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  • SAT@home: a5_1_114_0 solved
    09.06.2014 09:38 Uhr
    Instance a5_1_114_0 solved by [AF>Libristes] Pascal from L’Alliance Francophone and Ralfy from BOINC Synergy.
  • Wildlife@Home: new validator up and going
    07.06.2014 23:58 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, I’ve been running the new validator manually and it’s gone over quite a few videos now. Please take a look at things and let me know if any of the validation is strange. I’m using the following strategy: For 2 observers: ____if all events have a match, then I mark them valid and award credit and events ____if any don’t match, i get a observations from a third viewer For 3-4 observers: ____if all events have a match, then I mark them valid and award credit and events ____if there are events without a matches: ________if the user with the most marked events has all their events match other events, then I mark events valid with matches, and invalid if they don’t have a match and award credit ________otherwise I get another view For 5 observers: ____same as 4, except instead of getting a view I mark events that have matches valid, award credit, and mark the video as NO_CONSENSUS Basically, I want to make sure all events are flagged, so if one user has 3 events, and others have 2 events, then the one with 3 might have seen something the other two didn’t so it’s worth getting another view. For an event to be marked valid, it needs to match at least one other users event. This isn’t really perfect, but I think with allowing people to adjust their events and submit videos for re-validation it should be enough to do the trick. Let me know how it’s working and what you think. After I’m done going through all the videos pending validation by hand, I’ll start working on updating the validator so when you flag a video for revalidation through the review videos page, it’ll re-run them through the validator. –Travis
  • Wildlife@Home: badges being exported properly now
    05.06.2014 17:23 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, My script for exporting the badges to XML (for third party sites) was a little broken and not grabbing the updated credit for the new interface. This should be fixed now. –Travis
  • Research Job: Changing Risks of Droughts, Water Scarcity and Heatwaves Using Ensemble Climate Modelling
    05.06.2014 13:06 Uhr

    Deadline: Thursday 10 July 2014

    The Environmental Change Institute (ECI) is leading a major research project “MaRIUS: Managing the Risks, Impacts and Uncertainties of droughts and water Scarcity” within the UK Droughts on Water Scarcity Programme. MaRIUS is an interdisciplinary project examining the impacts of droughts from economic, social and environmental perspectives.

    We are seeking to appoint a Postdoctoral Research Assistant with demonstrable expertise in the analysis of climatological data and the implementation and interpretation of climate model projections.

    The particular focus of this work is to develop event sets of droughts and heat waves within the framework of probabilistic event attribution. This includes two main tasks: (1) Design a fast-track event set using the existing modelling set-up and (2) to improve the modelling framework to allow for important feedbacks relevant to droughts.

    Applicants may come from a range of backgrounds including natural sciences, engineering, statistics or applied mathematics and will have a doctorate or equivalent research experience in a relevant subject. You will be able to propose and develop new theoretical approaches and implement them in computer code. You will have a background in atmospheric physics or meteorology and have very good scientific programming skills. You must be able to work collaboratively as part of a team.

    This post is fixed-term for 24 months in the first instance.

    Applications for this vacancy are to be made online. You will be required to upload a CV and supporting statement as part of your online application.

    The closing date for applications is 12.00 noon on Thursday 10 July 2014. It is intended that interviews will be held week commencing 14 July 2014.

  • MilkyWay@Home: New N-Body Runs
    03.06.2014 14:52 Uhr
    I have posted: de_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_0 de_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_1 de_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_2 de_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_3 ps_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_0 ps_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_1 ps_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_2 ps_nbody_06_03_orphan_sim_3 Please alert me to any problems. Best wishes and good crunching, Jake Bauer
    31.05.2014 19:10 Uhr
    Hi all, I have submitted a bunch of new workunits to the short queue. This should fix the dry spell we have had there for the past week. The workunits are named “NATHAN_CMYBKIX”. In these simulations I am investigating the binding of a small disodered protein named cMyb to another protein named KIX. Disordered proteins and disordered domains (as opposed to nicely structured ones like hemoglobin) are very important in protein-protein interactions. Mutations in disordered proteins are very common in cancers, amyloid fibril diseases like alzheimer’s and parkinson’s, and probably a lot of other disease we don’t know about. So, with these simulations we will be taking some first steps towards understanding some key things about these types of interactions. Lessons we learn from this system should help us work on many, many others. Nate
  • OProject@Home: ALX is now available.
    31.05.2014 18:32 Uhr
    ALX is now available (test tasks from the new generator).
  • MilkyWay@Home: Like Us on FaceBook
    30.05.2014 18:56 Uhr
    Hey All, We now have an official facebook page! Here is the link, drop us a like: Cheers, Sidd
  • SIMAP – Similarity Matrix of Proteins: SIMAP will leave BOINC by end of 2014
    30.05.2014 08:51 Uhr
    SIMAP is currently moving towards new algorithms for similarity calculations and scoring. After extensive tests and evaluations during the last months it turned out that the best way to continue SIMAP will be to use dedicated local hardware in our institute. SIMAP will therefore use BOINC only to maintain the current SIMAP database until the end of 2014. BOINC clients for the new SIMAP database will not be released and there will be no workunits for SIMAP after 2014. After 10 very successful years of SIMAP within BOINC this decision was not an easy one for us. However, we thank all users for their support in the past and in the upcoming last period until the end of the year. Cheers Thomas
  • SIMAP – Similarity Matrix of Proteins: Workunits in June and beyond
    30.05.2014 08:37 Uhr
    We are currently importing new releases of the Uniprot and RefSeq databases. We expect about a million new proteins for SIMAP. The workunits of these sequences will be available from Sat, Jun 7. We expect about a month of continuous work for SIMAP. Further batches of similar size are scheduled for August, October and December 2014. Best regards and thanks a lot for crunching SIMAP, Thomas
  • Wildlife@Home: Updated instructions/validator
    29.05.2014 21:05 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Becca sent me some more detailed instructions, so I’ve updated them on the watch page (you can see them when you click the “Instructions” button in the upper left hand corner). I’ve also added them to the instructions webpage here: I’ve almost finished updating the validator, so expect videos have events start being marked invalid tonight. cheers, –Travis
  • Rosetta@home: Project News May 28, 2014
    28.05.2014 07:00 Uhr
    The minirosetta application has been updated to 3.52. This version includes a couple bug fixes for symmetric modeling. To report bugs, go to this thread.
  • Wildlife@Home: adding/removing events disabled on review videos page
    28.05.2014 04:57 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Given some conversation I’ve disabled adding and removing events in the reviewing videos interface, given potential for abuse. I think it might be possible to work things out so they can be re-enabled (if anyone even wants that) and not abused. But I wanted to see what everyone thinks first. So at any rate, for now you can edit even types/tags/start time/end time in the review interface, but you can’t add or remove any events. This might be the best way to go about things as it should put an emphasis on making sure you mark all the events possible when you go through the video, instead of being able to add them later when you see what someone else has done. Anyhow, let me know what you think! –Travis
  • MilkyWay@Home: New Simulations
    27.05.2014 21:57 Uhr
    Hey All, There are some new simulations up on our YouTube channel, check them out. Here is the link: Cheers, Sidd S.
  • MilkyWay@Home: New Modified Fit Runs
    27.05.2014 14:09 Uhr
    Hey all, I have put up 3 new runs: de_modfit_15_3s_130_wrap_const_1 de_modfit_15_3s_130_wrap_const_2 ps_modfit_15_3s_130_wrap_const_1 If you have any issues with these runs please tell me about them here. Thank you all for your continued support, Jake W.
  • Collatz Conjecture: Potential Outage After June 5 thru June 15
    27.05.2014 02:54 Uhr
    From June 5-15, the temporary Collatz system admin will be the cat sitter. That doesn’t sound very reassuring does it? Sorry, but if the server goes down and requires anything other than a simple reboot, there may be an extended outage. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening are higher than normal since Commonwealth Edison (a.k.a. ComEd, the electrical company in the area) failed to notify me on their original attempt to replace my power meter last week but were unable to do so since it evidently takes at least two people to do it. Since they didn’t call before the last attempt, Murphy’s Law suggests that they will not call before the next attempt and that it will take place while I am on vacation. The cat sitter doesn’t know how to switch over to the generator if the outage exceeds the UPS battery so if the power is out for an extended period, Collatz may remain down until I get back.
  • Wildlife@Home: Events are now editable on the review video page
    26.05.2014 15:43 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, You can now edit events you’ve already entered on the review video page. Please take a look at let me know if there are any problems. Right now you can only edit them, but I’m working on a button so you can click to have them triggered to be re-validated after you’ve changed things. –Travis
  • SAT@home: Bivium10_2 solved
    26.05.2014 05:59 Uhr
    Instance Bivium10_2 solved by from Colombia and alnb from Russia Team.
  • WEP-M+2 Project: P2203:30000000 wu's (of 10000 trials each equiv.) processed!
    25.05.2014 11:47 Uhr
    Thanks to all the users. Please keep crunching!
  • Wildlife@Home: New video on marking recess events
    23.05.2014 21:19 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Becca’s made a new video on how to mark recess events: I’ve also made a forum thread for these tutorials here:
  • MilkyWay@Home: Memorial Day
    22.05.2014 22:26 Uhr
    To those who celebrate Memorial Day: Please remember that Memorial Day is not just a 3-day Party weekend at summer’s start—it is a time for us to celebrate the gifts we’ve been blessed with through those who serve in our military. Those that are defending us now, in the past and in the future all deserve absolute respect and honor. Our freedoms have come at great cost to many in our history. Please keep this in mind during your celebrations and enjoy the weekend! On behalf of the staff of the Milkway project, please stay safe and don’t drink and drive. Blurf
  • SETI@home: Dan Werthimer at the U.S. House of Representatives
    22.05.2014 17:41 Uhr
    Our own Dan Werthimer went before the U.S. House of Representatives to present the current status of SETI research. Here is the full text of his testimony. Video is available at this location.
  • SIXTRACK: Three Problems, 22nd May.
    22.05.2014 16:15 Uhr
    Settling down a bit; I am seeing around 2% WU failures. Problem 1: EXIT_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED. Tried to minimise this and will hopefully implement “outliers” to avoid it in future. Problem 2: Can’t Create Process and I will look for help on this. Probably connected with our build but we shall see. Problem 3: Found 545 invalid results involving 124 hosts. One invalid result was duplicated! but i am not going to run everything 3 times. Can live with this. The top 12 culprits gave 77 45 26 25 22 21 19 16 14 11 10 9 invalid results each. (I thought we stopped using hosts with this many errors……) Seems to be hardware, overclocking, cosmic rays????? Getting a lot of production done successfully. Eric.
  • Wildlife@Home: Instructional video for the new interface
    21.05.2014 18:18 Uhr
    Hi Everyone! Becca made a nice video that goes over the whole video watching and entering event process (Thanks Becca!): I’ve also added this in drop down that appears when instructions are clicked in the new video watching interface. We’re planning on adding more videos describing everything that’s going on with the site, and things that are going on while the biologists are out actually putting cameras on nests this summer. Let us know if you have any questions or comments! –Travis
  • MilkyWay@Home: Introduction
    21.05.2014 17:56 Uhr
    Hey Everyone, My name is Siddhartha Shelton. I am a first year graduate student working with Professor Newberg, Matthew Newby, Jeff Thompson and the milkyway@home crew. I will be working with MilkyWay@home and am excited to do research with such a wonderful community. Cheers, Siddhartha Shelton
  • MilkyWay@Home: New N-body Runs
    20.05.2014 16:29 Uhr
    You should be seeing new n-body work units generated and in the processing mix. ps_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_0 ps_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_1 ps_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_2 ps_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_3 de_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_0 de_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_1 de_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_2 de_nbody_05_19_orphan_real_wide_3 If you have any issues with these please post to this thread. Jeff Thompson
  • Listen to David Karoly talking about ANZ weather@home on ABC Radio
    20.05.2014 14:26 Uhr

    Professor David Karoly, who is part of our Australia & New Zealand weather@home experiment, was the guest on this week’s Science Show on ABC Radio.

    He talks about our latest experiment, looking at the risk of heatwaves and drought in Australia & New Zealand.

    Listen to this show on the ABC Radio website.

    Citizen science – at home or out and about:

    “You don’t need a PhD to get involved in real, creditable science projects. There are many ways you can play a useful role. You can get out there in the forest or desert, or in the water to monitor, count and measure, or sit back at home and let your computer run models. Chris Gillies from Earthwatch Australia and Professor David Karoly each describe their citizen science projects.”

  • Wildlife@Home: server profiling to figure out slow video speeds
    20.05.2014 03:26 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, Our systems admins hooked me up with a nice setup for profiling the video server, so hopefully I’ll be able to use this to figure out why we’re getting those slow video loading times. If they happen again let me know so I can check the logs. thanks! –Travis
  • SIXTRACK: Status, 19th May, 2014
    19.05.2014 20:07 Uhr
    Getting a lot of work done, but out of 400,000 WUs over the last seven days still have about 8000 errors (2% and decreasing I think). The main problem is EXIT_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED but also “Can’t create process”. A side effect is a mess up with credits. I have increased the fpops bound to help, I hope, and today “reset credit statistics”. Please be patient about credits and I shall see what happens and if we can compensate somehow. Unfortunately today I discovered a result difference, only one, but I need to do more checking. I see no invalid results so the former Linux/Windoes discrepancy is largely resolved. My priority is the integrity of the results and I may have to spend some days pinning down the result difference, checking various ifort versions, and doing more checks and tests. We have a macOS executable under test. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support. Eric. (P.S. Getting correct identical results on any PC from a Pentium 3 to the latest, with a multitude of versions of Linux, Windows and macOS is not easy! I can publish only when the LHC@home service is > 99%. Afterwards GPU, Android, and 10 million turns)
  • WEP-M+2 Project: 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project…
    19.05.2014 10:52 Uhr
    …49654 times

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