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MajorTom: the older stuff is always better Info
MajorTom: I dont even dared watch the new starwars movie... Info
kittyman: Most remake are done just to capitalize on the original's success. And rarely are as good as it. Info
MajorTom: but with madmax I konow 4 shure the 1st one was the best the rest doesnt really count.... the sequel was okai but but far not that good like the 1st one but all afer that Info
MajorTom: same with alien Info
MajorTom: or flight of the phenix the original its so good but the remake sucks bad Info
kittyman: They are remaking Bladerunner. I'll bet it sux. Info
MajorTom: the is that is messing with the memories of the ppl Info
MajorTom: shame Info
MajorTom: shure Info
MajorTom: almost every remake I sav sucked really bad Info
MajorTom: less story.. overbloated action and stupid cgi Info
MajorTom: not onyl remakes.. sequels are proned 2 it 2 Info
kittyman: I hope they are able to do a good job with the Avatar sequel. Info
MajorTom: matrix the 1st one was good the other 2 movies are IMHO not needed, they jsut milking the franchise Info
MajorTom: cameron isnt that bad so maybe if he is directing again Info
MajorTom: if the executive producers dont kill it ;-) Info
kittyman: Avatar was the first movie I saw after recovering from being blind in my right eye, so it was even more special for me. Info
MajorTom: understandable.... I liked it but I watched it when the hype was allrdy over Info
MajorTom: I kinda like the story.. it has very strong paralelles with the united staates and the indigenious Info
MajorTom: Im prtty shure that was on purpose written so Info
kittyman: I had just gotten plastic lens implants in both my eyes. Cataracts. I caught the 3D re-release. Was rather magical for me. Info
MajorTom: and I like that the armymens got beaten and had leave the planet =D Info
MajorTom: ahh and then in 3D ofc u have there a special memory 4 that movie Info
MajorTom: funny is the 3D cinema thing is allrdy over again Info
kittyman: I sure do. Info
MajorTom: most modern tv sets sold now dont have 3D no more Info
kittyman: 3D is OK once in a rare while. Info
MajorTom: it never took that off like hollywood hoped... but maybe coz they oversaturated it Info
kittyman: It usually is a gimmick or detracts from the flick itself. Info
MajorTom: yeah and tis so in avatar the 3D is really good Info
MajorTom: or its forced on the movie jsut 2 earn quick some extra bucks Info
MajorTom: like the movies that are converted from 2d in 3d Info
MajorTom: but 3D isnt 4 me.. I get headache after a while Info
MajorTom: thats the reason I dont buy a VR headset wihtout trying it out 4 a longer period Info
MajorTom: Im prrty shure I will feel that motion sickness prtty fast Info
MajorTom: so Im now rly off 4 a nap... =3 need kitty is allrdy wating Info
kittyman: Laters then. Sweet kitty dreams. Info
kittyman: It was lots of fun talking kitty with ya. Info
kent: =^.^= Info
kittyman: I see whiskas...... Info
kent: =^o^= Info
kittyman: Whiskas with a kitty nose. Info
kittyman: OK.....Norco refilled again. Escitalopram and Modafinil scrips are on the way to Walgreens. Info
kent: narcos Info
kittyman: It'll get me through the weekend with the tooth thingy. Info
kent: liquor store run, done Info
kittyman: Ooooh...none of that for me anymore. With the meds, it would knock me onto another planet. Info
kent: oh yeah Info
kittyman: You enjoy though. No hard feelings. Info
kittyman: I had much more than my share for 40 years, no doubts about that one!! Info
kent: to early right now Info
kittyman: I gotta go to work in an hour, so you just start without me....LOL. Info
kent: Meow Info
kittyman: Just make sure you keep meowing whilst I am working. Info
kittyman: I'll be checking in this evening to make sure. Info
kent: after I start drinkin' and game time, I wont be here 'till the mornin' Info
kent: I'll be meowing of you Info
kittyman: Well, enjoy enjoy. And I'll be back sometime tomorrow then. Getting my hair dyed black at 11:00AM. Info
kittyman: That JJ look....LOL. Info
kent: gogogo JJ look Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
MajorTom: =^.'= kitty is blinking ;-) Info
kittyman: And the kittyman stumbles home after a hard half day of work. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kittyman: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DJEIhnvW0AAWj9P.jpg:small Info
MajorTom: back 2 black =3 Info
kittyman: Meow, MT. Info
MajorTom: meowmoew =3 watching some cat vids on youtube =3 Info
kittyman: Oh, there's a zillion of 'em. Cats rule the internet, ya know. Info
MajorTom: most stuff I allrdy learned a long time ago from my cats but allways good a extra lesson in kitty meowing =3 Info
MajorTom: yeah in this case more cat language bonus lesson =3 PurrrrRrrrrrRrrrr Info
kittyman: People luv kitties, and they luv to share their kitties on the net. Info
kittyman: Big day for me tomorrow........ Info
MajorTom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si-yk1KxYX0 Info
MajorTom: okai whats up? Info
MajorTom: yeah but not all luvs kitties.. mostly coz thay cant speak cat... sad is that.. then they blame the kitties... but its not their fault Info
kittyman: My salon appointment. Went from natural brunette to blonde early this year. Tomorrow going to go black. I'm excited about it. Info
MajorTom: ahhhhh hehe dont though thats so big =D but nvm... I got allrdy the fist grey hears in my beard XD so Im Im bit a oldtimer 2 Info
MajorTom: =3 RrrrrRrrrrRrrrr Info
kittyman: I got lotsa grey in the beard. Not so much on top though. Info
MajorTom: though somehting bigger XD but yeah when I cut my hair this year it was somekind big 2... the change in appearance Info
MajorTom: I would be be grastefull if they would be grey but they are gone with the wind... not alot to grwo grey there XD Info
kittyman: I was wearing a 1/2" buzz cut 1st of the year. It's been growing out since then. Should look good in black. Info
MajorTom: I always try 2 grin and bear it but its not always that easy... specially with women... but I dont mind 2 much... Info
MajorTom: I had very long hair b4 I cut it... but I only looked rly good wiht a hat or when the hair was bound togheter.. but I needed something fresh again and coz I wished a hot hot Info
MajorTom: summer I went buzzcut 2 Info
MajorTom: 3 milimeters dunno how much thats in inches '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: but know b4 winter it growed back nicely Info
MajorTom: now Info
kittyman: 15 years ago or so, I had it down to the middle of my back. Had to cut it when I needed to find a new job. Info
MajorTom: yeah when I worekd as carpenter I cut my hair 2.. it was 2 dangerous with long hair and 2 uncomfptable 4 work Info
kittyman: Short on top though. A mullet. Info
MajorTom: but I think I leave it now 4 a while short.. from my view it suits me better atm Info
kittyman: I'm gonna let it keep growing for a while. Going for that JJ look. Info
MajorTom: naaah mullet that was in the 80ies =D all long but coz Im bit bald it was almos abit a mullet but not really Info
kittyman: Hell....hillbillies still wear mullets. Info
MajorTom: think in a month or 2 I ask a girlfriend of me to cut it in a n1 way.. she is good at hair cutting Info
MajorTom: XD and moustache Info
MajorTom: I tried once 4 a day... I cant wear moustache Info
kittyman: Well, I never wore my hair to please anybody else. I do what I like with it. Info
kittyman: And for me, this is gonna be fun Info
MajorTom: ahh sometimes I really liked the compliments but yeahh ofc ure doing it 2 please youreself Info
MajorTom: but remember that was a long time ago... impressing the ladies wast 2 bad XD Info
MajorTom: wasnt Info
kittyman: I got a lotta looks at work when I bleached it blonde......... Info
MajorTom: but I dont would liked the style I ofc would wear it Info
MajorTom: XD if the looks are kinda freindly... then I would say gogogo Info
MajorTom: I weared once carrot top XD lol that was funny Info
kittyman: I'll raise a lotta eyebrows Monday when I walk in with it black....LOL. Info
MajorTom: dying green was an other idea but that I have never done Info
kittyman: Not for me...LOL. I'm really pretty conservative. Info
MajorTom: but I always suggested a girlfriend of mine she shoud try green I would shure like it =3 Info
MajorTom: u see rarely green hair... =D pink was some years later an idea but that I never done 2 and now I dont think it would suit me well Info
MajorTom: apropos carrot top... I like ginger cats =3 meowmeow Info
MajorTom: ginger tigers are awsome Info
MajorTom: miss my two fellows =/ was only a prrty short while Info
kittyman: Yup. My favorites are Maine Coon kitties. Info
MajorTom: but my kitty has ginger in it 2... I luv that Info
MajorTom: its female kitty and we call that here turtle Info
kittyman: My two old gals are tortoishell sisters. Info
MajorTom: ah in english its turtle shell 2 =3 Info
kittyman: Black and brown and dark gold. Info
MajorTom: I luv turtle shell females kitties... never had that on radar but since Ive met one I luved her Info
kittyman: So many colors of kitty to choose from. Info
MajorTom: and now I can give a home 2 one turtleshell kitty myself Info
MajorTom: yeah all are very n1 Info
MajorTom: I dont take the fur color that important nmo more or race.. I luv them all ofc but... in the past had more preferences.... Info
MajorTom: but one thing I shure dont like... the furless cats... shure n1 creatures 2 but 4 me its cruel.. kitties need fur Info
kittyman: I like kitties with big eyes. Info
MajorTom: yeah big eyes big ears.. and cute nose Info
kittyman: No, that's the only kind of kitty I can't stand. A kitty should not look like a hariless rat. Info
MajorTom: in the usa I prbly would try get toghther with a mainecoon.. I heared alot pleasent of them Info
MajorTom: yep same though... but the kitties cant do somthing that ppl breading this mutations Info
kittyman: My GF has 3. Very big cats. Very gentle. Very smart. Info
MajorTom: so I like them 2 but I never would propagete this breed Info
kittyman: Which one? I was talking about Maine Coons. Info
MajorTom: yeah and they bond really good with humans as I heared Info
MajorTom: what me would interesset 2 was a scandinavian forest cat Info
kittyman: The Norwegian Forest Cat is very close to a Maine Coon. Info
MajorTom: but Im more then happy with my european standard modell... and hey its a turleshell with a semi pink nose.. looks so cute Info
MajorTom: yeah I know there quite similar..... atm Im happy my kitty found me.. cats choose their ppl.. so I could be happier with her... hope she will stay as long possible Info
kittyman: I may start checking the shelter out for my next two kitties. I already have an application in and approved. Info
MajorTom: with my 1st kiity I failled at this.. I choose her but that was wrong Info
MajorTom: the kitty should choose u then all is fine Info
kittyman: Yes, it's better to let kitty pick you. Info
MajorTom: cool.. I wouuld maybe take one of the animal shelter 2 but here the law is so stupid.. so I cant really do this.. here its like punishig if u like pick up a cat from the anima Info
MajorTom: shelter Info
kittyman: Hmmm.....wonder why. Info
MajorTom: some laws and ppl are just plain stupid Info
MajorTom: u have 2 pay so much 4 a animal from a shelter and u have agree 2 so stupid agreements Info
kittyman: Well, if some people were not so stupid, the shelters would not be full of homeless kitties. Info
MajorTom: its like punishing yourself.. 4 that u will like give an animal a home Info
MajorTom: Im prrty shure thats all aboput the money and not whats the best 4 the kitties Info
kittyman: The GF and I visit and donate to the shelter as often as we can. Info
MajorTom: f.f I maybe would get one coz I dont live with my GF.. singel household usually dont get a cat 4 adoptin Info
MajorTom: wouldnt get one Info
MajorTom: yeah thats awsome Info
MajorTom: mine was a stray.. now its living with me.. and is happy having a good home Info
kittyman: Well, it's not the kitties' fault they were not properly cared for. Info
MajorTom: yeah ofc.. alot ppl see cats in the interwebs and then after short while disposal... thats sad Info
MajorTom: yep ure shure rite Info
MajorTom: u cant blame the animals Info
MajorTom: ppl are the failure Info
MajorTom: the except thing from kitites they cant deliver Info
kittyman: Wish I could win a lottery. Then I'd build the biggest cat ranch in the whole country. Many happy kitties. Info
MajorTom: or coz they scratch the furniture... stupid ppl Info
MajorTom: my kitty is scrathing my chair.. shes saying she luvs me Info
kittyman: I have all old beat up furniture. The kitties can be kitties. Info
MajorTom: yeah.. kitites have 2 be kitties.. and not follow ppl rules that dont respect kitty behaviour Info
kittyman: Yup. Too many people try to change the cat. Then they don't like it cuz kitty doesn't 'behave'. Info
MajorTom: I was only hinting out hre more ppl would adopt kitties from shelter if the conditions fro daopting them would be easier Info
MajorTom: I could adopt one coz sigle household thats stupid... I take good care of my cats... what has that 2 do that I dont live with my GF Info
kittyman: They are not bad here. The main thing is that the shelter tries to be sure they will be good 'kitty servants'. Info
MajorTom: but yeah its a difficult issue.. there are here farmers that dont neuter and then it has 2 much kitties thats isnt rite 2 Info
MajorTom: =) okai then u have a good shelter over there Info
kittyman: Right now they have so many kitties that the charge to adopt is whatever you wish to donate. They only charge a set fee for the kittens. Info
MajorTom: or maybe I dont relly see the things rite here.. but feel here alot shelters are after the money then how its for the animals Info
MajorTom: once a stupid animal shelter cat napped my kiites that they cann sell them 2 other ppl Info
MajorTom: thats kinda criminal Info
kittyman: Oh no!!!! Info
MajorTom: hat 2 call the police.. that was so unpleasant expierence Info
MajorTom: that animal shelter can go to hell no loss involved Info
kittyman: Very criminal. And immoral. Info
MajorTom: yeah its switzerland... money money money Info
MajorTom: and not so much n1 ppl.. or only if u have alot money they are n1 2 u Info
MajorTom: but only maybe... or they just try 2 rip off and arent nice 2 Info
kittyman: The shelter I support is non-profit. Only concern is for the critters. Many of the staff donate their time. Info
MajorTom: since then I try dont get involved with such ppl has alot around here... Info
MajorTom: one GF they always try 2 snatch her dog when hes escaped that they can charge alot of money Info
MajorTom: but the dog would ofc return home hisself no porblem... he only escape that way when a female is in heat Info
MajorTom: they can sent that over miles away and its total nomal.. but they catch the dod even he has his identifier and tax paid and they arrest the dog that the owner can pay charges Info
MajorTom: scent Info
MajorTom: thats here a bussines.. from that animal shelter... alot ppl that I know happend that and they had called the police Info
MajorTom: the shelter is still doing that shady things... I call that corruption ;-) Info
kittyman: Not what they should be doing. Info
MajorTom: and coz switzerland is so a small country everyone is spying on each other.. its really awfull Info
MajorTom: ofc thats only on countryside Info
MajorTom: in the ciites here its not that strong with neibourhood spying Info
kittyman: Spying on kitties............... Info
MajorTom: but where I live now.... everbody tries 2 put their nose in youre stuff that they dont have a right 2 bother Info
kittyman: I think that's pretty common nowadays. Info
MajorTom: and then bad mouthing behind the back... thats total normal here but u cant do somehing about that... only dont have alot contatcs 2 theese ppl Info
MajorTom: ah okai iIm glad 2 hear its not only here so =3 Info
kittyman: I pretty much try to mind my own business and wish others would alll do the same. Info
MajorTom: brb kitty need playtime Info
kittyman: That's OK. I'm about to call it a night. Gotta get some beauty sleep before I get my hair done. Be back tomorrow. Info
kittyman: Give kitty some luvin' from the kittyman. Laters.................. Info
MajorTom: cya kittyman =3 yeah I will do greet her from u <3 gn8 baibai =⁼ Info
MajorTom: =^.^= PurrrrrRrrrrRrrrr Info
MajorTom: it was not only playtime.. feedingtime 2 nomnomnom Info
MajorTom: =3 Info
kittyman: Ahh...kitty must have nomnomnom! Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 and only one more left. Must get to the store later to restock! Info
kittyman: Black hair day starts in 4 hours too! Info
kittyman: Must become Mr. Bubbles again to get ready. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: I likes my bubbles. Info
kent: apparently Info
kittyman: Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say.....LOL. I must be some kinda saint then. Info
kittyman: A veritable kitty god. Info
kent: a little g Info
kent: with Info
kittyman: I suppose. Mustn't get too proud. Info
kent: lightning strikes Info
kittyman: Wouldn't want that.......might singe the kitties' fur. Info
kent: and fry your catnip Info
kent: can't have that Info
kittyman: I'd have to hide in the bubbles. Info
kent: don't think water will help Info
kittyman: Well, it's grounded at least. Info
kittyman: I'd hate to think of the horrors of fried up catnip. Info
kittyman: The whole year's crop lost..........shudder. Info
kent: puff of smoke Info
kent: poof Info
kittyman: A true CATastrophie. Info
kent: good one Info
kittyman: And my kitties ain't named Cheech and Chong either. Info
kent: I dont think smoking catnip is a good idea Info
kittyman: No, not the proper manner of ingestion. Info
kittyman: I be a nyan kittie this morning!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4&t=6s Info
kittyman: [] #2 Last one :( Info
kent: it's a modified pop tart, (strawberry, I think) Info
kent: with sprinkles Info
kittyman: Yeah, I guess Nyan is a pop tart kitty. Some warped mind came up with that one. Info
kittyman: So by inference then, I go from being Mr. Bubbles to some kind of dancing pop tart. Doesn't sound too good...........LOL. Info
kent: stay away from toasters Info
kittyman: That would probably be sound advice for a dancing pop tart. Info
kent: thats probably what Nyan is running from Info
kittyman: Kitties would be well advised to keep their tails out of the toaster slots as well. Info
kittyman: So little Nyan has two strikes against him. Info
kittyman: Good thing he seems to be a rather happy little pop tart kitty. Info
kent: happy he's getting away from the toaster Info
kittyman: But they are still after him................. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjlusi_h_XA Info
kent: bionic pop tart legs, gogogo Info
kittyman: Kitties are fast. Even pop tart kitties. Info
kittyman: gogogogogo Nyan gogogogogo Info
kittyman: Nyan needs some catnip. Info
kent: cool, south park is on Info
kittyman: They gonna kill Kenny again? Info
kent: probably Info
kent: it's a Thanksgiving episode so, probably death by turkey Info
kittyman: Oh, I do so hate it when that happens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p00nBSNIPwg Info
kittyman: And I'm off to get my JJ treatment.....LOL. Laters. Info
kent: lates Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Ok.....back from my hair appointment. Here is what I started with. Info
kittyman: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103277725296/medium/1504315733/enhance Info
kittyman: Here is me now........................... Info
kittyman: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103301323489/medium/1504901961/enhance Info
kittyman: Meow meow and meow! Info
kittyman: Hope that didn't scare you too much............. Info
MajorTom: =3 hrhrhr not me Info
MajorTom: morning every one Info
MajorTom: assume all are sleeping allrdy but nvm thats good =3 RrrrrRrrrRrrr Info
kittyman: So, what did you think about the black dye job? Info
MajorTom: hmmm honestly....? hmmm... Info
kittyman: I think I pull it off pretty well for a 60yo. Info
kittyman: Yes, honestly. You won't hurt my feelings. Info
MajorTom: but the important thing is that u are happy with it Info
MajorTom: okok Info
MajorTom: I find it looks atm abit akward.... found blonde was alot more subtle against that deep black Info
kittyman: Oh, I am VERY pleased with it. Turned out as good as I wished for. Info
MajorTom: with the blond they grey hairs blended in Purrrfect now its havin that a big contrast =D Info
MajorTom: cool n1 to hear u like it and r happy =D Info
MajorTom: rocknroller gogogo =3 Info
MajorTom: but only coz u asked me 4 my opinion =D otherwise I would shut the f off XD Info
kittyman: Yes, I know. Very stark. But I like it a lot. GF isn't gonna be too happy.....LOL. Info
MajorTom: and Im not an style expert =D Info
MajorTom: =D gf will get used 2 it... at least hope so Info
kittyman: I could get some white lipstck and eye shadow and really go goth with it.........NOT. Info
MajorTom: ahh again predator feeding time =D brb 2 or 3 mins Info
kittyman: OK, getting sleepy, but not down for the count yet. Meow. Info
kittyman: Little predator kitty.........LOL. Well, actually they ARE. Info
MajorTom: btw I saw yesterday a gurl with green hair.. =D was cool 2 watch Info
MajorTom: okai then sleep well and sweet kitty dreams =3 baibai and meowmeow Info
kittyman: OK....I'll check in tomorrow some time. Meowprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
MajorTom: shes pretty on spot with the feeding times... like she have a build in alarm clock that never miss a meal =D Info
kittyman: My kitties always have a bowl of dry kibble full, so they nibble a bit at a time whenever they want some. Info
MajorTom: and now some coffee 4 me but no milk =/ buuuh okok I c then now black.... =) like youre new hairdo Info
MajorTom: yeah kibbles she can almost all the time but now she got the munchy wet food Info
kittyman: OK, gotta go get some catnaps in now. Hope the dye doesn't rub off in the night. Info
MajorTom: cya Info
MajorTom: ahh maybe put a an old towel over the pillow Info
kittyman: Meowlaters..................... Info
MajorTom: it prtty shure will dyie off Info
MajorTom: after some hair washing it will stop doing that, it doeas that even with highquality hairdye Info
MajorTom: stan what ure talkink about =D Info
MajorTom: go off the puter Stan... mum is calling =D Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
MajorTom: cheers kent =) Info
kent: howdy Info
kent: what up? Info
MajorTom: ah sry... was away =) deep in the web... not much... its raining and I was commenting and reading on several different pages Info
MajorTom: 4got to check here meanwhile '^ ^ Info
kent: I saw it raining where you are when I was checking on the hurricanes Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters, have fun Info
MajorTom: =D ah yeah I saw that catastrophy in florida =/ dang hurricanes Info
MajorTom: u 2 have fun.. Info
MajorTom: Im done anyway with the commenting... some ppl are just ungratefull... helped with watercooling but there are always some trolls disturbing '^ ^ Info
kittyman: Kitties are up. WOW...I actually got a solid 8 hours of sleep for the first time in a week. Feeling much better! Info
kittyman: I see we've not had very many kitty visitors today..........meow. Info
kittyman: Kitties wander in and sniff about looking for any other kitties.........meowsnifffsniff......meow. Info
kittyman: Almost time to sleep with the kitties............... Info
kittyman: Finding no other cats or catnip, the kitties pack it in for the night. Meow. Info
MajorTom: ahh sorry kittyman =( missed u Meoooooow Info
MajorTom: was very busy arguing with a "friend" that was so exhausting... after waking up 2day I needed some time 4 myself 2 recuperate =/ Info
MajorTom: cya soon kittyman and a very n1 sunday Info
MajorTom: n1 2 hear u are able 2 sleep again ;-) at least something =3 meowmeow Info
MajorTom: btw had say farewell 2 this "friend" at least temporarely.. it has so heavy the arguing =( Info
MajorTom: was Info
Chris S: No laters from Kent, - I've got withdrawal symptoms! Info
kittyman: Ahhh........... Another kitty. Sleeping was not working so well. Info
Chris S: Hi mark :-) Info
kittyman: Hiya, Chris. Went to the store to get coffee and cigs. On the way back, realized that you were not MT. LOL. Info
kent: poor Chris, withdrawing, need anti kent meds Info
kittyman: LOL......speak of the devil. Info
kittyman: Chris will have to sign up with Kentaholics Anonymous. Info
kent: kentolics Info
kent: no anonymousness Info
Chris S: Usual frolics Info
kittyman: The kitties ate all the nonymouses. Info
kent: nomnom Info
kent: I knew you were gonna make a mouse joke Info
kent: how could you not? Info
kittyman: The door was open, I just walked through it. Info
kittyman: Think I should try that sleep thingy again. Info
kent: why, it's day time Info
kent: sun's coming up Info
kittyman: Yeah, I am aware of that. Info
kent: java time Info
kittyman: That only works for just so long.............. Info
kittyman: And then the nonymouses come and drag you off to bed. Info
kent: thought you got 8 Info
kittyman: A long time ago. Info
kent: oh Info
kittyman: Well, I'm gonna give it a go again. Maybe if I count nonymouses I can drift off to sleep. Info
kittyman: As they say in these parts..............................laters. Info
kent: lates Info
kent: aah, C[_] #2 Info
kent: the new version of Boinc has the option 'Run daemon' what's that? Info
MajorTom: hrhr thats like shift switch as soon I dont look here all are here and shure now all are gone again '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: run as daemon... means its runs as service Info
kent: I'm not:) Info
MajorTom: but letting boinc running as service means u can use gpu computation ;-) Info
MajorTom: hi Kent =D Info
kent: service? Info
MajorTom: at least on the windows version Info
MajorTom: so if like 2 crunch seti on gpus dont use the daemon option Info
kent: right now I have all gpus off in my profile Info
kent: so, daemon off on machines with gpus Info
MajorTom: ahhh still prtty exhausted '^ ^ maybe I will disappear soon again... Info
MajorTom: yep on windows its shure so at least when there is no driver change that I dont know Info
MajorTom: gpu driver need the login credentials on windows Info
MajorTom: the benefit running boinc as service... its running even if u dont are logged in and that u have separate boinc permissions and credentials Info
MajorTom: the option that allows running boinc as service isnt new the previous version all had that 2, maybe u stumbled just now over it and have overseen it in the past Info
MajorTom: I dont think they changed it now Info
kent: no, I would have seen that, I always check those settings after an install Info
MajorTom: when running as service its not like a task that u can c on the taks manager Info
MajorTom: I can asshure u it was allways there in the adavanced options ;-) Info
MajorTom: grad an old boic version and check it out Info
MajorTom: if u dont belive maybe it wasnt named as deamon but shure named let boinc running as service Info
MajorTom: grab Info
kent: then they moved it from advanced to other options Info
MajorTom: its nothing new prtty 99% shure Info
MajorTom: maybe thats the reason u wasnt aware of it Info
kent: yep Info
MajorTom: this explain abit deeper whats about with the windos services Info
MajorTom: https://www.howtogeek.com/50786/using-srvstart-to-run-any-application-as-a-windows-service/ Info
kent: I don't mess with advanced much Info
MajorTom: nevermind.. its okai.. had it in the past used alot before the age of gpu crunching then Ive switched Info
kent: I don't let Boinc start with the puter Info
kent: so I don't ever need 'run daemon' ? Info
MajorTom: =) I mostly always do.. but atm Im still running my miners Info
MajorTom: yep in that case u can 4get about that option Info
MajorTom: Im off again.. some cartoons but maybe I fall asleep soon or at least a deeper nap '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: cya Info
MajorTom: C[_] cheers Info
kent: later Info
kent: cheers Info
kent: oh yeah, thanks Info
kittyman: 'Back up again'........the kittyman mutters to himself. Info
kent: that didn't take long Info
kittyman: Unfortunately not. Info
kittyman: Might as well take my modafinil, hit the [], and stay up for the day. Info
kittyman: And bubbles. Must have my daily bubble. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Yes, bubbles. Info
kittyman: Many bubbles. Info
kittyman: A veritable bubble bonanza! Info
kittyman: Beaucoup bubbles! Info
kent: boo coo Info
kittyman: A bevy of bubbles. Info
kittyman: Beautiful bubbles! Info
kittyman: Bouncy bubbles! Info
kittyman: Not to be confused with Barack Obubbles............. Info
kittyman: Or the Lawrence Welk bubbles. Info
kent: bubbles on the brain...you might need a break Info
kittyman: Or was that Lawrence 'Bubbles' Welk? Info
kittyman: You might say I've gone bananas over bubbles. Info
kittyman: I hope I didn't come down with a case of Bubonic Bubbles...........ooo nooo. Info
kent: are you taking the right pills? Info
kent: smokin' somethin' funny? Info
kittyman: Absolutely. Took them right before my bubble bath. Info
kittyman: No, don't do da wacky weed. Just bubbles. Info
kent: must be good pills Info
kittyman: Well, they definately have gotten me out of my depressive state! Info
kent: I don't understand depression Info
kittyman: Well, I didn't understand it very well until I realized that I had it and got the right medication for it. Info
kittyman: Even though I lived with it for my entire life. For me, it had a chemical imbalance in my brain as the cause. Not an emotional cause. Info
kittyman: When you have always suffered from depression, it's hard to realize you are depressed. If that makes any sense to you. Info
kent: yeah, it does Info
kittyman: You have no other point of reference. You have never been 'normal', so you do not know what that state of mind is. Info
kent: I used to see someone walking down the street with a big smile on their face and I couldn't figure out why. I couldn't understand why ppl felt diff from me. Info
kent: Then in Aug. 2014, I was diagnosed with PTSD due to childhood institutionalization Info
kittyman: So, are you doing better now? Info
kent: I just started to understand over time, way before the diags on paper Info
kittyman: So where are you at now with it? Info
kent: I didn't get it at all until I was about 26/27...it never goes away, nightmares all the time, bad ones, (I love morning coffee) Info
kent: my doc game me a Rx that keeps my adrinaline down while I'm asleep which lowers the fear level Info
kittyman: Maybe you should try the pharmaceutical angle. Like the escitalopram that I am taking. (Generic Lexapro.) Info
kent: I took it for 2 months only, after that, I at least had the ability to stick up for myself...in my dreams Info
kittyman: Lexapro also helps with anxiety issues, not just depression. Info
kent: I've been able to stand up for myself since I was about 22, It's just the dreams now Info
kent: no anxiety Info
kittyman: I was not suffering from anxiety, but it is used for that. Info
kent: no sadness, just anger and rage, mainly in dreamland Info
kent: and fear, ofc Info
kittyman: Ask you doctor what he thinks about Lexapro. I know it has absolutely resolved a host of issues for me. It takes several months to kick in, have to give it a lot of time. Info
kent: there are no pills for it, just the low blood pressure stuff I took to keep the fear down in my dreams Info
kent: it's permenent Info
kent: the more happy memories I gain, the better off I am Info
kent: pills are for physical stuff, not psychological, I was conditioned to be this way on purpose, from 14 to 18 yrs.old Info
kent: there is a level of clinical depression, I just can't tell the diff Info
kittyman: Well, buddy....I thought my condition was permanent too. Info
kittyman: If you convince yourself that it is, it shall remain so. Info
kent: PTSD is permanent, you don't get over what I was put through Info
kittyman: Phychological things depend on how the brain is working. So they can have a physical content as well. Info
kent: now I understand why so many ppl kill themselves Info
kittyman: I don't. I had a brother do himself in 42 years ago. Info
kent: nothing physical wrong Info
kent: my brain is fine...It's the constant, CONSTANT MEMORIES Info
kittyman: OK. I shall not belabor the issue any longer. Hope you can work it out as best you can. Info
kent: I am the best I can be right now, The be-atch that did it to me years ago, died a few years ago and left me a bunch of money, I rarely have to leave the house Info
kent: died years ago Info
kittyman: Ahh well, so there is a small bit of justice then, eh? Info
kent: why do you think I've been parading around here as an escaped mental patient, with a brain injury, who's been off his meds for 3 1/2 years? Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: Not sure I get that reference............................. Info
kent: you don't remember that from last year? Info
kent: just an internet persona Info
kent: just for here Info
kent: the white coats are coming, the white coats are coming :o Info
kittyman: Remember last year????? LOL, lucky I remember breakfast. Info
kent: hehehe Info
kittyman: Really. My memory has always been just terrible. Wonder if it will improve at all with the neurochemical being fixed. Info
kent: fixed or maintained? Info
kittyman: Well, both, actually. Once things are as they should be, I'll be on the meds for the rest of my life. Info
kittyman: Which is something I had an argument with the GF about this morning. She says I have to get counseling. Info
kent: that never works Info
kittyman: Not for me, it wouldn't. She had a lot of it to kick her booze habit. Info
kittyman: She's just pissed that I am making this work on my own. Info
kent: therapy is a crutch, if it helps, it's because you wanted to fix something yourself, first Info
kittyman: Don't try to tell AA that. They would tear you to pieces. Info
kent: I can't believe their remaking 'Flatliners' Info
kent: AA is garbage, been there done that, and not for drinking Info
kent: drinking issues Info
kent: if you quit drinking it's because of you, not them Info
kent: just my opinion:) Info
kittyman: I totally agree. AA is not a cure, just another crutch. Which is OK if it works for somebody. Surely not me. Info
kent: if anything, AA made me depressed Info
kittyman: I made my decisions about the meds and the booze on my own, not becasue anybody told me I should. Info
kent: maybe except all the times you got bannished Info
kent: :):) Info
kittyman: Yeah AA tries to tell you that you are weak and connot succeed without them. Info
kent: see, we still have senses of humor Info
kittyman: Oh, I got told often enough, but that had nothing to do with my eventual choices. Info
kent: jkjk Info
kent: (notice the smileys) Info
kittyman: ? Info
kittyman: OK..... Info
kent: I get a just a few super happy hrs a day, this is one of them:) Info
kent: the beginning Info
kittyman: Excellent! Info
kittyman: Well, I gotta go make some lunch now...... Info
kittyman: I do remeber to eat once in a while............... Info
kent: yeah, game time, what keeps me happy is always having a time of day to look forward to, now is that time Info
kent: everyone should have "ME" time Info
kittyman: Enjoy. Laters. Info
kent: laters Info
kent: cheers Info
kent: Chris Info
kent: (methadone) Info
kittyman: G'night from the kitties. Gotta try to catch up on some sleep. Work beckons tomorrow. Meow. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: somebody needs to fix this new version of Boinc Info
kent: it keeps telling me it's disconnected and won't do anything, on 3 machines so far Info
kent: I'm going back to the old one Info
kent: it's working Info
kent: and I keep getting a notice that says "Your app_info.xml file doesn't have a usable version of SETI@home v8" Info
kent: hello? Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: wow Info
kent: nobody? Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: OK Info
kittyman: [] #1 Kitties wander through getting ready to go to work again. Info
kittyman: Must clean litter boxes before I leave. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
kent: Meowmeow Info
kittyman: Got the bubble thingy done, now I have to attend to those litter boxes. Must have clean boxes for the kitties. Meow. Info
kent: Meow Info
kent: I need to clean mine too Info
kent: but I don't have to do it today:) Info
kittyman: Kitties have clean fresh bathroom now. Makes happy kitties. Meow. Info
kent: happy Info
kittyman: Does not really take a whole lot to keep kitties contented. Info
kent: cheap date Info
kent: dates Info
kittyman: Yup, and the love they give you back is priceless. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Off to work soon. Must go earn the kitty foof monies. Info
kittyman: food Info
kent: tacos and enchiladas here, lots of quac Info
kittyman: Enjoy. Out the door. Laters. Info
kent: laterr Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 Info
kent: still looks like a test tube Info
kittyman: Well, the cans are twice as tall as they are wide. So it's not like a mug. Info
kittyman: [] #2 Info
kent: l_l Info
kent: ya, not very tall Info
kittyman: Small but powerful......LOL. Info
kent: doesn't know it's own strength Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Well, it sure helps me get started in the morning! Meow! Info
kittyman: Well, off to do that work thingy again. Just another day in the life of the kittyman.. Meow meow meow. Info
kent: Meow meow Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
MajorTom: morning every one =3 meowmeow Info
kittyman: Morning for you, but I'm just about to hit the hay....meow. Info
MajorTom: ahh then dream n1 in kittyland meow meow Info
MajorTom: yeah [] thats like a can of enegry drink '^ ^ or beer but that I dont drink out of cans Info
MajorTom: music gogogo =3 meowmeow Info
MajorTom: so =) Im off again cya.. music!!! gogogo Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 Up too early, but more sleep was not happening, so............... Info
kent: caffeine Info
kittyman: The kitties get their catnip..........we get our caffeine. Fair trade. Info
kent: true Info
kittyman: Looks like MT was in a fine mood earlier. Info
kittyman: He's probaly still gogogoing. Info
kittyman: probably Info
kent: I wonder if he's dancing Info
kittyman: I wonder what the music!!! was. Info
kittyman: [] #2 Just finished dancing with bubbles. Info
kent: dancing with bubbles Info
kent: funny Info
kittyman: No shower in my hours, just the tub. So I get bubbles all the time. Info
kittyman: house Info
kent: you can get a shower adapter Info
kittyman: Then I'd have to install some kind of shower doors on the tub. Info
kittyman: I've been happy with it this way for 37 years. The bubbles are my friends. Info
kent: shower curtain is cheap and easy Info
kent: but bubbles are cool Info
kittyman: It's my relaxing time. Time to contemplate. Info
kittyman: Good for the body. Good for the mind. Good for the soul. Info
kent: whiskey and game time for me Info
kittyman: Enjoy! Meow meow meow! Info
kent: way to early right now Info
kittyman: Oh, I see what you meant.....relaxing time. Info
kittyman: I thought you meant, like, right now....................... Info
kent: nonono Info
kent: ME time Info
kent: my time to look forward to Info
kittyman: Everybody needs that. Info
kittyman: Being able to do what you WANT to do is what make doing what you HAVE to do worthwhile. Info
kent: exactly Info
kittyman: Like having happy kitties. Meow! Info
kent: kitties should always be happy, regardless Info
kittyman: That is true. And that is why I visit and donate to my local shelter. Info
kittyman: They do wonderful work in caring for and trying to find homes for all wayward grranimals. But it's mostly kitties when I visit. Info
kittyman: Many many more cats than dogs. Info
kent: ain't it time for workies? Info
kittyman: Well, off to work again I go. Laters and meow meow meows. Info
kittyman: LOL....you beat me by seconds. Info
kent: meowsziez Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 Yawn..... Two Dr. appointments today. Info
kent: wakey wakey, eggs and bakey Info
kittyman: Been watching Kill Bill? Info
kent: to violent for me Info
kittyman: You probably don't like much of Tarantino's flicks then. Info
kittyman: Bad sentence.....should be 'many' of his flicks. Or 'much' of his work. Info
kittyman: Off for a quick visit with the bubbles.....first appointment is at 11:00AM. Info
Kent: Laters Info
kent: I didn't say laters, I just got back here Info
kent: I'm being impersonated Info
kittyman: Oooo nooo......somebody playing games? Meow? Info
kent: who ever it is, is using capitals, and I don't say laters until I'm signing off for the day Info
kittyman: Either that, or your alter ego is kickling in again..........LOL. Off to the Dr. now. Info
kent: lates Info
kittyman: Back........not great news. Might lose another tooth. The one that gave me all that grief. Meowsigh. Info
kent: bummer Info
kittyman: Yeah.............I do NOT fancy going through all this again. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: I see your impersonator has not been back. Meow. Info
kent: probably MT or Chris Info
kent: (you know how much Chris wishes he was me_ :) Info
kent: all cravin' my attention and all Info
kittyman: LOL. Info
kittyman: Like swing music? Info
kent: don't get it Info
kent: wait... Info
kent: swing from the '20s/30's ? Info
kittyman: Yeah, except a lot of new bands are doing it these days. Info
kittyman: Try this from youtube. Swing/electro swing playlist. Always a great upper for me. Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nhp6ULk7mE Info
kent: I'm more into Jazz fusion, like Al Di Meola, when it comes to swing, other than that, big RUSH and Sabbath fan, King Crimson, Tony MacAlpine...tons others Info
kittyman: My musical tastes are wide and varied. Big on blues, old rock n' roll...............we can discuss more. Meanwhile, I have to launch for that 2nd appointment. Info
kent: this is 3 guitars live, check it out...listen to more than 1 or 2 songs... Info
kent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3BzAKHCEvo Info
kittyman: I shall when I return. Info
kent: not all songs are all 3 guitars Info
kent: I saw this concert live on HBO, Don Kershners rock concert, when I was about 14/15 Info
kittyman: Ahhhhhhhhhh......have it playing now. Fabulous! Info
kittyman: I shall be enjoying it in entirety! Thank you. Meow meow and meow! Info
kittyman: That was simply nomnomnom! Info
kittyman: G'night from the kitties. Meowsnooooooooooooooooooooooooz. Info
kent: now you can upgrade to De Meolas studio albums, electric with a band, "Casino" "Elegant Gypsy" "Land of the Midnight Sun" the list goes on Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: not an upgrade, just..."And now for something completely different" Info
kent: I should have said, 'now your can expand to' Info
kittyman: [] #1 1st meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow! Actually, finally, got a fairly decent sleep last night. Doc gave me some meds to help with my insomnia. Info
kittyman: Was also watching this last night. Seeing them play adds another dimension................ Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_5YZbmLI4c Info
kent: yeah, I watched that yesterday also Info
kent: these guys are hard to turn off Info
kittyman: Amazing thing, to have 3 masters of the instrument playing together like that. Info
kittyman: Just for fun, have you ever heard of Greg Koch? Electric guitar master. Info
kent: go for Land of the Midnight Sun Info
kent: Koch, no Info
kittyman: He's a hoot. Saw him many times at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Is or was a spokesman for Fender. I'll find you a clip. Info
kittyman: Start here...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQQIT4SJHpY Info
kent: technically proficient Info
kittyman: Exactly. And a fun guy to watch.....mainly because he has so much fun himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-P8V01FL70 Info
kittyman: He is a great storyteller. Here he gives some background on himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwkwWgs-txs Info
kittyman: Here is one of my favorite old bands. The Knighthawks. Blues based rock. Ten Years Live is a good sample. Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id8Hf3jNBLo&list=PLpTZyhzfYBTgiSXln-cwQnB2gpW8mI_Tl Info
kittyman: Hmmm. Bubbles are delalyed today. My hot water heater did not turn on last night. Info
kent: that's a bit jazzy Info
kittyman: Starts out that way......keep trackin', good buddy. Info
kittyman: My favorite track on the album is 'If You Go'. And I misspelled their name earlier.....it's The Nighthawks. Info
kent: thats ok, I can barely read Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: I do pretty good, but I have had cataract surgery with plastic lenses implanted in my eyes. And then lasic after that.................. Info
kittyman: And now the teeth. Pretty soon they should have me all rebuit...........LOL. Info
kittyman: rebuilt Info
kent: ofc I can read Info
jd: is registration closed for 2017 wow? Info
kent: uh, yeah Info
kent: not only that, the event is over Info
kent: we're just loitering Info
kittyman: Yah, hangers-on. Info
kent: over fill Info
kent: left overs Info
kent: your welcome to stay Info
kent: kittydude builds firetrucks and I have no life Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: LOL...I am enjoying sharing a little of your non-life with you. Info
kent: ones life is what one makes of it Info
kent: :o Info
kent: (I'm so profound) Info
kent: [at least I found something] Info
kent: where'd MT go? Dancing again? Info
kent: where'd jd go? Info
kittyman: Dunno. Everybody's spoofed. Info
kent: poof Info
kent: puff a smoke Info
kittyman: As my dad used to say, 'Like a fart in a windstorm'. Info
kent: ok Info
kent: maybe they told a lie and got hit by lightning Info
kittyman: Was something he said to us kids about 45 years ago and I still remember it. We went to the state fair, land when we got there all us excited kids jumped outta the car. Info
kent: that could be exciting Info
kittyman: He said "Kids....you all get back here right now, your like a fart in a windstrorm.....LOL. Info
kent: :o Info
kent: my dad had very little sense of humor, most things I remember him saying were professor type stuffs Info
kittyman: Well, he wasn't joking about.....he was a bit ticked at us. We'd get the belt to the backside if he was really mad. Info
kent: bummer Info
kittyman: Yah, well.....we probably deserved it when he got that pissed off. He was NOT an abusive father. Info
kent: it also depends on how bad the fart is and where in the windstorm you are Info
kent: standing Info
kent: (smelling) Info
kent: [what not] Info
kittyman: Well, they were little kiddy farts and the wind dissipated them too rapidly to be dangerous. Not SBDs. Info
kent: [how bad IS the windstorm?] Info
kent: in consideration Info
kent: SBDs? Info
kittyman: The dreaded SBD.......Silent But Deadly. Info
kent: oh yeah Info
kent: ok gotta go Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Laters. Info
kittyman: Out for the evening. Probably be back around midnight. Meow meow meow. Info
kittyman: Back home. Meow meow meow. Info
kittyman: Time to take a shot at that sleep thingy again. Meow for now. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 It's my kitties' birthday today. Bandit and Purrball are 16yo. Tuna and catnip party. Meow meow, kitties. Info
kent: party party Info
kent: don't let them OD Info
kittyman: I don't think they shall overdo it at their age. They do love their tuna treats. And catnip for dessert. Info
kittyman: Purrball.... https://uniim-cache.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103328772507/medium/1505656765587/enhance?fromCloud Info
kittyman: Bandit.... https://uniim-cache.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103328776468/medium/1505656706/enhance?fromCloud Info
kent: the epitome of content Info
kittyman: Yes, they are much loved and loving kitties. The sisters are sweet sixteen. Very happy kitties. Info
kittyman: Tuna time... https://uniim-cache.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103329021314/medium/1505659792690/enhance?fromCloud Info
kent: aaahh Info
kittyman: Nomnomnomnomnomnom........... Now they are REALLY content. Snoozing like babes having happy kitty dreams. Info
kent: aaahh Info
kittyman: They woke up from their catnap, and I gave them their freshly sprayed catnip ball.....LOLkitties. Info
kittyman: http://www.ebay.com/itm/From-the-Field-Catnip-Spray-Rejuvenator-1-oz-/201589930718 Info
kent: it don't do me no good, ain't that kinda kitty Info
kent: (I might be a pussy cat, but I ain't no kitty) Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Laters. Info
kittyman: Out for the evening again......meowlaters. Info
kittyman: Back home and off to bed with the kitties. Work beckons tomorrow, and I have to hope that sleep thingy works better than it has been lately. Meowzzzz. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 Oh, look. It'sl Monday. Meowsigh. Info
kent: sigh Tuesday, I have to check in for jury duty Info
kent: I hope they let me off Info
kittyman: All you have to do is give them some reason that you have a strong opinion about the matter at hand, therefore you could not be objective. Info
kittyman: On the other hand, it might be a welcome sideshow. Info
kent: dont need no sideshow Info
kittyman: OK. Then you have no lack of things to keep yourself entertained. Info
kent: oh no Info
kent: entertainment is my second middle name Info
kittyman: As Dylan said, Everything's legal, as long as you don't get caught.......LOL. Info
kent: hmmm Info
kittyman: At my age, I'm pretty much all legal these days. As a young lad, not so much.... Info
kent: I've always been legal beagle, mainly Info
kittyman: Lots of motorhead stuff. Fast cars, drinking too much, pooched the lisence and drove anyway. That kinda thing. Nothing that was a felony case. Info
kent: I got lots of tickets for expired inspection sticker Info
kittyman: Speeding, loud exhaust, excessive display of power, illegal equipment, illegal suspension, and attempting to elude. Info
kent: cheese Louise Info
kent: you were a bad boy Info
kittyman: I was. Young kid, still living at home, had a mill job making some cash. And I loved my cars. Info
kittyman: Oh, and I forgot those street racing tickets. Several. Got to the point where the cops would follow me around town just waiting for me to pull something. Info
kittyman: Which I usually did. They quit writing me 10 day notices on the cars and started getting hard nosed about every little thingy. Info
kittyman: Well, it's 'bout that time to start my workweek. I'll check back in after midnight. Laters. Info
kent: laterz Info
kent: Bad Boy Bubbles Info
kent: I like the sound of that Info
kent: could be a country song Info
kittyman: LOL. Info
kittyman: You'll have to write some lyrics. Info
kent: gimme time Info
kent: to the music of a Jan and Dean song Info
kittyman: There was a comedian that did a routine about a southern boy. They calls me....Tater Salad. Like he's a bad dude. It's on the tube I am sure. Outta here now. Info
kent: lates Info
kent: Ron White Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Yup, Ron White. Well, Bad Boy Bubbles is beat. I'll back in the morning. Meow. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
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