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  • Sixtrack: HostID 10137504 user aqvario
    06.06.2015 14:12 Uhr
    HostID 10137504 owner aqvario.
    I set the max_results_day to -1; locking the stable door
    after the horse has bolted. For some reason I cannot read the
    messages I read this morning on this topic. Thanks for the
    help and the Google translation. Eric.
  • World Community Grid News: Post grid calculations continue to yield progress and inspire new methods against deadly diseases
    05.06.2015 16:00 Uhr
    The GO Fight Against Malaria project team has been making good use of the calculations which were conducted by our volunteers and that concluded in summer 2013. Their findings have sparked progress against not only malaria, but tuberculosis as well. They have one paper published and two more about to be submitted. They continue their work to publish their findings, after which they will resume the analysis on and experimental assessment of the massive amount of data generated by World Community Grid volunteers.
  • FiND@Home: Shutting down
    05.06.2015 11:56 Uhr
    I have to shut down the server for the weekend. UCD is going to do some tests with the power in the building where the database is hosted.
  • MilkyWay@Home: server issues
    03.06.2015 18:47 Uhr
    Hey all,

    We are currently having a few issues with the server. Everything seems to be up and running yet no work units are being sent out. If any of you see any erroneous behavior on your end please let us know.

  • SETI@home: The challenges of funding SETI
    03.06.2015 18:00 Uhr
    Getting a steady stream of funding for SETI research is a challenge, as BSRC Director Andrew Siemion explains in this short video.
  • theSkyNet POGS – the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey: Help name exoplanets!
    02.06.2015 07:19 Uhr
    Hi theSkyNet POGS volunteers,
    The International Astronomical Union is allowing astronomical organisations (like theSkyNet) to submit potential names for 20 exoplanet systems outside our Solar System.

    We get to submit a name, and we’d like your help to choose it.

    If you get suggesting with names (that follow the IAU rules, see below) on June 10th we’ll compile all the suggestions and take a vote for what name to submit to the IAU on June 15th!

    Put your suggestions in replies on this thread on the message boards. Don’t forget to tell us which system your name suggestion is for, see the list linked below (and if you’ve got a reason why you think the name is good, then add that in too!)

    The Rules

    The name must be 16 characters or less in length, preferably one word, pronounceable, non-offensive and not too similar to an existing name of an astronomical object (you can check your suggested name at Sesame Service ( or the Minor Planet Centre (

    The names must not include names of pet animals, names of a purely or principally commercial nature, names of individuals, places or events principally known for political, military or religious activities, names of living individuals or names protected by trademarks or other forms of intellectual property.

    More details on the rules are on the IAU website:

    So is a list of the 20 exoplanet systems that are up for naming:

    Happy suggesting! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  • RALPH@home: Project News June 2, 2015
    02.06.2015 07:00 Uhr
    The minirosetta_beta application has been updated to version 3.58. Please post bugs/issues in the 3.56 thread. There were minor feature additions to this version, particularly for cyclic peptide modeling.
  • MilkyWay@Home: Server Outage Today
    01.06.2015 14:52 Uhr
    Hey Everyone,

    I was just informed by the admins in the server room on campus that they will be shutting down all of the servers for some schedules power outages at some point today. The server will be down overnight while they do some maintenance on the campus power systems.

    Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

    Jake W.

    The server is back up. Sorry it took longer than expected to get it back online.
  • yoyo@home: evolution@home update
    28.05.2015 22:00 Uhr
    Check the evolution@home website for an update of the author Laurence Loewe, who is currently at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • theSkyNet POGS – the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey: Debugging size classes
    28.05.2015 05:00 Uhr
    Just a quick heads up – David Anderson (the guy who wrote most of the BOINC server) from Berkeley is currently trying to debug the size class problem we have.

    Hopefully this should affect people, but “famous last words….”
  • Collatz Conjecture: False Positive: Win32/Bulta!rfn
    26.05.2015 13:23 Uhr
    Microsoft recently added a check for the Win32/Bulta!rfn trojan virus to Microsoft Security Essentials. Unfortunately, the footprint they use to check for the virus matches that of the mini amd gpu app. The app is NOT infected though. They are just using too short a foot print. It is no different than trying to find this web site by searching Google but only entering “Collatz” as the search criteria. You would get a lot of links as matches but only one is the real thing. The anti-virus software searches executable applications looking for viruses but if the search string is too short, they get a false positive. Until Microsoft fixes it (if ever) you may a) ignore it (but you won’t be able to run mini WUs) b) choose another app such as the solo_collatz app in your preferences instead c) exclude the c:\program data\boinc folder from being checked.
  • WEP-M+2 Project: P2203:40000000 wu's (of 10000 trials each equiv.) processed!
    26.05.2015 10:37 Uhr
    Thanks to all the users. Please keep crunching!
  • Collatz Conjecture: Power Restored
    25.05.2015 21:18 Uhr
    The Collatz server was down due to a power outage. It appears that everything is back up and running now, but if you have any issues, please let me know. Thanks.
  • Moo! Wrapper: New v1.4 apps for nVidia OpenCL and Android
    24.05.2015 01:12 Uhr
    More apps based on v1.4 of wrapper code are now available.

    First there are Android apps with both non-PIE (for pre-4.1) and PIE (for 4.1 and later, especially 5) versions. Android apps are no longer in beta so everybody should get them but please report any problems at the new Android forum

    Secondly there’s a new nVidia OpenCL app available for Windows. This brings the same level of support for nVidia GPUs that was previously available only for AMD GPUs. The Linux versions are on the list next and will be deployed soon.

    Happy crunching!
  • Quake-Catcher Network Sensor Monitoring: QCN is moving to CalTech in July!
    22.05.2015 22:57 Uhr
    The QCN project servers will be moving to CalTech and will be hosted in the Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences (GPS). The exact dates are uncertain but it will probably be by mid-July. All of us on QCN wish to thank the staff at CalTech for hosting us (and at relatively short notice). There will probably be a few days “down time” when the servers are transported. The Stanford DNS will point this URL ( to the new home page at CalTech (probably There will be more updates as we get closer to the actual move.
  • POEM@HOME: IT Maintenance Announcement
    22.05.2015 07:44 Uhr
    On Tuesday 26/5/2015 between 8:00 and 10:30 CEST our IT infrastructure will be maintained. The POEM@Home BOINC server is not accessible within this period. Thank you for your understanding.

    Am Dienstag den 26.5.2015 zwischen 8:00 und 10:30 Uhr wird unsere IT Infrastruktur gewartet. Der POEM@Home BOINC Server ist während dieses Zeitraums nicht erreichbar. Danke für euer Verständnis.
  • SETI@home: SETI@Andalucía
    21.05.2015 17:55 Uhr
    Check out SETI@Andalucía, a new Spanish-language web site about SETI and SETI@home.
  • theSkyNet POGS – the PS1 Optical Galaxy Survey: size classes
    21.05.2015 01:33 Uhr
    We’ve found a problem with the BOINC size class code. I currently have 2,500,000 inactive WUs and only 20 unsent

    I’m working with the BOINC developers to fix the problem. In the mean time I’m turning off the size class code
  • WEP-M+2 Project: 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project…
    19.05.2015 10:53 Uhr
    …66346 times
  • SETI@home: Video interview with Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute
    18.05.2015 17:53 Uhr
    Seth Shostak from the SETI Institute recently visited Berkeley SETI Research Center and took time to chat with us about challenges in the search (including funding!), as well as why he thinks we have a chance to detect ETI during the next couple of decades. Watch the four minute video at
  • Sixtrack: Quorom of 5, wzero and Pentathlon
    17.05.2015 14:32 Uhr
    I am currently running a set of very important tests to try and
    find the cause of a few numerical differences between different platforms
    and executables. I could/would not do this usually but because of your efforts
    during the Pentathlon I have a unique opportunity. Also keeps up the
    workload and gives you all an opportunity to get credits.
    These test are wzero with a quorum of 5.Thanks. Eric.
  • yoyo@home: Thanks to Pentathlon teams
    16.05.2015 22:00 Uhr
    Thanks to all Pentathlon teams. The computing power during the race was roughly 5 times more then before. 250 teams, 9122 user and 15477 computer were active in the last days.
    16.05.2015 19:03 Uhr
    Please note that this may occur if you are also subscribed
    to the LHC experiment projects ATLAS or CMS using vLHCathome.
    A workround is to delete the remaining files yourself.
  • MilkyWay@Home: Windows Users-please abort Nbody tasks
    15.05.2015 22:56 Uhr
    Per Project Scientist Sidd:

    It seems that it is only occurring for people with windows. The other platforms seem to be running ok. We had some trouble getting the binaries for windows in order to release, I am thinking something went wrong there, as none of the windows runs are passing. I took down the Windows version for now until I figure it all out.

    If you are a Windows user please abort all N-body tasks and go into Preferences and uncheck “MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation” for now.

    Thank you.
  • Sixtrack: New news on the BOINC Pentathlon
    15.05.2015 20:36 Uhr
    Please look at the NEWS 15th May, 2015 for latest update
    involving the BOINC Pentathlon. Eric.
  • Sixtrack: News 15th May, 2015
    15.05.2015 20:34 Uhr
    As many of you know LHC@home has been selected to host
    the Sprint event of the BOINC Pentathlon organised by
    Seti.Germany. Information can be found at
    The event starts at midnight and will last for three days.

    This is rather exciting for us and will be a real test of
    our BOINC server setup at CERN. Although this is the weekend
    following Ascension my colleagues are making a big effort to
    submit lots of work, and I am seeing a new record number of active WUs
    every time I look. The latest number was over 270,000 and the Sprint
    has not yet officially started.

    We have done our best to be ready without making any last minute changes
    and while this should be fun I must confess to being rather worried
    about our infrastructure. We shall see.

    We still have our problems, for a year now.

    I am having great difficulties building new executables since Windows XP
    was deprecated and I am now tring to switch to gfortran on Cygwin.
    It would seem to be appropriate to use the free compiler on our
    volunteer project.

    We are seeing too many null/empty result files. While an empty result can
    be valid if the initial conditions for tracking are invalid, I am hoping
    to treat these results as invalid. These errors are making it extremely
    difficult for me to track down the few real validated but wrong results.
    I have seen at least one case where a segment violation occurred, a clear
    error, but an empty result was returned. The problem does not seem to
    be OS or hardware or case dependent.

    I am also working on cleaning the database of ancient WUs. We had not
    properly deprecated old versions of executables until very recently.

    I am currently using boinctest/sixtracktest to try a SixTrack which will return the full results giving more functionality and also allowing a case to be automatically handled as a series of subcases.

    Then we must finally get back MacOS executables, AVX support, etc

    Still an enormous amount of production is being carried out successfully
    thanks to your support.

    I shall say no more until we see how it goes for the next three days. Eric.
  • SETI@home: Network Outage – Sunday May 17th
    13.05.2015 20:08 Uhr
    On Sunday, May 17th campus is upgrading the network infrastructure at the facility hosting our servers. We will bringing the projects down for about 6-8 hours (starting at 8am, Pacific Time) to avoid complications during the upgrade.
  • MilkyWay@Home: New Nbody Version 1.50
    12.05.2015 23:31 Uhr
    Hey all,

    We have released a new version of Nbody. There are a few changes in this version. First and foremost, we changed the way dark and light matter in our model dwarf galaxy is assigned. Previously, we would have all the particles have the same mass and assign a certain number as dark or light, depending on the parameters of the simulation. This required a large number of bodies in order to get a good likelihood calculation. Now, we will have the same number of dark and light matter particles, but change the mass per light and dark matter particle in accordance to the parameters. This will allow us to lower the number of bodies from 50k to 20k, allowing for a much faster initialization and simulation run time.

    Secondly, we have moved the assignment of dark and light matter from lua to c, which should also provide significant speed up in the run time.

    Also, we fixed a number of bugs we found in the velocity assignment. All in all, a simulation should run at a fraction of the time previously. This will also hopefully fix the stalling issue some people have been having.

    Finally, if you have any runs from the previously version, you can go ahead and abort them.

    Since this is a new way of doing things, there may be some unforeseen issues. So, if there are any bugs let us know!
  • GPUGRID: Server up and working
    12.05.2015 15:55 Uhr
    Yesterday and tonight we had a powercut. The sysadmin restarted the machine but he did not realize that apache was not running. Now it should be all fine.
  • FiND@Home: 57,634,517 WUs
    12.05.2015 10:08 Uhr
    Damn that’s big :)

    It “should” work. For now I just created 10,000 WUs, to test the estimation.

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