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What is the countdown?

The countdown shows how long it will take until the beginning of the SETI@Home-Wow!-Event 2019. After the start of the event the displayed time is the time until the end of the event.

From when to when will the SETI@Home-Wow!-Event 2019 take place?

15th August 18:00 MESZ (= 16:00 UTC) to 29th August 2019 18:00 MESZ (= 16:00 UTC)

Supply with wu

Every Tuesday Seti@Home has a weekly planned downtime. During this time no WU can be downloaded or returned. To bridge this time you can adjust your bunker to a suitable time level in the Boinc Manager.

A maximum working buffer (bunker) of 10 days is possible.


What is the meaning of the group names?

When you register for the event you have to choose between 12 groups. The groups have been named after the signs.



How do I sign up?

Here you can register yourself (it is also possible during the race). You need your nickname and your User ID. Both can be found in your account on the Seti@home page.

Help Register

You are also given a choice which of the 12 groups overall you wish to join. More detailed information about that can be found here.

An overview of those participants who have already registered has been embedded. The initial setup is for an alphabetised search of users.

Errors with the registration

The causes possible are: Wrong Nickname or User ID. Please check your given data. They have to match with those in your account on the Seti homepage. If a registration is still not possible you can inform us about it via the contact page.

Error codes (error_num)

0 The User_ID already exists in the Event database. Du bist bereits registriert. Du kannst dies über die Suchfunktion prüfen.
1 The User_ID already exists in the Event database. Du bist bereits mehrfach registriert. Bitte teile uns dies über das Kontaktformular mit.
10 Abruf der Seti-User-Datenbank nicht möglich. Es konnte keine Prüfung der Seti-DB durchgeführt werden, evtl. wegen Wartungsarbeiten in Berkeley. Probier es bitte zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erneut.
50 The User_ID already exists in the Event database. Du bist bereits registriert, evtl. wurde versehentlich die Anmeldungsanfrage durch den Browser doppelt übermittelt.
100 The entered data don't match those of the Seti user account. Der eingegebene Name passt nicht zur Seti-ID. Bitte prüfe die genaue Schreibweise in deinem Seti-Account, u.a. Groß/Kleinschreibung, Leerzeichen...
136 The User_ID couldn't be found in the Seti user database. Die eingegebene User ID konnte nicht erfolgreich validiert werden, bitte prüfe deine Eingabe der User ID.


Which statistic is decisive for the SETI@Home-Wow!-Event?

The event will have its own statistic on the homepage of SETI.Germany. An update will occur every hour.

Which results count for the SETI@Home-Wow!-Event?

All WUs which are validated during the race will count for the event. It is therefore not only allowed but welcomed to collect pending credits before race start!

What kind of statistics will be available?

There are some for individual participants, groups, teams and countries.

For all charts you get a tool-tip containing more detailed information if you point your mouse at it, and they are also zoomable using the left mouse button.

The data are updated every hour.

Event cockpit: Here you'll find the credits gained during the Wow! Event by all participants and the respective graph.

Space-race: Like at the Olympic games, the different groups are awaiting the start of the Wow! Event in the different lanes. As soon as the starter's gun is fired, the race towards E.T. begins. According to its pace (calculated according to the credits gained) one or the other group lies in front. Maybe we will also get a start/finish victory. Who knows? The news ticker will keep you informed with exciting comments.


Who can I search for?

You can search for any of the participants of the Wow!-Event who have registered.

How can I search?

Choose one of the participants in the selection field with your mouse followed by a click on the “Search” field.


What is the contact page?

The organisers of the Wow-Event are continuously striving to rectify emerging faults and sort out problems. To achieve this, we need your help. That’s why we have provided this page.

Why is my email address required?

To enable us to get in touch with you. Your email address will be handled confidentially by Modesti and shka and will only be used during the event. The details will be erased immediately following completion of the event!