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kittyman: Meow. Info
кёит: meow Info
кёит: I got that quad ready to crunch yesterday and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working, 'til the guys here reminded me it was Tuesday outage Info
кёит: I got it running this morning and OCed the 1gig gpu and it just ran 7 wu's in less that 2 1/2 minutes Info
кёит: 8 wu's Info
kittyman: Sounds pretty good. Info
кёит: 9 wu's Info
кёит: that'll increase my rac Info
кёит: the nvidia will be here tomorrow Info
кёит: starting to get warm in here Info
кёит: man, that gpu just keeps cranking them out Info
kittyman: You got a runner there. Info
кёит: I didn't know that card could do this Info
kittyman: Well, now ya know. Meow! Info
кёит: memclock was to high on that card...I've had to take it down 2 notches so far...no more super speep gpu Info
kittyman: Gotta keep it stable. Info
SETI88: What GPU is it? Info
кёит: msi ATI HD 6450 1gig Info
SETI88: And thats doing a task every (150 / 9) = 17 secs? Info
кёит: it ran 8 wu's in under 2 1/2 minutes until I had to downclock the gpu mem Info
кёит: oops, 9 wu's Info
кёит: now it's at 16 minutes per wu Info
SETI88: thats the average? not just on the smaller tasks? Info
SETI88: 16 mins or secs? Info
SETI88: "it ran 8 wus in under 2 1/2 mins" Info
кёит: minutes Info
SETI88: 16 mins, oh ok lol Info
кёит: it ran 9 wus in under 2 1/2 mins...in a row Info
SETI88: I would key an eye on that GPU when o/c because it has passive cooling eg no fan Info
кёит: until I downclocked the mem Info
кёит: it does have a fan Info
кёит: I've got it running at 100% Info
SETI88: oh okay, i see it now, some dont Info
кёит: small fan but still Info
кёит: I've had to turn my thermostat down Info
SETI88: its looks a bit like the geforce 210 Info
SETI88: or 710 Info
кёит: and my A/C fan up Info
кёит: high noon Info
кёит: the 1gigs look stable now...maybe my numbers will start going up instead of down Info
kittyman: That would be the hope. Info
Lichti: GTX1080 rechner 30 min pro Wu bei Cuda 50 ist das normal ? Info
кёит: I've got an ATI 4gig that runs in 15 minutes Info
кёит: so I would say, No Info
arkayn: I run two 2 at a time and do the guppis in about 12.5 minutes on 1070's. Info
kittyman: Time for me to go, Kent. Have a meowy one. Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
кёит: funzies meows Info
кёит: \\ // Info
кёит: have a good 'un all Info
кёит: game time Info
кёит: laters Info
Lichti: Heuteist echt der Wurm drinn Info
Lichti: ohne lunatec bekommst nur cuda 50 Info
Lichti: habe jetzt wieder lunatec installiert funzt wieder zwar die alte app aber es rennt wenigstens Info
Lichti: hat mich jetzt 2 stunden gekostet :-( Info
Lichti: keiner da lol Info
N: Wow Phoenicis Info
JL: Ich benutze die cuda101 von lunatics Viel besser als cuda 50 Deutsch ist nicht meine Sprache, hoffe Google übersetzt dies richtig Info
JL: Please let me know if my last post makes sense, or if it's a grammar mess :-) Info
SETIBOOSTER: Go, Virgo go - just a short jumt to place 4! Info
kleines grünes Männel: @JL: Translation and grammar are better then my german after 5 beer. :D Info
JL: haha Info
JWJennison: going to crush all previous wow events Info
JWJennison: Another 100M and will have exceeded all previous wow's Info
Lane42: Nice one phoenicis Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Somma y'all gettin a bit too far ahead a me...gonna have to do sumthin bout that... "mid-pack" used to be easier. :) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Crime in Italy phoenicis! Good heavens man! :D Info
arkayn: Another $#&*)(#$&*)#&$&# vlar storm. Info
JWJennison: mayeb some day GPU group will accept me... Info
JWJennison: damn, kettle one.. already.. ony had two..?? three, **** Info
arkayn: Talk to Zalster and/or Juan if you want to become a member. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: What you really want, is to join TeAm AnandTech, JWJennison! ;) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: https://forums.anandtech.com/forums/distributed-computing.15/ Info
JWJennison: arkayn; I have and was declined.. afraid I was flash in the pan Info
JWJennison: What's AnandTech about? Info
JWJennison: but hitting 20 Mill in 5&1/2 months.. so whatevah, I like being a free bird.. "fukah!":> Info
arkayn: JWJennison, with members who have just recently joined SETI, we like to see if you have the dedication and drive to continue crunching long term. Your account was still new. Info
arkayn: I have been crunching basically since the beginning. Info
Lane42: JW stop in at Anandtech Info
Lane42: j Info
Angela J.: 12-25-05 for me.l love doing this but my computers aren’t so good Info
Spectator: Hey Guys/Arkayn, I wanted to ask about the Lunatics SETI NVidia BOINC install; Can it be used as a normal BOINC install, eg to run other projects? Info
Spectator: Or has it been customised just to run SETI? Info
Spectator: *customised/compiled Info
TBar: The BOINC in the All-In-One will do anything any other BOINC will. Info
TBar: It was compiled from the Exact Same Code. The difference is it is a Static Build, and can be used Anywhere, without Dependencies,. Info
Spectator: Okay thanks for that; but it does seem to only run optimised SETI tasks? Are we talking about the same version? Info
Spectator: http://www.arkayn.us/lunatics/BOINC.7z Info
TBar: Other people are using it with other Projects without any trouble. Which Pr\ojecta are You having Problems with? Info
Spectator: I havent tried any other projects just yet. I was just thinking about the future.. Info
Spectator: if I could continue to use this install, or if I would have to install the normal linux mint version. Info
TBar: Others aren't having any trouble. I don't see why You should Expect any. Info
Spectator: Okay that is great to know, thanks for you help/info. Info
juan BFP: JWJennison I'm in the middle of moving but if you wish to join our team PM i will return to you ASAP. Info
кёит: meow Info
DogMan: Woof Info
кёит: woof Info
UBT-Timbo: oink !! Info
кёит: 89666666666666666666666666666666666*++++++++*****************************************/moo Info
кёит: moo Info
кёит: (that was my cat) Info
Birdman: lol Info
кёит: C[_] #2 Info
JWJennison: Arkayn, when you are receptive to people they will stay interested longer, rather than turn your back and expect them to prove themselves. Not exactl;y a warm reception. Info
JWJennison: One would think that when you see someone with a nice amount of crunch power, you would grab hold that person and encourage them. Info
JWJennison: I'm not really that worried about it, I just pointing that out for the next new guy that comes along. Info
RS: JWJennison - or you could try a team which welcomes anyone big, small, monster cruncher or jusr sideline sitter - in which case try the Raccoons where you will find a welccome Info
Zalster: so early in the morning folks...at least wait until the 3rd cup of coffee... Info
Zalster: <-----Yawn. Info
кёит: yeah Info
N->S or N::S: If there is one thing this event has taught us, its that no matter how large you think your setup is, infact there are other crunchers that make you look small. Info
N->S or N::S: Or rather, put your setup into perspective eg its not that big Info
tazzduke: Look out Chooka03, I can smell your fumes lol Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
кёит: meow Info
кёит: that card is spose to be here between 9:30 and 1:30...if it's early enough, I gonna throw it in the machine I just built Info
кёит: the mobo for it won't be here 'til tomorrow Info
kittyman: More new toys. Info
кёит: I just added a quad with a gpu and I'm still not making any more progress Info
kittyman: It takes a while for a new rig to build up pending tasks. Info
кёит: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: RAC rises very slowly. Info
kittyman: I see that Ash was helping on the keyboard again earlier. Info
кёит: yep Info
кёит: he thinks he's learning his numbers Info
kittyman: Smart kitty he is. Info
кёит: time for my gpu to get here Info
kittyman: Come hither little package. Info
Spectator: Nothing worse than waiting for a package you already paid for Info
Spectator: Amazon 1 hour drone delivery soon Info
кёит: not halfway across the states Info
Ken_g6: Please, do let kittyman have the box, so he'll be distracted playing with it while I pass him. :P Info
кёит: he's got better stuff than this Info
Ken_g6: Not the card; the box. That's why I need him distracted! ;) Info
Ken_g6: Yarn would be even better. Info
Spectator: Yeah true @ kent.. UK is much smaller Info
кёит: all my kitty needs is a shoe lace Info
Spartana: Trash pandas Info
кёит: why would there be a panda in the trash? Info
Spartana: It's a derogatory name for raccoons Info
кёит: those pesky raccoons Info
MajorTom: hedge burglars '^ ^ but trash pandas is cool to I will remember this one =D lol Info
кёит: All hail the mighty Thor Info
MajorTom: hail thorsday Info
kittyman: MeowThor. Info
kittyman: Time for me to get rollin', got a couple of stops to make before work. Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
кёит: funzies meows Info
кёит: \\ // Info
кёит: I out furr today Info
кёит: have a good 'un, all Info
кёит: game time Info
кёит: laters Info
Ken_g6: While the kitty's away, the mouse may take a dump in the litterbox. Info
petri33: And the winner in computation software supplier series is ... Info
arkayn: Whoever can come up with a way to keep Arecibo vlars from Windows machines. Info
MarkD: OOps, I forgot it had started. Have to go and whip the hamsters Info
Spartana: Does anyone know how to cause a power outage in all of France? Maybe I should just google it... Info
Ian: well I held him off for over a week. I'm satisfied :) Info
arkayn: You still have another fifteen hours or so in the lead. Info
Ian: yup lol Info
Spartana: In 2020, the title comes back to the States. Info
arkayn: You think you can beat 119 computers, most of them running the Linux special sauce. Info
Spartana: Not me...We. Info
arkayn: Team title will reside in the US, as a lot of us are from the US. Info
Spartana: Yet France will continue to retain the #1 participant spot. That's the real gold medal. In the words of Ricky bobby: If you're not first, you're last. Let's fix that. Info
arkayn: The last year it was a US citizen was 2014, and Charles Long's dominance. Info
arkayn: We will surpass 2014's total this year as well. Info
Spartana: I remember seeing his impressive stats when I first started. What ever happened to him? Info
arkayn: Looks like a flash in the pan user, has not crunched in a long time. Info
W3Perl: I really need full power to reach Ian! Info
Spartana: Lol. Cutting power is now the only hope! Info
W3Perl: You should also include UK, phoenicis will be #1 very soon. Info
S: Nice Info
arkayn: Ian will just have to double his bunker next year. Info
W3Perl: I can bunker also next year to prevent this...but I don't like bunkering (except for outage) Info
Spartana: Seems like a hassle to bunker 119 machines. I'm sure you'll be fine without it next year. Info
W3Perl: No it's quite easy...but this is extra load for seti server :( Info
кёит: meow Info
кёит: cheezez...this card takes 3 spaces, now I can't put 2 on the board I have coming Info
S: Just get a USB, Molex/SATA powered, PCIE riser Info
Jimbocous: Yep Info
S: Thats how people run one GPU per slot Info
кёит: I have a better idea, I'm just gonna put it in a single pcie machine and put the 2x1gigs on the board I have coming Info
S: Cool, it was just a suggestion Info
кёит: thnx Info
кёит: maybe later on I will, lets see how this one goes Info
кёит: C[_] #2 Info
кёит: I installed the driver and now my screen is black Info
кёит: what a piece of crap Info
кёит: OK, what did I do wrong? Info
кёит: uninstalled driver...went to nvidia auto detect, and it crapped out too Info
кёит: it is a new Win7 installation, going for more win updates first...this time Info
кёит: auto=detect says 'no nvidia products found' Info
кёит: trying the evga site again Info
кёит: restarting...lets see if it works Info
кёит: and the screen goes black Info
кёит: how do I get this driver installed? Info
кёит: if this won't install in windows, how am I gonna install it in linux? Info
кёит: OK, got a driver from a 3rd party site... Info
кёит: restarting... Info
кёит: now the computer is restarting over and over Info
кёит: now the entire windows installation is shot, no safe mode...nothing Info
кёит: wait a sec Info
кёит: my bad...had to take the usb drive out Info
кёит: screen still goes black Info
кёит: anybody got any ideas...I only bought this card cuz of you guys Info
кёит: :) Info
W3Perl: Is your PSU strong enough to supply your graphic card ? Info
кёит: it's a 600W Info
кёит: product activation key? Info
кёит: nvidia is installing a game ready driver Info
кёит: C[_] #3 Info
кёит: restarting... Info
кёит: and the screen goes black Info
кёит: what a piece of sh*t Info
kittyman: Ya sure it ain't the mobo? Meow? Info
кёит: the ATI runs fine Info
kittyman: OK, got it. Info
kittyman: Never had such a problem here. Info
kittyman: Possible you got a lemon card? Info
kittyman: It was new, right? Meow? Info
кёит: brand new Info
кёит: downloading driver that's 1 step older Info
Ghost Rider: What is the power required for the ATI? and what is the power required for the new card? Info
kittyman: Try the card in another puter maybe if it won't come up in this one. Info
Ghost Rider: If you are running near the max with the ATI the new card may be just over the edge for that PSU Info
Ghost Rider: I am using 1300w PSUs Info
кёит: GTX 1650 requires a 300W psu, I have a 600W in it Info
Ghost Rider: Yeah, but what does the processor add to that. My proc requires 250w by itself Info
кёит: I have an 855W psu I can put in it Info
W3Perl: 1650 require only 75 W... Info
W3Perl: Is there a 6pin connector to your graphic card (some 1650 are OC) ? Info
кёит: yes there is a 6 pin on it Info
kittyman: Did you connect power to it? Info
кёит: of course Info
кёит: if I hadn't...I wouldn't get a picture Info
kittyman: Is there a second power connector on the card? Info
кёит: no Info
W3Perl: do you get black screen from start or only when windows is starting ? Info
кёит: after the driver is installed, system restarts and says starting windows the it goes black and says hdmi input like there's nothing on Info
Ian: try moving the monitor cable to a different port. use a DisplayPort port. or DVI (if you have it) Info
Ian: a different port on the GPU i mean, not on the monitor Info
Grumpy Swede: A new windows install with a new card and a new driver, it can take many minutes the firstr time before eveyrthing starts up and you get a picture. Each time you reboot Info
Grumpy Swede: the cycle starts over again Info
кёит: it has 1 hdmi and 2 display ports...I don't have any display port connectors Info
luigi: disable onboard video? Info
Grumpy Swede: Start and let it sit for 10 minutes Info
Grumpy Swede: If it doesn't come up after 10 minutes, then you can start worrying. Info
Grumpy Swede: New windows, new card new driver, than can take forever Info
Ian: it's worth a shot to try a different port. I've had cards that didnt like the HDMI output for some reason. Info
кёит: Grumpy Swede might be right...I'll try that next time Info
Ian: go pickup a DP->HDMI cable from best buy or microcenter or Amazon Info
кёит: I don't got time for that Info
luigi: maybe video output out of range for the monitor? Info
кёит: it's a high res 120hz monitor Info
Ian: if its not something up with the port, then the card may have some issue. it doesn't sound like you are doing anything obviously wrong. Info
кёит: these things are suppose to be turn key, what a hassle Info
kittyman: Yup, it really should be other than loading the driver. Info
Grumpy Swede: Start it up, go do something else, and come back after 10 minutes. I experienced that issue once. After that, it will work without issue the next startup Info
кёит: I'm gonna do that Info
Grumpy Swede: The HD light will probably go on and off all that time, almost as if something is begin compiled the first time Info
Grumpy Swede: Only experienced it once myself though after a new install of Windows drivers and a new card Info
кёит: if I can get this thing to work...it better be worth it...I losing a lot of crunching time Info
kittyman: Does Windows see the card in device manager? Info
кёит: no Info
кёит: it says standard vga Info
kittyman: Hmmmmmmmm. Info
кёит: device mng won't see it 'til the drivers are installed anyway Info
kittyman: It should even without the driver. Info
кёит: I'm finishing win updates now, gonna take Grumpy Swedes advice in a couple of minutes Info
kittyman: Worth the try. Info
-=Vyper=-: Is anyone near Eldena next week, planning on visting Indian Spirit Festival down there! Info
-=Vyper=-: Eldena Germany Info
kleines grünes Männel: I had to change something in htaccess/router. Please report via feedback form if some links are corrupt Info
кёит: installing driver Info
Zalster: I'd comment Kent but I'm traveling all day today. About to get on the plane. Info
кёит: where to? Info
kleines grünes Männel: @Vyper: Then 250km wasteland( ;) ) between us Info
кёит: restarting... Info
кёит: black screen at 10:46am... Info
Grumpy Swede: You did restart after all the windows updates I hope. Especially .NET needs to be recompiled by TiWorker. Installing drivers before a restart after a huge windows update Info
кёит: waiting... Info
Grumpy Swede: could screw up lots of stuff Info
кёит: yes I restarted after updates Info
Grumpy Swede: And clearly if the card works as std VGA without the drivers, it shouldn't be any issue with the card really Info
кёит: the huge updates have already been done Info
Grumpy Swede: OK Info
кёит: no HD light activity Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, as I said the log wait worked for me once, but maybe your problem is something else. Info
Grumpy Swede: log=long Info
Grumpy Swede: I hate it when one has to put hours on what should really be a simple install, but then something goes to hell anyhow. Hours and hours trying to find what is is Info
Grumpy Swede: And trying to start in fail safe mode, does that work Info
кёит: fail safe mode: Info
кёит: it starts in safe mode Info
кёит: wiat, I haven't tried with the drivers installed yet Info
кёит: 11 minutes Info
кёит: no HDD activity Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah, doesn't load the GPU driver then. Can you uninstall the driver from fail safe mode, and perhaps install it again from fail safe mode Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, clearly that didn't work Info
кёит: now the HDD is going crazy Info
Grumpy Swede: OK, wait wait Info
Grumpy Swede: There's still hope :-) Info
кёит: I've been doing this for what...5 hours now Info
Grumpy Swede: Could almost have learned Linux in that time, unless you like me refuse everything Linux :-) Info
кёит: if this card works I do plan on putting another HDD in this machine for linux Info
Grumpy Swede: :-( Info
Grumpy Swede: :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: hehe Info
кёит: HDD still going Info
Grumpy Swede: It's obviously working on something Info
kittyman: Maybe it'll sort itself. Info
Grumpy Swede: As long as the HD is doing something, it's still hope Info
Ash: //////+ Info
Grumpy Swede: When the HDD activity stops and nothing happens, maybe wait a little while and the do a reboot again. With some luck it did something positive, and maybe maybe at the next Info
Grumpy Swede: reboot it will work. Info
Grumpy Swede: As long as there is life, there is hope... Info
Grumpy Swede: I must add though, that I have come to hate computers.... Info
Grumpy Swede: :-) Info
кёит: HDD running hard again Info
кёит: HDD stopped again Info
Grumpy Swede: It's trying to install the driver, but for some reason it has great problems doing it.¨ Info
Grumpy Swede: Very strange Info
Grumpy Swede: Maybe if you just forget it, go gaming and let it do whatever it does. Info
кёит: that's what I'm thinking Info
Grumpy Swede: Let the crazy computer work it out for itself :-) Info
кёит: Cheese Louis...it's a Core2 Quad 2.5, should be done Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, it sure takes longer than the similar problem I had, but it worked out in the end for my crazy computer. Long time ago though Info
Grumpy Swede: Lots of on and off HDD activity for me back then too Info
кёит: what cpu were you running back then? Info
Grumpy Swede: I think it was my old still running Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8200 @ 2.33GHz . With an ATI card that behaved like your GPU when installing the driver Info
Grumpy Swede: This computer: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=6637007 Info
кёит: I've never had issues like this with an ATI Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, I have to go and make some food. I'm out of ideas if the waiting game doesn't work. I do hope it works though. I'll be back later Info
кёит: I'll wait 1 whole hour then restart it Info
кёит: minutes to go Info
кёит: 13 Info
kittyman: Waiting.....................waiting..... Info
кёит: restarting... Info
кёит: I'm in safe mode and device mng says nvidia gforce Info
кёит: restarting Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, the only other thing I can think about, is to install the driver (do you have the right driver? ) BEFORE doing the Windows Update stuff. Info
Grumpy Swede: other than that, I'm blank..... Info
кёит: screen goes black Info
Grumpy Swede: unless the card really is broken of course. Works on VGA mode, but craps out with higher resolutions and higher HZ Info
кёит: I'm not re-installing windows for this card Info
Grumpy Swede: Have you tried the card in another computer? Info
кёит: it'll run 1360x768 in vga mode Info
Grumpy Swede: Time to howl at the moon and burn some hair...:-( Info
кёит: now it won't boot to 'last known good config' Info
кёит: put the ATI back in and it works fine Info
MajorTom: y not install lnux? its not hard and its would be allrdy done ;-) and u get more credits anyways.. I would try it with linux .. for shure Info
MajorTom: maybe u have to use nomodeset the first boot with the nvidia gpu but thats almost it Info
кёит: if it don't run in windows...thats it for me Info
MajorTom: okai but with a 1050 its shure wort let it crunch with the linux cuda seti app Info
MajorTom: or 1060 dunno exactly whut u got Info
кёит: I had planned installing linux for it...but if it don't run in windows...it's going back Info
MajorTom: and all we here shure could help u with the linux Info
MajorTom: ahh okok Info
MajorTom: nvm Info
кёит: GTX 1650 Info
MajorTom: maybe its really a DOA Info
MajorTom: ahh hmm yeah that sucks Info
MajorTom: shure would have made some resonable credits Info
кёит: I'm treating it as such Info
кёит: 6 hours to install a vid driver? No thanks Info
MajorTom: just wrote that u dont waste to much time on that ;-) its shure not worth the hassle Info
кёит: no more Info
MajorTom: like grumpyswede said too Info
MajorTom: and Info
Grumpy Swede: GTX 1650 problems with black screen on windows 7. Found this one with a simple google search Info
Grumpy Swede: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1074042-problem-with-gtx-1650-drivers/ Info
кёит: now I'm really screwed for this event Info
Grumpy Swede: Much more to be found on google about that Info
MajorTom: Moewsic!!! meowmeowmeow singalongasong Info
MajorTom: evetn is 4 fun.. u gain or lose nothing '^ ^ just maybe some honorable mentions XD Info
MajorTom: thats it Info
кёит: I'm so pissed Info
MajorTom: thx grumpycat.. meow Info
MajorTom: so it would shure run on linux '^ ^ Info
MajorTom: kent Info
Grumpy Swede: Search google with: gtx 1650 Problems windows 7 Info
MajorTom: if u wanny try it out wiht linux Info
Grumpy Swede: There seems to be solutions there Info
кёит: this card is running back to where it came from Info
MajorTom: rufus>linux mint 19.1>Boinc.7z and u should be up and running Info
MajorTom: about an hour aprox Info
MajorTom: its your decision nvm u can do what u like to Info
кёит: If it won't run in windows, screw it Info
MajorTom: roger roger over and out =3 meowmeow Info
MajorTom: https://media.tenor.co/images/03d0d569c1b58b27db5ce80bb3341bdf/tenor.gif Info
MajorTom: BTW Info
MajorTom: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.fbsbx.com%2Fv%2Ft59.2708-21%2F20952667_737859073086563_8093987932282552320_n.gif%3F_nc_cat%3D105%26_nc_oc%3DAQlLykFfuhdU0VsEuH Info
MajorTom: ah that didnt worked XD Info
MajorTom: https://media.tenor.co/images/ab9572203cb0e685e99f53cacc6432fb/tenor.gif Info
kittyman: Gotta go out and do some lawn meowing. Info
kittyman: Sorry things didn't work out well for you this morning, Kent. Info
кёит: I've had my coffee for taday Info
MajorTom: meowmeow good lawnmeowing =3 Info
kittyman: It's gotta be done. Meow for nows. Laters. Info
MajorTom: yeah I did some gardening yesterday Info
MajorTom: signs of autum are definitely showing up here =3 meowmeow Info
кёит: got the ATI crunching again Info
MajorTom: ATi gogog crunch harder =3 moew Info
кёит: at least it works Info
кёит: chores done Info
кёит: Diags Complete Info
кёит: have a good 'un, all Info
кёит: game time Info
кёит: laters Info
MajorTom: u2 have a good one too cya Info
arkayn: What is this autumn you speak of, looks like another triple digit day for me. Info
JL: cooled off nicely here ... I shut off the AC this morning Info
JL: yay for lower electric bill Info
JL: Not greatly hot the past week (85-90), but with these machines grinding, it's worse in here, thus the AC Info
MajorTom: here the leaves are already falling and its gotten significant chillier Info
-=Vyper=-: кёит: I know whats wrong, u need a computer with working UEFI to get a Nvidia 2x card working (1650,1660 too) Info
-=Vyper=-: Their new series won't work on older hardware.. Even boards from 2011-2012 could have failing UEFI and that is enough to make the new Nvidias to fault out. Info
-=Vyper=-: I know this because i tried a 1660Ti on an older machine and thought it was broken, as soon as i tried a newer machine it worked like a charm. It wouldnt load the drivers but Info
-=Vyper=-: worked in a VGA only environment Info
-=Vyper=-: So try the card in your 5930K machine and i presume it would work right out of the bat. Info
Lane42: Congrats Phoenicis on 1st even if its for a short time Info
Lane42: But who knows Info
kleines grünes Männel: FYI since 3 hours the cronjob running time increases dramatically, current 25minutes every hour. Currently no expectation why. Info
Grumpy Swede: Ouch, that was a long time Info
MajorTom: expectation or explanation '^ ^ bee or not to be thats here the question XD lol Info
MajorTom: and thats only coz u buged me about my usual typos '^ ^ hrhr Info
MajorTom: but when u alrdy here thx for the ranking graphs ;) Info
kleines grünes Männel: Back to expectable (not explainable) runtime Info
MajorTom: ^ ^ hrhr thx Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: WOW Practically a 3-way tie for 1st place. Impressive! Info
W3Perl: Time to take a screenshot before next phoenicis bump Info
кёит: meow Info
кёит: @ =Vyper=...the 5930 has the uefi bios but since I'm not running win 8.1 or 10...it's not gonna matter Info
phoenicis: @W3Perl I took a screenshot last night, lol Info
phoenicis: Thanks to the GPU User Group for all you do for the Seti community Info
phoenicis: Plus kudos to Seti Germany for such a professionally run event. Great fun! Info
phoenicis: *Users Info
кёит: any body know anything about the EVGA Geforce GTX 570 2.56GB? Info
W3Perl: @phoenicis : I'm dead if you still have some nukes ! ;) Info
кёит: what is the best 2gb cruncher? Info
кёит: C[_] #2 Info
кёит: does the linux special sauce stuff work on ALL nvidias? Info
-=Vyper=-: кёит: No the sauce only works on a "Maxwell" generation card. It started on the 750Ti to work and onwards to the 9xx series and on. Info
кёит: thnx Info
-=Vyper=-: кёит: Compute Capability 5.0 to make it easy and onwards. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUDA Info
кёит: newegg has a used 750Ti fir $129 Info
-=Vyper=-: A 750Ti is about 18-20K rac Info
-=Vyper=-: Gtx 970 is about 40K region Info
-=Vyper=-: Phoenicis: Thanks for your kudos. Mighty bunker show you did there. Info
-=Vyper=-: When i talk RAC i mean with Linux & Special sauce. Info
кёит: I just bought the 750Ti Info
-=Vyper=-: Quick math if its correct, 1.6M Rac with server cpus is about 6100 RAC/Day with an 8 core processor. And it seems like that's about 261 machines. And power required just to Info
кёит: I can put 2 of them on the mobo I have coming Info
-=Vyper=-: feed the cpus is about 21kW and not including the rest. So roughly 30kW is 1.6M rac with server cpus from 2011, 2012.. Info
-=Vyper=-: Thats an awfull lot of wattage. A 2080Ti @185W is about 148K Rac, so 12 pcs of 2080Ti = 1.6M Rac and about 2.6kW with Motherboards and cpus and PSU conversion overhead. Info
-=Vyper=-: Just a food 4 thought. Info
-=Vyper=-: 12 pcs of 2080Ti or 261 8 core servers full bore. Info
-=Vyper=-: Amazing how far GPUs has come. кёит: Nice, cool! Info
kittyman: Meow. Hope you have better luck with the 750ti, Kent. Info
Grumpy Swede: I fear fore his windows if even the 750Ti fails to install. Let's just hope he at least open the window before he chuck the puter out Info
кёит: meow me too Info
кёит: the 750 is going on a diff mobo Info
кёит: newegg won't refund me for the 1650, just replace it Info
Grumpy Swede: Ah, ok... Info
кёит: I can put 2x750's on that mobo also Info
kittyman: Double the GPUs, double the fun. Info
кёит: lets see if I can get this stuff running before the next event Info
kittyman: I would hope so........ Info
кёит: looks loke I might get stuck with one of those 1650's Info
kittyman: It should work in one of your puters. Info
кёит: should Info
kittyman: Ash can help you get it running. Info
кёит: oh sure Info
кёит: he is a Dr. Info
kittyman: Smart kitty he is. Info
кёит: C[_] #3 Info
кёит: there doing a thing on the Science Channel with seti Info
кёит: it's about what Seti is doing Info
kittyman: Cool stuff. Info
kittyman: And we help. Info
кёит: 8 million of us Info
кёит: and only 666 at this event Info
kittyman: Some just run the program and you don't hear a peep from them. Info
кёит: most Info
kittyman: Probably so. Info
bill1024: 667 now Info
кёит: woo hoo Info
кёит: 7,999,333 more to go Info
кёит: chores done Info
кёит: Diags Complete Info
кёит: all for taday folks Info
кёит: have a good 'un all Info
кёит: funzies meows Info
кёит: game time Info
кёит: laters Info
kittyman: Laters and many meows. Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!! Info
Grumpy Swede: 100 credits until I break last years result. Not bad... Info
Freewill: Well, burned out a PSU on machine #2. Swapped in a spare. Info
meilan: hi guys Info
meilan: uhh, I just join in SETI@home couple days ago. Can anyone please tell me what is this event about? :) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: It is a celebration of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wow!_signal Info
Grumpy Swede: And of course also about finding the first alien, steal his tech, and take over this planet. Info
Grumpy Swede: :-) Info
meilan: ok thx Info
meilan: yeee :) Info
meilan: but i come for peace Info
W3Perl: We are all aliens trying to find intelligent life on earth ;) Info
Grumpy Swede: Geeze, phoenicis jumped up to number 1 Info
CAD: I think that's not real what phoenicis does. Info
Grumpy Swede: He must have a whole crap load of computers Info
Grumpy Swede: They're hidden though on SETI Info
Ian: it's a lot of bunkering. you can tell because everyone else's stats spike at the same time. Info
phoenicis: Just an aweful lot of bunkering. Good fun but hard work ,,,, never again. Props to the guys that do this for the project day in day out Info
Lane42: Next year Anandtech will try for 1st place (: Info
Ian: by my estimations, you bunkered somewhere between 350,000 and 400,000 tasks Info
Ian: and if you did it for the entire month before the contest, that's about 1,000,000 credits per day (RAC) worth Info
phoenicis: Pretty darn good estimates Ian. It wasn't linear, started small but then it became addictive and grew from there. Info
phoenicis: The Formula Boinc Seti sprint lost me a fair few days in lost production and bunker drops Info
Mr. Kevvy: I am quite happy no one is fighting for my #6 spot. 😀 Info
Spartana: A few days ago, W3Perl obliquely warned us to keep an eye on phoenicis. It's a conspiracy. Info
Spartana: The French and the Brits have re-re-re-re-re-re-aligned. Info
Angela J.: Going to try my hand at bunkering next year, on a very small scale Info
Spartana: What does bunkering add to the goal of the Wow event? Info
Spartana: I don't know what it adds, but I do know that it has directly caused a reduction in the amount of willing Wow event participants. Info
Heretic: @ Grumpy Swede - Well done! Info
Heretic: @Spartana - that would be true, there are several members of my teamt hat refuse to take part because of such tnings :( Info
Todderbert: Bunkering sure did add some spice to this event..more power to them. Info
Spartana: There are really no rules in SETI@Home number crunching, or the Wow event, and perhaps this is a good thing. People must follow their own ethos. Info
Spartana: So, for me, the question becomes this: Is bunkering and delaying results within your ethos? Info
Ken_g6: Each BOINC projects sets a WU deadline. Returning work within whatever time that is is within my ethos. Info
Spartana: @Ken_g6 - It is not within my ethos, but I respect that it is within yours. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Then quit crying about it. :P Info
N1ckname: Bunkering is like blood doping before a cycling race, except its within the BOINC rules. Info
N1ckname: None of our team bunker but we are fine with that/ This isn't really a competition. If it is is, bunker vs bunker or vice versa. Info
NoName: This is strictly not a competition with clear definitive rules as there is none other than registration but an anniversary event to commemorate the discovery of Wow! signal Info
NoName: 42 years ago. Since there are no rules, just be creative and decide how one wish to contribute to this event. Info
NoName: The stats are there to add some fun to this event otherwise might appear boring. Info
T: SET-G should add option on reg to state if you have bunkered or not; like BOINCStats, you should then be able to display stats without bunkers (like Bitcoin ASIC devices) Info
T: I think this would solve the bunker to no bunker argument that comes up so often Info
T: Although obviously people could register and not be honest about having bunkered, but that is a different situation Info
Bernie Vine: Effective bunkering is only available to people with the "spoofed" Boinc client. Which is not available to everyone. Info
N1ckname: That would work T. Just like account managers..aka - Info
N1ckname: Gridcoin. They should be split out of the "team" stats too as they aren't really a team. Info
N1ckname: ASIC vs non ASIC states. Same with managed accounts. Info
T: Yeah exactly; I dont the real problem is if ppl bunker on not. Its just the fact that the stats dont different, and list bunkers next to non-bunker accounts Info
N1ckname: *stats Info
T: *dont think Info
N1ckname: correct Info
T: *differentiate Info
N1ckname: If it were a competition, you'd have to compare bunkers with bunkers Info
N1ckname: Oh well...we know that's how it rolls. SETI is the winner here. Thats what counts Info
Jimbocous: Or, as someone else said so eloquently, until someone processes a workunit that identifies, ETI, we're all tied at zero ... Info
-=Vyper=-: Pardon me if i upset someone now. I havent bunkered at all because i simply didnt care about it. But i personally in a technical view that it is good for the staff to see how Info
-=Vyper=-: the systems behave when its flooded and needs to processed down in a chain of events. Why i say a chain of events is that if a flooding occur the systems must be tuned and Info
-=Vyper=-: ready to deal with it in the most efficient manner. The staff cant possibly know the best settings and algorithms for their different servers until it is actually challenged. Info
Juan BFP: @Bernie AFAIK phoenicis not use spoofed client so efective bunkering could be done without them. And was done on all WOW events for years. Info
-=Vyper=-: So when they have tuned their settings correctly accordingly to that situation we all will have much smoother server transients in the future. Info
-=Vyper=-: @Bernie: Juan is correct there has been bunkering before that client. The problem is that you have to create alot of small boinc folders and set all to disable network and the Info
-=Vyper=-: n process each catalogue one by one and when the time has come. Disable new work and enable network and let each catalogue drain. Info
Juan BFP: You could rescheduler a lot of WU and do the same trick as spoofing. There are several ways to efective bunkering in Boinc, FYI only.. Info
Juan BFP: The spoofed client has less than 6 months WOW has 8 years IIRC and there where allways bunkers on all events. Info
T: Could you not setup mulitple VMs per host and bunker that way? Info
CAD: I assume that none of us here has a quantum computer and "some" results here are very strange and cannot be explained with bunkers. Info
CAD: Nobody will find out if someone uses crypto-mining malware to let 100,000 computers work for themselves. Info
CAD: Too bad that the event is simply broken by such incredible extremes. Info
Bernie Vine: So you are saying it is possible to bunker 350,000 WU with re-scheduling. I was unaware of that. Info
кёит: meow Info
Grumpy Swede: Just bunker on and waste your own time boys and girls. Something more productive for yourself and your family could had been done instead :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: I really don't care :-) Info
кёит: not me Info
кёит: I have no family Info
biodoc: Change deadline for returning results from 7 weeks to 2 days and bunkering is no longer an issue Info
Grumpy Swede: neither do I, but I have better things to do than bunkering anyhow. I can do voluntary work for my community... Info
кёит: that wou Info
кёит: it doesn't take any time, just click a button and walk away Info
UBT-Timbo: Bunkering on SETI@home doesn't work that well as the project limits the nuber of tasks you can download. > Info
UBT-Timbo: and with todays CPUs and GPUs, that doesn't give you a lot of time to spend "offline" as the PC host will run out of work within a few hours. Info
UBT-Timbo: UNLESS, you want to suspend eacn task about 2 mins before it is due to end (or maybe it gets to 99%) and then you manually suspend the task and get on with the next one. Info
UBT-Timbo: Some people might choise to do that, but then thye might not have much of a "life" ;-) Info
UBT-Timbo: ^choose not choise Info
кёит: what you do isfinish all tasks with no network, move the entire Boinc dir to another folder eo store the tasks then re-install boinc and run all task and repeat Info
Grumpy Swede: And using the spoofed client willgive you other options too of course.... Info
UBT-Timbo: @кёит: Yup - I can see that working...but who has the time to do that, just for a few SETI credits ? Info
UBT-Timbo: I'd prefer to watch paint dry... ;-) Info
кёит: I tested that theory a couple of years ago and it works, although I've never used it for the event Info
xii5ku: Why is everybody so fascinated about bunkering? Info
xii5ku: Look at https://www.seti-germany.de/Wow/stats/event/2019 and you'll see that there is only negligible amount of bunkering goig Info
Grumpy Swede: Obviously some have the time :-) Info
xii5ku: *going on. Info
Grumpy Swede: Or take thew time from something more worthy Info
кёит: personally, I have plenty of time for whatever I want to do...I have no life Info
Grumpy Swede: bull. Phoenicis for one said himself than he bunekred at least 350.000 Work units Info
Grumpy Swede: I won't ask why you don't have a life.... Info
кёит: it's a choice Info
кёит: a blessing Info
кёит: I crunch numbers, watch tv and play games Info
кёит: all day, every day Info
кёит: (and play with the cat) Info
Grumpy Swede: And money just falls all over you from the sky. No need to work I guess. Info
кёит: inheritance Info
Grumpy Swede: OK, I understand. Info
кёит: and well deserved, I might add Info
Grumpy Swede: rom next year, I'll do the same. I've been saving fro 20 years, and can retire very early then. Info
Grumpy Swede: rom=from Info
кёит: sweet Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah, but still I won't bunker use the spoofed client :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: Hehe Info
Juan BFP: Never say never. LOL Info
кёит: that's right Info
Howdy: Have you ever even gave it the thought that BOINC might just be somes hobby? Info
кёит: for me, it went from hobby to habit Info
Howdy: Same- See how far you can push until it breaks Info
biodoc: I'm a bunker addict and thinking about joining a support group. Info
Howdy: I'm good at the breaking Info
Howdy: Really good at reformatting now though Info
Howdy: I blame it TOTALLY on my TeAm Info
xii5ku: This is my 3rd Wow!-Event, and IIRC I broke things at the 1st and 3rd, and almost at the 2nd. Info
Lane42: (: Info
кёит: what team you on? Info
xii5ku: (as in: letting the magic smoke out) Info
Howdy: TeAm AnandTech Info
Lane42: Same Info
biodoc: Same Info
Howdy: Amazing group of folks, very patient and helpful Info
Lane42: Time to go home and check 10's stats Info
Howdy: They have shown me the way of Linux Info
Howdy: @Lane42- I've been there done that, Sunday morning ritual with coffee! Info
кёит: coffee rocks Info
biodoc: Hoping they change task deadline from 7 weeks to a year so I can start bunkering for next year soon. Info
кёит: surely you can run 100 tasks in less time than that Info
JL: You can tell who bunkered, they start off the event high, and slowly drop as the event moves forward. Info
кёит: yep Info
кёит: C[_] #2 Info
biodoc: Or start off low and finish high. 7 week deadline allows lots of options. Info
JL: I think the only potential negative effect of bunkering is those work units might be slowing other user credits, waiting for the results to be verified. This assumes I'm corre Info
JL: correct on how this works* Info
Howdy: So am I bunkering with ~6000 "pending validation" ? Info
zelandonii: I'm arrived for the last four days. Info
JL: Howdy: Those could be waiting for someone that is bunkering? Info
JL: I'm not sure, but I think that's how it works Info
Howdy: Could be, but most are on slower machines Info
JL: I do a unit, and it's either verifying someone else's results, or then waits for someone else to verify my results Info
JL: I could be wrong Info
Howdy: One could consider setting your machine to receive the max allowed WU's to 100..... Info
Howdy: as bunkering Info
JL: My one machine with 2xgpu+1xcpu gets 300 Info
Howdy: JL, So you are bunkering LOL Info
JL: I never said I was anti-bunkering, but I see your point Info
Howdy: In a sense Info
Howdy: Have I bunkered: Yup, Did I this time: Nope. For the life of me I cannot get it right in Linux Info
Howdy: My TeAmmates have a "Face palm" imprint from trying to help me with getting it to work. Info
Howdy: on Linux Info
кёит: just turn your network off on that machine Info
Heretic: @ JL - except for some who are sneaky and release their bunkered tasks at intervals during the event so they overtake ppl and take them by surprise .... Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
кёит: meow Info
кёит: how well does linux do for ATI cards? Info
кёит: how well does linux do on the cpu end? Info
kittyman: No idea. I think it's the special sauce app for Nvidia cards that really kicks butt. Info
kittyman: Otherwise you could ask in our team forum for help on that. Info
Ken_g6: The Lunatics AVX client seems at least decent on the CPU. I see 0.5-2.5 hour runtimes on Intel. Info
кёит: how much improvement? Info
xii5ku: @кёит, 2017 I saw ~30% improvement in PPD from stock v8.00 to Lunatics' 8.05r3345_avx on Broadwell-EP Info
кёит: nice Info
xii5ku: This year I saw about 2...3 % improvement in PPD going from 8.05r3345_avx to 8.22r4008_avx2 Info
xii5ku: (comparing computers with same hardware running at the same time, since PPD decrease over the long term) Info
Grumpy Swede: Since most WU's on SETI main nowadays are .vlar, I find the Vlock AVX app faster than any other AVX app for the CPU. I don't know if there is a Linux version though. Info
Grumpy Swede: MB8_win_x64_AVX_VS2017_r3714_Vlock.exe Info
кёит: where do you get that? Info
Grumpy Swede: Mike's SETI download site. Manual install of course, including manual editing o app_info.xmlf Info
Grumpy Swede: http://mikesworld.eu/download.html Info
JL: ATI drivers work, but are a pain compared to nvidia Info
JL: And yeah, the cuda code I've seen seems to be nvidia specific, but I could be wrong Info
Grumpy Swede: Eh, app_info.xml of course Info
Grumpy Swede: ATI doesn't use CUDA, it's only Nvidia Info
JL: I got tiered of having to redo ATI drivers all the time, and bought nvidia cards only, have not had an issue since Info
JL: I had to install the ATI SDK to get the drivers to work right Info
JL: But that was a few years ago, I've been nvidia only Info
JL: On ubuntu, sometimes (rarely) my initrd gets out of sync with my dkms, but that's an easy fix Info
Grumpy Swede: I still run an old ATI HD4850 from before the stone age on SETI. But only during the WoW event. The rest of the year that computer is sleeping Info
JL: my last ati cards were DH 7k series (old) Info
JL: HD* Info
JL: I think it was juniper (jupitor?) core name Info
JL: My next purchase was a pair of GTX 960's, never turned back from nvidia since Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah, I had on HD7870 and it run beautiful until the fan seized. I did not have time to change it and get a new one, so I chucked it into a recycling bin Info
кёит: C[_] #3 Info
Grumpy Swede: Now, I'm not that much inteo SETI on a daily basis, so I run SETI seriously only during this event Info
Grumpy Swede: The rest of the year, only very little Info
JL: I have an old machine named "parts" ... you guessed it, it's all my replaced gamer parts Info
JL: It just does seti all the time Info
JL: Those 960 cards are in it Info
JL: It hold about 50k rac Info
Grumpy Swede: This is my daily driver nowaday, and as I said not much SETI goes on there: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=7585453 Info
Grumpy Swede: And especially not 24/7 Info
Grumpy Swede: The rest of my computers are mostly just old stuff that I run very little, or nothing at all Info
JL: parts: Info
JL: Ich benutze die cuda101 von lunatics Viel besser als cuda 50 Deutsch ist nicht meine Sprache, hoffe Google übersetzt dies richtig Info
JL: er Info
JL: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=8033654 Info
JL: my gamer: Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah you're one of those Linux'ers I see :-) Info
JL: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=8573252 Info
JL: Ubuntu is easy Info
Grumpy Swede: Something I will always refuse to even try. They have to pry my windows machines from my dead fingers...:-) Info
JL: My job is Unix sysadmin, Linux, Solaris, BSD, AIX, HPUS Info
Grumpy Swede: I've gone to Linux classes, and leaned linux Admin, but I hated it then, and I still hate it Info
JL: Ubuntu is about the easiest Linux to run, I use it as a gamer because it's easy to make things work Info
Grumpy Swede: But of course, to each his own I guess Info
JL: I *could* make this work on gentoo, but it'd be painful to custom compile everything when there is an update Info
JL: I tried to make seti work on debian on sparc64, boinc runs fine but the seti app is broken Info
JL: https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=8671589 Info
JL: notice it has zero credits Info
JL: Maybe some day I'll take another stab at compiling the seti app on sparc64. Info
JL: But I get a lot of errors Info
JL: Likely why the debian binary is broken Info
JL: And if that's all not understandable to you, nevermind :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: Hehe, well when people start talking Linux, compiling and a lot of carzy command line stuff, I mostly just fall asleep :-) Been there, done that, got the T-shirt and threw it Info
Grumpy Swede: And as I said to one Linux user on SETI, who calle us Windows users "non serious": Even if LInux special sauce gave 100i0 times for credit, I would still stick with Windows Info
Grumpy Swede: 1000 times Info
Grumpy Swede: more credit Info
Grumpy Swede: Sorry, but I'm just peed off at so many Linux users, who think they're better than everyone else Info
Grumpy Swede: Now I will STFU Info
JL: I just don't like Microsoft. I have no ill will toward Windows users, I use it also Info
JL: I *an* administrate it, but I prefer Unix-like OS Info
JL: *can* Info
JL: I will say that windows 10 isn't a terrible workstation Info
JL: same was true of Windows 7 Info
JL: And if it were bnot for Microsoft, computing wouldn't be the same Info
JL: So, even though I dislike Microsoft, it was worthy on some levels Info
JL: </soap box> Info
кёит: https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/sun-sparc-enterprise/documentation/sparc-t7-m7-server-architecture-2702877.pdf Info
кёит: 4.13ghz, 32 cores, 8 threads per core Info
кёит: wish I could find one of those on the street Info
кёит: side of the street Info
JL: My T4 (64 thread, 8x8) isn't bad Info
JL: 8 x 8 Info
JL: I bought it to replace a T5220 because Solaris 11.4 no longer supports a T5220 Info
JL: I got it fairly cheap Info
JL: The main OS is Solaris 11.4, and I'm running two Linux ldoms on it Info
кёит: ldoms? Info
JL: logical doman = virt Info
JL: Except in the SUN (oracle) world, it's a bit different, more like an IBM lpar virt Info
JL: you bind resources to the guests, so it's affinity (only this guest has access to the cpu, ram assigned Info
JL: ) Info
JL: You *can* share disk, but I have separate drive mirrors for each guest Info
JL: one is debian 10, the other is el6 Info
JL: I tend to give too much information when it's a subject I have a passion for, like Unix ... I'll shut up now :-) Info
JL: Wow, that T7 is nice Info
JL: Puts my T4 to shame, but I'd never afford it Info
кёит: high noon Info
Grumpy Swede: 19:00 hours here though. Not so high, and not so much noon :-) Info
кёит: are you Info
кёит: where Info
кёит: Sweden? Info
kittyman: Nooners comes and goes again. Info
кёит: at least it's Sunday Info
Grumpy Swede: Yup Sweden Info
кёит: the collider country Info
кёит: how close to it are you? Info
кёит: are you afraid of getting daim bramage Info
Grumpy Swede: No, The Large Hadron Collider, crosses the border between Switzerland and France. Sweden is far far North of that. So many people mix up Sweden with Switzerland Info
Grumpy Swede: Sweden is in Scandinavia. Switzerland is down in the european continent Info
кёит: I though it was in Sweden Info
кёит: maybe I did mix them up Info
кёит: my bad Info
кёит: it's MT with the dain bramage Info
kittyman: No dain bramage here, just a little fuzzy from the catnip aroma. Info
кёит: that's not for you Info
kittyman: The kitties wanted to share. Info
кёит: ahh...dipping into their stash, eh? Info
kittyman: Contact high when giving it to them....LOL. Info
кёит: gotta get those mounds built before the rain this year Info
kittyman: Might be a thought. Info
кёит: (don't make me come up there) Info
kittyman: You could be the catnip gardener. Info
кёит: I've never grown catnip Info
kittyman: Not too late to learn. Info
кёит: true Info
kittyman: There must be a catnip handbook somewhere. Info
кёит: chores done Info
кёит: Diags Complete Info
kittyman: Sounds like time for gameland. Info
кёит: time ta go furr taday Info
кёит: funzies meows Info
кёит: have a good 'un, all Info
кёит: \\ // Info
кёит: game time Info
kittyman: Have a great one. Good gaming and meowing. Info
кёит: laters Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
Trailerguy: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!! Info
Trailerguy: xD Info
Jimbocous: Meow indeed!! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Howdy, what are you doing? Have you lit yourself on fire!?!?! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: @pututu watch out man! Howdy has lit the after-burners...and the fuel depot too! Scoot over and let me pass, he's after me! https://mugtron.com/pew-pew/ Info
pututu: Dang, my gas tank is empty. I'll move over. :) Info
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