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  • Leiden Classical: Project News 6 august 2014
    05.08.2014 22:00 Uhr
    We have been experiencing network problems today and yesterday. Let’s hope the IT dep boys are able to fix it soon!
  • MilkyWay@Home: N-Body Release 1.42
    05.08.2014 17:02 Uhr
    Dear users, N-Body will be released at 4 pm EST today. Features of this release include an improved dwarf galaxy model and new data representation features. Post here with issues. As this is likely my last release on this project (due to my move to England for graduate school), I would like to thank all of you for helping me do great science during my time affiliated with Dr. Newberg’s group. I will still be active in the community, but I am proud to hand my role in the project off to Sidd. I look forward to a continued relationship with the BOINC community in the future. Cheers, Jake Bauer
  • Rosetta@home: Project News Aug 05, 2014
    05.08.2014 07:00 Uhr
    Slowdown Update: As it turns out, the slow-down experienced during the last week of July was the result of a very large surge in users joining the project through a new campaign by As the servers were behaving properly – just overwhelmed – and DK was on a well-deserved holiday, it was difficult for the rest of us to pin-point the cause. You can see the recent surge here. We are looking at changing/expanding our webserver frontend to be more resilient to surges like this in the future. Yet again, we apologize for the frustration caused. -KEL
  • Wildlife@Home: project unification
    01.08.2014 00:28 Uhr
    Hi Everyone, So I want to try and start unifying the projects to simplify server updates, checking the forums, etc. Before I get going I want a little feedback as to what I’m planning so everyone is okay with it. Basically, I’m going to create a new project (probably called “Citizen Science Grid”) or something along those lines. Unfortunately, because people have different accounts on each project I can’t do an automatic merge of the users and databases. So this means you’d have to create a new account on the new project (when the new project starts those will be the only forums for the site). When the new project is up and going, I’ll allow everyone to transfer their credit from their other accounts via a webpage (basically if you’re logged in, you can enter in the user name and id of your account on citizen science grid, hit okay and it will transfer the credit over). So a couple questions about this approach: 1. will it break the credit trackers too badly? I’ll subtract credit on the old project to 0, and then add the same amount of credit to the new account on citizen science grid. 2. I kind of want to keep credit for the different projects separate; if I keep different tables and export the stats of each project as it’s own part of XML, will that cause any problems? Or would everyone rather just have one combined credit for each of the projects here (Wildlife@Home, DNA@Home, and SubsetSum@Home — we’ll probably be launching another one in the fall as well, so I want to get this done before we go doing that). So, once I get some feedback, and if people don’t have too many issues with this I’ll set up the new project and get things started. Otherwise back to the drawing board. :P thanks, hope to hear from you soon about this! –Travis
  • Wildlife@Home: Video server downtime
    01.08.2014 00:28 Uhr
    Just got a message from one of our systems administrators that they’ll be moving the Wildlife@Home video server on August 5th and 6th — so some of the project webpages won’t work during that time. I’ll make another post when it goes down, and keep you posted as to how the move goes. It should be back up August 7th. –Travis
  • World Community Grid News: Simulations indicate that policy coordination is key to sustainability efforts
    30.07.2014 15:38 Uhr
    Preliminary analysis of the Computing for Sustainable Water data shows the importance of broad community-based coordination, so that environmental priorities can be achieved with a minimum of redundant effort. The project has also increased understanding of sustainability practices in other watershed areas.
  • Rosetta@home: Project News Jul 30, 2014
    30.07.2014 07:00 Uhr
    We are aware of significant network slow-down between the subnet upon which our servers sit and the Internet beyond the UW campus. We are working with the UW’s Network Operations team to pinpoint the cause. We apologize for the frustration caused. -KEL
  • MilkyWay@Home: New Separation Runs
    29.07.2014 16:21 Uhr
    I am working my way through the data for the South Galactic Cap and am posting new runs. If you see large error rates let me know I will be watching them as they start to catch anything major. de_85_DR8_8_3_00001 de_85_DR8_8_3_00002 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00001 ps_85_DR8_8_3_00002 Thanks Jeff
  • World Community Grid News: Calling all climate change scientists
    29.07.2014 11:26 Uhr
    In response to President Obama’s call to action on the Climate Data Initiative, we invite scientists studying climate change issues to submit proposals for accessing massive supercomputing power to advance their research.
  • SAT@home: Four a5_1_114_* instances solved
    27.07.2014 04:50 Uhr
    Instance a5_1_114_1 solved by Crystal Spirit from Crystal Dream and Stanley A Bourdon from BOINC Synergy.

    Instance a5_1_114_2 solved by Phil Klassen from Canada and evatutin from kvt.kurskstu.

    Instance a5_1_114_3 solved by NotANumber (without team) and Oleg Zaikin [SAT@home] from Crystal Dream.

    Instance a5_1_114_4 solved by toest from TSC! Russia and Winer from BOINC RUSSIA.
  • OProject@Home: Technical break
    26.07.2014 05:29 Uhr
    The OProject@Home System will be transferred to the new server. The system will be available after 10/08/2014.
  • NFS@Home: New Windows x64 v5 app deployed
    25.07.2014 23:02 Uhr
    Steve Searle has recently modified the lasieve v5 assembly code to work with Windows x64. Building on this, I have compiled and deployed a new Windows x64 lasievef v5 app. If you are using Windows x64, you may see these workunits running. Please let me know if you encounter problems.
  • CAS@home: CAS@home maintenance period
    25.07.2014 07:45 Uhr
    IHEP Computer Center enters the annual maintenance period starting from 25th July, and finishes at 30th July. The CAS@home server will be shutdown during this period!
    Thanks for your understanding!
  • SIXTRACK: Power Supply Ripple
    22.07.2014 15:40 Uhr
    Asequesed and for your information Miriam has described her recent studies as follows: A principal component of the planned upgrade to a high luminosity LHC (HI-LHC) is the replacement of the high field quadropole magnets – the so called “inner triplet”. The long term beam stability can be significantly reduced by magnetic field errors, miasalignment of the magnets and by irregularities in the power supply (ripple). The recent batch of fifteen or so studies, involving over one and a half million cases or Work Units each of one million turns (for a stable beam), are aimed at determining the maximum allowable tolerances for the power supply ripple assuming the known field and alignment errors.
    22.07.2014 15:38 Uhr
    After running through the w- WUs I am now running a few test jobs as I think the WUs may have been OK. I cannot reproduce the problem (of course!) at CERN on my Windows 7 system. Eric.
  • World Community Grid News: Pioneering a Molecular Approach to Fighting AIDS
    21.07.2014 21:51 Uhr
    World Community Grid is being featured at the 20th International AIDS Conference which begins today in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Arthur Olson, FightAIDS@Home principal investigator, shares his perspective on how World Community Grid is helping his team develop therapies and a potential cure for AIDS.
  • GPUGRID: New CPU Application for testing
    21.07.2014 21:07 Uhr
    Hi, There’s a new CPU app available for Linux clients. A few WUs are out now, with some more to come after I’ve received the first results back. The app is multithreaded, I think the default behaviour of the BOINC client is to allocate all cores to it. Please report any observations here. Matt
  • MilkyWay@Home: Milkyway/Bitcoin Utopia Update
    19.07.2014 21:33 Uhr
    Friends…. Another Boinc project has come aboard to help us fundraise for Milkyway. Bitcoin Utopia has agreed to team up with us on fundraising for Milkyway’s future. To take part in this type of assistance for our project, please go to their site and follow their procedures. Their program for Milkyway is Campaign #3. We truly appreciate their support! Disclaimer: The Milkyway project staff, students and moderators are not responsible for any issues your computer may have with their WU’s. Please follow their recommendations for optimal results (credits are pretty nice too!). Any concerns or questions over how their project raises funds should be posted on their website for their admins to assist. The Admins of Bitcoin Utopia are fantastic people and my experience shows they will do whatever they can to assist you. Also remember Bitcoin Mining is not a quick process so the Bitcoin Utopia folks and us want to remind you to still donate in the more direct manner if you wish to. Any support is appreciated tremendously!
  • WEP-M+2 Project: 12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project…
    19.07.2014 10:53 Uhr
    …51559 times
  • SIXTRACK: Download Errors located.
    19.07.2014 08:32 Uhr
    ERR_DOWNLOAD problem located and there should be no more once this batch of dud WUs has been cleared. May be Monday before I can do anything else. Eric.
    18.07.2014 14:24 Uhr
    Just noticed error rate has doubled to about 6% in last 24 hours. Seem to be ERR_RESULT_DOWNLOAD which I have confirmed my checking MBs right now. Any help/detailed info welcome while I notify CERN support. (Another Friday afternoon problem!) Eric.
  • Updating test application
    18.07.2014 09:02 Uhr
    Dear users, As of today, I am updating the malaria control test application to OpenMalaria v32 (see previous news item). Also today, I will be starting a small experiment using this simulator version of roughly 17000 workunits. With this release comes support for an extra platform: 64-bit Windows (previously, the 32-bit Windows application was used on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows). This build requires the .NET framework and has so far only been tested on Windows 7 and 8.1, so let us know if you run into any issues. - D Hardy
  • World Community Grid News: Improved efficiency and processing capabilities for FightAIDS@Home
    16.07.2014 16:12 Uhr
    New methods and processes help the research team process World Community Grid data more efficiently and provide more accurate docking techniques.
  • MilkyWay@Home: MilkyWay@home passes 50% of fundraising goal!!
    15.07.2014 20:40 Uhr
    Hello Everyone, I would like to let you all know we have surpassed the 50% mark for our fundraising goal! We could not have done it without you all, Thank you! here is a message from Professor Newberg: “I would like to personally thank each and every MilkyWay@home supporter who has helped us to raise $21,843.97 towards our goal of $40,480 to keep up operations through summer 2015. So far, 324 people have sent money by credit card, Paypal, and check to support our work of tracing tidal streams in the Milky Way halo and using them to determine the location of dark matter. We have received donations from $0.23 to $5000 (Wow!), and sent out 36 fabulous T-shirts to donors. Some of you have included really wonderful notes along with your donations, that I have really appreciated. Already, your donations have made it possible to offer Jake Weiss his co-op job for fall 2014, we know we will be able to continue to publish our papers in highly cited journals for the next year, and graduate student Sidd Shelton has his summer salary funded. This puts in a much, much better position than we were two weeks ago. Additional donations will fund conference travel (so we can tell other scientists about our findings, and get new ideas) and undergraduate student summer salary. Undergraduate research have in recent years been the driver behind MilkyWay@home software development, but to continue that they need summer support and opportunities for professional travel. Thank you all, really, for your continued support of MilkyWay@home. Sincerely, Prof. Heidi Jo Newberg” Cheers, -Sidd
  • World Community Grid News: FightAIDS@Home project update
    14.07.2014 19:48 Uhr
    Project and experiment updates from the Scripps website: May 2008 – July 2014
  • World Community Grid News: GO Fight Against Malaria update: promising early findings for malaria & drug-resistant tuberculosis
    14.07.2014 19:09 Uhr
    Dr. Alexander Perryman describes the analysis and initial findings from the first phase of GO Fight Against Malaria, which include the discovery of several promising hits against key drug targets for treating both malaria and drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis. They are conducting further analysis and experimentation on the massive amount of data generated by World Community Grid volunteers.
  • World Community Grid News: System Maintenance: Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 01:00 UTC – Completed
    12.07.2014 11:23 Uhr
    Routine system maintenance will be performed on Saturday, July 12th. – Completed: 7/12/2014 @ 06:38:00 UTC
  • SETI@home: What does loss of net neutrality mean for volunteer computing?
    10.07.2014 01:05 Uhr
    Dr. Korpela has posted a new blog entry on Net Neutrality and why its loss might be bad for distributed computing. It includes instructions on how to comment to the the FCC about the issue.
  • OPTIMA@HOME: New test set was launched!
    08.07.2014 16:00 Uhr
    It is need for the optimization of the solver smallexpx.

  • SAT@home: Competition 'Bienvenido, amigos!'
    07.07.2014 12:30 Uhr
    Competition Bienvenido, amigos! will be held from July 12 2014 to July 17 2014.

    Соревнование Bienvenido, amigos! будет проведено с 12 по 17 июля 2014 года.

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