collaboration project with Climate Central, we are now advertising for two new post-docs to join our project in Oxford.

    Computational Model Development for Extreme Weather Event Attribution

    We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Assistant with demonstrable expertise in the development of and experimentation with general circulation models and very good programming skills in C++ and Fortran. Applicants may come from a range of backgrounds including computer sciences, natural sciences, engineering and mathematics.

    The particular focus of this work is to develop the current regional climate modelling distributed computing set-up to allow for quasi-real time simulation of very large ensembles of weather under different climate conditions.

    The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on Friday 11 July 2014.

    Click here for more information and to apply online.

    Analysis and Interpretation of Large Model Ensembles for Extreme Weather Event Attribution

    We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Assistant with demonstrable expertise in the analysis of climatological data and the implementation and interpretation of climate model projections. Applicants may come from a range of backgrounds including natural sciences, engineering, statistics or applied mathematics.

    The particular focus of this work is the development and implementation of methods for regular probabilistic attribution analysis of extreme events with a focus on heat waves, floods and droughts from regional climate model outputs. This will include issues of initialisation, validation, bias correction and quantification of uncertainties.

    The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on Thursday 10 July 2014.

    Click here for more information and to apply online.

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