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kittyman: Wonder how long it took to teach two cats that trick. Info
kittyman: Meowing for his kibble, eh? Maybe he needs a dinger. Info
kent: not at 5 in the morning Info
kittyman: Well, it appears you got him as a young un. Maybe he'll be up for pettings before too long. Info
kent: I hope so, he doesn't seem to be as traumatized as Little Mr. O used to be Info
kittyman: Maybe Mr. Orange had a bad experience with somebody. Info
kittyman: But you got him flippin on his back now. Info
kent: even today Info
kittyman: Flippy kitty. Info
kittyman: There was a dolphin named Flipper a long time ago. Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO7-YVEhM9g Info
kent: I used to watch that all the time Info
kittyman: It was a cute show. I watched it too. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago. Info
kittyman: I am surprised that a kitty flipping on his back revived that old memory. Info
kittyman: Oh boy, mind is wayback mode. Just remembered 'Dragnet'. Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfwZa5rRRNQ Info
kent: I member that one too Info
kittyman: There are many more that we both have watched, I am sure. Info
kittyman: I still want to get the box sets of Outer Limits and Twilight Zone. Info
kent: Hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy Info
kittyman: Never watched that one. I should. Info
kent: make sure it's the original one, I think it was in black and white Info
kittyman: Thanks for the tip. Info
kittyman: The original Twi Zone and Outer Limits were in black and white too. Info
kittyman: I seem to remember an episode about contact with another planet. Nitrogen cycle instead of carbon cycle. Or something like that. Info
kent: no clue here Info
kittyman: I'd probably have to watch both to ever stumble across that episode again. Best bet would be Outer Limits, I think. Info
kent: noon again Info
kent: but no workies Info
kent: Regs' camera only works in XP...gotta find another way Info
kent: Running Diags Info
kent: Complete Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B4CJDBJ/ref=psdc_330405011_t1_B078YR3MNK Info
kittyman: That would work just fine. Meow. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: It's Caturday \o/ Info
kittyman: Meowy for Caturday. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowdy meow. Info
kent: I ordered that cam this morning, had to spend another $9.69 on a 32 gig SD card Info
kent: 5 to 8 business days Info
kittyman: It looks much like my little Kodak, and that works just fine. Info
kent: How good is your cam in low light? Info
kittyman: Never really tried it, it has a built in flash. Info
kittyman: I would imagine you can turn the flash off. Info
kent: mine does to, for pics, but what about vid I'm wondering Info
kittyman: Can't say I've ever tried that. Info
kent: Mr. O was soggy again today and it wasn't even raining Info
kittyman: How did he get soggy if it wasn't raining? Looks like we got rain coming this afternoon. Info
kent: I dunno, it rained a tad over night but it was way gone by the time I fed him Info
kittyman: He might have been prowling around in some bushes that were still wet, I suppose. Info
kent: he felt like he went through a car wash Info
kent: "no hot wax for kitty, please" Info
kent: George Bush died last night at 94 Info
kittyman: ROFLMAO......that is rich. Info
kittyman: Yes, I read about his passing. Info
kittyman: The ROFLMAO was about kitty, of course. Info
kent: I know Info
kittyman: Well, the posts crossed in the night and anybody else might wonder. Info
kent: The ruskies are coming, the ruskies are coming Info
kittyman: I can't even hear the sirens with the 'puter fans going. Info
kittyman: The ruskies could sneek right up on me............ Info
kent: you've got kitty guards Info
kittyman: Yeah, and they still have sharp claws and teefs. Info
kittyman: Bandit snagged my hand a good one this morning while she was having kitty dreams. Meouch. Info
kent: musta been a bad one Info
kittyman: Or she was chasing mousies in her dreams. Info
kent: or being chased by a giant mousie Info
kent: or a little yapper dog Info
kittyman: LOL.....I hate little yippy dogs. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: I've never had a mousey chasing dream myself. Info
kent: Me? Not a mouse Info
kittyman: Have a good one, my friend. Should be back this way tomorra. Info
kent: ain't run spyware yet Info
kittyman: Good reminder, launching now. Info
kent: Diags aren't the end, just the beginning of it Info
kent: chores all done Info
kent: now is the end Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: See ya, buddy. Meow. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Laters. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meow. Meowmeowl Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow! Info
kittyman: Had a little snow last night, but it's 35f now. Info
kent: 61 here Info
kittyman: A good temperature for kitties. Info
kent: 55 when I fed the kitties Info
kittyman: And good nomnoms were had. Meow! Info
kent: after Little Boo drank some water and ate some canned food he climbed up on the rock where the meow mix was...2 feet from where I was sitting Info
kittyman: Seems like he's appreciating the kibbles and the attentions. Info
kent: haven't seen the black and white one in 3 days Info
kittyman: He'll be back. Info
kittyman: I wuz off in catnapland. Info
kent: hello? Info
kent: ah, it's working now Info
kent: forget the PM I just sent you Info
kittyman: I had to reload the page. Info
kent: me too Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: Right on schedule. Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: Zooming to gameland.......................... Info
kent: I just saw an electric powered bicycle do 91 mph Info
kent: I kid you not Info
kent: funzies meows for today Info
kittyman: I hope you weren't on it. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Have a great one.....meoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!!! Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Running late today. Up late, slept late. Meow. Info
kent: just in time for work Info
kittyman: Just about. Meowsigh. Info
kittyman: Gotta swing by Walgreens on the way in to pick up some refills. Info
kent: drugs Info
kittyman: My meds. Info
kittyman: Geezes, the Packers fired coach McCarthy. Info
kent: I pay no attention to football Info
kittyman: Well, I do just the Packers. And their out of it for this season, so not much more interest now. Info
kittyman: Well, buddy, I gotta get going a little earlier so I can make my extra stop. Info
kittyman: Have a great one 'till tomorra. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!! Info
kent: football is boring...you wait 5 minutes, they play 5 seconds, you wait 5 minutes, they play 5 seconds Info
kent: meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. And Seti is down early today. Meow. Info
kent: they were down at 8, I noticed Info
kittyman: Must've been Jeff. He's the early bird. Info
kittyman: Would be nice if they had a short outage again. I hate running out of work. Info
kent: maybe you should have a slower machine Info
kittyman: I have several slow machines. The old ones probably never run out of work. Info
kittyman: Geez........Thursday night low of 6f. Friday high of 15, low of 6. Info
kittyman: Think I'll get Toothless filled up today while it's 29. Info
kent: it's to early to be as cold as it is Info
kittyman: Yeah, it colder than normal and colder than I like. Info
kittyman: I think I'll get some nice warm bubbles going. Meowbubbles! Info
kittyman: And cozy bubbles they were. Meow! Info
kittyman: And now for a catnappy. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: set your alarm Info
kittyman: Nice little catnap it was. Meow! Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Daily driver GPUs just ran dry. Info
kent: that was fast Info
kittyman: Yup, it moves right along. Info
kittyman: Depends on the work, 300 tasks is good for 3-4 hours usually. Info
kittyman: Made my gas run. Toothless has a full tummy now. Info
kittyman: And while I was at it, I finally got the dead 6er over to the UPS store. Info
kent: I thought you would have already sent that Info
kittyman: I should have. A couple more weeks and the RMA would expire. Finally found the right tuit. Info
kittyman: They said it should be there Thursday or Friday, so I'm good on the RMA. Info
kent: sweet Info
kittyman: You betcha. Info
kittyman: Well, I better be thinking about hitting the road to work again. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: You too. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!!! Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: black and white kitty showed up today Info
kittyman: Meow. Downhill side of the week today. Meow. Info
kittyman: So, that's like 3 kitties sharing the kibble now? Info
kent: haven't seen Papa in a long time, ever since it started getting cold, I guess he's inside Info
kittyman: Warm kitty happy kitty. He wouldn't like it here this week. Info
kent: charcoal/ash kitty I see on the property so I started feeding him in the back of the complex Info
kittyman: Another new kitty? Info
kent: he's been around, just not seen much, I'm sure he's from the same litter Info
kent: I saw him across the street once Info
kittyman: The more kitties the merrier. Info
kittyman: I better get some bubbles going here. Meowbubbles! Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow! Info
kittyman: 6er is in Illinois, headed to Kentucky. Info
kent: rolling Info
kittyman: Yup. And if I remember correctly it only took them a couple of days to turn it around with the 10 core. Info
kent: high noon Info
kittyman: Once again. Info
kittyman: Almost time for me to get packin' again. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kent: Complete Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Have a great one, and I'll go bake some more fire trucks. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!!! Info
kent: bakin' fire stuff Info
kent: bake one for California Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1 on Thorsday. Meow! Info
kent: All Hail Info
kittyman: Big hammer on the workweek. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Going down to 9f tonight. 'High' tomorra is 19. Info
kent: 53 here Info
kittyman: My kitties are lucky they are indoor kitties. Safe and cozy on their warm waterbed. Info
kent: kitties here are fine at 50 Info
kittyman: I would love to see 50 about now. Info
kent: all kitties are well fed and growing Info
kittyman: Courtesy of Sir Kibble. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Guess what I had for my midnight snack when I got home from work last night. Info
kent: pizza rolls Info
kittyman: Good guess. The kitties must've told you. Got a big sack of them. Meownomnomnom. Info
kent: I got some more today Info
kent: bag of 50 Info
kittyman: Pretty tasty little morsels. Just nuke and eat. Info
kent: I think their better in the oven, get a little crispy Info
kittyman: Probably so, but I'm not gonna take the time to warm the oven up when I get home from work tired. Info
kittyman: Mine is a bag of 90. Info
kent: understood Info
kent: 90, cheeses Info
kittyman: I make a dozen of them and that's good for a snack before I go to bed. Info
kittyman: Another good tip from Sir Kibble. Thank you. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Info
kittyman: Time for me to hit the bubbles. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: The bubbles were nice and warm. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Hmmm.....think it's time for a little catnap. Meow. Info
kent: set the alarm Info
kittyman: Always set the alarm when I go for a catnap before workies. Nice little catnap it was. Info
kittyman: UPS just updated the tracking, and the 6er was delivered to Intel at 10AM today. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Maybe have a new 6er next week. Unless they decide to just ship me another 10 core instead.........LOL. Info
kent: doubt that Info
kittyman: One can dream....meowlol. Info
kent: would be nice Info
kittyman: I doubt that they ran out of 6ers. Info
kent: Ruby just knocked on my door to reveal 2 packages sitting on my door step Info
kittyman: Meowpackages! Info
kent: I have no idea what 1 of them is Info
kittyman: I didn't send you anything. Info
kittyman: Meowcutriptear. Info
kent: it's a pair of very nice white boots for a very small girl Info
kittyman: WTF? Info
kent: don't ask me Info
kent: it's suppose to go to #265 Info
kent: not 107 Info
kent: the other is my camera Info
kittyman: Ahhh.....then you can probably get them to where they belong, eh? Info
kittyman: I better get rolling now, and get this day on the way out. Info
kent: I'll take it now Info
kittyman: Have fun with the camera. 'Till tomorra.....meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
kent: no one home so I took it to the office Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Wow....I got news. Info
kent: what? Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: C[_] #4 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeow! Info
kent: what news? Info
kittyman: 6er is almost on the way back already. Got a tracking number at 12:30 last night just after I got home. Info
kittyman: Should start moving sometime today already. Info
kent: wow Info
kittyman: Yeah, I'm pretty impressed. Info
kittyman: They got the dead one at 10AM, at 9:30PM I got email saying it was received, and at 12:30AM the shipping notification. Info
kittyman: UPS 2nd day air freight too. Info
kent: that was fast Info
kittyman: Yeah, might even be a bit faster than the 10 core, although they were pretty efficient with that one too. Info
kent: they at least had the 10 for 1 whole day Info
kittyman: Pretty darn fine customer service I should say. Info
kent: now how am I suppose to send you a picture? Info
kittyman: I use Shutterfly. Upload and save the pictures there, view the picture, and then post the link here. Info
kent: https://photos.shutterfly.com/album/90241019608/full/94389770422 Info
kent: that's the flower pot Info
kent: Mr. O eats on that little wall, unless it's raining Info
kent: thought I'd give you a backgroud 'cus it's gonna be darker in the morning Info
kittyman: I'm not getting anything yet. Can you try just a single picture? Info
kent: it was a single, try this one Info
kent: https://photos.shutterfly.com/album/90241019608/full/94389770422 Info
kent: oops Info
kent: how do you choose just one? Info
kittyman: Try double clicking on one picture. Info
kent: that didn't work, I think I got it Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94389805263/medium/1544203887/enhance Info
kent: that's the pond where Christine Benz ended up Info
kittyman: That works. Got a little river or sumpthin. Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94389770422/medium/1544203224/enhance Info
kent: that's the flower pot Info
kittyman: That's a big darn aloe plant or whatever it is. Info
kent: it's just a cactus, you should see it when it's covered with ice, big contrast, desert plant covered with ice Info
kittyman: It's huge. Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94389861531/medium/1544204927/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94389867223/medium/1544204928/enhance Info
kent: that cacti ain't full grown yet either Info
kittyman: Wow. Info
kittyman: So that's the little pond, eh? Info
kent: yep Info
kent: it's kinds full right now Info
kent: cool, just got the flash to work, ready for the morning now Info
kittyman: If it were here it would be frozen. 18.5f now. Info
kittyman: Wonder if the flash will scare the kitties. Info
kent: cheese, not even winter yet Info
kent: the water is flowing at a good clip Info
kent: I'd bet it will scare them a bit Info
kent: 47 f here Info
kittyman: You'll find out. Meowflash. Info
kittyman: Or meowflashzoooooooooooooom. Info
kittyman: Going back down to 11f tonight. Info
kittyman: Thanks for the piccys.....nice and clear. I told you it would work just fine. Info
kent: I still gotta learn how to do full motion Info
kittyman: I never tried that with mine. Dunno what to tell ya. Info
kittyman: I enjoy seeing the snaps though. Info
kent: I gotta get a clip of him rolling around on his back Info
kittyman: LOL....Lori's kitty Starbucks does that a lot. And just looks at ya like 'Is'nt I cute??' Info
kent: Mr. O does the same thing Info
kittyman: It's a kitty thing. Info
kittyman: It is pure trust on their part. Info
kent: I think Mr. O does it just to torture me 'cuz he won't let me rub his tummy Info
kittyman: LOL....kitties are such a tease at times. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: Well, you have another fine one. Keep the piccys coming. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!!!! Info
kent: Complete Info
kent: OK, time to go fur today meow Info
kittyman: See ya tomorra. Good gaming. Meow. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: UPS just updated. 6er due here Monday already. Meow!! Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. MeowCaturday. Info
kent: Caturday Info
kent: I took pics of 3 kitties today but when I got home and plugged it in, they weren't there Info
kent: I hag to reset defaults to get it to work again Info
kent: the flash didn't bother any of them at all Info
kittyman: Aw shucks. No kitty pics today. You might have hit a wrong button in the dark maybe. Info
kent: I hit the right button, it took the pic and showed it to me, I think I had the image quality to high or something Info
kittyman: Hmmm... Well, at least if the flash didn't bother them you will have some more chances for piccys. Info
kent: every day Info
kittyman: I'm looking forward to seeing the little rascals. Or not so little in the case of Mr. O. Info
kent: little Boo ain't so little any more either Info
kittyman: Growing quickly, eh? Info
kent: Mr. O let me pet him when he wasn't eating...for the first time Info
kittyman: Wow....he's waming up to Sir Kibble!! Info
kittyman: Have to attend Christmas dinner at Lori's sister and brother in law's place around 1 today. Too much commotion for me, but I must. Info
kent: a little early for X-mas, ain't it? Info
kittyman: Well, they do it early here becasue some folks come from out of town and have things to do at home later. Info
kittyman: I suppose I better fire up the bubbleator and start to get ready. Meowbubbles! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowgoodbubbles. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: 25f with much sunbeam here now. Info
kent: 40f and overcast and windy Info
kittyman: That's pretty cool for your neck of the woods too, eh? Info
kent: only that the wind makes it bad Info
kittyman: Dang the chill factor. Info
kent: high noon Info
kent: the ruskies are coming Info
kittyman: I didn't hear them........... Info
kent: kitty claws at the ready Info
kittyman: Mewokittyclawssharp. Info
kittyman: I gotta finish getting ready and head out. You have fun and many meows. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!! Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: here's Little Boo, he was a little more timid today Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194084/medium/1544356971/enhance Info
kent: and Little Mr. Orange Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194179/medium/1544356978/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194327/medium/1544356988/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194209/medium/1544356980/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194288/medium/1544356985/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194113/medium/1544356974/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94397194365/medium/1544356991/enhance Info
kittyman: Kitty pics!!! Mr. O is a very handsome orange tabby. Info
kent: isn't he Info
kittyman: He's not that fat. Just very robust. Info
kittyman: Very nice looking kitty, he is. Info
kent: I didn't get the best angle Info
kent: he sure has come a long way from being scared and skinny Info
kittyman: That's the nice thing about digital cameras. You get as many tries as you want. Info
kittyman: Not scared and skinny now.......LOL. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: Boo is a pretty kitty too Info
kittyman: I'm sure you'll get some better shots of him sooner or later. Info
kent: you can see Boo pretty good Info
kittyman: Pretty coloring. Info
kent: pretty kitty Info
kittyman: Nice kitty friends. Info
kittyman: It's nice to be able see your kitty pals. Info
kent: I'm still waiting for Papa Nomnom to come out and play Info
kittyman: Ahhh...a mystery kitty. Info
kent: he's not a mystery...just missing Info
kittyman: Well, I hope he turns up soon. Info
kent: I'm sure he'll come out when it warms up...if it warms up, it was 34f when I took the pics Info
kittyman: 22 here now. Info
kittyman: Supposed to warm up to 39 and snow on Wednesday. Info
kent: it's 39 here right now Info
kent: spose to hit 48 Info
kittyman: I got 26. Info
kent: to cold for me Info
kittyman: Colder than I like as well. Info
kent: can't believe it's almost 12 Info
kittyman: I can't believe the 6er is due tomorra. Info
kittyman: During my Christmas vacay I hope to get a new 10 core up and running. Info
kent: seriously? Info
kent: how much money you make? Info
kittyman: I have the chippy.....the 10 core that blew up with the 6er. I have a case, I have a mobo. And I think I still got the cheap RAM I started with. No money spent. Info
kent: what you gonna do with the 6er? Info
kittyman: I would still have a spare refurb mobo to start another rig with. Info
kittyman: The 6er is gonna first go in the rig that blew it up, which has been running with the cheap xeon for the last month or so. Info
kittyman: It will either take off running or blow up again...................... Info
kittyman: If it blows up again, the mobo gets junked. If not, it was the bios like I suspect. Info
kent: you get the bios flashed back? Info
kittyman: Oh yeah, I did that first thing when I put the xeon in. Info
kittyman: But the xeon locks everthing up tight, so it's all at stock now. Info
kittyman: I can't even OC the RAM. Info
kittyman: Server level................. Info
kittyman: Slow but rock solid. Info
kent: that's a Xeon Info
kittyman: It's been up for 42 days without a reboot. Info
kittyman: That's some kinda record for my rigs.................LOL. Info
kent: got a PSU for the new 10? Info
kent: GPU? Info
kittyman: I got 2 800w and a couple of gtx980s. Info
kittyman: I think I bought a cable to get the 2 PSUs to work Info
kittyman: If I can find it. Info
kittyman: You have no idea what the state of my home is in. Info
kent: if it's anything like mine :) Info
kittyman: I seriously doubt that. Info
kittyman: I'd send you a pic, but it would be too embarassing. Info
kent: you have a bigger place, so, considering... Info
kittyman: And I have lived here, alone, for 38 years. Info
kittyman: And the kitties don't lecture me about the way I live. Info
kent: I have boxes with stuff I haven't seen for years, and I know I don't need that stuff Info
kittyman: They say if you don't need it for a couple of years, you never will. Info
kittyman: But some of us still feel the need to hang on to all of it. Info
kittyman: Like the 5000 albums or so that I have that I can't even play right now. Info
kent: I am well aware of stuff like that Info
kent: I still have VLB video cards Info
kittyman: What some people don't realize is that it means something to some of us just to have it around. Info
kittyman: Stuff.....the old Carliln routine. Our stuff. Info
kent: I really need to get rid of a bunch of stuff just to make space Info
kent: just haven't found the tuit Info
kittyman: As Carlin said.............you need a bigger place just to keep your stuff. Info
kittyman: You could get a 2nd apartment for your stuff. Info
kent: I don't need or want this stuff...I'm just lazy Info
kittyman: That would be me..................laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. Info
kent: maybe we both need to stop practicing so much Info
kittyman: Why? Then we wouldn't be so good at it. Gotta practice. Info
kittyman: In the end, it all comes down to what works for us. Info
kittyman: If anybody other than myself came in here, they would be aghast. Info
kent: they would be here too...if they didn't know me Info
kittyman: Well, it's really all about who we are, and not the way we choose to live, innna? Info
kent: I don't care what other ppl think Info
kittyman: And I don't much either. Info
kittyman: This is MY castle and all opinions are moot to my ears. Info
kent: like I tell ppl, "As long as I can keep a roof over my head and I live ALONE...I live in Paradise." Info
kent: :) Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: Excellent. Info
kittyman: My home is MY kingdom. Info
kent: mine...Mine...MINE Info
kent: Diags Complete Info
kittyman: meow Meow MEOW Info
kent: and. of course, Kitties are welcome Info
kittyman: I'll wish you a fare the well for today then. Info
kent: I wouldn't mind seeing Rat Boy again (but not in my house) Info
kittyman: Man must have kitties. Info
kent: I wish I had a camera back then Info
kittyman: Kent, I wish you a fine afternoon. BTW, a pic of yourself wouid be appreciated. Info
kent: I hate cameras Info
kent: and I ain't nuttin to look at:) Info
kittyman: I gave you one of myself a while back. Only fair. Info
kittyman: I have black hair now. Info
kittyman: And a white beard. Info
kent: no you didn't, only your hand and I think maybe some of your hair from the back, it was white Info
kent: rings a bell, maybe I had been drinking, had to be after 12:30 Info
kittyman: It's too messy to post right now, haven't had any bubbles today yet. Info
kent: I like the mystery Info
kittyman: LOL...........yes, sometimes less is more. Info
kent: a pic hasn't been taken of me in at least 32 years Info
kent: I have a low self esteem Info
kittyman: I can't say the same. I think I posted a mirror shot a while back on Seti. Info
kittyman: No reason to have low self esteem. You are a fine guy from my comms with you. Info
kent: (would a person with a low self esteem actually say that?) :) Info
kittyman: After all, you dodged a Christine Mercedes. You could try out for stuntman. Info
kittyman: Too bad you didn't have your camera back then. Info
kent: if by 'dodging' you mean 'staring down' Info
kent: I know some one that has at least 1 pic of that Info
kent: next time I see him Info
kittyman: I'd like to see that. Info
kent: I won a staring contest with a big car Info
kent: I was a deer in the headlights Info
kittyman: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. RRrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Chistine. You really should watch that movie. Info
kent: NO Info
kent: no more scary stuff Info
kent: unless it's a cartoon Info
kent: gotta go now Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oezKQEF0deY Info
kittyman: 'Till tomorra. Info
kent: for '83 that was pretty cool Info
kent: mighta coulda be Info
kittyman: Yeah, one of my favorites. Info
kent: don't practice to much, over time it can be bad cuz we neglect stuff Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: You should watch it. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Meowy for Monday. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: you ready for todays funny papers? Info
kittyman: I guess so. Info
kent: this one is called "Tell me I'm not fat" Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94403087555/medium/1544451557/enhance Info
kent: this one's called "I'm not fat, I'm big boned" Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94403087252/medium/1544451552/enhance Info
kent: "that's to bright" Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94403087427/medium/1544451555/enhance Info
kent: "Maybe I am fat" Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94403087623/medium/1544451557/enhance Info
kent: here's a better one of Boo Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94403087144/medium/1544451551/enhance Info
kittyman: He's a good sized kitty, for sure. Info
kittyman: From that shot, Boo is too. Info
kent: he's a growing kitty Info
kittyman: Good for him to have his kibble supplements. Info
kent: he seems to enjoy them Info
kittyman: Meownomnomnom. Good kitty. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Ahhhh.....the 6er is out for delivery. Info
kent: got an hour now Info
kittyman: Been watching the GPS map. He's been all around the area but not down my street. Info
kent: send up a flare Info
kittyman: Catnip missile. Info
kent: don't wanna put the driver to sleep now Info
kittyman: I suppose the flare would be enough then. Info
kittyman: I don't think he saw the flare, he's going the wrong way. Info
kent: he's not gonna just leave it on your doorstep, is he? Info
kittyman: He will if it's not signature required. They always do. Info
kent: I just left my e-mail in the office for the guy with the Christine pics, maybe I'll have them by tomorrow Info
kittyman: That should be interesting. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: 'Till tomorra then. Many meows to ya. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!! Info
kent: still gotta run spyware Info
kent: where's the package? Info
kittyman: Still in the truck. I'll get ready to run and drag my feet a bit if he looks like he is heading this way. Info
kent: how long does it take to get to work? Info
kittyman: About 15 minutes. I'm always pretty early. Info
kent: an hour? Info
kittyman: 45 minutes or so. I have a snack and see what's up to start the day and if the 1st shift guy has any info about the trucks. Info
kent: your a workaholic Info
kittyman: Maybe so. Well. I gotta go. Gotta scrape some frost off of Thoothless. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meowyawnstretchyawnmeow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeow. Info
kent: kitties got a feast today Info
kittyman: Oh boy, nomnomnom. Info
kittyman: What did they get? Info
kent: it was big can of tuna day, I put some out back for charcoal kitty and Mr. O didn't eat much of his... Info
kent: so all his leftovers went across the street along with a pile of chicken fajitas that I didn't like Info
kent: along with the rest of the big can of tuna Info
kent: and a pile of crunchies Info
kittyman: A kitty buffet. Info
kittyman: I hope the kitties were pleased with the selections. Info
kent: how could they not be Info
kittyman: I dunno, you know how picky kitties can be at times. Info
kent: they are getting well fed, they might be getting picky Info
kent: I should go see Info
kittyman: Buffet inspection. Info
kent: they didn't eat all the tuna, I thought they would Info
kittyman: I would have thought that would be their first selection too. Info
kent: they ate more of the chicken than I thought they would and most if not all of the crunchies are still there Info
kent: at least I not the humans aren't throwing it away Info
kent: know not not Info
kittyman: Sounds like they had their fill at least. Info
kittyman: I got the 6er. Info
kent: on the doorstep? Info
kittyman: Yup. It was on my porch when I got home from work. Didn't get here until 4:57 last night. Info
kittyman: I'll see if I can blow it up again this weekend. Info
kittyman: Hmmm....bubbletime. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: And while I was bubbling Seti went down for meowtenance. Info
kent: they ran out of mimosas Info
kittyman: Apparently so. Info
kittyman: Time for a catnap. Meow. Info
kent: the guy with the Christine pics just told me he deleted them Info
kent: although the guy that works in the office has 2 pics of it, he's gonna e-mail them to me Info
kittyman: Ahh, I see. Meow. Info
kent: ain't got 'em yet though Info
kent: high noon Info
kittyman: It came around again. Info
kent: that must be where all our rounds go instead of tuits Info
kittyman: The land of the missing tuits. Info
kittyman: I better get ready to go to work or I'll be in the land of the missing paychecks. Info
kent: missing is bad Info
kittyman: Most of the time, yes it is. Info
kent: in the universe of paychecks and tuits Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: And fire trucks. Info
kent: true true Info
kittyman: You have a fine one, and good kitty visits in the morning. Info
kent: Diags Complete Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Laters, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!! Info
kent: meeeoowT Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: I got a picture of Booger Kitty Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94411706013/medium/1544618999/enhance Info
kent: and Christine Benz Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94411705969/medium/1544618997/enhance Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94411706005/medium/1544618999/enhance Info
kent: and some of my bird friends Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94411775153/medium/1544621730/enhance Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meow. More piccys. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Christine Benz takes a bath. Info
kittyman: Speaking of baths, I'm a bit behind schedule here. Time for some bubbles. Info
kittyman: Almost noon already. Time flies when you sleep late. Info
kent: yup Info
kittyman: It seems like I was just there and now I have to go back. Info
kent: slept the time away Info
kittyman: Some days it goes that way. Meowsnooze. Info
kittyman: I suppose I better get ready and get to it. Those fire trucks aren't gonna build themselves. Info
kent: I gotta go start early, on a new quest, gotta figure out what to do Info
kittyman: A new game, or a new episode in the same game? Info
kent: have fun with the firetrucks Info
kittyman: And you have a grand time in gameland. Info
kent: new episode Info
kittyman: Moved up a level. Info
kent: I'm getting deeper, closer to hell, still gotta a long way to go Info
kittyman: Good luck with the learning curve. Info
kent: I can gain several levels during 1 quest Info
kittyman: Hi ho, gotta go. See ya tomorr-o. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!!! Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeow for Thorsday! Info
kent: All Hail Info
kittyman: Big hammer day. Info
kent: Bang Info
kittyman: Last day of workies for another week. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Big meow! Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. More meow. Info
kent: Bacon Info
kittyman: Bacon? Info
kittyman: Noonaroonie. Info
kent: yep Info
kent: I cooked bacom for bacon cheezes burger a fries Info
kittyman: Ahhh....bacon. I did have ham at the dinner last weekend. Info
kent: ham Info
kittyman: Very tasty, that ham. Info
kent: how do you turn on network services in win7? Info
kittyman: Gee, I dunno. I don't remember doing anything manually. Info
kittyman: Try control panel, network and sharing. Info
kent: a guy I know called windows tech support and game them access to his puter, somehow they shut off all networking and the sound card won't install either Info
kent: gave them, not game Info
kent: uninstalled and reinstalled everything and all services are still onavailable Info
kittyman: Nice tech support. Geez. Info
kent: gonna format and reinstall tomorrow Info
kent: windows update and defender services can't be turn on either Info
kittyman: Hmmmmmmmm...... Info
kittyman: Sounds like tech support messed it up right and proper. Info
kittyman: On that note............about time for me to go finish up this workweek. Info
kent: one more thing to try...last known config Info
kent: fun with firetrucks Info
kittyman: Good luck with it. Kittyjujumeow. Info
kittyman: You have fun too. See ya tomorra. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!!! Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meowyawnstretchyawnmeow. Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowy for Friday! Info
kent: 6er day Info
kittyman: I should be able to get to that later. Info
kittyman: It's not a huge job to swap it in. Info
kittyman: A smaller tuit than some other tasks. Info
kittyman: And...........the 6er is in. Mouse no worky, but I'll dig into that later on. Meow6er! Info
kent: meow Info
kent: usb mouse port Info
kittyman: Aren't you proud of me? LOL. Info
kittyman: Yeah, it's in the same USB port that it always was. Info
kittyman: I'll probably reset the bios to all defaults later and see if that clears up the problem. Info
kent: that's weird Info
kittyman: Yeah...dunno why the problem. But I'll sort it sooner or later. At least it's crunching now on 6 cores with the 3rd GPU added back in. Info
kittyman: And the RAM isn't up to full speed either. Might be some bits from the Xeon left over in the bios somewhere. Info
kittyman: Ok, that's sorted. Mouse was bad. Different mousie, all good. Info
kent: wow Info
kittyman: I think I might have spilled a soda on it somewhere along the line. The Xeon was online for over a month and I never needed to use the mousie. Info
kent: no tweak, no fun Info
kittyman: No, I didn't like the Xeon. Everything's locked down. Info
kittyman: No fun at all. Info
kent: I got a new pic of Boo yesterday Info
kittyman: No fun allowed. Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94420113986/medium/1544809155/enhance Info
kittyman: Booger kitty? Info
kent: Boo...Booger is black and white Info
kent: this is Booger Info
kent: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/023006462972/media/94411706013/medium/1544618999/enhance Info
kittyman: I see the tan stripe in the middle. Info
kittyman: Booger is like a black and white cow..........LOL. Info
kent: they are coming along nicely Info
kittyman: Fat and sassy. Info
kittyman: You take good care of your kitty friends. Info
kent: don't know if their sassy or not Info
kittyman: Sir Kibble to the rescue. Info
kent: Mr. O paid a visit today without eating a single bite of his salmon and crab Info
kittyman: He must be getting some good foodsies elsewhere. Info
kittyman: At least he paid the visit. That is good. Info
kent: or he found the stash in the back I put out for Ash kitty Info
kittyman: Secret kitty stash. Info
kittyman: Ash stash. Info
kittyman: Mini cow kitties. Info
kent: gotta get 'em ready for winter, ya know Info
kittyman: Your winter is not like my winter.... Info
kittyman: Winter is coming. Info
kent: so is game time Info
kittyman: The Ripper............... Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lriWlHZAy8A Info
kittyman: This is the cut from the orignal stereo cut. Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coLvuP7hQCA Info
kittyman: As heavy metal goes............the engineering of the sound is rather robust, and not screaming.\ Info
kent: Priest rocks Info
kittyman: And I leave you with this for today. Info
kent: ya know Halford used to sing Opera, that's where he gets his range Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZgBhyU4IvQ&list=RDRZgBhyU4IvQ&start_radio=1 Info
kittyman: Few voices like his. Metal or otherwise. Info
kent: why did you pick the Ripper? Info
kittyman: It's not dark yet, but I'm gettin' there. Info
kittyman: The Ripper was just so correctly produced, from a sound engineer's point of view. Info
kent: I saw Priest in '81 on their Point of Entry tour...Iron Maiden opened for them on their Killers tour (their 2nd album) the last tour they did with their original singer Info
kent: It was my first concert Info
kittyman: If you listen to the original cut, it was all rather closesly miked. Really rather laid back. Info
kittyman: Not like today's metal crap. Info
kent: I've listened to all their old stuff millions on times, but I guess not with the ear I have now Info
kittyman: There is a warmth to the guitar tone that few bands have now. Info
kent: I'm late Info
kittyman: I think they were rather relaxed in the studio. Info
kittyman: They were strumming rather than ripping.\ Info
kent: more tomorrow Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Tomorrow pehalps then. Meow for now. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Info
kent: the range is here...live Info
kent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyKa_tc3Xr4&list=RDLyKa_tc3Xr4&start_radio=1 Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Meow for Caturday! Meow. Info
kent: Caturday Info
kent: 6er blown up yet? Info
kittyman: Not yet. Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Bubbletime. Meow. Info
kittyman: And now I think a catnap with the kitties is in order. Meow! Info
kent: high noon Info
kent: guess what's for dinner today? Info
kent: pizza rolls and french fries Info
kent: nother 15 and they'll be done Info
kent: opps...11 Info
kent: 8 Info
kent: 7 Info
kent: 5 Info
kent: 4 Info
kent: now Info
kent: oven off Info
kent: chores done Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meows for nows. Info
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