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Welcome here on our Challenge-Pages for the 9th Birthday Challenge at World Community Grid.

The Challenge will take place from

Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2013

To join your team in the race or register your team for the race, visit this Page. The challenge's aim is to get as much points as possible in the given time frame. The WCG-Subproject can be chosen freely.

Alle Badges als BildAnd again, SETI.Germany is trying to provides a new extra challenge feature to all WCG-Crunchers worldwide. In the last years we built the WCG User-Badge-Generator, a Teamview, that shows all the Badges of your team and how to create your personal WCG-Statistics.

Last year we provide the "Train your brain" game, where you can check your spirit to remember the pictures and solving the puzzle.

We are sorry about, that we didn't had enough time for a new feature. But we still hope to promote something for the next birthday challenge!

There are several ways to get in contact with the participants:

1. Use the shoutbox on this page (on the bottom left)
2. Log into our forum and post in this thread (will be available soon)
3. Post in this thread on the WCG-forum