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kittyman: She wondered where I came up with that movie. Info
kittyman: Yeah, the Freudian thingy....dame time. Info
kent: No gurls allowed Info
kittyman: Here either. Just my gurl kitties. Info
kittyman: My whole house is a mancave. Info
kent: If she knew where you got the idea, why'd she ask who I was? Didn't she like the movie? Info
kittyman: She just forgot. Info
kittyman: Then she said 'oh yah'. Info
kittyman: We both liked the movie. Info
kent: get the heavy lifting done? Info
kittyman: Moving her heavy shrubs outside? Yeah, that's taken care of. Info
kent: how long before you gotta move them back? Info
kent: :) Info
kittyman: I am not doing that. She has to get a landscaper to do some work and plant the shrubs afterwards. Info
kent: Lori never goes to your house? :( Info
kittyman: More than I am gonna tackle these days. Info
kittyman: Nope. I go to her place. She would flip if she ever saw the shambles I live in....LOL. Info
kent: she's Never seen your house??? Info
kittyman: Oh yeah, for sure. But just outside. She's been in it, like, years ago before it got so cluttered with junk. Info
kittyman: She was here a few weeks ago to see what I planted. Info
kent: that sounds kinda like my place...not really enough room for 2 ppl to be walking in at the same time Info
kittyman: I didn't even let the property tax appraiser come inside last year. Info
kittyman: Yeah, I got my paths.....if you know what I mean. Info
kent: and you have a house...I got tiny apt. and thought I was bad:) Info
kittyman: Well, I have been here for 38 years, ya know. Info
kent: why you keep all that stuff...heirlooms or something? Info
kent: got a TRS-80 in there some where? Info
kittyman: Just things. And a lotta empty boxes that I've been too lazy to cut up and get rid of. Info
kent: cardboard attracts roaches Info
kittyman: As far as I am aware, we don't have roaches up here. I surely have never seen one. Info
kent: wow Info
kent: I'm speechless Info
kittyman: Why? No roaches? Info
kent: YEAH, all science I've ever read or seen (even fairly recently) says that roaches live every where 'cept the polar regions Info
kittyman: They might live this far north, but I've never had or seen any. Info
kent: I can't research that right now, gotta go play time Info
kittyman: Alrighty then, have funzies! Info
kent: funzies with just 4 screws meowzies Info
kittyman: You are wwwwwwwwwwwwway late today! Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
TimeLord04: Posting from my MacPro 5,1 Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. And it's Monday....meowsigh. Info
kent: why sigh? Info
kent: vaca over? Info
kittyman: Because it's back to workies, that's why. Info
kittyman: I surely didn't miss work for one minute, I can tell ya that much. Info
kittyman: And it's not going to be a fun week of work, either. Very high humidity and temps of 85-90 all week long. Info
kittyman: Looks like you're getting a bit of rain though, eh? Info
kent: I did, quite a bit in a short time Info
kittyman: More water for the fishies. Info
kittyman: We got chances of hit and miss stuff this afternoon and maybe again on Thorsday. Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Info
kent: C[_] #3 meow Info
kittyman: I 'spose I'd better get back into my work routine and catch some bubbles. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Bubbles went as scheduled. Now I suppose I should see if inner kitty wants to get back into his catnap routine as well. Meowcatnap. Info
kittyman: Inner kitty enjoyed visiting with my kitties. Meow! Info
kent: Mr Fatty and Calico got their fill again this morning Info
kittyman: Another double kitty day. That's nice to hear. I am sure you enjoy their visits as well. Info
kent: still haven't seen the girl or Papa Nomnom for a long time Info
kittyman: Maybe they'll tag along one of these days. Wondering where the other kitties are going. Info
kent: they been here, they know Info
kittyman: You need to send out some kitty vibes to them calling them to come hither. Info
kittyman: Get kittycosmic. Info
kittyman: And wouldya look at that. High noon already. Info
kent: I want kittens Info
kittyman: I really wish they would let you have a couple. They do add a lot to one's life. Info
kent: I'm gonna ask Lois Info
kittyman: Maybe if you offered them a special kitty security deposit or something. Info
kent: Lois said it was the owners policy cuz they scratch stuff up and destroy apts. Info
kent: service aminals only Info
kittyman: Find a doctor that will certify that you have anxiety issues and need a couple of service kitties......................... Info
kittyman: To get you through the day. Info
kent: no amount of a deposit will do Info
kent: I was diagnosed with PTSD so I'm pretty sure I would qualify Info
kittyman: Well, there ya go. All you need to do is put together the paperwork and you should be able to get some kittens. Info
kittyman: And legally so. Info
kent: I'll look in to that Info
kittyman: I would figure that the doc would be familiar with the issue. Info
kittyman: Tell him that you have found that cats have a very calming effect on you. Info
kittyman: And that your PTSD has flared up since you were almost run over by a Mercedes.......................LOL. Info
kent: that did not make it worse Info
kittyman: I was joking about that part.....did you not see the LOL? Info
kent: https://www.esaregistration.org Info
kittyman: I was not joking about telling him of the calming effect of being with cats. Info
kent: I know I know Info
kittyman: If you get your cards in order before you play your hand, I sincerely believe you can get a couple of kittens. Info
kittyman: That would be purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect for you! Info
kent: that page says 1 animal Info
kent: don't know if thats max Info
kittyman: One is better than none, if that is all the law provides for. Info
kent: I've never known anyone with 2 service animals Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: It is typically just one that a person bonds with for support. Info
kent: kitty needs a play mate Info
kittyman: Maybe kitty develops PTSD and needs a support kitten too.........LOL. Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: From being removed from their littermats. Info
kent: The scardy kitties might have that Info
kittyman: littermates. Info
kent: but not because they were seperated Info
kittyman: Well, you got something to think about, and I gotta get finished getting ready to hit the road for work. Info
kittyman: Have a great one, and have some kitten dreams tonight. Meow for now. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!! Info
kent: funzies meowzies for nowzies then Info
kent: game time Info
kent: later Info
JL: :: Yawn :: Info
JL: Hmmmm Info
JL: NI! Info
kent: NI! Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Meow. Time to wake up and make the coffee. Meow. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: I saw 2 kitties in the courtyard this morning so I put out 2 piles/handfuls of kibble for them... Info
kent: little Mr Fatty Fatty Fat Fat ate 1 pile then most of the next one Info
kent: Fatty Fatty Fat Fat Info
kent: had to put out more for Calico Info
kittyman: LOL..... Seems like they are starting to make it part of their daily routine for now. Meowfeedthekitties. Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Almost bubbletime. Meow. Info
kittyman: And now...........it's BUBBLETIME! Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: And now the clock says it's catnap time. Meowcatnap. Info
kittyman: Ahhh....and I see that while I was napping they finished their mimosas in Berkeley. Meow. Info
kent: morning mimosas Info
kittyman: I'd go to sleep for the rest of the day if I did that..... Info
kent: be a waste of my day Info
kittyman: For true. Info
kent: cross your fingers they don't make margaritas during the outage Info
kent: might not come back up Info
kittyman: Or at least they don't spill any on the servers. Info
kent: or blow the power with the blender Info
kittyman: Good point. Blenders can draw a lotta juice. Info
kittyman: They probably have a really big UPS system for the blender in case of power outages. Info
kittyman: I mean, what else ya gonna do when the power goes out, eh? Info
kent: yeah...for the blender:) Info
kittyman: Priorities. Info
kent: gotta have them priorities Info
kittyman: Always gotta be prepared for any eventualitly. Info
kittyman: Can't be having a refreshment shortage after all. Info
kent: can't have shortage during outage Info
kittyman: That would be double indemnity. Info
kittyman: As opposed to double bubble. Info
kent: double bubble trouble Info
kittyman: That would be UNhappy hour. Info
kent: I'm sure Berk has backups for all their dinkies Info
kittyman: I'm pretty sure that's in the Seti budget somewhere. Info
kent: of course Info
kent: putting your donations to good use since 1970 Info
kittyman: LOL....indeed. Info
kittyman: All work and no play, and all that jazz. Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: Speaking of work, I do have to do that again, don't I. Info
kent: feed the kitties Info
kittyman: The kibble bowl is full. Now I just gotta work to pay for it. And I am happy to do it for them. Meow. Info
kittyman: So, I suppose I best get tuit. Have a fine one and many meows. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow1111 Info
kittyman: !!!! Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kittyman: Meows. Info
kent: all those days off and not even a PSU Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
par1138: "We May Be Offline Until Tomorrow (July 11th) - We're working to clear an automated upgrade issue and may be down overnight. 11 Jul 2018, 2:08:16 UTC Info
kent: I told ya the Margarita blender was gonna be their demise Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Time to make some coffee. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Not a good morning. Gotta get that coffee. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kittyman: Inner kitty is NOT happy today. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kent: why? Info
kittyman: Toothless blew a brake line yesterday. Gotta burn a day of my 3 remaining days of vacay to try to get him fixed. Info
kent: cheese Info
kittyman: It's about a foot ahead of the right rear wheel. Almost certain that the hard line rusted through. Not going to be an easy fix, I suspect. Info
kent: where was Toothless when it blew? Info
kittyman: Thankfully, in the parking lot at work when I got there yesterday. Pedal went to the floor. Info
kittyman: Still driveable, with great caution. Still have front brakes but a soft pedal. Info
kittyman: Could have been a bad thingy if it had happened at the bottom of an off ramp. Info
kent: that didn't happen though Info
kittyman: No, so I do have to count some blessings in the face of the trouble. Info
kittyman: 5 minutes earlier, and I was going down an off ramp. That's when the brake warning light on the dash came on. But the line had just leaked a little, had not burst yet. Info
kittyman: So, I guess my kitty juju was still protecting me. Info
kittyman: Kitty juju....don't leave home without it! Info
kent: never do Info
kittyman: I take it with me everywhere. Meow! Info
kittyman: As soon as I wake up enough, I gotta jack Toothless up a bit and have a gander at the problem. Info
kittyman: Looks like they had too many mimosas in Berkeley yesterday and blew off the day.......... Info
kent: I tried to warn them about that Margarita machine Info
kittyman: The UPS system on the blender must've done it's job well. Info
kittyman: Maybe a bit TOO well. Info
kent: indeed Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meowjustalittlegrr. Info
kittyman: Coffee is starting to kick in. Meow. Info
kittyman: Just got underneath Toothless. The brake line looks OK ahead and behind the rusted out section, so I am hoping we can splice in a new piece. Info
kittyman: Of course, my mechanic is up to his eyeballs in work. So I gotta try back after lunch. Info
kent: you don't know what part to get? Info
kittyman: A new piece of brake line has to be spliced in. Dunno if I can do that or not. I am thinking on it. Info
kent: can't you replace the whole line easier? Info
kittyman: All the way from front to back and from the passenger side to the master cylinder? That would be a huge job. Info
kittyman: I just got back from Autozone. Got an 8" brake line and a couple of compression fittings. I got nothing to lose by trying it myself, the line's busted already. Info
kent: go for it...gonna need brake fluid Info
kittyman: I think I still have some in the garage.......... Info
kittyman: If I can get the line spliced, then all my mechanic has to do is help me bleed the system. Info
kittyman: Got the bad section of line cut out. Now I gotta cut the flares off of the piece I bought and splice it in. And hope for kitty juju. Info
kent: juju juju Info
kent: both kitties got kibble again Info
kittyman: Kitty juju failed slightly. One of the nuts cracked on a compression fitting. Had to run and get another. Info
kittyman: Kitty juju must be busy sniffing catnip. While I was trying to splice the line, it broke in another rusted out section about 10" further back. Have to wait on my mechanic. Info
kent: you should replace all that rusted stuff Info
kittyman: We'll have to replace it from the break to the hose in back. Line looks good towards the front. Info
kittyman: I see that Seti's kitty juju must still be sniffing the catnip too. Info
kent: their recharging the UPS for more Margaritas Info
kent: the 4 gig just ran out of work Info
kittyman: I've been out on the GPUs for a while. Still crunching on the CPU. Info
kittyman: I wish they would knock off the margaritas and get us back to work.......LOL. Info
kittyman: Gotta call my mechanic back around 2PM. Meowsigh. I hate things that I can't fix by myself. Meowsigh. Info
kittyman: Think I'll snuggle with the kitties for a catnap 'till 2. Maybe that will improve my inner kitty's outlook a bit. Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
kent: meows Info
kent: Catniap Info
kittyman: Yeah, that thingy. I'm gonna go with that. So, I'll catch up with you tomorra. Meow and out. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!! Info
kent: good luck juju Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: Thanks for the xtra juju. I'll let ya know how it went. Meowfornow. Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: well? did Toothless get his Novocain? Info
kittyman: LOL....Toothless was not in any pain during the replacement of the brake line. Info
kittyman: It went smoothly. The brakes are back. Need to bleed the front left line yet, but the bleeder screw did not want to loosen yesterday. Info
kittyman: It was getting late, so we will probably do that tomorrow. Put some PB Blaster on the bleeder screws to help loosen them up. Info
kent: I had to walk up to 7/11 at 5 am today Info
kittyman: And why would that be? Meow? Info
kent: had 2 hungy kitties and no kibble, got some cans, they liked that, have 2 more for tomorrow Info
kittyman: And they stuck around while you went for treats? Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: Wow. Meowwow. They are startling to like you! Info
kent: Mr Fatty lets me get within arms reach Info
kittyman: Don't rush him too much and he might eventually let you give him some petting maybe. Info
kent: at 5 am he can barely keep his eyes open Info
kittyman: Sleepy kitty. That's double kitties for what, like 4 days in a row now? Info
kent: something like that Info
kittyman: You should get your service kitten and maybe they could make friends. Info
kent: gotta make a bank run today, gonna take longer than it used to thanks to the new bus routes :( Info
kittyman: Ahhhh....well, I gotta work today, but at least I got brakes. AND it's Thorsday! Info
kent: All hail the mighty Thor Info
kittyman: MeowmeowmeowmightyThor! Info
kent: off to catch the bus...meowvroom Info
kittyman: Catch ya laters then. Take your kitty juju with ya! Info
kent: OMG...that was turrible Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: 1st bus was late so I missed the 2nd bus Info
kittyman: Geez, that's no fun at all. Info
kent: 82f 83.2% no clouds Info
kittyman: 76 and 63% with overcast here right now. Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow! Info
kittyman: I better pop out and close Toothless's window. Just in case some rain makes it here. Info
kent: I keep having to turn my thermostat down, hope I can make it to the end of August Info
kittyman: Why? The AC not work8ing as effciently as it used to? Info
kittyman: working Info
kent: it's working the same I guess, just getting hotter earlier, more hot hours during the day...and hotter days to come Info
kittyman: And hot august nights.................meow. Info
kent: that too Info
kittyman: Mine won't be as hot as yours will though. Info
kittyman: Heavy line of thunderstorms heading at kittyland right now. Pretty strong, unless they dissipate some. Info
kittyman: Starting to hear some thunderboomers. Info
kent: thunder storms rock Info
kittyman: Just as long as they don't rock TOO much. It's saying 30MPH winds.......... Info
kittyman: Hmmm....this time it's actually getting stronger as it approaches. 'Bout 5 more minutes or so. Meeeeeeeeeeeeowonalert. Info
kent: already 86f Info
kent: wow, you got a good one comin' Info
kent: protectthecatnipdotcom Info
kittyman: Not much left of the catnip to protect, unfortunately. Info
kittyman: 'Nother round of rain hitting us right meow. Might get a bit wet going to workies. Info
kittyman: Big cracks of thunder this time. Power hasn't glitched yet. Meowknockonwood. Info
kent: knock knock Info
kent: just got that new router ordered Info
kittyman: I think the biggest part is going to be past me by the time I get to work, so I shouldn't get soaked walking in from the parking lot. Info
kittyman: Time to get ready and run, so meowzies for nowzies. Have fun, and keep meowing! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!!! Info
kent: with a 4 year protection plan for $1.56 more Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008RV51EE/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Info
kent: take a parasol Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
Tutankhamon: Hehe, CreditNew (CreditFew) gets closer and closer to negative credits/task :-) Info
kent: what??? Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. And it's Friday with new router on the way and credits going negative. No parasol though. Info
kent: credits going negative? Info
kittyman: It's just a running joke. The credits on Seti seem to be getting lower and lower per task, so they kid around that some day they will award negative credits. Info
kent: oh Info
kittyman: You ordered a new router, eh? Same model, or something different? Info
kent: something diff Info
kittyman: And how is the modem itself holding up lately? Meow? Info
kent: I got one of these in March 2015 and it's still goin' strong Info
kent: modem seems to be the same, very slow Info
kittyman: Maybe when you get the new router you can give your spare modem a try then? Info
kent: gotta make a kibble run or Fatty Fat Fat will eat it all tomorrow Info
kent: if this router doesn't help, then I'll go for the modem swap Info
kittyman: Well, it's two different issues, isn't it? Good connection to the router isn't going to help the modem itself any. Info
kent: a wireless connection to the modem is very slow, if you plug in, it's up to 40x faster Info
kittyman: Hmmm...got a little popup rain shower going on. Meowrain. Info
kittyman: Run a cable to the modem. You can staple it to the ceiling.....LOL. Info
kent: I have a 100 ft. 10/100 Cat 5 Info
kent: a better wireless router than the modem does, is just as good as plugging in Info
kittyman: Go for it......inner kitty needs fast internet. Info
kent: the worst part is, it is cutting off and on at times Info
kittyman: I am sure that can be rather maddening. Info
kittyman: Kicks you outta your game, eh? Info
kent: kibble run Info
kittyman: Gotta have kibbles! Meowkibbles. Info
kent: they ate a whole bag of salmon and turkey so I got salmon and chicken this time Info
kittyman: Good kibbles for good kitties. Info
kent: with tender centers:) Info
kittyman: Meownomnomnom say the kitties. Info
kittyman: You are a kittydude. Need to get your support kitten. Info
kittyman: Never understimate the emotional support value of a kitty. Info
kent: right now I think I'll focus on the ones I have now Info
kittyman: Well, it's good practice for ya! Info
kittyman: Study hard you must. Info
kittyman: Learn well the ways of the kitty! Info
kent: ohmmmm Info
kittyman: The kitty spirits will guide you to a better understanding of life, they will. Info
kent: Jedi kittie juju Info
kittyman: Use the kitty juju, Luke. Info
kittyman: And you must master the jedi lightclaw. Info
kittyman: Hear it purrrrrr and hiss in your hands under your control. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow! Info
kent: there got a 60 gig sata HDD for the lappy, $17.99 and free shipping Info
kittyman: That sounds like a pretty good deal, eh? Info
kittyman: Especially for a lappy drive. Info
kent: Amazonianz rock Info
kittyman: I think Amazon used to be more expensive, but the sellers have learned that they have to be uber competitive to sell stuff. Info
kittyman: Like the old car dealer joke....."We only lose a little bit on every sale, but we make it up in volume". MeowLOL. Info
kent: don't think 60 gig drives are in high demand anymore, might as well sell 'em cheap instead of paying for warehousing Info
kittyman: I suppose. Drives are getting bigger 'n bigger. Info
kent: I know I saw a 12 gig recently Info
kent: I mean 12 TB Info
kittyman: 12Tb....wowza. Info
kent: I showed you that 10 TB Hybrid Info
kittyman: Yeah. I still think that's a strange one. But if the MTBF on the spinner is high enough, I suppose it's a valid design. Info
kittyman: Got another thundercluster headed this way....looks like kittyland is on the northern edge of it. Meowmorerain! Info
kent: gonna bleed some lines? Info
kittyman: Dunno. Have to call him this afternoon and see if he has the time. It's not urgent, the brakes are pretty solid now. Info
kittyman: I'll run his cash over to him in any case. Info
kent: high noon Info
kittyman: Already. Again. Meow. Info
kent: no workies though Info
kittyman: And that's a wonderful thingy! Info
kittyman: 'Spose. I should get just a little motivated. Need to hit an ATM to get some cash for my mechanic. Info
kent: wheee Info
kittyman: Gotta do some bubbles first to get rid of this wonderful Einstein hairdo. Info
kent: electrifying Info
kittyman: Yeah. Looks like I reached into one of my computers and grabbed a live wire. MeowLOL. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: All systems go? Info
kent: Complete Info
kent: Spyware done Info
kittyman: You haz a wonderful one, buddy. I'm a just gonna have a lazy day. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
kent: you can do the PSU Info
kittyman: Perhaps. Info
kent: 32 days 22 hours...I getting my stuff ready to go Info
kittyman: Let me know if you consider joining THE GPUUG team. Info
kent: with the 10 core, your in contention for a really good spot this year...and with the 6er :):):) Info
kent: my gpu's don't do enough to join a gpu team Info
kent: at least not yet Info
kittyman: I will have the 6er done in time. There are others on our team with RACs lower than yours. Info
kent: on the gpu's? Info
kent: I do want one of those mobo's that has 19 GPU slots Info
kittyman: Total RAC on Seti. There are 6 with RACs lower than 30K. Info
kent: OH, mines really low right now cuz of the power outage scare I had here a while back...I shut down most machines at the first warning and didn't turn them back on until... Info
kent: the power was totally back on Info
kittyman: Well, you think about it and let me know. I won't bug ya. Info
kent: this year I just wanted to try and help USA beat those pesky raccoons Info
kittyman: Whatever suits ya. No worries, buddy. Info
kent: I still think it's achievable if team USA shows up...I posted reg open on their team site and I'm still the only one so far Info
kent: weird Info
kent: ok, time ta go Info
kent: funzies meowzies for nowzies Info
kittyman: They have to know that this even requires individual registration. Info
kittyman: event Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: Meow then! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow! Info
SEARCHER: :) Good Morning to all Info
SEARCHER: I still wait of the WOW-Event Info
kent: Mornin' Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: c[_] #1.Morningmeow. Info
kent: early for you Info
kittyman: I didn't stay up real late last night. Info
kittyman: And meow, it's CATurday! MeowCaturday! Info
kent: Caturday Info
kent: anything bad happed yesterday? Info
kent: It was Friday the 13th Info
kittyman: Not that I am aware of. Nothing bad in kittyland. None of the storms did anything but rain here. Info
kent: nothing bad ever happens on Fri. 13 Info
kittyman: I was never superstitious about it. Just another day. Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: I do think the full moon does a bit though.......... Info
kent: crime goes up during a full moon Info
kittyman: Back in the day when I spent a lotta time in the tavvy, it always seemed like the nutcases showed up with the full moon. Info
kent: I might have been one of them Info
kittyman: I hope not....LOL. Info
kittyman: I used to shoot pool for shots of Wild Turkey 101. And won a lot. Info
kent: I bet Info
kittyman: As the song said, 'Drank a lot of take home pay.' Might have been a Billy Joel song, not sure. I did earn more than my share of shots on the pool game though. Info
kittyman: Had a pretty hot stick, back in the day. Haven't played a game in many years now. Info
kent: http://www.azquotes.com/quote/1064176 Info
kittyman: Ahhh.....I wuz right. So my mind hasn't TOTALLY left me just yet. MeowLOL. Info
kittyman: I'll have to bookmark that page. Might assist my memory from time to time. Info
kittyman: Just put in for the refill on my Modafinil. Wonder how much it's gonna cost THIS time. Meowsigh. Info
kent: I have clockwork kitties Info
kittyman: And you have the kibbles at the ready, eh? Info
kittyman: (Kent is visiting with the kitties.) Info
kent: of course Info
kent: 5 am kitties Info
kittyman: A kitty bright spot in your day. Meowkitties! Info
kittyman: I am sure they want to get their travelling done in the cool of the early morning. Meowsmartkitties. Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Got that new router yet? Meow? Info
kent: it shipped yesterday in Califonia Info
kent: I'm geddy Info
kent: giddy Info
kittyman: A bit of a wait yet then. Geddy Lee? Info
kent: giddy like a school gurl Info
kittyman: And just why would that be? Info
kittyman: I thought you were pretending to be Geddy. Info
kent: I'm hoping for a purrfect internet connection like it used to be Info
kittyman: Ahhh.....giddy with anticipation. Info
kent: thats it Info
kittyman: Not Geddy then. Well, it's time for me to enjoy some bubbles. Info
kittyman: Ahhh...good bubles, as always. Not so good outside. 80f 72%. Meowickysticky. Info
kent: 84f 77.7% Info
kittyman: Good day to stay indoors for both of us. Info
kent: still... this ain't nuttin' Info
kittyman: Not for you, it ain't. Info
kent: get that PSU in yet? Info
kent: meow Info
kent: gone fishin'...leave a meowsage Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kittyman: lori....phone....ear tired Info
kittyman: Geez.....and after about an hour, I politely indicate in a round about way that I have had about enough phone talk in one sitting, and she hangs up on me. Sheesh......... Info
kent: Geez Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meow. Time for some coffee. Meow. Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meowcoffeemeow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Meowmeow. Info
kittyman: Already 81/75% here. Nothing going on outside for me today. Info
kent: 79f 98.5% Info
kittyman: 98.5%? Yechhhhhh. Info
kent: welcome to my world Info
kittyman: Think I'll pass on that one. Info
kittyman: Oh boy. And it was one of ours, too. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/15/man-woman-steal-fire-truck-lead-police-on-hours-long-chase-in-california.html Info
kent: Wheeee Info
kittyman: If you're gonna steal a truck, might as well steal a fire truck. Info
kittyman: And it's a Pierce. At least they had good taste. Info
kent: what kind of penalty did they get? Info
kittyman: Dunno yet. Article just says "Both suspects are facing multiple felony charges." Info
kittyman: Investigators said the suspects took turns driving and were both believed to be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or a combination of the two during the chase. Info
kent: you'd have to be on drugs to steal a firetruck Info
JL: Theft of an expensive fire truck will be worse, I think, becuse of the value of the item stolen Info
kittyman: "The door was wide open, we thought, Hollywood, just (expletive). All right, here you go, we’re going to drive, take off," said the unidentified male suspect. Info
kittyman: He stole the truck, and then picked up his GF.....................meowLOL. Unbelieveable. Info
kittyman: And they took turns driving it. Info
JL: Maybe their bucket list included "Drive a fire truck fast with sirens blazing" ... Hope it was worth checking it off the list :) Info
JL: Actually, that could be fun ... but legally Info
kittyman: Did you look at the article? There is video of the dude. Info
JL: I saw the headline this morning Info
JL: didn't bother Info
kittyman: I linked you the article earlier. Info
JL: Thank you Info
JL: maybe I'll read it later, I've been busy getting my ioq3 dedicated CTF map-cycle perfected Info
kittyman: Your which what where how? Meow? Info
JL: heh Info
JL: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Info
kittyman: Even I've never driven one of our trucks on the open road. Just in our big parking lot once in a while to move them around to work on one. Info
kittyman: Ahh....working on your gaming thingy. Meow! Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Info
kent: I wanna drive a firetruck Info
kent: need a CDL? Info
kittyman: Not in the parking lot. But to road test one, absolutely. Info
kent: even the single axle? Info
kittyman: Any fire truck whatsoever. Info
kittyman: Don't need one to take a company pickup truck to run for parts or go to the other plants. Info
kent: cheeze Info
kittyman: I am sure the CDL is a liability thing if somebody would get into an accident during a road test. Info
kittyman: We do have the occasional minor accident in the yard when somebody is moving trucks around and backs into another truck or turns too tight. Info
kittyman: It is rather crowded in the yard. Lots and lots of trucks in various stages of completion. Info
kent: do you know the address where you work? I wanna see it on google earth Info
kittyman: 2600 American Drive. Appleton, WI 54914 Info
kent: sweet Info
kittyman: You should be able to see lots of fire trucks. Info
kent: Man thats a lot of firetruck parts Info
kittyman: LOL....yeah, I told ya so. Info
kent: Mr Orange was lying on the little brick wall around the flower pot this morning after he ate his kibble... Info
kent: I walk, slowly, up to him and knelled down and put my hand flat on the brick in front of him... Info
kent: I slid it towards him slowly and while he was still lying there, he reached out with one paw ant touched the top of my hand then sat up Info
kittyman: Awww.....that's so sweet. He's warming up to you. Info
kent: while licking his chops Info
kent: he could barely keep his eyes open, I think 5 am is past his bedtime Info
kittyman: Nomnomnom sez Mr. Orange! Info
kent: Calico was around but didn't eat no kibble Info
kent: the birds got his Info
kittyman: I am sure Mr. Orange went home for a nice contented snooze. Info
kittyman: You made a happy kitteh today. Info
kittyman: And it's high noon again. Info
kent: I've seen chicken ppl throw out, in the parking lot 2 days in a row...Mr Orange ate some after filling up on kibble Info
kent: today Info
kittyman: He's sure getting his fill of treats then.....meowhungrykitty! Info
kent: Fat kittie...he eats for fun, not hungy Info
kittyman: You should have a good game this afternoon. After all, you were blessed with the touch of a kitty paw! Meow! Info
kent: I was Info
kittyman: Annointed by the kitty gods. Info
kent: nice Info
kittyman: Good kitty juju karma you have. Info
kent: I was Knighted Info
kittyman: A Knight of the Round Kibble Bowl. Info
kent: thats right, and don't you forget it :) Info
kittyman: Sir Kent you are. Info
kittyman: A Knight in shining fur. Info
kittyman: That armor thing's for sissies......LOL. Info
kent: fur rocks Info
kittyman: You got that right, buddy!! Info
kent: the arrow quivers in fear Info
kent: of fur Info
kent: I read a bunch of reviews about that Arctic Air thing today...they were ALL TURRIBLE, doesn't cool, the water doesn't last but 2 hours instead of 8... Info
kittyman: And the dreaded kibble slingshot. Info
kent: breaks after 3 days even with moving or touching it Info
kittyman: I told ya that is does not remove any heat from the room, just cools the air going through it a little bit. Info
kent: they say its poorly made, air blows only 6 inches Info
kent: weak Info
kittyman: A cheap come-on with a contrived commercial. Info
kittyman: Lori's gonna call any minute now. I better wrap it up for today. Info
kent: and it's not a full refund, they keep what you pay for shipping even though it says free shipping Info
kent: don't forget to swap ears before one falls off Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: No doubt. I think the ears are still sore after yesterday. Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: Have great success on your quest this afternoon, Sir Kibble. Info
kent: get a PSU in :) Info
kent: Sir Kibble:):):) Info
kittyman: Probably not, Sunday is usually running errands and shopping with Lori. Info
kent: I shall, Sir Sober:) Info
kittyman: Have a great one, and meow for now. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!! Info
kittyman: Sir Sober I be. Info
kittyman: And that's a good thing for me. Info
kent: after a year you were Knighted by the sober gos Info
kent: gods Info
kittyman: A great blessing it was. Info
kent: funzies meowzies for nowzies Info
kent: game time Info
kittyman: 'Till tomorra. Meowzies. Info
kent: laters Info
petri33: Signed up and ready for 2018 event Info
kent: Howdy petri Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Meow. I need coffee. Meow. Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Monday meowsigh. Info
kent: once every 7 days Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kittyman: Ready or not, here it comes. Info
kent: hide and watch Info
kittyman: I wish I could just hide out with the kitties all day. Info
kent: don't get paid for hide and seek Info
kittyman: That is the crux of the matter, indeed. Info
kittyman: One can wish, however. Info
kent: 1 : a puzzling or difficult problem : an unsolved question The origin of the word is a scholarly crux. Info
kent: 2 : an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome Info
kittyman: I see Kent is doing his homework. MeowKent. Info
kent: 3 : a main or central feature (as of an argument) Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Info
kittyman: The new router must be getting close by now. Meow? Info
kent: UPS hasn't picked it up yet Info
kittyman: Oh geez. One of them deals, where it takes the seller foreeeeeeeeeever to get it underway. Meowgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Info
kent: it shipped on Friday, I guess UPS doesn't work on Sunday Info
kittyman: 'Bout time for me to get some bubbles rolling here. Meowbubbles. Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Hmmmm....I gotta try to squeeze in a catnap before I go to work. Meowcatnap. Info
kittyman: And I must freshen the kitties' litterbox before I leave. Meowcleanlitterbox. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: thump just gave the kingdom to putin...read all about it Info
kent: now the ruskies are having mimosas Info
kent: time to start learning russian Info
kittyman: Litterbox all tidy now. No mimosas here. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: Game time arriveth. And I must soon goeth. So have fun and meoweth. Info
kittyman: Sir Kibble. Info
kent: Meoweth Sir Sober, 'Til we again Info
kittyman: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeowth!!!! Info
kent: oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooww Info
kent: t Info
kent: ta Info
kent: tu Info
kent: no...just...T Info
kent: meeeeeooooowwwT Info
kittyman: LOL.....laters. Meoweth and outeth. Info
kent: funzies meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: me out with a meow Info
TimeLord04: Hackintosh died... Being rebuilt with new parts, now... The MacPro 5,1 was down yesterday due to a power outage here in Danville, CA. Info
TimeLord04: Power outage lasted 3.5 Hours. Info
TimeLord04: Central Computers got the new hardware installed and running in preparation for the Hackintosh Restoration. Info
TimeLord04: Right now, only Win7 Pro is running. Tomorrow I get to play with Time Machine & try to restore Andromeda. Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kent: ♛♛♛ Info
kent: (̅_̅_̅(̲̲̲̲̲̅̅̅̅̅̅(̅_̅_̲̅м̲̅a̲̅я̲̅l̲̅b̲̅o̲̅r̲̅o̲̅̅ _̅_̅_̅()ڪے Info
kent: ♥ ♥ ♥ Info
kent: ✐✑✒ Info
kent: the Crowns are my favorite Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: [_] #1. Meow. what in the world....... Info
kent: your late meow Info
kittyman: Yeah, had good sleepies for a change. Meow. Info
kittyman: What were you playing with earlier? Meow? Info
kent: stuff I found on a web page yesterday Info
kent: the router was picked up this morning about 3:45 in Canada not Cali Info
kent: the HDD shipped and is due here Thorsday Info
kent: and the kitties got their fill again meow Info
kittyman: Sounds like you are having a good kitty day then! Meow! Info
kittyman: Seti's still up. They are probably warming up the blender in Berkeley. Info
kent: morning mimosas Info
kittyman: Yeah, getting ready for the outrage. Info
kent: they'll shut down after the mimosas are gone Info
kent: then run the blender off of the UPS Info
kittyman: I am sure the blender has it's own UPS. Can't be too careful with the blender. Info
kittyman: It's a precision lab instrument, after all. Info
kittyman: Probably a 2HP model with 10 speeds forward and 3 reverse. Info
kent: crushed ice is science at its best Info
kittyman: You can do a lot of experiments with crushed ice. Info
kittyman: And some have to be repeated many times. Like the mimosa experiments. Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow. Info
kittyman: Have to swing by Walgreens on the way to work. Pick up my 'spensive meds. Info
kent: ice is for the margarita experiments Info
kittyman: And Seti just went down. Meowmargaritasmeow. Info
kittyman: Geez. Almost 11 already and I haven't even had my bubbles yet. Info
kittyman: Best get to them bubbles now. Meowbubbletime! Info
kent: bubbles Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: After-bubble meow. Info
kittyman: Not enough time for a catnap meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: Gotta remember to pick up my meds meow. Info
kittyman: Think they're about $500.00 this time for 3 month's worth. Info
kent: cheeze...with insurance? Info
kittyman: Yeah, it was at least double that last time. I think I've covered my deductable for the year now. Info
kittyman: Modafinil is just crazy expensive. But it keeps me going. Meow. Info
kittyman: It's either that or walk around like a zombie all the time. Info
kittyman: Gave the kitties some catnip oil spray on their puffball. Now they can haz happy catniaps while I go to workies. Info
kent: =^.^= Info
kittyman: A smiling kitty! Info
kent: can you tell if he's smiling? Info
kittyman: Kitties are almost always smiling. Info
kent: how Info
kittyman: I dunno, just looks like he's smiling. Info
kittyman: Maybe I just see what I wanna see, see? Info
kent: you projecting cuz you want him to have a smile on Info
kent: yep Info
kittyman: Inner kitty sez he's smiling. Info
kittyman: And lhe would know. Info
kittyman: he would Info
kent: he probably is :)=^.^= Info
kittyman: Well, I best get ready to rock here, got that extra stop to make. Meowzies for nowzies. Meowsmilingkitty. Info
kent: ♛ Sir Sober ♛ Info
kent: like the Crowns Info
kittyman: LOL, Sir Kibble. Info
kent: I Info
kent: ♛ Sir Kibble ♛ Info
kittyman: You be knighted. Gotta run now. Have a great one, Sir Kibble. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
kent: MeeeeooooowT Info
kent: funzies Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
kent: C[_] #2 Info
kittyman: Meow. Info
kent: meow Info
kent: earlier today Info
kittyman: Yeah, haven't decided whether to start coffee yet or not. Meowyawnstretchyawn. Info
kittyman: Might as well give it a go. I'm gonna get a coffee right meow. Info
kittyman: c[_] #1. Meeeeeow. Info
kent: C[_] rocks Info
kittyman: It certainly does. Meow! Info
kittyman: Wonder if your router is gonna be delayed getting through customs. Meow? Info
kent: from Canada? doubt it Info
kent: it's in Detroit Info
kittyman: I suppose. Customs from Canada is not quite the same as when I get something coming from China. Info
kent: can take 3 weeks from China Info
kittyman: If I recall, the waterblock for the Katana took almost a week to clear customs once it got to the states. Info
kittyman: Much sunbeam for the green thingys here today. Not looking very good for my weekend though. Info
kent: any catnip? Info
kittyman: Looked yesterday, and only one had any life left in it, and it wasn't much. Gave it some water. Info
kittyman: Catnip crop was a failure this year. Next year, those mounds might help. Info
kittyman: You think about starting yours yet? Info
kittyman: c[_] #2. Meow? Info
kent: not this year, to late ain't it? Info
kittyman: Probably not for you, you got a lot longer growing season. Info
kittyman: It grows pretty fast once it gets going. Info
kittyman: And the best time to harvest it I think is before it grows all the way to the flowering stage. Not quite sure yet. Info
kittyman: Have to do some catnip research. Info
kittyman: =°•°= Info
kittyman: =^•^= Info
kent: :) =^.^= Info
kittyman: Kitty mimes. Meow. Info
kittyman: ASCII kitty. Info
kittyman: ~=^.^=~ Info
kittyman: ~^.^~ Info
kent: now that's 'mod' ing a meow Info
kittyman: LOL....meowchuckle. Info
kittyman: Time for me to have a dip in some bubbles. Meowbubbles! Info
kent: bubbles Info
kittyman: Ahhh...and because I got up early, I now have time for a bit of a catnap with my kitties! Meowcatnapmeow. Info
kent: catniap Info
kent: C[_] #3 Info
kent: you started learning Russian yet...I can say 'vudka' Info
kittyman: That's 'wodka'.... Info
kent: oh yeah Info
kent: chekov Info
kittyman: He was funny. Info
kittyman: I was thinking about that just yesterday at work....there must be a DVD set of the whole original Star Trek series. Info
kent: of course there is Info
kent: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Star-Trek-The-Complete-Original-Series-DVD/46785019 Info
kittyman: I think I've seen all of the episodes at one time or another. Info
kent: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Star-Trek-The-Original-Motion-Picture-Collection-Blu-ray/48565785?athcpid=48565785&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=collection&athieid=v0 Info
kittyman: Was thinking about the original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits as well. Info
kent: dogpile.com Info
kittyman: I don't like dogpiles. The neighbors dog leaves them in my yard once in a while. Info
kent: router is in Hodgkins, IL Info
kent: dogpile.com rocks Info
kittyman: Router be on the move! What is that dogpile about? Meow? Info
kent: seach engine...check it out Info
kittyman: Ok. I generally just use Google. Info
kent: dogpile uses a ton of search engines including google Info
kittyman: Ahhh. That might be interesting to try then. Info
kent: I've found google to be good for social media and dogpile is better for science stuff Info
kittyman: Well, thanks for another tip. I'll give it a try the next time I am looking for something. Meow! Info
kent: the original Twilight Zone and Outer Limits Info
kittyman: If they have been released on DVD or Bluray, they shouldn't be hard to find. I'll look when I have some spare jing. Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Zone-Complete-Definitive-Collection/dp/B000H5U5EE Info
kittyman: I got it bookmarked now. Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/Outer-Limits-Original-Season/dp/B000068V9R Info
kent: oops Info
kent: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LE36FZ6/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B00LE36FZ6&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=1713835751726239774&pf_rd_r=D9WB3F47A07GYMAWQ24N&pd_rd_wg=4Ks0 Info
kittyman: https://www.amazon.com/Twilight-Zone-Complete-Definitive-Collection/dp/B01KOCUITG/ref=tmm_dvd_title_1?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Info
kent: thats it Info
kittyman: Got them both in my Amazon shopping cart now. Meow! Info
kent: meow Info
kittyman: And then there's M*A*S*H........ And Breaking Bad. I think both of them are still commanding a pretty good price though. Info
kent: high noon Info
kittyman: Oh geez, not again. Info
kent: 7 times a week Info
kent: Cool...South Park is on Info
kittyman: I never really got into South Park. Info
kent: it's freaking hilarious Info
kent: and it is NOT easy to make me laugh Info
kittyman: Tight sense of humor then? MeowLOL. Info
kent: Running Level 3 Diagnostics....... Info
kittyman: Getting ready to launch. As am I. Meow......................................... Info
kent: Complete Info
kittyman: Have a great one then, Sir Kibble. I must go off to joust with some fire trucks. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow!!!! Info
kent: ♛ Sir Kibble ♛ gone fishin' Info
kent: back a truck for me Info
kent: ♛ Sir Sober ♛ 'til the morrow...away Info
kent: meeeeeooooowwT Info
kittyman: And off I ride.................................................................................... Info
kent: meows Info
kent: game time Info
kent: laters Info
TimeLord04: Hackintosh is irrecoverable... Can't get the Flash Drive Installers, (10.11.6 nor 10.13.3), to get to their Installers... So, CANNOT get to Restore from Time Machine. Info
TimeLord04: Just spent most of the day transferring programs and data from Time Machine to Daedalus, the MacPro 5,1. Info
TimeLord04: About 4 Hours today was also spent on reconditioning Prometheus, (Win7 Pro), on the new PC Hardware that WAS to be the new Hackintosh. Info
TimeLord04: Win Update is complaining that the CPU on Prometheus is "Too new for Win 7..." I don't care, it works... Info
TimeLord04: Prometheus is now on an i7 7700K on a Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3 MOBO with 32 GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RAM. Info
TimeLord04: New PSU on Prometheus is a Corsair HK7501 750 Watt Platinum PSU. Info
TimeLord04: Daedalus, the MacPro 5,1 system is now my main Cruncher and main System. Info
TimeLord04: Daedalus now triple boots between High Sierra 10.13.6, Sierra 10.12.0, and Win7 Pro. Info
TimeLord04: Daedalus has 64GB ECC DDR3 RAM, and two Samsung 860 EVO SSDs. Info
TimeLord04: One SSD is High Sierra, one SSD is Sierra. The Sierra drive has ADOBE CS6 Suite. Info
TimeLord04: A third 860 EVO has been procured for Win 7 on Daedalus. Info
TimeLord04: All the SSDs are 1TB. Info
TimeLord04: I plan to move the one EVGA GTX-1050 from Daedalus to Prometheus, and then install the second EVGA GTX-1050 to Prometheus as well. Info
TimeLord04: I will replace the 1050 in Daedalus with the one good EVGA GTX-750TI SC that was in Andromeda. Info
TimeLord04: Eventually, I will also have Prometheus cloned to a Samsung 860 EVO SSD. Info
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