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kent: Futurama all day today on Comedy Central Info
kittyman: I don't have a TV. Info
kent: that's what I mean...missing...you need more Info
kent: I know you have no tv...I'm just sayin' Info
kittyman: Yeah.....need more! Have 4 running AVX on the CPUs and 1 GPUGrid on a GPU. Info
kent: why don't you run 10 on the cpu while the gpus are down...just to see Info
kent: it could be all night before seti is back up Info
kittyman: Actually, I am not sure why it is NOT running more CPU tasks. Have to check my Seti preference settings. Info
kent: it must be 100% cpu usage Info
kent: 99% will free 1 core Info
kittyman: Just looked. It's set to 100% and 100%. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Info
kent: go to task manager and see if all are 100% Info
kent: it might be the app or apps for the gpu Info
kittyman: Lemme take a look and see if something's hardwired in cc_config. Info
kent: refresh your Boinc to the website Info
kittyman: Nope. It was in cc_config. For some reason long ago forgotten I had <ncpus> set to 4. Info
kittyman: Reset local prefs to use 80%. Will restart Boinc. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: I have NO idea what this means...<ncpus> set to 4...no need to explain Info
kent: gotta go man...fishin' Info
kent: leave a message Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: In the Boinc cc_config.xml file. Core client configuration. It is optional, I believe. You may not have one. Info
kittyman: <cc_config> <options> <start_delay>10</start_delay> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> <max_file_xfers>20</max_file_xfers> <max_file_xfers_per_project>20</max_file_xfers_per_proje Info
kittyman: And so on...... Info
kittyman: Now have 8 Seti on CPU and 2 GPUGrid on the GPUs. 94% CPU usage. Info
kittyman: Now I have 71-75c CPU temp. H110i loop still around 34c. Info
kittyman: Aw shucks....... Kent's run off to play. Have a good 'un. Laters then. Meow. Info
kittyman: [] #1 4.43Ghz, 1.42815vcore, package temp 80c, H110i loop 36.2c. Warm meow. Info
kent: C[_] # 1/2 Info
kent: 80C is 176F, thats pretty warm Info
kittyman: Yeah.... I think the auto throttling temp is 90c. Dunno what I can do to lower it. Better HS paste? Lap the H110 head? Kraken X61? Info
kent: whats better ? Info
kittyman: I dunno. Been reading reviews. Fractal Design S24 or S36 seem pretty good. Info
kent: my water pump is 3 times faster than those Info
kittyman: Pump RPM is not necessarily an indicator of how much fluid it is pumping though. Info
kent: why not? the tubes are the same size Info
kittyman: Internal pump design, pump rotor size, actual pump size. Info
kent: oops, fractal design water pumps are 3,150 rpms, so mine is twice as fast Info
kittyman: There are so dang many AIO coolers out there, hard to sort them. Info
kent: dang a lang Info
kent: have you looked at the CoolMasters ? Info
kittyman: No, not seen them yet. Info
kent: http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-liquid-cooler/masterliquid-pro-140/ Info
kittyman: Dunno....radiator looks pretty thin on the 240 and 280. Info
kent: mine belongs on a motor cycle Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Just cracked [] #2 as well. What was your cooler again? (Sorry, my memory's gone so bad lately.) Info
kittyman: They make anything bigger? Info
kittyman: Here's the problem....running 95% CPU now. Package up to 83c, loop still only 36c. The H110 is doing it's job pretty well. Info
kittyman: But a problem with heat transfer to the puck. Contact is good. Puck is not too polished though. May try that before anything else. Info
kittyman: The question has also been raised as to Intel's internal heat transfer between the die and the top of the case. Info
kittyman: These things are pretty expensive to think about de-lidding. Info
kent: Cooler Master Nepton 140XL push pull Info
kent: It doesn't look like they make them any more Info
kent: oops, I take that back Info
kent: http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/nepton/nepton-140xl/ Info
kittyman: I don't think a single fan radiator would do the trick....meow. Info
kent: has 2, 1 push, 1 pull Info
kittyman: It's the size of the radiator, even with 2 fans. Info
kent: mine is 140mm and 1 1/2 inchs thick Info
kittyman: Well, I'm gonna try polishing the puck face with 1500 sandpaper and try some different paste before I seriously consider buying anything else. Info
kent: wait, bigger than that...171 x 139 x 38 mm ( 6.7 x 5.5 x 1.5 inch ) Info
kittyman: Probably over Thanksgiving, when I have an extra day. Or maybe tomorrow still using the AS5. Info
kittyman: Gotta get the heat into the puck and water loop before the radiator can do anything. Info
kittyman: I'd lap the CPU face, but that would throw the warranty out the window. Info
kent: always tint the cpu Info
kittyman: That's a given, as I alway work the paste into the surface with a credit card. And then scrape it into a very thin layer on the CPU and the puck. Info
kittyman: Not one of those 'blob in the middle' kinda guys......LOL. Info
kittyman: I think my CPU face is pretty flat, as there was not much paste at all on the CPU or the puck when I took it off. Info
kittyman: Most of it had squished out around the edges. Info
kent: thats to much, and, after tinting definitely a little blob in the center Info
kittyman: Trust me, it wasn't much. I am not saying there was a lot squished out, but what was there definately spread well. Info
kittyman: Now in full Seti crunching mode. 6 CPU tasks, 4 GPU tasks, 96% CPU load. 80c CPU temp. Info
kent: all righty then Info
kent: how long is it taking to run a cpu task? Info
kittyman: I would say around 50 minutes, depending on the flavor. Info
kittyman: They are doing Arecibo right now. Not sure about Guppi tasks. Info
kent: thats good Info
kittyman: Yah. But I'm gonna drop it to 5 CPU tasks. I'm pegging at 100% CPU now, and the GPUs want more CPU support. Info
kittyman: That's about right. Now at 92% CPU. Info
kittyman: Oh yeah. This is just about purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect. Meow!! Info
kittyman: And holy crap.....I just got a 72 WU hit from Seti!! Info
kittyman: And holy crap.....it started snowing and I gotta drive to Mom's place in a few hours. Info
kent: they must have found the problem Info
kent: wonder what it was Info
kittyman: Dunno, but something started working. I am now up to my full 300 WU cache on the 10 core rig. Info
kent: and watch it go Info
kent: wish it would snow here Info
kittyman: You can have it. I'm already waiting for spring.............. Info
kittyman: Now THIS is the kind of crunching I bought the 10 core for. A thing of beauty. Off to the bubble for just a bit now. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: hey, whats the name of that program that rates your boot speed? Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #3.....The one that gives me the popup when I boot? Wise Care 365. Info
kent: found it...I had it downloaded but forgot the name Info
kittyman: Yeah, I think you asked me about it before. Info
kittyman: OK.....found another cooler. Thickest radiator I found. 272 x 120 x 38.5 Meow. Info
kittyman: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4UF3GA2042 Info
kittyman: If lapping the H110i puck doesn't help much. Info
kent: I would think you would want a push pull for something that thick Info
kittyman: I already run push-pull on the H110 rad. The 2 stock Corsair fans on the inside and 2 of the EVGAs on the front of the case. Info
kent: cool Info
kent: "i7-6700K. It automatically overclocks to 4.6 and never hits 50C" Info
kent: one of the reviews Info
kent: you might need that Info
kittyman: I can keep the 140mm EVGAs on the case front, and upgrade the 120mm 25CFM fans to some killer Scythe 120x38s that pump 133CFM. Info
kittyman: I might need what? The cooler? Info
kittyman: I have the Scythe fans in stock.....LOL. Info
kent: if that guy OCed cpu at 4.6 and stays at 50C, that what you need Info
kittyman: Yeah, but the 6700K is only a quad core........ Info
kittyman: And this would be the best heatsink compound I have found. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA85V3NX6863 Info
kent: expensive, reviews are good Info
kent: most of them Info
kent: Cons: - It is expensive - it performs worse then "Coollaboratory liquid ultra" which is metal based. Info
kittyman: Only one or two things that some think are better, but you get into stuff that is electrically conductive and/or corrosive. No thanks. Info
kent: Cons: Same temperatures I got when using the significantly cheaper Arctic Silver Céramique compound Info
kittyman: Yeah well, depends on the cooler being used and the application of the compound. Info
kittyman: And how significant is that cost when trying to cool a $850.00 chippy? Not very. Info
kent: do need the help right now Info
kent: 80C, 24/7...not good Info
kittyman: I'll probably lap the puck tomorrow. Info
kittyman: I got a 12x12 piece of 1/2" plate glass that I use for that. Info
kittyman: I also just read that the 6950x die is soldered to the top cover, so delidding is only good for about 5c drop at best. Would be insane for me to try. Info
kittyman: Well, leaving to visit my Mom soon. Have a meowy day! Laters............................ Info
kent: mom, meow Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Arrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I return home to a BSOD. Meowsigh. Info
kittyman: [] #1 No crashies since last night's reboot. Meow. Info
kittyman: [] #2 Waiting for the coffee and my meds to kick in a bit, then I gotta see 'bout lapping that puck. Info
kittyman: Hunted down my piece of plate glass and my sandpaper and some isopropyl to clean off the AS5. Info
kittyman: Gonna be a bit of a challenge, because I do NOT wanna take the radiator apart and out of the case, so I'll have to try it with the puck tethered by the tubes. Info
kent: got coffee filters? Info
kittyman: Coffee filters? No, my coffee comes in a can. Info
kittyman: If you are talking about using them for cleaning, I have paper towels for the bulk work, and then a lint free wiper for final clean up. Info
kent: coffe filters are the best, No microscopic fibers Info
kent: I got plenty, want some? Info
kittyman: Sure, can you run them by in about half an hour? Info
kittyman: The wiper I have is for automotive body work. It feels 'sticky', but it is not. Little fibers stick out that are like grabbers. Info
kent: sweet Info
kent: you sure you're not leaving fibers behind? Info
kittyman: That is what the sandpaper is for as well. Have grits up to 1500, which is very fine. Info
kent: what about the cpu ? Info
kittyman: I could see anything left behind on the polished surface, and a bit of duster spray would get rid of that. Info
kittyman: Not going to do anything with the CPU right now. Can't. If I try to lap it, there goes my special warranty. Info
kent: you can see microscopic fibers ? Info
kent: why would that void your warrantee? Info
kittyman: Well, you would be sanding all of the identifying information off of the top of the CPU. Info
kittyman: LOL.....no, I cannot see microscopic fibers. But anything that small would be insignificant. Info
kent: I'm talking about the thermal compound Info
kent: insignificant, not from what I've read Info
kittyman: Well, I only have the AS5 on hand right now. We shall see if the lapping improves anything. Then I'll clean everything up and try the new compound when it arrives. Info
kittyman: Insignificant in my book. I ain't living in a laboratory clean room here. Info
kent: AS5 is basically pure silver, ground to 3 diff microscopic sizes in order to fill the microscopic crevices Info
kittyman: Doing it one step at a time will be informational anyway. I will be able to judge if the lapping did anything, and then be able to tell if the new HS compound does anything. Info
kittyman: I would not diss AS5 at all. Been using that for many years. Info
kittyman: But I am obviously dealing with a difficult chippy to cool here, so if the stuff that is deemed better even gets me a few degrees C, it would be worth it. Info
kent: I'm just saying, HS compound is for filling microscopic cracks Info
TimeLord04: <<----- Been using Coffee Filters on computer case fans since 1996. Info
TimeLord04: I also "Inverted" the case fans to blow INTO the case; one from the front, one from the back, and let the PSU fan suck out the hot air. Info
kittyman: Agreed. Most people don't realize how little of it you actually want in the interface between the CPU and the cooling puck. Info
kittyman: I have 5 140mm fans blowing into the case, with two more in front of my radiator, one exhausting on the rear, and still have a lot of air blowing out of the bottom of the case Info
TimeLord04: Most people, (non-computer people), don't seem to realize that by inverting the case fans and having coffee filters on them, that you pressurize the case and help... Info
TimeLord04: ... keep it dust free. Info
TimeLord04: However; as Mark indicates, newer cases have MANY fans on them. Cooling on modern cases is easier, now. Info
kittyman: Yeah, and the filters only keep the coarse dust out. Fine stuff will still get in and eventually require a blowing out . Info
kittyman: Unless you get a HEPA filter unit and duct that air into the case................................ Info
kittyman: [] #3 Almost ready.............................. Info
TimeLord04: <<----- 4:39 AM here, now... :o Info
TimeLord04: Keurig 2.0 doesn't come on until 6AM Info
kittyman: 2 hours ahead of you, but I've been up since 4AM. Info
kittyman: Almost time to shut 'er down and do some wet sanding. Info
TimeLord04: Mark, did the "Frozen Penny" ever get fixed? Or, did you just let it go when the compressor failed? THAT was an AWESOME machine. Info
kittyman: The compressor never failed. I still have it in the basement. If the freon has not leaked out, it would still work. Info
kittyman: What failed is 2 CPUs. The bottoms corroded from condensation at -30c. Info
TimeLord04: OH FRAKK!!!!! I remembered that something failed, but forgot about the corrosion... Sorry about that... It was an AWESOME piece of Art. Info
kittyman: Yeah, it was fun. But even with the CPU and socket packed with silicone grease, moisture would still get in after about 3-6 months of 24/7 running. Info
kittyman: That's the kicker with sub-ambient cooling. Info
TimeLord04: One more hour until COFFEE!!! :D Info
kittyman: Geez, just put the thing on manual and start it up.......................... Info
TimeLord04: COSTCO hasn't had my Starbuck's Verona in AGES!!! I'm now using Peet's - Dickenson's Blend in it. Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, I could start it manually. Info
kittyman: Unless you simply enjoy the anticipation. Info
TimeLord04: 5AM is just too early in this Time Lord's head to really think about making coffee... Info
TimeLord04: Yeah, that too... Anticipation makes some things better. ;) Info
kittyman: https://www.ebay.com/itm/FRESH-Starbucks-Caffe-Verona-Keurig-K-cups-Coffee-PICK-THE-SIZE-Ships-FREE/111042057638?epid=2254543417&hash=item19da9f55a6:m:mDpZJTkrPdRVQs5M0zRFIKw Info
TimeLord04: <<----- LOVE strooooong coffee. Info
kittyman: https://www.amazon.com/keurig-starbucks-verona/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Akeurig%20starbucks%20verona Info
kittyman: Speaking of anticipation, I should really shut down and get this done. Info
TimeLord04: DAMN!!!! Forgot to even think that Amazon would sell it! I like the 96 Count bulk rate of $62 and change! :D Info
TimeLord04: Later, Mark. :) Info
kittyman: Laters, TL. Meow. Info
kittyman: Well, Kent, I'm about ready. In about 10 minutes I shall shut down and proceed. Hope it does not take more than an hour or so. Info
kittyman: Depends on just how rough the bottom of the puck is. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Spray bottle at the ready........... Info
kittyman: Shutting down in 5-4-3-2-1...........Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!! Info
kent: ooowww Info
kent: WiseCare says my boot time is 13 seconds Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. I'm back. Analyzing.......analyzing...................... Info
kent: 2 hrs 45 min later....... Info
kittyman: Yeah, well..........that puck wuz NOT pretty. Info
kittyman: And I had to run over to O'Reilly for some 2000 grit sandpaper. A few blocks away, maybe 8 minutes. Info
kent: I ain't complaining or nothin' Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: [] #4 Info
kittyman: OK..................that was more work that I thought it might be. Puck not good. Info
kittyman: Not only was it not finished real well, more importantly, it was not FLAT. Definately raised at the outer edges. Info
kittyman: Had to start out with 220 grit until I was sanding across the entire surface. That took some time and removed a fair bit of copper. Info
kent: hmm Info
kittyman: Then worked on up slowly through 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, and finally 2000 grit. Which I was out of. Info
kittyman: Hence the trip to O'Reilly. Each step up in grit involved a fair amount of time until all marks from the previous grit were removed across the entire face. Info
kittyman: Finally got it to an acceptable stage. Here is a pic.......................... Info
kittyman: https://uniim1.shutterfly.com/ng/services/mediarender/THISLIFE/021033546765/media/103479165574/medium/1510503513527/enhance Info
kittyman: Infinately better than what I started with.......meow! Info
kent: shinny Info
kent: what are the temps like though Info
kittyman: Average is now 76.2c. It is hovering closer to 75c instead of 80c. Info
kittyman: I do see an occaisional burst to 80 or 81c. But is just that now....a short burst. Info
kittyman: What I see now is a much more rapid jumping around for the case temp. More like what you see on the individual core temps. Info
kittyman: Which means the heat is getting out of the package much better. Info
kittyman: After I started it up, I loosened the mounts under load until I could just slide the puck around a little bit. Dropped about 2c. Then tightened them back up. Info
kent: that'll stop if you take the side off, won't it ? Info
kittyman: And the better heat transfer is confirmed by the H110 loop temp. It is up from about 33.6c to 35.3c. Info
kittyman: What will stop? Info
kent: the temps jumping Info
kent: inside the case Info
kittyman: No, that won't change. Side on or off does not affect the CPU temps much at all. The radiator is sucking in ambient all the time. Info
kittyman: And with the open bottom, the airflow through the radiator is not impeeded much at all. Info
kittyman: The rapidly fluctuating temps are great!! That means as soon as the cores get a moment of lighter load, the temp drops immediately instead of taking longer to cool down. Info
kent: I thought you said that the temp inside the case was jumping Info
kittyman: Oh, I see why you were confused. I meant the case temp on the CPU. I should have said package temp. That's the highest reading sensor. Info
kent: WiseCare says my boot time is 13 seconds, that must be just windows start Info
kittyman: Pretty spiffy. I think mine is around 40 seconds. But that is with everything starting, including Boinc. Info
kent: Nothing turns on with mine, 'cept, like, java updater Info
kittyman: Mine just starts everything up it needs to anyway. SIV, Malwarebytes, Realtek Sound Manager,CleanMem (which I probably don't need anymore), Firefox browser, Seamonkey browser. Info
kittyman: WiseCare, Boinc, and a few other thingys. Info
kent: cheeses, I don'e even have wisecare running at startup anymore...of course the sound card starts Info
kittyman: Yeah, well........ It's mostly stuff I always use or want running in the background. Info
kittyman: Hey, I gotta run and help Lori move a couple of heavy things outside. Should be back in an hour, K? Meow. Info
kent: meow K Info
kittyman: And just for the heck of it, I just dropped my vcore from 1.43125 to 1.4125. Maybe it will handle it with the lower temps. The lower vcore will drop them a bit more. Info
kittyman: In any case, if it crashes, I am not going to be gone that long. Meow for now. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Alrighty then. Got those chores covered. A bother sometimes, but ya gotta keep the sig other happy. Info
kent: how heavy was it ? Info
kittyman: Oh, not terribly bad, but more than she can handle without hurting herself. And a couple of things just too clumbsy for one person to deal with by themselves. Info
kent: use it to build a fort Info
kittyman: Oh, if I were a kid you could have a grand time in her garage or mine. Info
kittyman: BTW, did you see the kitties in the puck picture? Info
kent: I do now...shinny Info
kent: how'd that happen ? Info
kent: are those the models ? Info
kent: then they won't add hair Info
kittyman: Yeah, my little good luck kitties sitting in the drive bay. Info
kent: or do they? Info
kittyman: No, no hair from those kitties. And this is my first closed case rig, so the real kitties don't contribute any to the inside either. Info
kent: like garden gnomes Info
kittyman: I suppose, only smaller and cuter. Info
kent: and come alive at night Info
kittyman: I sometimes wonder......LOL. Info
kent: to keep the bugs out Info
kittyman: Well, I do have that mouse sitting here........ Info
kent: bugs...puter bugs...get it ? Info
kittyman: Sometime I wake up and it's on the floor. Info
kent: your puter? Info
kittyman: I don't get many bugs......maybe that's why. Info
kent: or the mouse? Info
kittyman: The mouse. The kitties may have attacked it whilst I was sleeping. Info
kent: can they get out through the front of the drive bay ? Info
kittyman: If they can figure a way to get the cover popped back on after they climb back in. Info
kent: yah, that's what I was thinkin' Info
kent: gnomes can use a bit of magic Info
kittyman: Kitties are very clever little rascals, they could probably do it. Info
kent: though..I believe Info
kent: I can see how kitty claws could do it, as long as there are 2 kitties Info
kent: and their small enough Info
kent: it's purr fect Info
kent: you have kitty gnomes Info
kent: gnome kitties Info
kent: ??? Info
kittyman: Well, never underestimate a cat. Info
kent: I used to have a poster of Snoopy, sitting on the ground with a frown and stars circling his head...he said "Never trust a smiling cat" Info
kittyman: LOL. I think mine are werecats......kitties of the night. Info
kent: like Bender was a werecar Info
kent: gotta go, have fun tweakin' Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Ok then. Have much fun. And keep meowin'. Laters. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #1 Oh meow, it's Monday again. Info
kent: Monday...no crashies Info
kittyman: Had to raise the vcore to 1.425 because the AVX was crashing. Not the whole system or windows. Holding so far. Info
kittyman: Average temp says 75.9 right now, with 100% CPU usage and 71.6f ambient. Info
kent: thats better Info
kittyman: i ordered that cooler with the thicker radiator and the better paste last night. And some finer sandpaper....up to 5000 grit. Info
kittyman: I'll be able to polish that puck better before I install it. Info
kent: you're not gonna grit the new one, are you? Info
kittyman: You mean lap the new puck? Info
kent: sand paper it Info
kittyman: That depends on if the factory machining of it is up to my expectations. If it looks anything like the H110 puck, yeah, I'll polish it before I install it. Info
kittyman: And check if it is flat, which the H110 puck was not. Info
kent: I think you should at least try it first, if it's not flat, I think it's suppose to be that way, another thing the thermal compound is for Info
kittyman: I've got better results after doing my own work on the H110 puck, no reason to think I cannot do better that the factory on the new one as well. Info
kent: if it's curved, it probably matches the cpu Info
kent: they are designed that way for a reason Info
kittyman: Then why am I getting better results with the H110 now that I have it properly flat? Info
kent: was that the only change? Info
kittyman: No, it is now properly polished as well, of course. Info
kittyman: Much better than the original machining. Info
kittyman: And if you look at the pictures of a delidded 6950X, the die is soldered to the top case in the center. That's where most of the heat transfer is. Info
kittyman: The H110 puck was raised around the edges, preventing best contact with that area. Info
kittyman: And this was a small amount of being raised, nothing intentionally 'designed in'. Info
kittyman: In any case, it all depends on what I see when I look at the new cooler's puck. Info
kent: I would think the new one would be a better design Info
kittyman: Well, it's a different manufacturer with a different design. I think the puck is round instead of square. Info
kittyman: And lapping the puck may still improve on what they supply. It's a manufacturing cost thingy. Info
kent: I'd still try it first Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Well, I'll let ya know what I think of it when it arrives and I can inspect it. Info
kittyman: Might be here by the end of the week. Info
kent: no expedited shipping, eh? Info
kittyman: Nah. I'm up and running with a slight improvement after my work on the existing puck. Info
kittyman: Besides, I would not have time to tear it all apart and install the new radiator until the weekend anyway. Info
kittyman: And, I am prepared for the fact that it may do no better. I may have already come close to the limitations of heat transfer from the die to the top of the CPU case. Info
kittyman: So, I won't be terribly disappointed if I don't see a ton of improvement. I'd be happy with a couple more degrees C Info
kittyman: And I should be able to fit those killer Scythe 120mm fans I have to it. I have the room for the thicker radiator and the thicker fans. Info
kittyman: Best 120mm fan I ever found . Getting hard to find, but I know where I can still get some. Info
kittyman: Still on ebay and at least one other supplier still has stock. Info
kittyman: Scythe DFS123812H-3000, if you want the best 120 x 38mm fan and don't mind the noise. Info
kittyman: And it's really mostly the noise of the air it is moving, no loud noise from the motor itself. They run very smoothly. Very acceptably quiet for the air they move. 133CFM. Info
kent: stack fans on fans Info
kittyman: LOL....no need in this situation with the push-pull I have using the front case fans. Info
kittyman: But I actually did do that on my old Thermaltake Big Typoon CPU coolers. Fan on top of fan on top of the cooler. Info
kittyman: Did not do much. Maybe one more degree C. At some point, more airflow does not remove any more heat. Info
kittyman: But if you want to move air in or out of a case, those Scythe fans will certainly do the job! Info
kent: all my socket 775's have an extra fan on top and it helps quite a bit Info
kent: even one of the 478's Info
kittyman: Well, I run everything else side-off. Computer bits like lots of fresh air. Info
kittyman: Especially with CPU designs that exhaust heat into the case instead of out of the slot end like they used to. Info
kittyman: Sorry, I meant GPU designs. Info
kittyman: [] #2 Info
kent: I put make shift hoods on the cpu fans to make sure their getting cool air from the outside Info
kittyman: LOL...... I have done a lot of 'airflow amendment' kludging myself from time to time. Cardboard deflectors. A specially placed fan, etc........ Info
kittyman: I actually just yesterday put a small fan on the floor in front of the new rig to deflect the heat coming out of the PSU fan from the rig in front of it. Info
kent: got those too Info
kent: my psu's don't need it Info
kittyman: No problem with the PSUs, I just didn't want the new rig sucking in the small amount of heat from the PSU in the other rig. Info
kittyman: Well, better attend to the bubbles. Be back in a bit. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Ahhhh yes, those wonderful bubbles. Meow. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: And..............it's time for [] #3. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: The meow is strong with this one........................ Info
kent: indeed Info
kittyman: Well, the rig's been purring along nicely. Maybe got enough vcore to get the job done now. If not, add another few .01 volts. Info
kittyman: BTW, if you need another case or want to upgrade one, those 750D's are on sale at Newegg for $119.99, free shipping, and a $20.00 rebate card. Info
kittyman: I don't bother with the rebate thingys, but that's a good price on the case anyway. Got one for the new build. Info
kent: only need the one I got, ain't gonna build anything new for a while, and, I would never buy this case again Info
kittyman: OK. I knew ya had one, so I thought I would mention. I love the case myself, considering the junk I made do with in the past. Info
kittyman: It certainly worked out very well for this new rig. Info
kent: the drive bays won't fit a normal size HDD Info
kittyman: Well, I'll probably never use another traditional HDD again, so I just yank those out. Info
kittyman: You can get an adapter to put them in the front drive bays pretty cheap, I think. Info
kittyman: Well, 'bout time to think about getting to work and starting my workweek. Info
kittyman: BTW, I bought a large heated water dish for my outdoor grranimals. Poor thingys just got a block of ice to lick at right now. Info
kent: I did have to mount my HDD in the 5 1/4 with brackets Info
kittyman: Not too much ya can't finagle with an adapter or two..... Info
kent: not what I intended Info
kittyman: Well, time to launch. You have a great one, Kent. And keep meowin'!! Laters.............................. Info
kent: meowin' Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Kitties.....I'm home!! And no crashes or AVX errors all day! Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
TimeLord04: 4:30 AM - PST, MUCH too early to be up... :( Info
kittyman: [] #1 And the Seti weekly outage just started already............. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow! You were up early today. Meow. Info
kent: DST gonna be messin' with me for a while Info
kittyman: Yeah well, this is kinda early for me to be up as well, after working 'till midnight and getting to bed around 1AM. Info
kittyman: But I do have some errands to run, which I often do during the Seti outage Tuesday. Early bubbles, then some running. Info
kittyman: Hope the bubble massage my right knee, which I banged up just a tad last night at work. Kinda sore this morning. Info
kent: it'll be ok, the worst part is over Info
kittyman: Yeah, it should loosen up as I get going. Big bar of metal slid out of a body I was working on and cracked me good in the knee with a pointed edge. Info
kittyman: It is rare for me to sustain any kind of damage at work.... Mostly a lot of little cuts on my hands from sharp edges. Info
kittyman: Which is my fault because I find it difficult to do my job wearing work gloves. Info
kittyman: A few ibuprofen and some bubbles should set me right again. Meow! Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: cure all Info
kittyman: Theraputic bubbles. Info
kittyman: Still no crashes or errors on the new rig since last reboot about 24 hours ago. Looking meowy! Info
kittyman: And I see the new cooler has been shipped from CA. Supposedly due here Friday. Meow! Info
kent: what about the boards ? Info
kittyman: The new thermal gunk is due Thursday. Lemme check on the mobos.............meowlooking. Info
kittyman: Mobos left New Joysy on Saturday. Showing as due here Friday as well. Meow. Info
kittyman: Criminy....the new case is already out for delivery today! Meow! Info
kent: lots a work this weekend Info
kittyman: Used PSU from ebay. No shipping details yet, but the seller is in Michigan. Info
kent: what kinda psu? Info
kittyman: 3 month old EVGA 850G3. Same one I have in the new rig. Info
kittyman: Can't go wrong with that. $115.00, free shipping. About $142 from Newegg right now. Info
kent: yah, I like the EVGA psu's, I got the 1300 G2 for my big rig and a couple of the 600's for thr 4gig gpu's Info
kittyman: Hmmm....this is interesting. And a first. Just got an email from UPS notifying me that the package from NJ is due here tomorrow....signature required. Info
kittyman: That would be the mobo shipment. Info
kent: hope it's early enough Info
kittyman: Well, worst case, I'd have to tell them to hold the package at the depot for my pickup and signature. Info
kittyman: The depot is in Oshkosh, about 20 miles away. I have done that before, and know exactly where it is. Info
kittyman: Well, I'm gonna treat my knee to a visit with the bubbles. Back in a bit. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: [] #2 Bubbles done. Running done. Went to the credit union, aired up the tires. Info
kittyman: Got some spray oil from O'Reilly and sprayed the frame under Toothless and the door hinges and latches. Info
kent: Toothless Info
kittyman: Yup, my trusty dragon. Gotta try to save it from the ravages of road salt just a bit if I can. Do it every year. Info
kittyman: As they say, rust never sleeps. Info
kent: oh yah, you got snow Info
kittyman: Not yet, but we got some rain/snow/sleet/whatever due tonight and through the weekend. That's why I got Toothless sprayed today. Info
kittyman: And I see the 1080ti's are rapidly crunching their way to the bottom of their Seti cache. Gonna be an early start on GPUGrid today. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
kittyman: Last 4 Seti GPU tasks running, and one is half done already. Info
kent: all done Info
kittyman: Yup....all done. The kitties are pinging the Grid asking for workies. Info
kittyman: No joy so far. May take some time, as 'backup projects' are usually bombarded when Seti is down. Info
kent: workies workies workies Info
kittyman: Time for my good luck kitties to launch their juju. Info
kent: juju juju juju Info
kittyman: Meowommmmmmm meowommmmmmmmmmmmmm meowommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Info
kittyman: And the kitties just snagged one!!! 1 GPU back to work. Info
kittyman: Need more kitty juju. Meowommmmmmmm meowommmmmmmmmm meowommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Info
kittyman: [] #3 And the kitties continue their chant.........meowommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Info
kent: meowommm Info
kittyman: And the kitty juju works it's majik once again! 2nd GPU now back to work. Good job, kitties!! Info
kent: hurry for kitties Info
kittyman: The kitties are good WU hunters. Info
kent: kitties hunt Info
kittyman: My good little hunters. Info
kent: good kitties Info
kittyman: I love all my kitties, including the spiritual ones. Info
kent: ceramic spirituality Info
kittyman: LOL....it does come in many forms. Info
kittyman: One must never deny your inner kitty. Info
kent: kitty gnomes Info
kittyman: Kitty avatar. Info
kittyman: Avatar is a great movie, BTW. I highly rcommend that you watch it. Info
kent: I've seen Star Wars Info
kittyman: And as my inner kitty is telling me to get ready for work, the Fed-x guy just handed me the case. Meow! Info
kittyman: Star Wars is good, but I think Avatar is better. The CGI work is amazing. Info
kittyman: Well, inner kitty says I gotta go to work now, or I don't get no kibbles. See ya tomorrow, Kent. Meows!! Info
kent: sacrilege Info
kent: that Star Wars Info
kent: better than SW Info
kittyman: Well, you shall just have to watch it and give me your opinion then.........meow! Info
kent: sacrilege Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: Kitties......I'm home!! And 40 hours of uptime with no errors. Meeeeeeeeeow Info
kittyman: [] #1 Like a pig's tail. Info
kent: cork screw Info
kittyman: It's twirly. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Just sent Cryorig a message asking about lapping their cooler puck. Info
kent: why do you call it 'lapping'? that's what dogs do Info
kittyman: Well, my friend, it is a machining term. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lapping Info
kittyman: Done to get a very close fit between two pieces, or for a fine surface finish. Info
kent: thats weird Info
kittyman: How so? Just never heard of it before? Info
kent: No Info
kent: not used that way Info
kittyman: My Mother's father was a machinist for Kurz and Root before I was born. Info
kittyman: He was already retired when I knew him as a child. Had a lathe and all sorts of machinist's tools in his basement. Info
kittyman: I always loved it when we went to visit, and he would take me down to his shop and show and teach me things. Info
kittyman: His son, my Uncle Jerry, built an observatory with a large telescope in their back yard. Info
kent: cool, is it still there ? Info
kittyman: No, it was dismantled and he put it back up on a lot out of town. Somewhere around Hortonville. Info
kent: at least it's still goin' Info
kittyman: I dunno what the status of it is. He passed away some time ago, and I never heard what became of his property. Info
kent: why not find out, you're related Info
kittyman: I'd have to ask my mom if she knows anything. Info
kittyman: Jerry is mentioned in a post in this forum.....scroll about halfway down. Info
kittyman: https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/257795-dg-owners/page-10 Info
kent: need more coffee Info
kittyman: [] #2 Meow. Info
kittyman: You can google Jerome Knuijt and find him. Info
kittyman: His address was w6293 Rock Rd, Hortonville, WI. If you have google earth or something similar, you could have a look-see. Info
kittyman: I tried, but could not zoom in close enough to see if the telescope is still on the property. Info
kent: I see a round silver thing Info
kittyman: I saw that too. That might be it! Info
kittyman: Maybe if I have the time over the holidays, I should take a drive out there and see what I can see. Info
kittyman: See if I can get arrested for trespassing........ Info
kent: hehe Info
kittyman: Ya well, bein' kinfolk and all...... Info
kittyman: 'Spose I should hit the bubbles and get some clothes on so I am ready when that UPS sig required package shows up. Info
kittyman: Besides, the knee could use another bubble treatment. I is still pretty sore. Info
kent: aaw Info
kittyman: Kitties kiss the boo boo and make it all better. And the nice warm bubbles helped a lot again too. Info
kent: that silver thing looks more like a water tank, but all the trees Info
kittyman: Well, that's exactly what it did look like. A small silver water tank. On legs. Info
kittyman: I suppose you can't go 'ground level' out there in the woods, eh? Info
kittyman: Those trees would have been a lot shorter many years ago. Info
kittyman: The top half was on rollers so you could slide it open and rotate the opening to whatever point in the sky you wished to view. Info
kent: or a type of animal feeder Info
kittyman: He designed the whole thing himself and built it from scratch with help from my machinist grandfather. Info
kittyman: Animal feeder? That thing is pretty large. Info
kittyman: Too bad we can't tap into a military satellite. Could proabaly count the bolts......LOL. Info
kent: that would be cool Info
kent: google earth goes back to 1992, nothings really diff, 'cept there are only a couple of trees Info
kittyman: The 'thingy' was still there? And few trees? That would have made sense then. Info
kent: just a few trees around the houses and barns, not in the field Info
kittyman: That is probably why he bought the property. Open space for the telescope. Info
kent: but there's no telescope, any of the years Info
kittyman: That big silver thingy....... Info
kent: maybe, it looks flat on top Info
kent: was it flat on top ? Info
kittyman: No, it looked like a water tower. The top was a dome. Geez, maybe I am mistaken. I thought he put it back up..................... Info
kittyman: I was out there as a kid shortly after he bought the place. No 'scope then. Info
kittyman: He had all sorts of neat scientific equipment all over the place. Info
kittyman: And the basement was full of antique Singer treadle sewing machines stacked floor to ceiling. Info
kittyman: A true kid's wonderland! Info
kent: my grandma had one of those sowing machines, I remember her using it when I was real little Info
kittyman: [] #3 He must've had a hundred of them down there. Info
kittyman: Hmmmm....Seti servers having problems again. Little work being sent. The fast rig might be back to GPUGrid again if they don't kick it back into gear. Info
kent: hmm Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Mailman just dropped off the heated critter water bowl. It's a big 'un. Info
kent: what did that run you ? Info
kittyman: $29.95 on ebay. Brand new, free shipping. Info
kittyman: Holds over a gallon. Info
kittyman: 60 watt heater, good for sub-zero temps. Info
kent: thats a lotta water Info
kittyman: Well, the bowl I have out there now is often emptied. So this will keep the critters watered. Info
kittyman: Looks like Eric got my message about the server problems. Most servers disabled now. Info
kent: warm milk on a cold day Info
kittyman: I don't think I'll be serving the critters hot chocolate or anything..... The bowl won't warm the water up much above freezing, I suspect. Info
kent: does it have a temp control? Info
kittyman: No adjustable control. It has a built in automatic thermostat that kicks in when it gets too cold. Info
kent: no hot tadys then Info
kittyman: No, it should be quite safe for the grranimals. Info
kittyman: Wouldn't want the kitties to burn their little kitty lips. Info
kittyman: Or their little licky tongues. Info
kent: critters are cool Info
kittyman: Yeah, I pretty much love all of God's creations. Except maybe mosquitos. Info
kittyman: I put up a couple of bathouses in the back yard this fall. Hope they become occupied next spring. Bats go nomnomnom on mosquitos. Info
kent: roaches :( Info
kittyman: I don't think we have too many roaches in these parts. I never had any. Info
kent: we got tons Info
kittyman: I guess they can be pretty awful. Info
kittyman: Well, 'bout half an hour to go, and no UPS dude looking for my autograph yet. Info
kent: one time UPS left a sig required package on my doorstep and didn't even knock, I heard the package hit the ground, he just dropped it and ran off Info
kittyman: Probably scribbled something in himself......LOL. Info
kittyman: Well, I gotta be on my way soon, package or no package. See ya tomorrow. Meow! Info
kent: meowin' Info
kent: all of the dials just moved Info
kent: (I think I just heard the ups guy) Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Kitties....I'm home!!! No errors today. The UPS guy was here at 2:17PM, and hour and a half after I left. Info
kittyman: They are delivering the package to a UPS pickup point in Neenah tomorrow. I should be able to pick it up Friday. Info
kittyman: And I seem to have picked up a nasty cold. Lots of other people at work sneezing and sniffling, and looks like it got me as well. Meowsigh. Info
kittyman: [] #.5 Leftovers from yesterday. Meowsniffle. Meowcough. Info
kittyman: Cryorig says not to lap their puck. Info
kittyman: For your concern, there is no need to polish our AIO liquid cooler since it may not increasing the cooling performance but possibly damage the unit and cause a counter-produc Info
kittyman: counter-productive result. In the the worse case, we are not able to help you on any of its downside since the warranty doesn't cover any of user's modification. Info
kittyman: From a personal point of view, I'd suggest you wait for the A40 Ultimate and I believe it would make a nice enough impression for you to keep it intact. Thanks. Info
kent: yeppers Info
kittyman: I'll give it a go as is and see how it goes. It was not real expensive, so if I don't like the results I can go ahead and lap it anyway. Info
kittyman: Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised. Meow. Info
kittyman: [] #1 And maybe not. I think it would take quite a bit to improve on the lapped puck with the H110. Info
kent: if it cools better than the H110, you should leave it Info
kittyman: Oh, I probably would. It does have the advantage of the thicker radiator. But I think the heat transfer from the chip to the puck is the key element here. Info
kittyman: And I should be able to use two of those killer Scythe fans on it. Which will also blow more air on the GPUs. Info
kittyman: If I do get a noticeable improvement over the H110 as is, I would be rather satifsifed. Info
kittyman: I should have the new heatsink compound to use with it as well. Info
kent: cool Info
kent: one more day Info
kent: then you can put the 6 core back together Info
kittyman: The 6 core will wait until Thanksgiving weekend or the next. Not in a rush for that. Info
kittyman: All the bits should be here by then. Info
kittyman: Could start putting things in the case a bit at a time. Info
kittyman: Should end up looking pretty similar to this rig. Have to see what I got left to use for GPUs. Can't afford 2 more 1080s, that's for sure. Info
kent: you could run 12 threads Info
kittyman: I could experiment with that, but in the past hyperthreading has shown little increased productiviity for me. Info
kittyman: You are mostly just splitting what you have into smaller pieces and crunching takes twice as long. Info
kittyman: Of coures, as it will be a crunch-only rig rather than a daily driver, I would be pushing for closer to 100% CPU usage than I am now. Info
kent: mine doesn't take twice as long, it does take longer but not that much Info
kent: I do more per day with HT on Info
kittyman: That would be true if you are not getting as much CPU utilization with HT off. Info
kittyman: If you end up using more CPU, then you are gaining. Info
kittyman: Well.....I'm gonna give the bubbles some time to loosen up my knee and my congestion. Be back in a bit. Meow. Info
kent: big boy games are better with HT off, more seti work per day with it on Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: [] #2 Alrighty then. Did the bubble bit, filled Toothless with gas and added a couple of bottles of Heet, and gave indoor and outdoor grranimals kibble and water. Info
kent: is the new bowl working ? Info
kittyman: As far as I know. You can't really feel much warmth. Has not really been cold enough to be sure. Info
kittyman: Supposed to go down to 22f Saturday night. If I am up early enough, I should know for sure on Sunday morning. Info
kittyman: I do know for sure that the two bowls of kibble I put out every day are disappearing every night. Info
kittyman: That might go down a bit when the temps get colder and the grranimals get a little less active. Info
kent: kibble fiends Info
kittyman: They sure are. Info
kent: nomnomnom grrr nomnomnom Info
kittyman: LOL....................................... Info
kittyman: [] #3 Going to work today, but the way I feel I may not last the whole shift. Ick. Info
kent: sickies no fun Info
kittyman: Nope. I usually just bulldoze through it. Getting a little tougher to do so as I get older though. Info
kent: nah Info
kittyman: Easy for you to day, young 'un. Info
kittyman: For you to say........ Info
kent: I'm 52 Info
kent: I haven't been sick in over 5 or 6 years Info
kittyman: I thought you had said 50, but close enough. I still got 8 years on ya. Be 61 in January. Still meowing. Info
kittyman: That's great you have not been sick. Pretty hard for me to avoid when I have to work alongside others that are. Info
kent: meow, ya, I barely leave the house Info
kittyman: That's why. Less exposure. Using hand sanitizer when you get home from shopping would help too. Info
kittyman: I spray my hands down with alcohol once in a while, but it does not help much when they are coughing and sneezing the germs into the air. Info
kittyman: I got my flu shot and a pneumonia vaccine this year, so I am protected from the worst. Info
kent: no shots here Info
kent: only when absolutely necessary Info
kittyman: Well, like I said, I have the exposure so the shots make sense for me. Info
kent: I don't like getting pricked Info
kittyman: Life has a lot of roses. Just watch out for the pricks. Info
kittyman: Just got email saying my package is ready for pickup at the UPS Store. Meow! Info
kent: meowies Info
kittyman: [] #4 Meow. Info
kittyman: Well, I suppose. 'Bout time to sally forth and see how long I make it........... Meow. Info
kent: meows Info
kittyman: Meow for now................................................................................ Info
kent: meow Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Kitties.....I'm home. Made it for 7 hours instead of 10. All I could handle. Meowsneezesnifflecough. Meow. Info
kittyman: [] #.5 We shall see how this goes...... Stiff and sore from the cold and all the coughing and sneezing. Going to apply some very warm bubbles and see how things loosen up. Info
kent: gotta build today Info
kittyman: The UPS Store is open at 8AM for my pickup. And the new cooler is on a FedX truck for delivery. Info
kittyman: Main thing I wanna do is get the cooler swapped out. Dunno how much building on the new one I will be doing. Depends on how I feel. Info
kittyman: Probably be taking some cat naps with the kitties today. Info
kittyman: The used PSU came in the mail yesterday. Did not open it up for inspection yet. Info
kent: smell to see if it's been on fire Info
kittyman: LOL....just opened it up. Passed the kitty sniff test. Looks (and smells) as brand new. All cables present. Info
kent: have the connections been chewed on ? Info
kittyman: Nope, no toothy marks. Info
kittyman: No dust either. Does not even look used. Info
kent: fans clean Info
kittyman: [] #1 Gonna stay up and try to make a day of it. Meow. Info
kittyman: Yeah, all clean inside and out. He said it was only 3 months old. Info
kittyman: Well.....time to put those theraputic bubbles to the test. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Oh, the bubbles helped a lot. Surely not at 100%, but much better. Info
kittyman: My body has so many helpers..........losartan, escitalopram, modafinil, trazodone, l-lysine, delsym. Better meowing through chemistry. Info
kittyman: And of course, better meowing through bubbleation. Info
kent: better bubbles through chemistry Info
kittyman: Yes, after decades of research, science has created the better bubble. Info
kittyman: Well, I suppose if I start to get a bit more active here, I can get dressed and meander over to the UPS Store to claim my package....................... Info
kent: bummer, I gotta leave in an hour Info
kent: that means I have to put my shoes on Info
kittyman: What are you up to today that takes you into the great outdoors? Info
kent: bank, rents due Sunday Info
kent: I need to set up an account that pays rent auto wire Info
kent: but not today Info
kittyman: You can't do that online? Or do you physically have to sign some paperwork? Info
kittyman: Or you mean to have to get cash for the rent payment? Info
kent: I get a money order, and yes I have to sign to open a new account Info
kittyman: Ahhh.... Good luck with your journey then, and I'm gonna go hit up UPS for my mobos. Laters........... Info
kent: meows Info
kent: why did you get two ? Info
kittyman: Kitties.........I'm home!!! Info
kittyman: Two mobos? One for a spare maybe. Unless I start one up flat without a case. I have one running that way now that is getting flaky. Info
kittyman: And it gave me a bargaining chip to negotiate $15.00 each off of what they were listed at on ebay. Info
kent: I got one of those, on the card board box the mobo came in Info
kittyman: A bargaining chip? LOL. Info
kittyman: They look good. Typical 'B' stock. Plain white boxes. Sealed in their antistatic bags. Info
kittyman: Even came with more than I thought they would. I expected just the bare boards. Info
kent: gotta go or miss the bus, one hour if I can catch the right bus back Info
kittyman: They came with a goodie pack. Manual, some SATA cables, the little Q connector, SLI jumper, WIFI antenna, and that M.2 PCIE card. Info
kittyman: OK then. Hope you make your connections. I'll be here all day. Meeeeeeeeeeow. Info
kent: dang bus ran early, it was a block down the road when I got there Info
kent: gotta wait 15 minutes now Info
kent: what's a Q connector? Info
kittyman: That little connector that the case switches, leds and the speaker go to. Info
kittyman: Lets you connect everything out in the open and then plug them all onto the mobo instead of trying to do them one at a time on the mobo. Info
kent: all my front connections are already dona, I just connect the plugs to the mobo Info
kittyman: Yes, but making all those connections at the mobo can be a pain to get the right pins. Especially once it's in the case. I love that little Q connector plug. Info
kittyman: Asus has had that since waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. One of the things I like about Asus mobos. Info
kent: off to try again Info
kittyman: Ok, take the kitty juju with you this time................................meowommmmmmmmmmmmmm. Info
kent: 1 hour or so Info
kittyman: You are done? Info
kent: yep, all paid up Info
kittyman: Well, that wasn't so bad then. Info
kent: nah Info
kent: I have a roof over my head Info
kittyman: And that's a good thing. Info
kittyman: A roof with free hot water and electricity. Info
kent: and digital cable Info
kent: and internet access Info
kittyman: Pretty nice roof then. Meow! Info
kent: I've been watching a GPU water cooler, the price dropped $21 to $97 and change plus tax Info
kent: I ordered it yesterday, along with some of that fancy thermal stuff you got for $4 less from Amazon Info
kittyman: What did ya get? Meow? Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013J7FQOK/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Info
kittyman: Hmmmm....2 coolers in 1. I never used add on cooling for a GPU so far. Info
kittyman: Might be interesting for my 1080ti's perhaps. Info
kittyman: Those just go on the backplate of the GPU, or you gotta take the thing apart? Info
kent: take it apart, the little fan, 80mm, goes on the back plate Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Any ideas on what would be the best for my 1080ti's? I know nothing about GPU cooling. Info
kittyman: [] #3 as well. Info
kent: I haven't researched any nvidias Info
kittyman: I see...... I shall have to do some looking then. A little down the road. Info
kent: doesn't look like it would be this one Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-Hybrid-Waterblock-Cooler-400-HY-5188-B1/dp/B074CPP2TS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1510936376&sr=8-2&keywords=gpu%2Bwater%2Bcooler&th=1 Info
kent: that wasn't so hard Info
kent: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487379&cm_re=EVGA_GTX_1080_Ti_SC_Hybrid_Waterblock_Cooler-_-14-487-379-_-Product Info
kent: newegg is expensive Info
kittyman: Geez.....I didn't even look yet..... Figures that EVGA would have a solution for their own cards. Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/XSPC-Razor-1080TI-Waterblock-Reference/dp/B06Y5W8NX4/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1510936623&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=gpu+1080ti&psc=1 Info
TimeLord04: Post Test after a 19+ Hour Power Outage!!! Info
TimeLord04: Thank Pacific Goons and Enigma for faulty underground transformers! :( Info
TimeLord04: PG&E - (Pacific Gas and Electric - aka: Pacific Goons and Enigma.) Info
kittyman: Well, even utilities have equipment break downs.................. Info
kittyman: Still waiting for the mail and the Fedx dude. Meowwaiting. Info
kent: water cooler today ? Info
kittyman: Well, that's what the Fedx dude is supposed to be bringing. Info
kittyman: Just tracked my heatsink gunk, and that tracking says it has been 'delayed'...... Info
kent: well, it's not gonna be a bunny wabbit Info
kent: bunny in a box:( Info
kittyman: No bunny. Kitties are too old to chase bunny. Info
kittyman: They have been getting extra pettings today. The kitties like it when Dad is home from workies. Info
kent: kitties would probably just cuddle with bunny Info
kittyman: Probably...... And there he is.....the Fedx dude. Info
kent: sweet Info
kittyman: Uhh......first glance.....NOT impressed. That radiator core is not as thick as the drawing indicates. That is the flippin' frame. Info
kittyman: And the tubes going into the radiator are TINY. Info
kittyman: I'm gonna have to re-evaluate things before I even install it. Compare the radiators again. This may be going back. Dunno yet. Info
kent: the pump is fast and the reviews were really good Info
kent: you can still return it after giving it a go, right ? Info
kittyman: I dunno. I wouldn't bother, I would just use it on the second rig, which is not going to be pushed quite as hard. Info
kittyman: I guess I won't really know unless I give it an honest test. Info
kent: I really think, from what I've read, it'll be helping you Info
kittyman: But right now my cold is kicking back up again. Sneezing and eyes watering. I think I need a nappy with the kitties before I work on the rig. Info
kent: break out the coffee filters Info
kent: penicillin Info
kittyman: Coffee filters? Info
kittyman: This is a virus..............penicillin won't touch it. Info
kent: fibers, for cleaning, member? Info
kent: no fibers Info
kent: you don't have any Info
kittyman: Oh well, I won't have to do any cleaning this go around. I am still stuck with using the AS5 anyway. I will clean it thoroughly when I get the other gunk. Info
kittyman: I will say that the machining on the puck looks pretty good. Much better than the H110 was. Info
kent: yah, don't do it twice Info
kent: member, don't over tighten the screws Info
kittyman: The rubber tubing is also more flexible than the hoses on the H110. Info
kittyman: I think you just tighen the hold down screws until they bottom out. Info
kent: hoses better material Info
kent: probably the same size on the inside Info
kittyman: Dunno if it's any 'better'. The H110 hoses are braided pretty. These are plain rubber. Do the same job, I am sure. The H110 hoses could be this small on the inside. Info
kittyman: Ooops, you just said that.... Info
kent: my hoses look bigger cuz they have bendy protection around them, still pretty flexible Info
kent: also for leak protection Info
kittyman: Yeah, like the H110 hoses. You probably could not kink them. Info
kittyman: The machining of the puck at least gives me a bit of hope. That is a very important point. Info
kent: you could clean off the manufacturer thermal stuff Info
kittyman: Probably do that. The tint it with the AS5. Info
kent: no, don't mix compounds Info
kent: defeats the purpose Info
kittyman: You are agreeing with me, correct? Clean off the stock stuff and tint with the AS5 I am already using. Info
kent: don't mix compounds, you ordered the new gunk for it Info
kent: just clean off the old stuff to get it ready Info
kent: (I don't mean to sound bossy, trying to save you trouble) Info
kittyman: I am going to mount it now with the AS5. When the new stuff comes I'll clean up the CPU and the puck so the AS5 is gone and apply the new stuff. Info
kittyman: The good stuff is probably not going to get here until early next week with the delayed shipment. I'll do the switch next weekend. Info
kittyman: Besides which, it will be a good comparison with the H110 using the same thermal compound. Info
kent: still, should apply compound just before installation Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002P5W4RU/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Info
kittyman: Not sure why you are thinking I would do anything but that. Info
kent: mis understood something Info
kent: boy are you gonna be pissed if it shows up tomorrow :) Info
kittyman: I am going to do it now with the AS5, and later clean everything up and remount again when the new stuff gets here. Info
kent: you're gonna do the whole thing now ? Info
kittyman: Yeah, with my current AS5. Info
kent: break out the coffee filters Info
kent: and don't wear a white t-shirt Info
kittyman: Then I will have some idea how it compares with the H110. And later, if the better compound really makes any difference. Info
kent: good test...lot of work...but the purrfect test Info
kent: how long before shutdown ? Info
kittyman: Oh, I gotta take that nappy with the kitties first. Probably in an hour or so. Info
kent: OK Info
kittyman: You will probably be gone gaming again by then.....meow. Info
kent: 'bout game time anyway Info
kent: yah Info
kittyman: I'll post here when I go down and again when I come back up, if you check in at all. Meow. Info
kent: meowza, laters Info
kent: meowza Info
kittyman: Laters and meows, buddy. Meow. Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Shutting down to give it a go.......might take a while. Have to unmount and remount the front fans to mount the radiator. Info
kittyman: Hope all the mounting holes line up...........................meowzers. Info
kittyman: And...........back up. Meow. Info
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