Team-XML List

These XML files are fetched from the projects to create the Pentathlon stats. Please check if the correct XML file is linked for your team for each project. The projects appear as soon as the disciplines are officially announced.

  • Chinese Dream

  • Marathon (OpenZika) 2684Q8Q5P1
  • Javelin Throw (NFS@Home) 400481
  • City Run (yoyo@home) 1759
  • Attention! XML-File is missing for Cross Country (Einstein@Home)
  • Attention! XML-File is missing for Sprint (LHC@home)
  • Russia

  • Marathon (OpenZika) 5C21G7R9N
  • City Run (yoyo@home) 147
  • Javelin Throw (NFS@Home) 79
  • Cross Country (Einstein@Home) 178
  • Sprint (LHC@home) 12