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MajorTom: the provider measure every kWhs my gpu eats up =D Info
MajorTom: Sean ;-) I do the same Info
Sean: its funny, i can sleep fine with the GPU fans locked to 80% Info
MajorTom: but here its summer XD thats unfair Info
Sean: but when their on auto i cant sleep at all Info
MajorTom: northern hemisphere has handycap =P Info
Sean: i think if its a constant sound your brain nulls it out Info
TimeLord04: Well, technically, the Hackintosh is from circa 2008/2009. The mobo and CPU are that old, and I got them free from a friend about three years ago. Info
Sean: cant even use GPU in summer here, my room in like 30-40C XD Info
TimeLord04: I got Win 7 Pro x64 on it immediately. Then, last March I got the Hackintosh set up. Info
MajorTom: hmm I kinda used 2 the fans but anyhow I build it silent as possible 4 a 24/7 rig Info
MajorTom: I dont really like the sound of the fans Info
TimeLord04: The AMD A6-6400K, with XP Pro x64 is now 4 yrs and one month old. Info
MajorTom: If it would be possible I woul dgo again complete passive but that not that practical 4 a enhusiasts rig Info
TimeLord04: The Hyper212 in the AMD A6 system has TWO fans on it, and the case has one fan in the front. Info
TimeLord04: The Hyper212 in the Hackintosh has one fan on it; and the case, (full tower), has SEVERAL fans throughout. Info
Sean: with the GTX580 ive woken up before and thought the fans had stoped Info
TimeLord04: The AMD is in a Micro-ATX case; so, I'm limited on physical space. Info
Sean: even thought they are super loud, you just get used to it if they are on fixed speed Info
MajorTom: sometimes I shutoff my rig and enjoy the silence 4 some minutes '^ ^ even its watercooled silent build Info
TimeLord04: Both my systems run with the side panels off and cases open for better air flow. Info
TimeLord04: PLUS, the Micro-ATX case is forced to run with the panel off, because of the enormous Hyper212 that extends outside the case. Info
MajorTom: I where once in scnd hand thirft store style shop Info
MajorTom: and we hooked up a HP rak server holy Shhhh iaad that thing was sooo loud u though a jetengine has full thrust near u XD Info
MajorTom: I was interessted coz allotta ram and cores but then I passed on the end.... no pice 16x slot and it was 2 lout and power hungry 4 not so good seti performance Info
TimeLord04: STUPID POWER OUTAGE!!! Had to reset the microwave clock, the oven clock, my phone's clock and date, the Keurig clock, and the Hackintosh CMOS - dead BIOS Battery, there... Info
MajorTom: one sever is still there the other 2 blades are sold Info
MajorTom: XD TL04 lol Info
Sean: I have some 15W server fans here Info
Sean: I think those are louder than jet engines Info
Sean: anyway im off, night guys Info
MajorTom: it was so loud I instantly knew.... no thats not 4 me XD Info
TimeLord04: The Hackintosh is an interesting animal. With a dead CMOS battery, every power outage that hits makes the system ONLY bootable to the Win 7 drive... To fix this... Info
MajorTom: I would have it put in the basement but then y ??? Info
MajorTom: I have no use 4 it Info
TimeLord04: ... I have to pull the Win 7 drive, boot the Hackintosh with Hackintosh CMOS settings, then upon successful boot to MAC, shut down and reinstall the Win 7 Drive. Info
TimeLord04: After all this, the system is once again fully dual bootable. Info
MajorTom: yeah though so TL04 the osX bootloader its more nitpicky then the windows or linux Info
MajorTom: I can really imagine that that osx refuse 2 start if the bootloader smells somthing 2 fishy =D Info
TimeLord04: OH, and I discovered early in the creation of the Hackintosh, that with the MAC OS Drive in place that Win 7's time was set incorrectly! Still don't know which time zone... Info
TimeLord04: ...it tried to grab, but it was WAAAAAY wrong. Info
MajorTom: just 4 restting the kitchen clock I think u wouldnt be so annoyed Info
TimeLord04: Had to research and find something about "Real Time Is Universal" hack and set the BIOS clock ahead 8 hours for me, (Pacific Time Zone), to match UTC. Then enter the... Info
TimeLord04: ...Real Time Is Universal hack into the Registry, and reboot. Info
TimeLord04: Now the Win 7 clock is correct upon reboot. Info
MajorTom: as TimeLord it should be so hard 2 set and manage the time correctly =P jkjk '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: not so hard ofc naah 4got the "not" =) Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, well, tell it to Microsoft... 'Cause without RTIUniversal hack, every boot to MAC then back to Win would screw up the Win clock. Info
MajorTom: I think windows dont care alot 4 ppl they like boot up hackintosh Info
MajorTom: and on the ohter hand whats with the ppl that use bootcamp on offical apple hw Info
TimeLord04: I've actually heard this can happen on Win/Linux Dual Boot, too... Win Clock gets screwed up. Info
MajorTom: maybe the support answer would be just replace the cmos battery Info
MajorTom: We can doo it in the apple store it will cost u only 30 bucks '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: yeah I had during linux installation Info
MajorTom: clock was offset after Info
MajorTom: then I synced the clock in windows and the bios clock was in sync again 2 Info
TimeLord04: Apple WON'T touch a Hackintosh. I'd have to take the system to a PC Technician... My local Tech source is Central Computers in Pleasanton, CA. Info
MajorTom: usual I use anyways NTP so I dont care much about setting the clock Info
MajorTom: hmm not ntp but that internet time protocoll Info
MajorTom: 4got the name '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: in xp times I set up a cron job 2 keep in sync on win7 its allrdy build in Info
TimeLord04: Real Time Is Universal: http://crashmag.net/configuring-windows-7-support-for-utc-bios-time Info
MajorTom: what I find evertime amazing that wihtout exact time measurement no GPS would be possible =D Info
TimeLord04: That Link is the source that I found that works for my Dual Boot Hackintosh/Win 7 system. Info
MajorTom: timekeeping is crucial 4 that kinda tasks Info
TimeLord04: Oh, and I DON'T use Bootcamp... I use Clover Bootloader and Manger. Info
MajorTom: made a bookmark I read it later on Info
TimeLord04: *Manager. Info
MajorTom: think clover is better =D but coz I dont use often a mac I dont know it that good Info
TimeLord04: Clover is AWESOME!!!! :D Info
MajorTom: bootcamp is for official mac/apple owners '^ ^ Info
TimeLord04: If I wanted, (now that everything is streamlined), I "COULD" add a third hard drive and install Ubuntu 16.04 GNOME on it and make this a triple boot system. Info
MajorTom: I still have a bookmark somewhere on lifehackers always up2date hackintosh guide Info
MajorTom: ^ ^ Info
MajorTom: do it =D now!!! linux FTW XD Info
MajorTom: so Im afk again sun is shining have 2 leave the basment XD Info
TimeLord04: I just Bookmarked the Lifehackers Always Up To Date Guide. Thanks for that info. Info
TimeLord04: I don't want to put Linux on its own drive... I have it in a VirtualBox VM... Don't need to have it twice... Info
MajorTom: but be aware since LH is part of the gwaker media group is a pure cash cow... the articles arent that good since then ;-) Info
MajorTom: and the ppl that made LH big left the boat or arent least writing no more there Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, everything needed to make a Hackintosh, (third party software stuff), is ALL done through TomyMacx86.com now. Info
TimeLord04: The Unibeast, and Multibeast, and other stuff... All TonyMac, now... Info
MajorTom: cash trough add revenue and other commercials Info
TimeLord04: I have an 10.11.3 El Cap installer USB stick, and 10.11.4 made from TonyMac instructions. Info
TimeLord04: OH, and MAC OS is date dependent... That is, I couldn't install 10.11.3 today WITHOUT turning back the BIOS date back to March of 2016!!! Info
TimeLord04: The MAC OS installer checks the system date and if beyond a certain point, refuses to install. Info
TimeLord04: MANY Yosemite users who went to El Cap, and then wanted to go back to Yosemite had issues with this. Info
MajorTom: yeah I assumed something like that Info
MajorTom: when I wrote the BL is picky on MOSX Info
MajorTom: I dont like mac coz restrictive as hell Info
MajorTom: if u could root the dang thing like android it would be a total different story Info
MajorTom: ah yeah and that aplles makes own standarts 4 thing that are allrdy in use everywhere else that dont work with everything else then apple Info
MajorTom: XD and millions of cable adapters paint in white color Info
MajorTom: littlte plastic worth max 5 cents sold 4 20 bucks Info
MajorTom: leaving away headphone jack XD lmao Info
MajorTom: and ppl bing it... stupid ppl Info
MajorTom: buying Info
MajorTom: but yeah its kinda their decision I know =D I never spent money on that hell Info
MajorTom: whooot climbed up to 16 =D juhuuuuuu XD Info
MajorTom: the thing is Wow! evetn hasnt even started XD Info
MajorTom: but still... I like It =D Info
TimeLord04: Just updated ALL of my meds on Drugs.com. Now I have to distribute the newly updated med list to ALL my doctors and my dentist. :o Info
TimeLord04: With aspirin and dietary supplements; there's something like 14 things I take daily!!!!! :o Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
MajorTom: enough gardening 4 day =D Info
MajorTom: =D yeahaa got my WinAmp working over Wine =D Info
Sean: seems like i should be able to get 15-20k a day with the gtx580 :D Info
Sean: going to put it out to pasture and let it rest awhile before WoW Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
Sean: Just sold my old drum kit on ebay... Info
Sean: as pickup only Info
Sean: ...and the buyer wants me to post it... XD Info
Sean: sold some cymbals too, and the buyer for them is in another state to me :/ Info
kent: states? I thought they were providences Info
Sean: states of australia Info
Sean: 6 states and two territories Info
kent: what's the difference between a state an territory? Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
ChristianVIrtual: Why in the current team overview we see teams with zero points above team with points? Info
ChristianVIrtual: To be more precise: zero-team between non-zero teams (not a column-sort issue) Info
ChristianVirtual: Actually it's just an initialization issue, once clicked on order columns it literally sort it out Info
ChristianVirtual: but would be nice if it does at begin Info
ChristianVirtual: Scrap the last two lines; still the ranks/position are off even after sorting Info
SEARCHER: :) So bin angemeldet Info
ChristianVirtual: ok; now the rank is really fixed ... good job, wer auch immer es gefixt hat Info
Sean: "Scrap dealer finds Apollo-era NASA computers in dead engineer’s basement" Info
Sean: https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/07/nasa-computer-engineer-basement/ Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
MajorTom: @Sean u could try run seti on that old box =D Info
ChristianVirtual: Aahhhh, der Fehlerteufel hat ein altes Backup zurückgespielt, team ranks and points messed again Info
ChristianVirtual: SETI?Germany, 0 points, rank 10, not bad ;-) Info
kent: Spiel Info
kent: Zeit Info
kent: laters Info
petri33: der Fehlerteufel heisst vikapirulainen (virhepaholainen) auf Finninsh. An error devil in english? Info
petri33: .. or a lame bug. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
MajorTom: Info 4 linux cuda dont use suspend mode ;-) got alot errors and I took a while that I saw it and rebooted.... maybe obbvoius 4 some but in any case good 2 know '^ ^ Info
kent: Roger has big stuff going on again Info
kent: I never get tired of this episode Info
MajorTom: XD roger the decider... ehm crashtestdummyload =D Info
kent: Es wird ein Klassiker sein Info
kent: that a good translation?) Info
kent: was that a good translation? Info
kent: or this one? Info
kent: Zeit, um Spiele zu spielen Info
kent: laters Info
MajorTom: ah the tranlastion is ok but it sounds somekind artificial ;-) Info
MajorTom: Roger Roger XD Info
MajorTom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/albinal/7141725061 Info
MajorTom: hmm thought its "translation" =P scnr Info
MajorTom: u dont speak like thiiiiiis XD Info
TimeLord04: Good afternoon guys. :) Info
MajorTom: =D hi tl04 Info
MajorTom: =D good afternood man Im tired XD Info
MajorTom: here its evening =D Info
TimeLord04: Figures... I get on the computer, and my bosy "attacks" me... brb. :o Info
MajorTom: =D Info
TimeLord04: OK - I'm back. :) Info
TimeLord04: *body Info
TimeLord04: NOT bosy Info
MajorTom: wb TL04 =) Info
MajorTom: ahh thought u have kids =) '^ ^ and ment boys Info
MajorTom: hmm and I was away 2 long '^ ^ was allrdy almost sleeping Info
MajorTom: I say gn8 4 every case =) cya Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
TimeLord04: Been up for about half an hour... :o 5:08 AM now... Info
TimeLord04: 35 Min. 'til coffee. :D Info
TimeLord04: Yet, another Post Test... System lost all sound capabilities... Rebooted several times, the final time NOT only did sound NOT work, but the Win 7 Drive was NOT shown in MAC! Info
TimeLord04: Reinstalled 3rd Party MAC Driver settings. Rebooted AGAIN!!! Now everything is back to normal... Info
SandraGerland: At least your Internet seems to work properly :) Info
TimeLord04: So, something in MAC OS got corrupted for my system settings... Don't know what, but all is working now. :D Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, Internet here is U-Verse, we're on the 50 Mb package VDSL??? With U-Verse U-300 TV Package. Info
TimeLord04: Internet NEVER seems to go down, unless our power fails, then everything's out. Info
TimeLord04: StarCraft/BroodWar works!!! :D (That's a MUST HAVE!) Info
Sean: is that 50mb as in speed? that would be super quick in australia ;) Info
Sean: luck to get 5mbps here Info
kent: My connection is 100mb down and 10mb up, my throughput is 32 to 35mbps, and it's free :) Info
TimeLord04: @Sean, Yes this is 50 Mb DL and 10 Mb UL Internet Package. I've routinely tested with several HD Streams going on through the U-300 TV Service, and we ONLY drop into... Info
TimeLord04: ... the mid 40's. Info
TimeLord04: U-Verse, (while the contract states that AT&T "Can" Throttle; they tend NOT to, unless you are using GBs of Data in a month), does NOT choke back your Internet. Unlike Comcast Info
TimeLord04: In my Local Area, 50 Mb on U-Verse is the highest Speed Package we can get. Comcast promises more; but, in addition to regular Throttling, they tend to drop your speeds... Info
TimeLord04: ... if you connect VoIP Devices, (like Vonage), to their Network. I've encountered this personally; where, we'd go from 20 Mb down to 1.5 Mb. Info
TimeLord04: Comcast would ACTUALLY switch our IP Server to a slower bandwidth server... Info
TimeLord04: So, when AT&T U-Verse was released in our area, (almost 10 yrs ago), we jumped at the chance to switch. Info
TimeLord04: For 50 Mb and U-300 Services, we are paying $160 USD a month. Info
TimeLord04: We have 4 Info
TimeLord04: We have 4 TVs in the house connected to U-Verse. Info
TimeLord04: Also, U-Verse Internet is Dedicated; NOT shared the way Comcast Cable is shared. Info
TimeLord04: Our connection is FTTN, or Fiber To The Node. The Node is also called the VRAD. Fiber is run underground to the VRAD, then it is translated over copper to the homes. Info
TimeLord04: We won't be getting true Fiber To The Home for A LOOOOONG time. AT&T has NO current plans to microtrench our area for FTTH. :( Info
TimeLord04: With current AT&T FTTH, (where available), one CAN get Gigabit Internet. Info
kent: this will test what your are actualy getting (through put) https://www.cnet.com/internet-speed-test/ Info
TimeLord04: Kent, that Link states we get 82.03 Mb speeds. This I KNOW is NOT true... Plus, one HD TV Stream is running right now... Info
TimeLord04: Three subsequent Tests from that Link average about 52 Mb Speeds. Info
TimeLord04: I'll stick with SpeedTest.net... But, thanks. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
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