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  • GPUGRID: New CPU work units
    12.10.2014 11:53 Uhr
    I’m starting testing again on the “cpumd” multi-threaded CPU app. Please post observations here. Matt
  • SIXTRACK: CERN AFS problems
    10.10.2014 15:54 Uhr
    We seem to be having intermittent? problems with our local file system. Server running but…..will fix soonest.
  • yoyo@home: OWS: Deadline reduced to 5 days
    09.10.2014 22:00 Uhr
    The OWS project goes to it’s end. Therefore I reduced the deadline to 5 days.
  • World Community Grid News: New badges for helping to grow World Community Grid
    09.10.2014 14:46 Uhr
    To celebrate a decade of scientific discovery, we’re launching new badges to recognize volunteers for recruiting friends and family to World Community Grid. Start earning your badges today!
  • World Community Grid News: System Maintenance: Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 02:00 UTC [Completed]
    08.10.2014 20:12 Uhr
    Routine system maintenance will be performed on Sunday, October 12th. [ Completed Oct 12 @ 08:15 UTC ]
  • Wildlife@Home: DNA@Home sending out more work
    08.10.2014 18:45 Uhr
    Looks like the assimilator had a hiccup. It’s back up and running now and should be generating work again.
  • Einstein@Home: Project downtime tomorrow
    07.10.2014 11:19 Uhr
    Einstein@Home will be shut down tomorrow (Wednesday Oct 8) morning (CEST) to perform some urgently necessary database work. We expect this to take a couple of hours. BM
  • MilkyWay@Home: New Separation Modfit Version 1.36
    06.10.2014 20:22 Uhr
    Hey Everyone,

    I released a new version of Separation Modfit today (v1.36). If you have any issues with it please post them here.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Jake W.
  • GPUGRID: Important: hardware and app deprecation for 2015
    06.10.2014 13:56 Uhr
    Hi, With the arrival of Maxwell, we are now supporting 4 generations of hardware, and 6 separate builds of our application on 2 platforms. This is starting to tax our resources, so some rationalisation is required. I therefore propose the following: * Remove support for SM1.3 Geforce 200 series cards contribute rather less than 1% of our capacity and, furthermore, lack hardware features that we want to use in future development work. * Discontinue CUDA 4.2 We need CUDA 6 to properly support the new Maxwell, so I’ll be retiring the old CUDA 4.2 build. If you are still receiving version 4.2 WUs, please consider updating your driver 343 or above. These changes will take effect from January 2015 Matt
  • World Community Grid News: System Maintenance: Sunday, October 5, 2014 at 04:00 UTC [ Completed ]
    05.10.2014 16:32 Uhr
    Routine system maintenance will be performed on Sunday, October 5th. [ Completed Oct 5 @ 09:00 UTC ]
  • SIXTRACK: Service back; 5th October
    05.10.2014 13:01 Uhr
    I think we are back in business. Lots of work coming, I hope, once we sort out the disk space issue. Sorry for all the hassle and thank you for your continued support.
  • SIXTRACK: Re-enabled daemons
    04.10.2014 17:58 Uhr
    I have painfully cancelled all w-b3 WUs. According to doc they stay in the database but are marked as “not needed”. I have also disabled further WUs of this type until we sort it out. Hope to have saved some 65,000 valid WUs. We shall see tomorrow. Please post to this thread if further problems (I have restarted as root…). It will probably take some time to get back to normal. Report will follow in due course.
  • GPUGRID: CUDA 6.5 app for Linux now available on acemdbeta and acemdshort
    04.10.2014 13:58 Uhr
    Experiences here, please.
  • SIXTRACK: Service disabled
    04.10.2014 08:42 Uhr
    I have managed to stem the flood and disable the service. Apologies and will inform as soon as we are started again.
  • SIXTRACK: Disk Limit increased
    04.10.2014 00:02 Uhr
    I am unable to stop submission. I have upped the limit on disk space to 500MB. I can’t do anything about active WUs but I hope the new limit will suffice for new WUs. More news tomorrow.
  • SIXTRACK: Disk Limit exceeded w-b3
    03.10.2014 22:35 Uhr
    Drastic action being taken to delete the download WUs. This may crash the server…. Apologies for the wasted CPU.
  • OPTIMA@HOME: Second experimental data set is submitted
    03.10.2014 16:00 Uhr
    We submitted a new series of workunits (12289 wus). Each Wu runs local search for 32 times. So in total 131072 local searches are expected. The precision was set to 0.00001. 10 free parameters for Tersoff potential are fitted.

  • OPTIMA@HOME: First experimental data set is submitted
    03.10.2014 16:00 Uhr
    We submitted a series of workunits (4096 wus). Each Wu runs local search for 32 times. So in total 131072 local searches are expected. The precision was set to 0.00001. 10 free parameters for Tersoff potential are fitted.

  • OPTIMA@HOME: New application is deployed!
    03.10.2014 16:00 Uhr
    OPTIMA@home now hosts new application aimed at fitting parameters of the Tersoff potential. Molecular dynamics (MD) is often used for modeling various properties of crystals. The essence of this method consists in the numerical solution of the differential equations describing motion of atoms in the crystal lattice to determine the steady state. For molecular-dynamic computations, you must know the potential – a function that determines the interaction energy of atoms in the lattice. Modern potentials used in the simulations contain several parameters. Specific parameter values determine what concrete material is modeled. For example, for silicon, this will be one set, for diamond another etc. The project is aimed at fitting parameter values of the potential in order to achieve known material properties (energy of the lattice cell, the components of the elastic modulus etc.). Then this potential will be used for molecular dynamics simulation. To identify potential parameters we solve the problem of minimizing the variance of the values of the properties obtained by using the potential from known values. This task is to generate a large sequence of initial approximations, from which further methods local search is a (local) minimum. Next, from the obtained values we select tuples with objective values less than the specified precision.

  • GPUGRID: CUDA 6.5 app now on acemdlong
    02.10.2014 21:17 Uhr
  • GPUGRID: Important news for GTX980 owners
    02.10.2014 21:04 Uhr
    If you are crunching with a GTX980 on Windows, please update your driver to 344.16 I am seeing a very high error rate for 980s with the initial driver release, 344.11 Matt
  • World Community Grid News: Global PC network gives researchers supercomputer power
    02.10.2014 14:53 Uhr
    An article published in the Toronto Star featured Dr. Igor Jurisica, the lead researcher of the Mapping Cancer Markers project. He discussed the value of the supercomputing power that is provided to researchers through a global network of home and business computers.
  • World Community Grid News: Schistosoma research moves from computer to laboratory
    30.09.2014 14:42 Uhr
    The computing phase of Say No to Schistosoma is now complete. The research team is analyzing the results and exploring the potential applications of the compounds that volunteers helped identify.
  • GPUGRID: New acemdshort app 846
    30.09.2014 08:32 Uhr
    I’ve promoted the CUDA65 app version 846 from beta to short. You’ll only get this if you have a Kepler or Maxwell card, and have a CUDA 6.5-capable driver, in practice rev 343 or higher. Please post any problems or regressions here. Matt
  • Wildlife@Home: anyone else missing credits after the swap to the new boinc per-app credit system?
    30.09.2014 00:35 Uhr
    Please let me know. Also let me know if your accounts were linked or not. I’m trying to debug a potential problem here.
  • MilkyWay@Home: Rotating Database Logs
    29.09.2014 23:12 Uhr
    Hey all,

    We’re rotating some logs tonight. If you notice anything strange going on with the forums or with lack of getting work units, please let us know here.

    Thank you,

    Jake W.
  • Explaining Extreme Weather Events of 2013 from a Climate Perspective
    29.09.2014 15:28 Uhr

    The annual Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) special issue on the attribution of last year’s extreme weather events is published today. This year’s issue “explaining extreme events of 2013 – from a climate perspective” includes two papers led by researchers from our team. bams eee 2013 cover Alle BOINC Projektnews

    This is a highly-cited and influential annual publication coined in 2012 asking whether and to what extent anthropogenic climate change altered the risk of major extreme weather events of the past year to occur.

    The first of these papers, led by Dr Nathalie Schaller, looked at the heavy rainfall last summer in the Upper Danube and Elbe Basins in central Germany.

    Nathalie explains her research: “Using the weather@home project, we performed two types of experiments to investigate the effect of human influence on the heavy precipitation event that occurred in May-June 2013 in Central Europe and led to floods along the Elbe and Danube rivers. Comparing extreme rainfall amounts in the Elbe and Danube catchments in simulations of the ‘world as it happened’ and of the ‘world that might have been’ shows that human influence did not affect the risk of such an event happening.

    An attribution study that was based only on observations came to the same conclusion. This paper shows that despite the fact that in a warming world we do expect and observe more extreme precipitation on average, this is not true for all regions and all types of events.”

    The second paper, by Dr Juan Añel Cabanelas and colleagues, looked at the extreme snow in the western Spanish Pyrenees during the winter and spring of 2013.

    Juan explains his research: “We analyzed a phenomenon of extreme snow accumulation in the Pyrenees for several months of 2013 using different techniques. The phenomenon was extreme and rare. However results from weather@Home simulations were not able to find a conclusive fingerprint of climate change on it. If anything, the results suggest a slight decrease of the likelihood of such an accumulation of snow occurring in a warming world but this decrease is not scientifically significant.”

    The special issue comprises of 22 studies of 16 events that occurred in 2013 all over the world. A particular focus of 5 studies was the extreme heat in Australia, which forced the local meteorological services to design a new colour for the weather maps to display unprecedented heat. All found a strong increase in the risk of such record-breaking heat waves occurring in a warming world, with Knutson et al. showing that the annual mean temperatures in Australia in 2013 are impossible to simulate without global warming.

    The studies of extreme precipitation and cyclones show that our understanding of how the probability of their occurrence changes in a warming world is less complete, however, as the report concludes, a “failure to find anthropogenic signals for several events examined in this report does not prove anthropogenic climate change had no role to play. Rather, an anthropogenic contribution to these events that is distinguishable from natural climate variability could not be detected by these analyses. Thus, there may have been an anthropogenic role, but these particular analyses did not find one.”

    In compiling different methods to answer the same research question and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in these methods and gaps in our understanding these annual reports add considerably to the body of evidence of climate change.

  • SAT@home: Six a5_1_114_* instances were solved
    29.09.2014 14:12 Uhr
    Instance a5_1_114_5 solved by toest from TSC! Russia, Winer from BOINC RUSSIA

    Instance a5_1_114_6 solved by Lavoler from Russia Team, ChertseyAl

    Instance a5_1_114_7 solved by Crystal Spirit from Crystal dream, mi5rys from Crystal Dream

    Instance a5_1_114_8 solved by morgan from Team Norway, Igo Centrical from Russia Team

    Instance a5_1_114_9 solved by Shurale from Astronomy.Ru forum, Shaman from Czech National Team

    Instance a5_1_114_10 solved by Grey from Russia, Mixa from Russia Team, Владимир from TSC! Russia, plumbum from Russia Team.
  • GPUGRID: New CUDA65 beta app
    29.09.2014 09:49 Uhr
    Dear all, please give the new acemdbeta app, ver 845, a work out. This supports all GPUs now. It’s Windows only – if you don’t get WUs, you’ll need to update your driver. Matt
  • GPUGRID: Changes to scheduling policy
    29.09.2014 08:09 Uhr
    Hi all, In attempt to rationalise the rules for assigning WUS to crunchers, I’ve made some changes to the underlying scheduler program. Here are the new rules: * If you have driver >= 343.00 and sm >= 2.0 you will get a CUDA 6.5 * If you have driver >= 334.21 and < 343.00 and sm >= 2.0 you will get a CUDA 6.0 * If you have driver >= 295.30 and< 334.21 and sm >= 2.0 and < 5.0, you'll get a CUDA 4.2 * If you have driver >= 295.30 and sm == 1.3 you’ll only get CUDA 4.2 Matt

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