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kittyman: As I suspected, the res pump turned into a vaporshipment. Info
kittyman: No show, no further tracking. Info
kent: it'll show up Info
kittyman: I'll bet you it doesn't. Info
kittyman: Been to this rodeo before. Info
kent: what about the mod guy? Info
kittyman: Well, that's the other PITA I am still dealing with. I don't know because my email is screwed. Info
kittyman: Spent 4 hours on the phone with ATT yesterday, and I have to go another round with them in about an hour because I still cannot log in. Info
kittyman: My cell phone account had to be locked because somebody hacked it. Info
kittyman: The billing account, not the cell phone itself. Info
kittyman: Was getting messages about the account being changed. The users, the address, etc....... Info
kent: where'd you get the res pump from? can they track it? Info
kittyman: Ordered through Amazon. 3rd party vendor 'Titan Rig'. Got a lot of other things from them with no problem. Info
kittyman: Amazon says it's on the way because of the initial shipment notification. 'Contact us if it is not there by Wednesday and we will assist you'. Info
kittyman: So I just have to stick my short, fat digit up my anterior orifice and wait it out. Info
kent: think positive:) Info
kittyman: And I cannot even order another one air freight right now. I paid $115.00 for this one, and the only availability right now is $150.00 and 3 weeks from Germany. Info
kittyman: After yesterday, the only thing I am positive about is that I am a bit irritated. Info
kittyman: But, on the + side, the rig is running very well the way it is. Info
kittyman: Average CPU temp for the last 13 hours is 67.7c. Info
kittyman: [] #2. Info
kittyman: So, it's not like the rig is crippled without the better pump. In fact, it may gain me rather little. But I would like to get the upgrade done to find out. Info
kittyman: There was that bit about 'The things I cannot change' and all that. I just have to tell myself 'It is what it is'. Info
kent: relax...Ohmmmm Ohmmmm Info
kittyman: Actually, I'm about to bask in some bubbles to relax before tackling my email lockup with ATT. Info
kittyman: Then I'll probably need another one to calm down afterwards......LOL. Info
kittyman: We be bubblin'..............back in a bit. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Ahhhhhhh......the combined forces of bubbles, meditation, coffee, and kitty juju have kicked my attitude back to a proper elevation. Info
kittyman: OK, time to call ATT. Wish me luck and the strongest kitty juju. This could take a while. Meowdialing. Info
kent: juju juju Info
kent: meowing juju Info
kittyman: Got through. She's got me on hold whilst she digs around in my accounts. Info
kent: orange kitty in the court yard, gave him some pork rib scraps, he likes it Info
kittyman: Meow, ginger kitty. Kitty go nomnomnom. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Well, another half an hour with ATT, still borked. I couldn't log in and neither could she, even with a temporary password she set up. Info
kittyman: [] #3. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: Attitude took a nosedive. (Tells attitude "Pull up! Pull up!) Info
kittyman: Maybe I should call the republican party. They know how to get into email........................................... Info
kent: or the ruskies Info
kittyman: Yeah, comrade Meowovich. He might be able to help. Info
kent: no more net neutrality, might have been the republicans in the first place Info
kent: they cut our internet access from 144 mbps to 54 Info
kittyman: Your connection? Info
kent: actually, 100 to 54 Info
kittyman: I don't think mine has changed any. Info
kent: everybodys here Info
kittyman: Geeeez. Info
kittyman: Time for a little catnap with my kitties. Meownappy. Info
kittyman: Well, turned out to be more of a petting session with the kitties than a nappy. But that's just fine. Info
kent: pets Info
kittyman: Yup, that just makes the kitties' day. Info
kittyman: So now I just wait around with 2 thumbs inserted waiting on Amazon AND ATT. Info
kittyman: And almost funny...........the last thing the gal from ATT said was.........I will send you an email confirming your problem has been sent to the engineering group. Info
kittyman: And thank you for choosing ATT. Info
kittyman: After just spending half an hour trying to get me logged into my email account......... Info
kent: she's gonna send you an e-mail when she knows you can't get it? Info
kittyman: Just one of those things they are programmed to say without thinking about it. Info
kittyman: She said I should be getting a phone call from this 'engineering group' in 24 to 48 hours. Info
kittyman: I said 'I need my email back NOW, not in 2 days'. Would not surprise me if this 'engineering group' only works during normal business hours. Info
kittyman: So I am not holding my breath waiting for the flippin' phone call. Info
kittyman: Or the pump, for that matter. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #4. Info
kittyman: Hmmmm.... Had lunch so now I'm a little snoozy again. And no exciting phone calls or packages, so I think I shall kitty cuddle. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Hmmmm...actually snoozed a little bit this time. Should go out and check the mail. The cold will gimme a kick. Info
kent: kick Info
kittyman: Brrr....that was a kick allright. Nothing worthy of the trip in the mail. Info
kent: put a camera in there Info
kittyman: The ol' camera in the mailbox trick, eh? Info
kent: sure, why not Info
kittyman: It could be done. I'd set up a wireless kitty cam before that. Info
kent: but you need to see each piece Info
kent: m box should just be a scanner, or a tube that goes to your house, like at the bank Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Missed ya......got tied up on the phone with Lori. Good gaming and meow for now. Info
TimeLord04: Post Test after replacing my RAM YET AGAIN!!! Info
TimeLord04: Still on 16GB, (4x4GB Sticks), SUPPOSED to be at 800MHz; BUT, two of the sticks are at 667MHz! :( Info
TimeLord04: A-Tech Components gets to replace these two sticks AGAIN!!!!! :o Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] .75. Meowcough. Think I'm coming down with a cold. Info
kent: not again Info
kittyman: Hard to avoid coming into contact with such things at work, I'm afraid. Info
kittyman: Maybe this is a derivative of the last one I had and my body will give it the heave-ho more quickly. Info
kittyman: Still nothing on the missing pump shipment, and still no email. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: I did like that idea of yours to have the mailbox equipped with a pneumatic tube.......... But I get so many larger packages, it would be hard to impliment. Info
kent: do the larger ones fit in your Mail box? Info
kittyman: Most of them do. It's a very very old rural sized mailbox. Info
kittyman: If the package is too large, the mailman gets out of his truck and trots it up to my front porch. Info
kent: Kitty Nomnom came by this morning, he got chicken fajita today, boy he liked that Info
kent: now he sits in the courtyard and stares at my door Info
kittyman: LOL....I think you have a new kitty friend. Info
kittyman: Think this one is actually a stray, or just a free runner? Info
kent: don't look like a stray, and always gone about an hour before sunrise, like he's going home Info
kittyman: Too bad. Otherwise you could try to take him in and make an honest cat out of him. Info
kittyman: You should have a house kitty. Info
kent: no dogs or cats allowed here, only service aminals Info
kittyman: It could be licensed as an emotional support kitty. Info
kent: yah, they've been here before, and those folks, eventually, get evicted anyway, the manager and her husband HATE cats Info
kittyman: Evil folks. They probably had a problem with cat damage to the property in the past. Info
kittyman: Or they just have something else against cats. Info
kent: well...he IS a well known cat killer Info
kittyman: Oh no....... Info
kittyman: I hate anybody that would harm an innocent cat. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #2. And meowing. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowing can improve one's life dramatically. Must release your inner kitty! Info
kent: juju Info
kittyman: Wish my kitty juju would help me get my email back online. Info
kittyman: But I gotta wait for that phone call that I suspect is not gonna happen until tomorrow at the soonest. Meowsigh. Info
kent: they probably have a million people to call Info
kittyman: Yeah, I am sure. I am probably in the million and one spot on their long list. Info
kittyman: Ahhh...time for my daily bubble routine. Meowglubglub. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: [] #3. Ya ya, das bubbles be wunderful. Info
kittyman: Well I'll be danged. Kitty juju is even more powerful than I thought. For the heck of it, I put the temp password into my email client again and just got 44 emails!!! Info
kent: Woo Hoo Info
kittyman: Yippe kai yay and meowmeowmeow!!!!!! Info
kittyman: I must say, that gave my attititude quite a positive adjustment! Info
kent: your pump will probably show up in a day or two Info
kittyman: I don't think it really even shipped yet, to be honest with you. Info
kittyman: Now that I have my email back, I think there was a shipping message from Titan Rig that I can reply to and ask them for an update. Info
kent: mine ain't shipped yet and it's suppose to be here tomorrow Info
kittyman: I have a couple of Amazon thingys that are in the same status. Just sent Titan Rig a message. I am sure they may not reply until tomorrow. Info
kittyman: Well, I suppose you are off to gameland pretty soon. Hope you get further in it. Meow! Info
kent: it is time, I get further little by little Info
kent: meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meow for now. Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meowy Monday. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Ahhh...so you are up as well. Info
kent: made coffee at 3:35 Info
kittyman: OMG, that's early. Info
kent: 4:00 is normal, so, not to far off Info
kittyman: I was a actually up at 2AM for just a bit. The rig had crashed. Pushing RAM timings a bit too far. Info
kittyman: So, if 4AM is normal, what time do you usually hit the hay? Info
kent: I usually fall asleep when the sun goes down Info
kittyman: I see....early to bed and early to rise kinda guy. Info
kent: my body clock works best like that Info
kittyman: I think it's a good schedule to keep when one does not have work to regiment things. Info
kent: not much of a schedule, just follow the sun Info
kittyman: Well, you get plenty of sleepies in the winter months. Days are getting longer now. Info
kent: don't think day and night make much diff Info
kittyman: I've been known to keep some pretty crazy office hours myself. Info
kittyman: Especially on the weekends. Info
kent: office? Info
kittyman: The kitty crunching office. Info
kent: oh Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Seti be our binness. Info
kittyman: I should hit the bubbles early today. Have some errands I must run before work. Back in a bit. Info
kent: Kitty Numnum #2 is outsiade, ate some chicken and let me pet him a whole lot, didn't want me to stop Info
kittyman: You have another kitty friend? Info
kittyman: You know he's not a feral if he's into the petting thingy. Info
kent: I think their siblings, use to show up together, when they were much smaller Info
kittyman: Another ginger kitty? Info
kent: white with orange along his back ant top of head Info
kent: and Info
kittyman: They must have a home base nearby. It's nice that you can make friends with them. Info
kent: this one wanted in, had to close my door, I feel bad but I would get evicted Info
kittyman: Just as long as your crazy landlord doesn't get any stupid ideas in his head. Info
kent: he was fat too Info
kent: her head, he's just a tag along Info
kittyman: Oh, I thought you said he was the one that hated cats. Info
kent: they both hate cats, she's the manager, he's not on the payrole Info
kittyman: The bubbles are calling.....back in a bit. Meow. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Ahhhhh. The bubbles were beautiful. Info
kent: Numnum #1 was in the courtyard too Info
kittyman: Kitty buddies. Info
kittyman: When I am in the market for some new kitties, I would like to get a couple of littermates. Info
kittyman: Or at least a bonded pair. Info
kittyman: [] #2. And still meowing. Info
kittyman: Email is still working fine. No new mews on the pump. Info
kent: mine shipped yesterday, apparently from Austin to Austin, be here today Info
kittyman: I got the pump somewhere in no man's land and 4 fittings that are due here today but have not even shipped yet. Info
kittyman: Well, I have everything ready, so I might as well run those errands now. Be at least an hour or more. Meowvrooooooooooooom. Info
kent: meowvroom Info
kent: yeah, out for delivery Info
kittyman: Kitties...........I'm home! Got all my errands done. Meow. Info
kent: package has arrived Info
kittyman: Meowy! Maybe fix the computer. Hopefully. Info
kent: thinkin' about it Info
kent: gonna chane thermal compound just for good messure Info
kent: chang Info
kent: change Info
kittyman: That would be a good preventative measure in any case. As long as you are into it anyway. Info
kent: I've got plenty Info
kittyman: Amazon updated the fittings that were due here today to next Monday. Still not shipped. Nothing on the pump yet. Info
kent: cheese Info
kent: there, done, CPU temp down over 10C, crunching again Info
kittyman: Done already? That wasn't too bad. Sounds like it should be good to go for a while then. Info
kent: 62/63C in the bios, might have to replace that CPU Info
kent: lets see how long it lasts Info
kittyman: That's not real bad for an air cooled cpu though. Info
kent: idle temp? nothing else is like that Info
kent: the old AS5 I put on that machine, about 3 yrs ago, was just as pliable as the new stuff Info
kittyman: I would try a different cooler. That is a bit high at idle. Info
kent: I'm not doing that for a dual 3.6 Info
kent: socket 775 Info
kittyman: You have one on a different rig you could swap for testing purposes? Info
kent: no, this board requires a rectangular heat sink to mount...proprietary Info
kittyman: I guess it wouldn't be worth the trouble then, unless you could find something real cheap on ebay. Info
kent: this 3000 fan is the only hope, 'till the cpu dies, then another $10.00 bucks to replace Info
kittyman: I'll bet it runs a long time yet, unless the temp goes up a lot more. Info
kent: does wisecare show cpu temp? Info
kittyman: Just took a quick look. Mine does....hardware monitor. Showing it in F, but maybe you can select C. I don't have time to play with it, gotta go to work. Info
kent: meowziez Info
kittyman: Meow for now.............................................................. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
TimeLord04: One of my EVGA GTX-750TI SC cards is on its way out... :( Info
TimeLord04: Turn the monitor off, (DVI connection to card), wait 30 seconds, turn monitor back on and the Desktop Display turns PLAID!!! :o Info
TimeLord04: Moved my secondary GTX-750TI SC to the primary location and, thus, removed the original primary GPU. System now only crunching two Einstein Units at a time... Info
TimeLord04: Contacted EVGA today, told them the situation. Told them the card is out of warranty. Asked if I could send it in and pay to have it refurbished... Info
TimeLord04: They said I CANNOT do that, BUT, they still sell refurbished EVGA GTX-750TI SC cards. Info
TimeLord04: I've now got my name on a List with them so that when a refurbished card becomes available, I can pay for it and have it shipped to me. $89.99 for the refurbished GPU. :) Info
TimeLord04: THEN, I can crunch 4 Units at a time, again, two Units per card. :) Info
TimeLord04: The faulty GPU was actually causing MAC OS to intermittantly freeze, and occasionally reboot... Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
TimeLord04: T Minus 3 Min 'Til COFFEE!!! :o :D Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meowyawnstretch. Joining y'all for coffee. Info
kittyman: And Seti is down. I hate Tuesday outages. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeowrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: Rig still hangin' in there with the new fan? Info
kent: fan started clicking a bit, shut down 'till I figure it out Info
kittyman: Defective fan? Mounting screws too tight? Info
kent: fan sits right on top of heat sink, needs some electrical tape between to cut vibration Info
kittyman: Just a basic heatsink, no heatpipes or such? Info
kittyman: Maybe one of those magic little washers under each corner would work. Info
kent: need to separate the metal not add to Info
kittyman: Well, you're the expert here, I cannot see what you are seeing. I'm sure you know what will work. Meow! Info
kittyman: I might as well call Amazon and cancel that pump order. Reorder somewhere else. Meowsigh. Info
kent: I thought they said Wednesday? Info
kittyman: The tracking on USPS' own site says they are still waiting for the package. Info
kittyman: That theoretical arrival date is just automatically done by Amazon's system. Info
kittyman: USPS never got the package, and has never scanned it. Info
kittyman: Wednesday is the day that Amazon's system gives up on it automatically too. Info
kittyman: Performance PCs shows stock at $20.00 less than I paid, so I can afford air freight as well. Info
kittyman: [] #2. Some more coffee and some bubble action, and I will call Amazon. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Yup, bubbles. Info
kittyman: Bubbles completed. Kitties entering attack mode. Teeth bared...check. Claws out...check. Meowy hissing noises...check. OK, Amazon. Here I come. Info
kittyman: OK...order canceled with Amazon, reordered with Performance PCs. We shall see how my luck runs this time around. Kitties entering purring mode. Meowpurrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: And even with the air freight and rush shipping adder, I still ended up $13.00 ahead. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: And I already have overnight shipping confirmation from Performance PCs with a Fedx tracking number. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: sweet Info
kittyman: Should be able to swap the pump this weekend......meow. Info
kittyman: I'd like to just swap the pump with no other changes to see if the flow rate improves and if it makes any difference. Info
kent: you've got sooo many extra pieces Info
kent: extra bits meow Info
kittyman: Meow. I'll certainly have some spare parts. Info
kent: I been a little busy today, more time tomorrow, funzies meow Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Have fun. Meowmeowmeow for now. Info
TimeLord04: Well, my systems are starting to fall apart, piece by piece... :( Info
TimeLord04: Just had the old 17", (square), LCD Sony Monitor on Exeter, (Win XP Pro x64), die... :( Info
TimeLord04: I, (for a moment), thought it was the EVGA GTX-760 card! Glad I was wrong there, I chose to move the HP 2009m Monitor over to Exeter from Andromeda, and low and behold... Info
TimeLord04: ... - VIDEO!!! :) Info
TimeLord04: So, I just went to Central Computers in Pleasanton and picked up a 22" ASUS LCD Monitor with Backlight. I put that one to the Hackintosh/Andromeda. Info
TimeLord04: $110 + Tax. Info
TimeLord04: Plus e-Waste Fee... (California, afterall)... Info
TimeLord04: OH, and I tried hooking up the new monitor through HDMI off the GTX-750TI SC card... Info
TimeLord04: The BIOS sent video through to the monitor, Clover Boot Loader went through to the monitor on HDMI... Info
TimeLord04: The first MAC Logo Boot Screen went through to the monitor on HDMI; BUT, when MAC OS releases to the next part of the Boot Process, I get BLACK SCREEN!!! :o Info
TimeLord04: Turns out that my Hackintosh settings stating that the system is a MAC Pro 3,1 from 2008; MAC OS "thinks" that the system is too old to support 4K HDMI Video... Info
TimeLord04: BOGUS!!!! If I were to boot back to my Win 7 Pro SP-1 x64 OS, that would recognize the 4K HDMI signal! :o Info
TimeLord04: Anyway; I gave up, and switched the new monitor over to DVI and now the system says I'm on 1920x1080 at 60Hz. Info
TimeLord04: The HP 2009m ONLY goes to 1600x900 at 60Hz. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meowrrrmeow. Info
kittyman: Looks like TL is having video problems. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeow. Info
kittyman: Found a couple of check valves I think will work for my cooling scheme. 2 on the way next week, along with some thread adapters for them. Info
kent: you don't have enough? Info
kittyman: I mentioned that the Alphacool check valves I got were no good. Info
kent: oh ya Info
kittyman: I actually found these at work. They are Bendix air brake system check valves. Info
kittyman: I was at work, and started thinking....gee, we must use check valves in the truck systems, hmmmmmmmmmm. Info
kittyman: Almost no cracking pressure, and seem to be very free flowing. Info
kittyman: Night and day difference from the Alphacool checks. Info
kent: you're using fire truck parts on your puter? Info
kittyman: Well, truck air brake parts, not specific to fire trucks. Info
kittyman: But we use 'em. I went over to the guy building the air tank assemblies, and was able to actually get them in hand to try them. Info
kittyman: Could blow through them very easily. No so with the Alphacool jobs. Info
kittyman: Meant for use with air, not fluid, but they are brass contruction with a teflon or nylon poppet, so they should be fine with the coolant. Info
kittyman: And Fedx tracking shows the pump here in Appleton. Should be here today. Meowmeowmeow! Info
kittyman: No vaporshipment this time. Info
kittyman: And wow.....just got email on the check valves with a Fedx tracking number. It's saying they will be here tomorrow. More meowmeowmeow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: So the holdup is gonna be the thread adapters. Coming from Washington. Info
kittyman: The check valves are 3/8 NPT thread, and I gotta convert them to G1/4 thread. Info
kent: you going with the 3/8 inch hole in the hose Info
kittyman: Yeah, 3/8" hose ID is about the same as the G1/4 fittings. Info
kittyman: 3/8" NPT is even a little larger, so the valves should flow pretty well. Or so I am hoping. Info
kent: what's your ETA for the whole thing? Info
kittyman: By next week, I should have the thread adapters. So I could probably do the whole loop with the chiller included next weekend. Meowmeowmeow. Info
kittyman: Lord knows, I should have enough bits to do it..............LOL. Info
kent: completed? Info
kittyman: When you are a hardcore tweaker, nothing is ever 'completed'.....LOL. Info
kittyman: But, at least in working order. Info
kittyman: If you thought is was a frankencomputer before, wait until this is done. Info
kent: PuterBot Info
kittyman: SetiPuterBot. Info
kittyman: KittySetiPuterBot. Info
kittyman: Time for some bubbleation. Back in a bit. Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, I'm having some video issues... :( Info
TimeLord04: Exeter, (the XP Pro x64 system), is loving the used HP 2009m 1600x900 at 60Hz Monitor that used to be on Andromeda/Hackintosh. :) Info
TimeLord04: Andromeda is making good use of the new ASUS Monitor at 1920x1080 at 60Hz... BUT, would have loved to get MAC OS to recognize that the GTX-750TI SC w/2GB GDDR5 VRAM ... Info
TimeLord04: ... WILL support 4K on HDMI! Unfortunately, because of my Hackintosh settings at "MAC Pro 3,1 - 2008 Series", MAC OS "thinks" the system CANNOT handle 4K... :( Info
TimeLord04: I have my name on EVGA's List, now, to be able to get an EVGA 'refurbished' GTX-750TI SC card to replace the failing unit that I've pulled out. Info
TimeLord04: When they get one in, (with my name on it), I can get it for $89.99 +Tax with a 1 Yr Warranty! :) Info
TimeLord04: THEN, Andromeda will be back to crunching 4 Units at a time; 2 Units per GPU. :) Info
kittyman: Good luck on the refurb. Info
TimeLord04: Thanks. :) Info
TimeLord04: The new ASUS Monitor on Andromeda was $109.99 +Tax, + CA e-Waste Fee... $126 and change out the door... Info
TimeLord04: ASUS VE228H, 22" Display with VGA/DVI/&HDMI Suppport. Info
kittyman: Meow. I snoozed off for a nice little catnap there........ Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Fedx just delivered the pump. Looks to be the correct one. Meow! Info
kent: goodies Info
kittyman: Ya ya ya! Info
kent: funzies meow Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: I'll try to have as fun as you will while I am at work........ Meows for now. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Looks like I made it to Thursday! Info
kent: last day Info
kittyman: Yup. I can watch the hours count down to the weekend. Meow! Info
kittyman: Wow.....it's 49f outside. Dropping like a stone this afternoon. Be about 18f when I get out of work, 10f by tomorrow morning. Info
kent: there's a new Nomnom, looks the same age, all white on the bottom like the others 'cept calico on top and sides Info
kent: I think they all live here, somewhere Info
kittyman: Think it's another littermate? Info
kent: looks like it Info
kittyman: A happy batch of Nomnom kitties. Info
kent: he nomnoms chicken too Info
kittyman: LOL.....I think most kitties would. Info
kittyman: Chicken is good for kitties. Good protien source for them. Info
kittyman: Looking forward to playtime tomorrow. Before I even swap in the better pump, I wanna try reversing the flow in the loop. Info
kent: why reverse? Info
kittyman: Because right now I am going cpu to res to rad to cpu. It occured to me that the rad might shed a bit more heat if the warmest coolant was going to the rad first. Info
kittyman: It probably won't make too much difference. There's only 2-3c difference between in and out coolant temps from the CPU. Info
kittyman: But it is logical that the rad might dump more heat if the warmest coolant was going there first. Info
kittyman: I wasn't really thinking about such things when I first set it up. Info
kittyman: Even if it would be worth 1 more degree C, it would be the right way to plumb it. Info
kent: I thought the rad was coming out when the chiiler goes in? Info
kittyman: No, the whole air cooling loop will stay as is, and will run the same as now when the chiller is not running. Info
kittyman: But when the chiller kicks in, those check valves the kitties hunted so hard for will kick in, and the coolant will flow through the chille half of the loop. Info
kittyman: Shut down the chiller, and the other half takes over again for air cooling. Info
kittyman: Automagically. Info
kent: why swap and not keep just the chiller on Info
kittyman: Couple of reasons. If the lower chiller temp does not allow me to OC higher, why run it in the winter? And if the chiller would fail, the air cooling will just take over. Info
kittyman: That is why finding check valves that met my criteria was so important to me. Info
kittyman: When the chiller is running, I don't want the cooler fluid backflowing through the res and rad. Info
kittyman: If all goes as planned (LOL), the whole thingy should work automagically. If the chiller would fail whilst I am away, it should just fall back to air cooling. Info
kittyman: Of course, then the warmer temps would cause the OC to fail, but I am working on that aspect of it in the whiteboard in my mind. Info
kittyman: Does that all kinda make sense to you now? Info
kent: OK, preventative surgery Info
kittyman: [] #2. Yeah, kinda like that. Redundant cooling systems. Info
kent: how you gonna get the OC to stop if the chiller dies? Info
kittyman: Dunno if I can or not yet. I have to dig around in the bios and see if there is any way to change it when rebooting. May not be possible. Info
kittyman: Because the bios won't know if it is rebooting due to a temp caused crash, or just a normally requested reboot. Info
kittyman: First I gotta see if my cooling scheme works as planned. Who knows, I could run into something I have not counted on yet. Info
kittyman: You know how that goes. You think you have all the bases covered, and some sucker hits a home run on ya. Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: I gotta tell ya though, the mad scientist tweaker in me has a lot of fun thinking of ways to do this and trying to make it work as schemed up. Info
kittyman: I always like playing with the beakers and tubing and hoses and pumps and stuff back when I was a kid in science class. Info
kittyman: Now I am just a grown up kid....... Info
kittyman: Time for some bubbles now. Trying out a new bubble bath. Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts with Milk and Honey. Info
kittyman: Suppose to moisturize the skin a bit. With the dry weather, my back has been dry and itchy lately. We shall see if this helps at all. Info
kittyman: Off to the bubble chamber. Back in a bit. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeow. Nice bubbles and a catnap. Ready to tackle Thursday at work. Info
kent: just got back from Taco Bell...yummy crispy beef tacos Info
kittyman: Did you get some extra for the Nomnom kitties? Info
kent: crispy tacos? Info
kittyman: If they did not like the crispy part, they would nomnomnom on the filling, I am sure. Info
kent: well, maybe...I got 2 dozen Info
kittyman: Ton o' tacos. Special at Taco Bell today? Info
kent: no, I just Love crispy beef tacos Info
kent: and I haven't been there in months, only about a 15 minute walk Info
kittyman: Nomnomnom then. Just went out for the mail. Mailman was 5 boxes down, and while I was waiting in the driveway, Fedx showed up with the check valves. Meow. Info
kent: do you have everything yet? Info
kittyman: Waiting on the thread adapters. They were in Indiana this morning. Could be here tomorrow...not sure. Info
kittyman: Well, almost that time for me and almost that time for you. Info
kent: almost Info
kittyman: Soon I'll be counting down the hours.....meow! Info
kent: funzies Info
kittyman: You too. See ya tomorrow. And keep meowing! Info
kent: meowings Info
kent: (that's a meow with wings) Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #1. A meow with wings, eh? Your Nomnom kitties are nyan cats? MeowFriday. Info
kent: one of them runs to me Info
kittyman: Oh, that is so cute. Info
kittyman: Doesn't that just make ya happy? Kitty luvs ya. Info
kent: he never wants the pets to stop Info
kittyman: It's too bad you can't take him inside for visits. Info
kent: yeah, I know Info
kittyman: If your landlord wasn't such a b**** you could ask if you could have him in just once in a while. Info
kittyman: But then I think kitty would want to stay. Info
kent: they always want to stay Info
kittyman: I think the kitties should write all the rules. Info
kittyman: 'Bout time for mo bubbles. I think that new bubble bath might be helping a bit. My back was not quite as itchy yesterday. Info
kittyman: Then I should take care of a few bills before I contemplate some playtime. House and car insurance are due by tomorrow. Info
kittyman: It's................bubbletime!! Back in a bit. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: [] #2. As usual, the bubbles were very soothing and delightful. Maybe a catnap is in order before I play with anything. Info
kittyman: Oh ya, those bills too. Info
kent: nah Info
kittyman: I gots ta do the preplanning........... Info
kittyman: I wanna see how the Y fittings are gonna fit up, even though the cooler is not going in until the check valves are ready. Info
kittyman: I think I will just go ahead and put the new res pump in while I have things taken apart though. Info
kent: why not Info
kittyman: Indeed. Why not. But first, that catnap. Back in a bit. Meowzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Info
kittyman: Snoozing done for now. Info
kittyman: Should get those insurance bills paid first, in case I have any unforseen difficulties. Info
kittyman: Okee dokee. All insured for another year. Meowinsured. Info
kent: for what? Info
kent: car, health, house? Info
kent: kitty? Info
kittyman: Just paid the car and house insurance. The health insurance is ongoing through work. Hmmmm...I never had kitty insurance. Info
kent: ya, pet insurance Info
kent: in case of sickies Info
kittyman: Yes, they do have such things. I really should consider it when I get new kitties. Info
kittyman: Got a birthday card from Mom in the mail. Info
kittyman: LOL, Mom. It's a kitty birthday card. Info
kittyman: "May you be as happy as the first cat who figures out how to work a can opener". Info
kittyman: [] #3. Info
kent: nice Info
kent: invent one Info
kittyman: Yeah, the kitties would like that one. Info
kittyman: I'll have to call Mom and thank her for the cute card. Info
kent: would the kitties open one can and eat it, or just keep opening cans for the fun of it Info
kent: ??? Info
kittyman: Oh, I think the moment they smelled the tuna or Friskies they would forget all about the can opener. Until they were hungry again. Info
kittyman: Might end up with rather plump kitties. Info
kent: plump might be an understatement Info
kittyman: LOL...I suppose rotund might be more accurate. Info
kittyman: Rather nice not to be having to think about going to work around this time. Info
kent: you just did :) Info
kittyman: No, I was think about NOT going to work...... Info
kittyman: thinking Info
kittyman: Now I am thinking about how I am going to swap the pump and rearrange the plumbing. Info
kittyman: This is just gonna be temporary on the loop routing until I get all the bits to do the full routing with the chiller. Info
kittyman: Should have no problem finding some bits to fit........................ Info
kittyman: Except maybe finding the bit I want in this pile of fittings I have amassed......LOL. Info
kent: you need one of seperater boxes like people use for pills Info
kittyman: I just put all the fittings in a box to keep them together. Uhh, I'm gonna need a bigger box. Info
kent: funzies digging Info
kittyman: Yeah, have to use a bigger box so I can sift through them a bit. Info
kent: poue 'em on a table so you can seperate them Info
kittyman: They would take up an awful amount of room all spread out. Info
kent: just enough so you acn find what you need now and need next Info
kent: can Info
kittyman: I'll pick out the few I know I will need today before I shut down and drain the res. Info
kent: funzies meow Info
kittyman: So many bits for the kitties to play with. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: The kitties send their wishes for your success. Meow for now then. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meowing at 3 below zero in kittyland. Info
kent: 32f here Info
kittyman: Hope the nomnom kitties don't get icicles on their tails. Info
kent: their not outside, I haven't seen them Info
kittyman: Probably staying inside somewhere that it's warm. Info
kent: pretty sure they have humans Info
kittyman: Yeah, that's what you said before. They would not be as friendly with you if they were feral. Or as fat and sassy. Info
kent: true Info
kittyman: [] #2. Info
kent: gotta go try to fix someones puter, wish me luck Info
kittyman: Good luck. What's wrong with it? Info
kittyman: Take your kitty juju along with you. Info
kent: stack dump...reseated RAM, no prob Info
kittyman: Cool. Wish all computer problems were that easy to fix! Info
kent: me too Info
kittyman: Bet they were happy that you knew what to try. Info
kittyman: I am off to bubbleland for a bit................................................. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: [] #3. Ya gotta wonder how many folks take their computers to the shop with a similar problem and solution. Info
kittyman: Then get a bill.............'Reset memory module interface and checked operation. $250.00.' Info
kent: ya that's crazy Info
kent: cray cray Info
kittyman: I am sure it happens often enough. Info
kent: way to often Info
kittyman: Glad I know my way around computers. I could not have crunched Seti like this for so many years if I did not. Info
kent: certainly not Info
kittyman: Could you imagine packing up a computer and taking it in to a shop whenever it wouldn't boot.......LOL. Info
kent: certainly not Info
kent: would end up costing more than my puters are worth Info
kittyman: Yeah, pretty soon they'd tell ya to deep six it and buy a new one. Info
kent: I like keeping the old stuff going as long as possible, they only run seti anyway Info
kittyman: I still have my first core2 dual core running, along with that SCSI drive I told ya about. I know 'bout old stuff here. Info
kittyman: The new rig is the first I built in around 8 years. Info
kent: I've got 4 socket 478s Info
kittyman: The new pump is working very well. The PWM control of it works perfectly. And the little spinner thingy is getting quite a workout. Info
kent: helping temp? Info
kent: or is it to soon to tell? Info
kittyman: Not a lot. Maybe 1/2c? But it seems more stable and cools down quickly when CPU drops off a little. Info
kittyman: What is interesting is the temp sensor is reporting the coolant at 29c. That's around 84f. Ambient is 72 right now. Info
kittyman: So when I get the chiller going, I should be able to drop the coolant loop down at least 7-8c with no condensation problems. Info
kent: wasn't it cooler before? Info
kittyman: I wasn't running the same OC before, and a lower vcore. Info
kent: ah Info
kent: funzies meow time Info
kittyman: It's around 70.5c average now, with around 95% and up CPU usage crunching Seti. 1.440625 vcore. 4.44Ghz. Info
kent: leave a message Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Ahh....off to the games then. Have a fun afternoon. Meow for now. Info
kent: Meows Info
kittyman: [] #1. And we be a meowin'. Meowearlyagain. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Ahhhhh....gamerboy be up. Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: Whazzup? Info
kent: us Info
kittyman: I guess that would be true. Not too many on Seti are. At least in this country. Info
kent: give 'em a hour or so Info
kittyman: No crashies last night. Info
kent: hooking the chiller up today? Info
kittyman: No, that's gonna be the coming weekend's project. My birthday next Thursday, and I am taking a day of vacay. So I gets a 4 day weekend. Info
kittyman: It's gonna get pretty involved getting all the plumbing set up. Info
kent: you can do it in a day Info
kittyman: I would hope so. But I am not going to undertake it the day before I have to go back to work in case something goes wrong. Info
kittyman: I have learned that lesson very well from past experiences. Info
kent: 32f and no nomnoms Info
kittyman: [] #2. 2 below zero here. Nomnom kitties must be keeping warm. Info
kent: hope so Info
kittyman: Yeah, hope their keepers didn't move away or something. Info
kittyman: Do they wear collars? Info
kent: surely they wouldn't leave them behind, and I think they're new people anyway. nope, no necklaces Info
kittyman: My kitties have been indoor kitties their whole lives. But if I did let them run, I sure would have a collar and tag on them, and microchipped as well. Info
kittyman: You think they are new people? Where, if your apartements don't allow cats? Info
kent: people live here because they are Poor Info
kent: I think someones cat had kittens and at least 3 of them got adopted here Info
kittyman: So where are they living with the kitties? Info
kent: Poor means no microchips Info
kent: I don't know which apartments Info
kittyman: [] #3. Only 6 cans left. Better hit Woodman's tomorrow night after workies. Info
kent: I've got lots of coffee Info
kittyman: I get nervous when I run too low on my stock. Info
kent: that's one thing I don't take chances with Info
kittyman: LOL. I should raise my reorder level to a higher amount. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: I just emailed G.Skill asking for the complete recommended timings for my RAM. Want to be able to dial them in instead of the bios on auto. Info
kittyman: And getting ready for some nice hot bubbles on a cold cold morning. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: I do luv my bubbles, don't I? Info
kent: apparently Info
kittyman: Well, I don't have a shower, so I enjoy my bubbles. Info
kittyman: The bubbles are calling, back in a bit. Meow. Info
kittyman: Ahhhh....all bubbled and beautiful. Meow! Info
kent: bubbled Info
kent: today's going by fast, already almost 11:00 Info
kittyman: Tell me about it. Time offa work always goes too fast. Info
kent: time flies when you're having fun Info
kittyman: It flies even when you are not having so much fun. But a bad day at home beats a good day at work anytime. Info
kent: hehe Info
kittyman: Well, it's true. I never had a day at home so bad that I'd rather go to work.....LOL. Info
kent: I prefer to be at work when I feel good as opposed to being home and sick Info
kittyman: Well, you can't avoid being sick by going to work. In fact, that's where I pick up things like this cold I am still trying to shake. Info
kent: gonna start funzies meows earlier today, don't waste your last day not having funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Have fun as usual. Meow for now. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meowing on a Monday, and Seti has no work. Info
kent: really? already? Info
kent: wow, nothing to process either Info
kittyman: The splitters ran out of work. They are not down. Info
kittyman: I got hold of Eric last night, and he tried to fix things by remote, but was unsuccessful. Info
kittyman: He replied after I went to bed that he could not get things going, but would try again this morning with Jeff. Info
kent: 40f and no Nomnoms Info
kittyman: 19f here this morning. Wonder where the Nomnom kitties are. Hope they are safe and warm. Info
kent: their usually inside by this time anyway Info
kittyman: Maybe they got into some trouble and the owners decided to keep them indoors. Info
kent: it's probably just the cold Info
kittyman: I suppose 40 is cold for a Texan kitty...... Info
kent: it's cold for me, but I don't have fur Info
kittyman: Well, kitties are descended from desert cats, so they tend to seek out warmth. Info
kent: the Egyptian hairless Info
kittyman: That's one type of kitty I don't care as much for........the furless breeds. Info
kittyman: I am sure they make good pets and all, but to me, what's a kitty with no fur to pet? Info
kittyman: Might be better for people who are allergic, I dunno. Info
kent: I think they're worse for allergies, all that skin and all Info
kent: dander or something Info
kittyman: I dinna ken if it's the skin or the fur that folks are allergic to. I know there are some breeds that are better that others for those with the allergy. Info
kittyman: [] #2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm....USPS holiday today, no mail. Info
kent: you missed the t Info
kittyman: Meow? Info
kittyman: What t? Info
kent: ken, no t Info
kittyman: No, that was Scottish. Dinna ken......do not know. Watch some Outlander with closed captioning turned on. Info
kent: oh Info
kittyman: If I were to use your name, it would have been.....I dunno, Kent. Info
kittyman: I think I shall go enjoy some bubbles now. Back in a bit. Meowbubblebubble. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: And another fine batch of bubbles it was. Meow! Info
kent: bubbled Info
kittyman: Yes. Bubble mission completed, hair dried. Gotta shave yet. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #3. Had a wee bit of a catnap with the kitties. Almost 8AM in Berkeley, hopefully they'll be trying to kick things back into order soon. Info
kent: I'd give you some of mine but you would just burn through them Info
kittyman: Thanks for the offer......LOL. Info
kittyman: And Seti has started to split new work again. Meowmeowmeow. Will be hard to get some for a while with all the crunchers being empty. Info
kent: waiting meow Info
kittyman: Nothing has come through here yet. Not surprising. Info
kittyman: Things must be starting to work OK. One of my other rigs just scored a hit of 25 WUs. Meow! Info
kent: how long were they down for? Info
kittyman: And another old rig just hit for 26. Info
kittyman: Dunno what time last night the work actually ran dry. Info
kittyman: I don't think it was terribly long though. Info
kittyman: 3rd rig got a nice hit. Just a server lottery at this point. Info
kittyman: [] #4......... Info
kent: I just ordered one of those copper skillets, ought a be cool Info
kittyman: What copper skillets? Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/Copper-Chef-Round-Pan-Lid/dp/B0784R8BVK/ref=sr_1_20?ie=UTF8&qid=1516036361&sr=8-20&keywords=copper+chef+cookware Info
kent: super non stick Info
kittyman: Looks pretty nifty. You cook? I thought you lived on Taco Bell......LOL. Info
kent: I need to cook more Info
kittyman: Well, you certainly have the time to. And you can choose exactly what goes into it. Info
kent: I'm starting to crave the cheese burgers I haven't made in a while Info
kittyman: Ahhh...nomnomnom. They are better when you make them yourself. Info
kittyman: What led you to Amazon for that skillet? Info
kent: went to the manufacturer site first, same price on amazon and I already have an account there Info
kittyman: Were you just looking for a copper skillet? Or did you see this one somewhere and found it appealing? Info
kent: on TV Info
kent: a long time ago Info
kent: I keep destroying Teflon Info
kittyman: Well, every pot or pan that I have ever had with non-stick peeled or wore away at some point. Info
kent: the copper ones aren't suppose to Info
kent: that's appealing Info
kittyman: If it is just the copper and not a coating. Will be interesting to see what you think after you use it awhile. Info
kittyman: Force of habit keeps me listening for the mailman's truck. Have to keep reminding myself that there's no mail today. Info
kent: workies today? Info
kittyman: Of course. This is not a holiday for us or most other businesses. Info
kittyman: I am looking forward to only having to work 3 days this week though. Info
kittyman: And the kitties just managed to snag 32 WUs for this rig. Meow!! Info
kent: and...their done Info
kittyman: LOL.....the GPUs are not quite THAT fast......... Info
kittyman: But that will keep the kitties in the hunt, asking for some more to nomnomnom. Info
kent: nomnom Info
kittyman: Dang, it's already 12:30. Info
kent: yep Info
kent: no crashies juju Info
kittyman: No crashies. The kitties will have to keep sniffing the servers for nomnoms after I leave. Info
kent: Blue Planet is so cool Info
kittyman: A Science Channel show? Info
kent: BBC America...it's about the ocean life, really cool stuff nobody really knew about when we were kids Info
kittyman: There is probably a lot of stuff hidden in the deep blue that we have not discovered yet. Info
kent: Fact: We know less about our oceans than we do the surface of Mars Info
kittyman: Well, I suppose I best get ready and get going. Have to clean the snow off of Toothless first. Meow for now. Info
kent: snowman time Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: ice on the roof tops Info
kittyman: [] #1. And Seti is already down. 1 down, 3 to go. You got ice on the rooftops? It's a balmy 12f here this morning. Info
kent: 26f Info
kent: high of 31 today Info
kittyman: That's pretty nippy for your neck of the woods. Info
kent: and lasting a lot longer than forcast Info
kittyman: Going down to around 5 here tonight, then it starts to warm back up. Around 40 for Caturday. Info
kittyman: Spring be just around the corner. Meowspring! Info
kent: 50 on Friday, 60 on Caturday, buy they've said that before Info
kittyman: Well, they gotta be right sooner or later. LOL. Info
kent: even a broken clock is right twice a day Info
kittyman: If I had that level of accuracy in my work, I woulda been shown the door a long time ago. Info
kittyman: They always remind me of Al Sleet, the hippy dippy weatherman. Info
kittyman: 'And the radar is also picking up a squadron of Russion ICBMs, so I wouldn't sweat the thundershowers...........' Info
kittyman: 'Tomorrow's high.......Whenever I get up, man. Yeah................' Info
kent: Yeah Info
kittyman: [] #2. And preparing for some bubbles. Info
kittyman: Hmmmm...... Hot story is that our Aaron Rodgers is dating Danica Patrick. Lucky dude! Info
kent: who's Aaron Rodgers? Info
kittyman: You are kidding me, right? Info
kent: no Info
kittyman: The star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. That Aaron Rodgers. Info
kittyman: I guess I wouldn't recognize the name of a lot of starting quarterbacks for other NFL teams either. Info
kent: I can't stand football...you wait 5 minutes, they play 5 seconds, you wait 5 minutes, they play 5 seconds Info
kittyman: I am not obsessed with the game, but I do like to follow the Packers. The Super Bowl does not excite me much unless they are in it. Info
kittyman: The big deal with the Super Bowl this year is who's gonna make an *ss outta themselves with their jack*ss kneeling 'protests' or whatever. Info
kittyman: Well, 'bout time for dem bubbles. Back in a bit. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: C[_] #4 Info
kent: and we have ice falling from the sky in quantity Info
kittyman: Snowing in Texas, eh? How special is that. Info
kent: hard ice not snow Info
kittyman: Hailstones? Info
kittyman: Or just Al's sleet? Info
kent: sleet, kinda heavy Info
kent: we have a large cactus getting covered with ice Info
kittyman: That's the kind of stuff that can start bringing down trees if it gets too heavy. Info
kent: it's still goin' Info
kent: doesn't seem to be bothering the birds Info
kittyman: As long as it's not hail bonkin' them on the noggin. Info
kittyman: [] #3. Info
kent: it stopped for now Info
kittyman: It'll probably melt if you get any sunshine. Info
kent: not today Info
kittyman: Maybe tomorrow then. Info
kent: I can't find where wisecare shows CPU tenp Info
kittyman: You should see 'System Monitor'. Click on that, and then on the left, click on 'Processor'. Info
kent: no system monitor Info
kittyman: I have version 4.7.5 running. And it's not the pro version. Maybe it's not compatible with an older mobo, bios, or chippy. Info
kent: not even on my main system Info
kent: my ver is 2.09.156 Info
kittyman: When I click on the icon to bring it up, there is PC Checkup, System Cleaner, System Tuneup, Privacy Protector, and System Monitor. Info
kittyman: Oh, geez. Download a newer version then. Info
kent: no system monitor...upgrading trial ver now Info
kittyman: It might not have had that feature back then. Info
kent: got it Info
kittyman: What version now? Info
kent: 4 7 0 Info
kent: 4 7 9 Info
kittyman: Ahhh...you are even a little newer than I have then. Info
kent: Info
kittyman: Just updated mine as well. Info
kittyman: You got CPU temps now? Info
kent: no cpu temp on the dual core...it shows temp on my main system Info
kent: in the temp space it just has a dash Info
kittyman: Did you ever try SIV? The main window shows a ton of data, including temps. Info
kittyman: http://www.rh-software.com/ Info
kittyman: I wouldn't be without it. One window shows me nearly everything I wanna keep an eye on. Info
kittyman: And you can dig deeping into almost anything else from there. Info
kittyman: deeper Info
kent: hang on...I've tried 3 programs so far and none show cpu temp, the second program said cpu not supported Info
kittyman: If SIV doesn't show it, the CPU ain't givin' it out. Info
kittyman: Coretemp.... http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/ Info
kittyman: Intel utilities....monitoring group..... https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/topics/utility-tools.html Info
kent: SIV temp space is blank Info
kent: again Info
kittyman: Does it show any temps at all? Click on the status button arrow, select 'cooling status'. Info
kent: I pretty sure this cpu has been over heating and damaged...pretty soon I'll have to spend another $10 on another one Info
kent: it's only showing GPU temp Info
kent: the volts is in the red at 1.31 and 1.24 Info
kittyman: Volts for the GPUs? Info
kent: for the CPU Info
kittyman: You'd have to check what is normal for that CPU. Info
kent: it's a 3.60ghz cpu and siv says it's running at 2.4ghz Info
kittyman: What CPU is it? Info
kittyman: It's probably downclocking due to the high temp. Info
kittyman: I would check your bios settings..... Info
kent: https://ark.intel.com/products/27522/Intel-Pentium-D-Processor-960-4M-Cache-3_60-GHz-800-MHz-FSB Info
kent: it's damaged Info
kittyman: Dial 1.25v into the bios and see what it does. Dial the right speed in as well. Info
kittyman: Instead of being on 'auto'. Info
kent: no settings for that in the bios...locked processor Info
kittyman: You can't even set the voltage? Info
kent: Nope...just gonna let it crunch 'till it crunch no more Info
kent: let me check again... Info
kittyman: Cheapest ones on ebay right now are $25.00, used, from China. Info
kent: nope, nothing you can change Info
kittyman: Well, then I guess you gotta leave it in 'self destruct' mode.....LOL. Info
kent: I can get a 3.4 for $10 bucks Info
kent: 69F in the bios Info
kittyman: Where? Info
kent: I mean 69C Info
kent: the bios shows the cpu temp Info
kittyman: 69f? Or do you mean 69c? Info
kittyman: It's a-cookin' then. Seeing as how you are basically at idle when in the bios. Info
kent: yep...nearly fried bacon Info
kent: the GPU in it is crankin' Info
kittyman: Well, ya might wanna gamble the 10 bucks. GPU should do a bit better with proper CPU support. Info
kent: "Captain, CPU self destruct set to auto." Info
kent: say your prayers Info
kittyman: LOL.... Of course, there's also the outside chance that it's the mobo doing the destructing. Info
kent: mobo is newer Info
kent: a paper instruction manuel got sucked on to the hood on the cpu for about two days, thats when it ran hot for 2 days Info
kent: it was the manuel for the gpu water cooler Info
kent: a window was opened...a door was closed Info
kittyman: LOL.... I have had that happen as well. Piece of wayward bubble wrap got sucked tight to the CPU cooler AND blocked off the air to the GPUs. It didn't kill anything though. Info
kent: funzies meow time Info
kent: only 2 more workzies Info
kittyman: Funzies to you as well.....workies time. Info
kittyman: Yup. 2 to go. Meow for now. Info
kent: meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
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