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kittyman: So is there more than one movie in that 4 disc set? Info
kittyman: Last linky broken. Might have been too long. Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/Monsters-Inc-John-Goodman/dp/B00AFEX83C/ref=sr_1_4?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1520625316&sr=1-4&keywords=monsters+inc Info
kent: ok this one is both movies Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/Monsters-University-Region-Free-Blu-ray/dp/B00F89W2JA/ref=sr_1_5?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1520625316&sr=1-5&keywords=monsters+inc Info
kittyman: Both movies? Meow? Info
kittyman: Ahhh...I see now. There was a sequel. Is that one good too, or a pass on that one? Info
kent: Monsters University is the second movie, it's a prequel, I haven't seen it yet Info
kittyman: Ahhhhhhh. Info
kittyman: Well, if the first one was so good, I suppose I should go in for both of them. Info
kent: I've watched Monsters Inc. well over 100 times...not including the other 100 I fell asleep Info
kittyman: Wonder if one should watch the prequel first then. Info
kittyman: 100 TIMES????? And I thought I had OCD.....LOL. Info
kittyman: I wish there was a blu ray of k-pax. I've probably come close to your record watching that one. Info
kent: dont watch the 2nd 1 1st Info
kent: sacrilegious Info
kittyman: LOL.....like some people wanting to decide which order to watch all the Star Wars movies in....... Info
kent: you would have little to look forward to Info
kent: the story is written to be read that way Info
kittyman: Gotcha. Info
kent: you could destroy the exp Info
kittyman: Exp? Info
kittyman: Oh, texting talk again. Experience. Info
kent: experience...I forgot your not a gamer Info
kittyman: Note to self........."Self, do not watch Monsters University first. Got that, self?" Info
kent: speaking of which... Info
kent: I am very late Info
kent: don.t even buy it Info
kittyman: I was wondering when your withdrawal symptoms were going to set in. Info
kittyman: Off to gaming you go then. Have a great afternoon, Kent. Info
kent: what withdrawal Info
kent: yeah Info
kittyman: LOL...... And thanks for the info on Monsters. Info
kent: well, one's gotta do somethin' Info
kittyman: No harm in that, indeed. Info
kent: I suggest not even buying university Info
kittyman: Why not, you have not even seen it. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Meow for now then. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: for me...the temptation would probly be to great, and individually the price will come down Info
kent: the individual movies Info
kittyman: Well, you probably will want to watch it at some point, since you like the first one so much. Info
kent: I max out at 1920x1080 60hz...right now I don't care Info
kent: I cain'd do no betta Info
kittyman: I stick with 1280 x 720, I can see things OK then. I can go higher here. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meowlaters. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: Hurray Caturday Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #1. And the kitties meow for Caturday! Info
kent: Hurray Info
kittyman: Gotta luv Caturday! Info
kittyman: Bright and sunshiny here today. Starting out cold, but nicer later. And I am starting to wake up. Meeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: we have sunbeams Info
kittyman: Any nomnoms around to celebrate Caturday? Info
kent: the little orange and white one, he won't eat the treats Info
kittyman: Poor kitty. Must be a scaredy cat 'cuz he's the little one. Somebody must have picked on him. Info
kent: and little mr orange Info
kittyman: After it warms up and I've attended to my bubbles, think I'll slip that new serpentine belt into Toothless and see if the new popup spring will work. Info
kittyman: Meow, Mr. Orange! Info
kittyman: Did ya find that spare CPU to test your mobo with yet? Info
kent: ain't lokked yet Info
kittyman: I see. I just had a kitty visitor on the front porch munching on the kibbles!! Info
kent: ah, kittie cam yet Info
kittyman: That's on the list after I finish with this computer project. Gotta check my bank account and see if I gotz anything left to pay bills with before I get paid again in 2 weeks Info
kittyman: Got a dang water bill to pay, I know that's coming due. Info
kittyman: That bill always ticks me off. It's about $10.00 for the actual water, and another $110.00 for all the BS charges they tack on to it. Info
kent: Lori find out who's makin' tracks? Info
kittyman: I'll have to ask her, but the last time I did, she hadn't bothered to put the kittycam out yet. Info
kittyman: I'll be over there tonight, and I'll make sure it gets set up. Info
kittyman: But right now, I believe my bubbles are calling me....................meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: And such good fortune I did doth hath, for I basked in the bountiful bubble bath. Info
kent: waxing poetic Info
kittyman: And I polished up those bubbles so carefully that now I am the ruler of the kitty navy. Info
kittyman: With apoligies to Gilbert and Sullivan. (W. S. Gilbert (1836–1911) and Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900) Info
kittyman: I'm gonna go out and install that belt and hopefully the spring, and run off for some coffee and then my meds at Walgreens. Info
kittyman: Should be about 45 minutes or so. Meowzoooooooooooooooooooooooooom. Info
kent: I don't do nothing with out coffee first Info
kittyman: Well, I had the 2 that I had left. Must.........have.......more........coffee!!!! Info
kent: we're spose to get up to 85f today Info
kent: 76 right now Info
kittyman: [] #3. Back from errands. We got 36 here now, and the sun is warm. Not too bad at all. Info
kittyman: Well....I'm about due for a catnap. You may be running off to gameland soon, I suppose, so I'll meow at ya now. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEOW! Info
kent: our A/C just busted again, 3rd time in a week Info
kent: gotta shut down the hottest systems Info
kent: the heat's gonna get bad in here today Info
kent: 82f right now, and I doubt they're gonna fix it today Info
kent: I just caught Lois (the asst. mgr.) in the parking lot, she didn't even know it was out, know I know Something will happen eventually Info
kent: now I know Info
kent: it's still gonna take hours Info
kent: ok, I'm setup for the heat as best as I can be Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Well, good luck with the AC repair and hope you don't melt while you are gaming. Meow! Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Oh look, kitties..... It's stupidly early on a Sunday and Dad is up. Info
kent: DST got me again Info
kittyman: Oh yeah. I Info
kittyman: It's 6AM, not 5AM. Info
kittyman: I wish they would just do away with this nonsense. Info
kent: yep Info
kent: I like it this way better Info
kittyman: I guess I would take this over 1 hour later. But for crying out loud, enough with the back and forth. Info
kittyman: Looks like my watch adjusted itself last night. It's reading correctly. Computer did too. Info
kittyman: How'd the work on the AC unit go? Info
kent: it came on about 1:45 pm, didn't take long this time Info
kittyman: Lucky it is early in your AC season, otherwize you'd probably still be waiting for a service tech to show up, eh? Info
kent: they replaced the breaker a few days ago, now management can just throw a switch Info
kittyman: Overloaded, or old breakers? Info
kent: entire system is quite old Info
kittyman: That can start to cost more to keep band-aiding than replacement. Info
kent: it's a BIG industrial AC, 8 three foot fans Info
kittyman: Cools all of the apartments? Info
kent: yep, or heats them Info
kittyman: Heats them when it breaks, or it has heating built into it too? Info
kent: heating is a section of the system Info
kent: push button Info
kittyman: Hmmm....wonder how that works if somebody wants heat and somebody else wants AC. Info
kent: if it's cold outside for long, AC goes off and heater comes on Info
kent: you can turn off the AC or heater from inside your apt. Info
kittyman: So do you have your own thermostat, or is turning it on and off all you can select? Info
kent: thermostat yes, fan control low medium high or off Info
kent: if it's cold outside and the AC is on, just turn your fan to off and your apt. will heat up on it's own Info
kittyman: Well, then it sounds like it's flexible enough to give you what you want. Info
kent: if it's working Info
kittyman: Of course. Info
kent: If Info
kent: if is an awfully big word for only having 2 letters Info
kittyman: If and when. Info
kittyman: Yeah, 'if' covers a lot of ground. Kinda like 'possibly'. Info
kent: yeah Info
kittyman: Just sent a message to the seller on Newegg about that Conductonaut. Do not have it or a valid tracking number yet. Info
kent: does it exist? Info
kittyman: I think so, the listing on Newegg said 'stock, ships from China'. Info
kent: 2 to 3 weeks Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Maybe, but I should get a valid tracking number. I just ordered some on Amazon. Info
kittyman: I'll duke it out with the seller on Newegg if they do not come clean soon. Info
kittyman: I did get a little envelope Friday with 3 applicator swabs only for the Conductonaut. Hope it's not a scam. Info
kittyman: [] #2. Info
kittyman: Ya find that spare CPU yet? Meow? Info
kittyman: (I'll hit the bubbles whilst Kent is looking.) Info
kent: I still ain't looked yet Info
kittyman: [] #3. Well, no wonder ya ain't found it yet. Info
kent: check it out, I've got a 3.4 I can put in it Info
kittyman: Well you can test the old mobo out, and if it really is shot you'll have an upgrade for the new mobo. Info
kent: it has a 3.6 in it Info
kittyman: Oooops. I must be thinking of my 10 core, being 3.00Ghz stock speed. Info
kent: this 3.4 might just be HT not dual Info
kittyman: But at least ya got one to test the mobo with. Info
kent: yep Info
kent: got a 3.0 too Info
kittyman: All sortsa spares.....left over from upgrades, I suppose? Info
kent: yep Info
kent: I can't believe it's almost 10:00 Info
kittyman: Yup. The older ya get, the faster time flies, they say. Info
kent: it's cuz of DST Info
kittyman: Yeah, that don't help things much. Info
kittyman: [] #4. And still meowing! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Did ya take a catnap to get back your missing hour of sleepies? Info
kent: I never nap Info
kent: I didn't miss nothin' Info
kittyman: Really? I like my little catnaps with my kitties. Info
kittyman: Not much too exciting going on today, that's for sure. Info
kent: true dat Info
kent: I'm a tellin' ya man...this new lighter is saving tons of butane Info
kittyman: How so? Info
kent: no gas Info
kent: I recharge it via USB Info
kittyman: Oh yah, I forgot all about that. Info
kent: the BIC I have should have died by now and has lots of gas left Info
kittyman: Well, if ya don't use it to light your cigs anymore, I would expect it to last a long time. Info
kent: I still use the Bic a little, for other things Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: Flic my Bic. Info
kittyman: Yeah, I know what ya been lightin' wit da Bic. Info
kent: flic it, flic it good Info
kittyman: You be da flicmaster. Info
kittyman: I think I'm gonna do a tranny fluid flush on Toothless this afternoon. Info
kent: whee Info
kittyman: Shouldn't be too hard. Info
kittyman: Just a bit messy from disconnecting the lines and pouring the new stuff in. Had the car for 7 years now, and never changed the tranny fluid. Info
kent: 7 yrs? you are outayomind dot com Info
kittyman: Whaddya mean? Info
kent: ok, funzies meows Info
kent: I'm a late again Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Have a good time then. Meow for now. Info
kittyman: () #1. Meow, it's Monday already. Info
kent: already then Info
kittyman: I wish the work week would fly by as fast as the weekends do. Info
kent: time flies when you're practicing lazy Info
kittyman: That's the only plausible explanation. Info
kent: AC busted again last night and still off, good thing it's 50f outside Info
kittyman: Geez. Hope the repairman stands behind his work. Info
kent: when management wakes up they'll just flip the breaker Info
kittyman: Ya think that's all it is? Info
kent: hopefully Info
kittyman: If that keeps happening, maybe the breaker should be replaced. They can get tired and start nuisance tripping. Info
kent: they just replaced it a few days ago, maybe it's the wrong one, I'll find out at 9:00 Info
kittyman: Is the breaker on the AC unit or is it in a main service panel? Info
kittyman: I think code requires a breaker or shutoff switch at the unit. Info
kent: on the AC Info
kent: it's not a separate box Info
kent: AC has its own LED control panel Info
kittyman: I suppose you're not allowed to go over and flip it back on, eh? Info
kent: ain't got the keys Info
kittyman: I pretty much suspected it was locked up. Info
kittyman: Time for bubbles! Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Hmmm....had my bubbles and laid down with the kitties. Must've dozed off for longer than I thought. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeow. Info
kittyman: Bright and sunshiny here today. It's up to 36. Info
kittyman: () #2. Info
kittyman: 9AM. Time for you to check on the AC unit. Info
kent: oh yah Info
kittyman: Must not be too hot yet, or ya woulda been knocking on the manager's door at 9:00:01. Info
kent: the breaker isn't in the AC, it's on the power pole next to it, the new breaker is working... Info
kent: there's something wrong with the unit cuz it keeps throwing the breaker, they've already called Carrier Info
kent: I have a 22 inch box fan in my window blowing in cool air Info
kittyman: Wonder how long it'll take the Carrier guy to show up. Info
kittyman: Fixing AC down there must be mighty big business. Info
kent: they are fairly prompt Info
kent: they have special guys for the big machines, this one's not for home use Info
kittyman: Yeah, I took it as being a rather industrial sized unit. 'Bout big as a car I suppose. Info
kent: oh no...it ha eight, three foot fans, it takes up at least 3+ parking spaces Info
kittyman: Even bigger than I was thinking then. Info
kent: ok, I just went upstairs on the other side of the building, the fans are about 2 feet across, and it takes up a little more than 2 parking spaces in length an over 1 wide Info
kent: and 2 of the fans are spinning which means it's on meow Info
kittyman: That's a monster sized chiller. You should tap into it for your computers. Info
kent: you can still see the thing from space Info
kent: I would never put it on my puters, to unreliable Info
kittyman: Find it on Google Earth..... Info
kent: it's on the west side of the building Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: and now the AC is off again Info
kittyman: Because they are working on it? Info
kent: and now it's back on, and nobody is out there working on it Info
kittyman: So it's cycling on and off by itself then? Info
kent: probably not Info
kent: if it's on it spins all the time Info
kittyman: Well, the compressor is kicking out or something if it stops cooling. Info
kent: it's working good right now Info
kittyman: Send it some kitty juju, maybe that will keep it running. Info
kent: jujujuju Info
kittyman: Hey, it could help. Really. Info
kent: it's worked before Info
kittyman: At least keep it working until the Carrier guy can figure out what's really wrong. Info
kittyman: Geez, it's getting close to that time again. Meowsigh. Info
kent: yep, almost game time Info
kittyman: Better start your warmup exercises to keep those wrists in shape.......... Info
kent: I do that all day, sittin' at the puter most of the day Info
kent: mousey here mousey there Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmousey. Info
kent: little bit a keyboard action every now and then Info
kent: nothing to exciting, but it keeps the blood flowing Info
kittyman: Same here...... Well, I better get to what cannot be put off much longer. Have fun today and meow for now. Info
kent: have funzies Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: You know I shall. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeouttahere. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1. And oh yeah, Seti be down. Meowsigh. Info
kent: they've been down fer a while Info
kittyman: Not surprising. But I just woke up. Wonder if they will have another long one like last week's. Info
kent: maybe they'll turn it into a 2 day outage all the time Info
kittyman: Don't give 'em any ideas now. Info
kent: AC down again and Carrier truck is already here Info
kittyman: Well at least the man wit da plan be on da scene. Info
kent: and it's 45f outside Info
kent: I hope they fix it before it gets any hotter Info
kittyman: Well at least the man wit da plan be in da houz. Info
kittyman: Maybe you can go out and give him some pointers. Info
kittyman: Time for me to get them bubbles rolling. Back in a bit. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. Meowgoodbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: no more test tube? Info
kittyman: It's actually a mug of coffee. I got a tin of some instant stuff a while back and finally thought I'd try it out. Info
kittyman: Victorian Inn Cappuccino. Sugar free French Vanilla. It doesn't tell me the caffeine content though. Info
kent: Cappuccino is made with espresso Info
kittyman: Which means? Info
kittyman: I'm not usually a hot coffee guy. Info
kittyman: But this tastes pretty good, actually. Info
kent: espresso is high in caffeine Info
kittyman: I sent them an email asking for the caffeine content. We shall see if I get a reply. Info
kittyman: If this stuff does the waky waky bit OK, it would save me a ton over the Monster Java I've been drinking. Info
kent: wake you up? Info
kittyman: Too soon to tell, I think. I'll make another cuppa. Info
kent: make it twice as strong Info
kittyman: I put a bunch of little scoopies in. Info
kent: hehe Info
kent: bounce bounce Info
kittyman: I'll let ya know if I start bouncing offa da walls............LOL. Info
kent: ping ping ping Info
kittyman: The Monster Java that I usually have been drinking has a fair amount of caffeine in it too, so I am not expecting a big shock. Info
kent: AC back on, lets see how long it lasts Info
kittyman: Send it another batch of kitty juju. Info
kent: juju juju juju Info
kittyman: C[_] #4. I think it's kicking in.....did not have my usual catnap today. Meow! Info
kent: more more more Info
kittyman: LOL....this should be enough to keep me going all day. Info
kent: go go go...go go go go...go go...go go go go Info
kittyman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH2-TGUlwu4 Info
kent: yeah yeah yeah Info
kent: go go kittie go go Info
kittyman: Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow!!!!!!! Info
kent: bout that tome again Info
kent: time Info
kittyman: Yeah, and getting to be that time for me again as well. Meowsigh. Info
kittyman: 'Till tomorrow then......same cat time, same cat channel. Meow for now. Info
kent: have funzies Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. OMG, dear Stephen Hawking has passed away. Info
kittyman: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2018/03/14/stephen-hawkings-death-converges-with-pi-day-einsteins-birthday.html Info
kent: yah, I saw that about an hour ago Info
kent: but not on fox Info
kittyman: An amazing mind. Now he does not have to struggle with his body anymore. Info
kittyman: Hmmmm.... The coffee mix has about 50mf of caffeine per cup the way I am making it. The Monster Java has about 188 per can. Info
kittyman: No wonder I was not getting much of a buzz yesterday. Info
kent: make it stronger Info
kittyman: If I make it much stronger, it will be a paste.....LOL. Info
kent: get some cheap instant coffee and use that stuff for flavoring Info
kittyman: That might work. I'll have to check some labels for caffeine content. Info
kittyman: How much does yours have? Info
kent: have no idea Info
kent: don't say nuttin' on the jar Info
kent: I got the generic instant right now, it's not as strong as the Folgers Info
kittyman: The can of coffee mix didn't either, I had to email them and ask. Info
kent: If it got caffeine in it, I don't care, I'll make it stronger if need be Info
kittyman: Some times one has to improvise....... Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. And a stiffer one. I'm gonna hit the bubbles whilst it cools down a tad. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Ahhhh.....mucho bubbles grande. Meowbubbles! Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Hmmmm.....ice in the kitty waterbowl on the porch. The heater in it must have broken already. Good thing it's warming up for spring. Info
kittyman: C[_] #3. Meowcaffeine. Info
kent: fix it Info
kittyman: I'll have a look at it this weekend, but I think it might be a sealed unit. Info
kent: unseal it Info
kittyman: We shall see after I inspect it. I shall let you know...........meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: deliding Info
kittyman: ROFLMAO....yup, the tweaker delids the water bowl. LOL.....THAT is funny. Good one! Info
kittyman: Well, the coffee must be working, no catnappy today. Meowpurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: bout that time Info
kent: the earlier I start, the more I get done Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Mine is getting closer by the minute too........tick tick tick. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: You have funzies then, I'll go build some more fire trucks. Meow for now. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. Well, kitties, looks like I made it to Thorsday. Meowkitties! Info
kent: last day again Info
kittyman: Yeah...almost another kitty weekend. Info
kent: I haven't seen any kitties around here for days Info
kittyman: That's a bummer. I like to get your kitty sighting reports. Info
kittyman: Well, I'm hittin' the bubbles early today, have an errand I have to take care of this morning. Back in a bit after some bubbleation. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Meowbubblesgoodmeow. Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. Meow! Info
kittyman: Okee dokee....time to run those errands. Should be less than an hour, I hope. Meowzoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomies. Info
kent: meowz Info
kittyman: Kback....had to hit the bank and then Walgreens to pick up my Modafinil. 30 tabs, $300.00........meouch. Info
kent: cheese, $10 bucks each Info
kent: with insurance Info
kent: ? Info
kittyman: Well, the insurance doesn't kick in until I pay my $1600.00 deductable out of pocket, ya see. Info
kittyman: So I'm on the hook for $300.00/month for another 4 months. Info
kittyman: Looks like I should have that Conductonaut I ordered from Amazon today in the mail. Meowmeowmeow! Info
kent: and take it apart again Info
kittyman: Well, at least I have that down to a science now. Have a long bit driver with the correct bit in it so it is much easier. Info
kittyman: I am thinking that Joe at Modmymeows should be shipping the new waterblock any day now. Info
kittyman: I can't really hurt this one much more by playing around with it. Info
kittyman: C[_] #4. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: don't hurt it no more Info
kittyman: Nah, it is what it is now. Still probably better than many blocks. Info
kittyman: And the mailman has delivered some Conductokitty paste! Meeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: There shore ain't much in that tiny tube......the applicator nozzle, if you can call it that, is the size of a hypodermic needle. Info
kittyman: I'm not gonna waste it playing around with the damaged block. Info
kent: save it for the 6 Info
kent: BattleBots is on the Science channel, it's pretty cool Info
kittyman: About fighting robots? Info
kent: yeah Info
kent: they slaughter one another Info
kent: metal flying everywhere, sparks and fire Info
kittyman: Ever watch the movie 'Real Steel'? Info
kent: no Info
kent: this is really happening Info
kittyman: It's about futuristic prize fighting with huge robots. It's for kids and grownups. Along the lines of the Transformers movies. Info
kittyman: Is BattleBots a contest or something? Info
kent: oh yeah, I used to watch BattleBots on PBS about 35 yrs ago, they gotten way more sophisticated Info
kent: yrs ago Info
kent: 25 Info
kent: not 35 Info
kittyman: I see. It probably is fun to watch them tear each other up. Info
kent: oh yeah, and it's real Info
kittyman: Well, I suppose I should get underway and put this workday in the record books. Info
kent: why not Info
kent: it's fun Info
kittyman: Most days, it's not too bad at all. Info
kittyman: Sooooooooooooo meow for now, Kent. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: () #1. Not even awake enough to make that first cuppa coffee. Meowyawnstretchlicklickyawnstretchmeow. Info
kent: that's the only reason I do wake up Info
kittyman: Yeah, but it's not as easy as just grabbing a can of coffee and popping the top. Info
kent: 4 days until Spring, looks like the stupid groundhog was right, he got 7 out of 31 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. The meds kicked in just enough to make the first cuppa. Brain might be starting to wake a bit. Info
kittyman: Sunandshiny here this morning. Think it's supposed to hit 40 today, 48 on Caturday, and 49 on Sunday. Nice weekend. Info
kent: we're spose to hit the mid 80's Info
kittyman: Spring is trying to start! Info
kittyman: BTW...Joe at Modmymeows shipped the new waterblock yesterday!! Due here on Monday. Meowmeowmeow! Info
kittyman: I shall endeavor not to drop this one. Info
kent: just don't have any tools where it can fall Info
kittyman: I suppose. It would probably bounce OK on what's left of the carpet. Info
kittyman: But it would be better if I did not test that theory. Info
kent: true, get an old pillow Info
kittyman: Then I would trip over the pillow. Info
kent: pessimist Info
kittyman: Realist. Info
kittyman: The new waterblock has a temp readout built into it. Info
kittyman: That is, if I have a USB port on the mobo to plug it into. Info
kent: I do Info
kittyman: I think I do too. The H110i had a usb connection. Depends on the connector that the waterblock has on it. Info
kittyman: It'll cool just fine without the readout if I have to get and adapter or something. Info
kent: usb is usb Info
kittyman: Yeah, but I think the connectors on the mobo are header pins, not a regular usb port. Info
kittyman: Time to bask in bubbles. Back in a bit. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: check the manual Info
kittyman: Already on that, buddy. It actually has 4 usb headers on the mobo. 2 usb2.0 and 2 usb 3.0 Info
kent: yeah I was just checking out asus boards and they mostly have 4 Info
kittyman: Hmmm....was just looking at the block again....it does not list a cable among the included parts. Time to email Joe. Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. Meowing better now. Info
kent: C[)] #3 Info
kittyman: C[_] #3. Uhhh....did you put a stick of cinnamon in your cuppa? Meow? Info
kent: not on purpose Info
kent: I hope it's not an omen of a broken mug Info
kent: it looks like it has a crack in it Info
kittyman: LOL.....I thought it was a cinnamon stick or a straw and you were trying to see if I noticed. Better apply some kitty juju to your mug so it does not crack then. Info
kent: I want a 2112 mug any way Info
kittyman: A 2112 mug? Meow? Info
kent: RUSH 2112 Info
kittyman: Ahhh....I see. I was never real big on that band myself. Info
kittyman: Maybe a Stevie Ray Vaughn mug for me. Info
kent: no workies today Info
kittyman: Me? No, it's my 3 day kitty weekend, as usual. Info
kent: it was a statement Info
kittyman: Ahh.....and you are correct. Info
kittyman: And I am luvin' it. Info
kittyman: Gee whiz, it's high noon already. Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: Time flies unless you're working. Info
kent: fun stuff Info
kittyman: I likes my fun stuff. Info
kittyman: I'm gonna go out later and work on the driver's door on Toothless. It's sagging just a teeny bit and I wanna see if I can jimmy it back up a tad. Info
kent: buy a new one Info
kittyman: Heck no. I don't mind tinkering on this one when it needs it, and sometimes when it doesn't need it. Info
kent: make him newer Info
kittyman: I like a car that I am able to work on myself. Eventually there won't be any of them anymore. Info
kent: tinker tinker Info
kent: gotta tinker somethin' Info
kittyman: Yup, that's my OCD side kicking in. Info
kent: where are all those flying cars we were promised back in the '60's ? Info
kittyman: Dunno. Probably the same place the 100mpg carbeurator ended up. Info
kent: I'm still waiting for all the flash backs they promised us too Info
kent: ain't had one yet Info
kittyman: LOL......only did that a few times when I was in my young and crazy days. Info
kent: me too Info
kent: never again Info
kittyman: Nope.... Info
kent: all chores done for today Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Have the nomnom kitties still been in hiding? Info
kittyman: Have fun then, and meow for now. Info
kent: meowzies Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. And the kitties meow for Caturday! Meowmeowmeow!! Info
kent: Caturday Info
kent: still no kitties Info
kittyman: Aww shucks. Info
kittyman: The kitties should be out today. Especially since it's Caturday. Info
kent: it's dry and you don't even need a sweater Info
kittyman: Then they should be out and about. And for kitties, I suppose every day is Caturday. Info
kent: I'll put on my shoes and go look around the building Info
kittyman: It's only 22.6f here. Outdoor kitties would be a bit chilled. Info
kittyman: Find 'em find 'em find 'em. Info
kent: nuttin' Info
kittyman: Meowsigh. At least you had a nice little stroll. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Never did get at the car door yesterday. 'Sposed to be nicer today, around 48 this afternoon, and 52 on Sunday. Then it cools back down to a more normal range. Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. Info
kittyman: C[_] #3. Meow? Info
kent: meow, my coffee's going slow today Info
kittyman: I'm not being real speedy this morning either. I'm just about to hit the bubbles now. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: C[_] #4. Bubbles? Did somebody say BUBBLES?? I LOVE bubbles!!! Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Meow! Somebody said it again! Meow! Info
kittyman: Caturday is a good day to be lazy.....like a cat. Info
kent: I can't sleep 18 hrs a day Info
kittyman: Well, I certainly can't. But it would be nice just to be able to lay around and bask in the sun all day. Info
kent: as far as I'm concerned, that's what I do Info
kittyman: Well, at least I get 3 days out of the week to act like I am a cat. Info
kent: act meow Info
kittyman: I'm almost always meowy. Info
kittyman: Just went out to fetch the mail.....it's pretty meowy out there now, up to 45f. Moewfeelswarm! Info
kent: high noon Info
kent: little after Info
kittyman: Yup....nice afternoon to tinker on Toothless. Meow! Info
kent: bout time for game prep Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: pet the kitties Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meow.....was on the phone with Lori. Soooooooooooooo, meow for now. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1. Is it Sunday already?? Meow. Info
kent: early for you meow Info
kittyman: Yahyahyah, it's early. Info
kittyman: No cuppa for me today. Had to get some cans of my coffee from the gas station yesterday. Info
kent: calico kitty was just outside, he's a scardy cat too Info
kent: I started throwing treats to him but he thought I was trying to hurt him and ran away Info
kittyman: Aww, poor kitty. Maybe some other people are mean to the kitties. Info
kittyman: A pox on people who are mean to the kitties. Info
kittyman: I had to get some cans of coffee, can't make no cuppas. Info
kent: you should buy in bulk Info
kittyman: Well, I gotz half a tin of the coffee mix yet, but my nuke box blew up yesterday. Info
kent: what'd you do to it, did you tweak it to much? Info
kittyman: No tweakies for the microwave. Info
kittyman: It was 30 years old. Info
kent: cheeses Info
kent: don't you have a pot? Info
kittyman: I could boil some water on the stove, but more bother than I wish to deal with. Info
kittyman: It was a cheap Panasonic micro that I bought years ago when I worked at Sound World selling stereo gear. Info
kittyman: I was warming up some lunch yesterday and it went brrrrrrRRRRRRRRRSNAPCRACKPOW. Info
kent: hehehe, don't you love it when that happens Info
kittyman: It sounded rather dramatic.....LOL. I could hear the fuse inside it snap rather loudly. Info
kittyman: I got far more than my money's worth outta that one. It was a cheapy to begin with. Info
kent: your tin foil hat fell in it Info
kittyman: LOLLOL. Info
kent: little orange and white kitty is outside now, I left some treats out there so maybe he'll find them Info
kittyman: Sniff the treats, little kitty! Nomnoms for you. Info
kittyman: Got the door fixed on Toothless yesterday. Put my floor jack under it and bent the hinges back into place. Had to shim a couple of locator bolts. Now it closes much smoother Info
kittyman: Better than when I bought the car 7 years ago. Info
kittyman: I tweaked the door.....LOL. Info
kent: surgery Info
kittyman: It was all real easy, had to go to my hardware store for a couple of 3/8" hardened washers. Info
kittyman: And I borrowed the special star bit to adjust the striker bolt from work. Info
kittyman: I've set the striker bolt adjustment on fire truck doors, so I knew how that worked. Info
kittyman: [] #2. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Shopping Consumer Reports for a new nuke box. Meowsniffsniff? Info
kent: walmart Info
kittyman: Maybeso. Gotta look at the ratings first. Info
kittyman: Looks like another Panasonic at Amazon would fill the bill. Info
kent: how much? Info
kittyman: Panasonic NN-SD745S $173.99, free shipping. Info
kent: that's a big one Info
kittyman: Huh? It's a midsize, almost the same as my dead one. It's only 1.6 cu ft. Info
kittyman: Not real big at all. But enough for my needs. Info
kent: mine's small Info
kittyman: Well, this is close to my dead one, and I got 30 years outta it. So another Panasonic sounds like a good gamble. Good ratings on Amazon. Info
kittyman: And being about the same size, it will fit on my counter where the dead one sits. Kinda tight on space there. Info
kittyman: I don't think it will be much cheaper anywhere else. Info
kittyman: And Amazon is really good on dealing with things if I get a bad one. Info
kent: all true Info
kittyman: OK kitties.....hit the buy button. Meowbuyitbuyitbuyit. Info
kittyman: The kitties like to hit the buy button. Info
kent: I've noticed Info
kittyman: I do the research and I let the kitties have the fun of hitting the buy button. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: It should be her by Tuesday, meow. Info
kittyman: [] #3. Meow. Info
kittyman: Now that I have a new nukey on the way, it's time to relax in some bubbles. Meowbackinabit. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: I wanna new nukey now Info
kittyman: You didn't blow up your old one yet.....LOL. Info
kittyman: They aren't really that expensive, if you don't need all the bells and whistles. Info
kittyman: You could nuke the kitty treats and serve them warm. Info
kittyman: You could nuke your tinfoil hat for a while and then you might have an excuse to get a new one. Info
kent: I've never had a new nukey, all hand me downs Info
kittyman: Well.......then it's about time you treated yourself to a new one. You deserve it. You can give the old one to Goodwill. Info
kent: goodwill wouldn't take it, recycling will Info
kittyman: I just asked the kitties and they said their buddy in Texas should get a new nukey. Info
kittyman: Good will won't take it if it's still working? Info
kent: to old to dirty, there's a couple of dead roaches in the counter window Info
kittyman: LOL..... I don't think we get roaches up here, or at least not that you hear about them. Info
kent: everybody has roaches somewhere Info
kittyman: I've never seen a live one around here. Now the health department says you need a new nukey. Info
kittyman: That Panasonic looks pretty nice, dunno if you want a bigger one. I don't really have the room for anything much larger than the one I got. Info
kittyman: And it's plenty big for what I use it for. Info
kent: you'vs seen a dead roach? Info
kittyman: No, just pictures of them. Info
kittyman: And that was enough for me. I don't like bugs very much. I do get ants once in a while. I just put kitty safe baits out for the ants. Info
kent: C[_] #4 Info
kittyman: I'm a gonna go snuggle with my kitties and perhaps get a little catnappy in. Back in a bit. Meow. Info
kittyman: Well, just a wee bit of a catnap, and my kitties are a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrin'. Info
kent: when are they not Info
kittyman: Well, they don't purr much when they are sleeping. Bandit snores though. Info
kent: haha Info
kittyman: She does. Pretty loudly sometimes. I don't think I ever heard any other cat snore like that. Info
kent: I've heard a cat snort while asleep Info
kittyman: I've heard them make chattering noises and twitch when they are in dreamland hunting something. Info
kent: mouses Info
kent: already 11:00 Info
kittyman: Shore is. Wish the days at workies would fly by this fast. Info
kittyman: Getting nice outside....up to 47 already. Might have to take a stroll around the yard for the first time this year. Info
kent: 71 here spose to hit 84 Info
kittyman: Dry and comfortable, or sticky? Info
kent: rained last night so, wet overcast, nice Info
kent: I have super dry skin so I love the humidity, I've had my door open all morning Info
kent: 74 now, gotta close the door Info
kittyman: Ahhhh....time to turn the AC on. Hope it doesn't cut out again on ya., Info
kent: the AC has never been off, when it's cool enough outside, the Ac is aided by mother nature Info
kittyman: So it just runs all the time and you tap off of it when you get too warm then? Info
kent: it always runs, I have to ajust the thermostat as it continually gets warmer outside, so it stay basically the same temp 24 hrs a day Info
kent: inside Info
kent: chores done...gotta go Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meow for now then..... Good gaming for you and see ya tomorrow. Info
kittyman: () #1. Why am I meowing so early? I dunno. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: I made #1 at 3:15, must be the phase of the moon Info
kittyman: Holy moley, I'm glad I was not up THAT early. Info
kittyman: Keeping an eye out for nomnom kitties? Info
kent: none yet Info
kittyman: The little rascals have been hiding lately. Info
kent: I'll go look after I get my shoes on Info
kittyman: You should get a pair of kitty slippers to wear for nomnom searching. Info
kent: need real shoes in this parking lot Info
kittyman: Why is that? Info
kent: broken stuff, oil slicks, etc. Info
kent: no hide nor hair today Info
kent: no fur either Info
kent: neither Info
kittyman: I see, rather rugged parking lot. Maybe you have to import some feral kitties. Info
kent: wasn't rugged today but can be, no more kitties, their in danger here Info
kittyman: I suppose. Wouldn Info
kittyman: Would not want to put them in harm's way. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: 4th bombing in Austin last night Info
kittyman: I'm heating up some water on the stove so I can make some coffee....the soda just ain't cuttin' it. Info
kittyman: Yeah I read a little about those package bombs. Info
kent: this one had a trip wire Info
kittyman: Geeeezus. I hope they get some leads on the perp pretty soon. Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. Now that's more like it. Info
kent: one of them was a 30 minute walk from my house Info
kittyman: That's getting too close to home. Watch out for any funny packages. Info
kent: oh yeah Info
kent: 1 hour before bank run Info
kittyman: Moneymoneymoneymoney....... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXE_n2q08Yw Info
kent: rent due today Info
kittyman: Gots ta keep da roof over your head, for sure. Info
kent: want cheese burger Info
kittyman: Kinda early for a burger, inna? Info
kittyman: I suppose you could add some bacon to it and call it breakfast. Info
kent: for din din Info
kent: I typically only eat once a day Info
kittyman: Well, if you're not hungry, nothing wrong with that. Info
kent: of course I'll eat some french fries on the way home Info
kittyman: A man's gotta keep his strength up whilst hiking. Info
kent: gotta go before I miss the bus...wheee Info
kittyman: Off to bubble land for me. Meow. Info
kittyman: Back from the bubbles.................... Info
kent: Hurray Jack in the Box Info
kent: C[_] #4 Info
kittyman: Somebody must have gotten their cheesburger. Info
kent: Jumbo Jack w/cheese, Ultimate Cheeseburger, Spicy chicken burger, 2 large fries, onion rings and 6 tacos Info
kittyman: That should be quite a meai.......LOL. Info
kent: that's 3 days worth, I figured, well, while I'm here... Info
kittyman: Nukey nukey. Info
kittyman: 'Bout time for me to hit the road. So meow for now. Info
kent: meowmeow Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meow meow laters. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. And up just in time to see Seti go down............. Info
kent: this just in...school shooting in Maryland Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: I didn't see that yet. I just saw the report about another bomb near you. Info
kittyman: People have just gone stark raving mad lately. Info
kent: last bomb was 1 hr away Info
kent: it blew up in a fedex warehouse just north of San Antonio, mailed from Austin to Austin Info
kittyman: The further the better. And every news story about such things inspires another wannabe whacko, I'm afraid to day. Info
kittyman: afraid to say. Info
kent: the school has only been on lockdown for 30 minutes, this is very new Info
kittyman: Yeah, Fox News has that story now. Info
kittyman: They should set up a 'Hunger Games' camp for those whackos. Anybody that wants to kill somebody could go there. Info
kittyman: And take each other out of the gene pool. Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. And time to bubble my troubles away. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Bubbles and a catnap meowmeowmeow. Info
kittyman: The new waterblock did arrive yesterday. It's a beauty. I'll have to take care not to drop this one...... Info
kent: care Info
kittyman: Extra special care.....meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: No sign of the new nukey box yet. It shows 'out for delivery'. Would be nice not to have it sitting on my porch all night. Info
kent: don't the trees block your porch? Info
kittyman: Not since I had the dead lower branches all trimmed off last year. Info
kittyman: C[_] #3. Meowcaffeine. Info
kittyman: Ahhhh. Mailman arrived with the nukey box. In the house safe and sound. Meownukeybox. Info
kent: Monsters yet? Info
kittyman: Ooopsie....kinda forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder, I'll get on that right now. Info
kittyman: OK....it's on the way. Meowmonsters. Info
kent: the second main characters nick name is Mickey Info
kent: kinda like nukey Info
kittyman: They shoulda named him Nukey......LOL. Info
kent: his name is mike Info
kent: not Nuke Info
kent: although his personality is a bit explosive Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: I see. Or, I shall see when the movie gets here. Info
kent: you've seen the pictures, the big blue hairy one is Sully and the little green round dude is Mickey Info
kent: I can't believe you don't already have it Info
kent: :( Info
kittyman: What can I say....it's on the way. Just got a tracking number for it. Info
kent: Sweeet Info
kent: gotta go now, have funzies at workzies Info
kittyman: Well, gotta pack it up and head it out again. See ya tomorra, Kent. Just keep meowing. Info
kent: :) Info
kent: meow Info
kent: ing Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: C[_] #1. First hit offa da new nukester. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeow. Info
kittyman: I guess I'll have to read the manual to figger out how to set the clock. Info
kent: of course Info
kittyman: Or I could just punch buttons until I figure it out.....LOL. Info
kittyman: You set the nuke time by turning a knob instead of hitting buttons. Info
kent: when all else fails, follow directions Info
kittyman: Yah, you may have noticed that me and directions don't always see eye to eye. Info
kent: duh Info
kittyman: On the other hand, this is not a tweakable item, so I guess I'll read the manual to pick up a few pointers. Info
kittyman: Like the 'inverter turbo defrost' mode. Info
kent: not tweakable? you can find a way Info
kent: more power Info
kittyman: I am not sure I wanna mess with microwave energy. Not my area of expertise. Info
kittyman: The manual has a neat picture with smoke coming out of the oven. Something about how NOT to make popcorn. Info
kent: 2nd day of Spring Info
kittyman: Sure didn't feel like spring around here yesterday. Supposed to be warming up a bit for the weekend. Info
kittyman: I see the Austin bomber blew himself up. Info
kent: they assume, might have gone off accidentally Info
kittyman: Well, they were shooting at him as well, they don't know if they hit him. Info
kent: 1 shot was fired Info
kittyman: That's all? Hope it was a good shot. Info
kent: I saw little Mr. orange in the courtyard earlier, he didn't come over for treats though Info
kittyman: Gee, those kitties should be more friendly. They don't know what they are missing. Info
kittyman: C[_] #2. Info
kittyman: C[_] #3. Meowing. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: I just can't get enough of that wonderful meow. Info
kittyman: And now, it's time for me to hit the bubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Ah yes. Fine bubbles and another hop cuppa joe courtesy of the new nukey. I think it has passed it's startup tests. Info
kent: clock set? Info
kittyman: LOL.... OK, I'll go set the clock. Just for you. Meow. Info
kittyman: That was easy. It's just a simple 12 hour clock, no AM or PM. Info
kent: I've never set the clock on my mikey Info
kittyman: Doesn't it blink at you to drive you nuts? Info
kent: it don't blink Info
kittyman: I see. That's why it doesn't drive you nuts. Most of them blink if you haven't taken the time to set the clock. Info
kittyman: The Monsters blu ray has gone from Tallman to White Plains to Jersey City. Info
kent: traveling monsters Info
kittyman: Yup, they be movin'. Info
kent: when do you expect it? Info
kittyman: It says estimated delivery Tuesday. It was free freight. Info
kittyman: Meowsigh. Workies time is approaching. But at least I'm on the downhill side for the week. Info
kent: meows Info
kent: funzies meows for workzies Info
kittyman: Yup, yoiu have a great afternoon there. Meows for nows. Info
kent: funzies time Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
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