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XSmeagolX: We are testing our scripts for the next pure challenge. Data shown is for testing surpose only and show a different challenge on WCG Info
kleines grünes Männel: Hihihi, du hast surpose statt purpose geschrieben. Info
XSmeagolX: LSidH Info
kleines grünes Männel: Ordinär, der werte Herr. Gleich mal den Admin ich rufen werde. Info
User42069: Where is this hourly data harvested? Info
pipin: Erstmal danke für die Stats!! Grüße von P3D Info
Nik: Einfach krank was da abläuft. Info
CP: <title>Thor pure 2019 -> Team | seti-germany.de</title> Info
CP: Fixed ;) Info
CP: Not fixed - Team pages show 2019 in title Info
kleines grünes Männel: Fixed. Und fertixed. Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Es ist so ruhig hier.. Info
[PeDreiDe]Countryboi: epysche wasser sind tief Info
Ritschie[P3D]: Thx for this great stats! Info
CougarPelardou [AF]: Nice Job vielen Dank Info
johnnymc: this really shows dedication for information to the masses Info
[P3D] Crashtest: new #1 a team called Pen Ding Info
10esseeTony of TAAT: Awesome stats, SG! Thanks! Info
Mega TSBT: Great. Just what Thor needed! Many thanks. Info
Frank[RKN]: Danke für die tollen Stats, und >Glückwunsch an den grünen Planeten, der hoch oben seine Kreise zieht.... ;-) Info
Bertle: Thank you <3 Info
biodoc: Excellent stats. Thanks! Info
thorsam[P3D]: Hi VietOZ, nice job at the NFS@home-Sprint. Info
7v12: clusterpatry incoming Info
pipin: @Frank[RKN] danke dir. aber was ist mit euch und SG. Einer sollte noch mit in die Top5 Info
thorsam[P3D]: Hi VietOZ, pleasant surprise. ;) Info
BBC: the guy with the inverted dick is back i think Info
BunkerBernd: Moing Info
VietOZ: @BBCyou must have enjoyed it last night? Info
VietOZ: hi [P3D] Info
VietOZ: @BBC yo mama missed me already? Telll her i'll be there again so you can watch again. No need to be jealous Info
Bonald Framp: P3D has won the race. You can close this statspage! Info
bluestang: Yet, you guys can't figure out how to handle Formula Boinc lol Info
[P3D] Crashtest: P3D has not yet won.... Info
thorsam [P3D]: I've learnd the main race lesson from VietOZ. We'll see, wether i've learnd it the right way. Info
Frank[RKN]: @pipin Ja, in die Top5 wollen ausser uns aber noch 15 andere Teams, dass ist das Problem... ;-) Info
last unicorn: it's not over until the fat lady sings Info
Outlaw9876[P3D]: And in the end the winner is science - and your power provider :-) Info
Billy Ewell 1931: A message to our German friends at SETI-Germany for providing the hourly statistics: Info
Billy Ewell 1931: To our German friends at SETI-Germany for the hourly THOR-PURE statistical updates: VIELEN DANK!!!! Info
Billy Ewell 1931: I spent two years in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden in the late 1960s. Info
johnnymc: Akzeptieren! Info
roundup: Thanks for the friendly greetings, Billy Ewell 1931! Info
Justin Time: the bunker will flood Info
thorsam [P3D]: That's great, my pending is much to high. Info
Lauter Cruncher: Hat hier jemand Bunker gesagt? Info
[AF] ancelinj: Too late to bunker Now ;) Info
gemini8_[RKN]: Not too late to let bunkered tasks go. ;-) Info
Nick Name USA: With under 2 days to go it remains exciting in the THOR Pure 20202 Challenge! Info
Nick Name USA: 2020 too ;/ Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Where is VietOZ ? Info
Penguin: Keep it rocking Antarctic Crunchers! Info
VietOZ: @[P3D]Crashtest I'm still here. What's up? Info
[P3D] Crashtest: where are the Bunkers ???? Info
VietOZ: What's the bunkers? Sorry i'm newbie here Info
[AF] ancelinj: Exit trump Congrats USA :) Info
PecosRiverM: Sad day for Freedom. Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Stats hängen ?!? Info
[AF] ancelinj: Nice day for our Planet :) Info
kleines grünes Männel: Uppsss, incorrectly configured cronjob (End of 24 hours too early). Since 7:24 UTC everything in the flow again. Sorry. :( Info
PecosRiverM: How do you figure ancelinj? We'll still be in the same mess we are now. Info
[AF] ancelinj: Not my advice Since yesterday, the populist leaders in Europe have looked grim Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: SG, you are not going to allow us 7th, are you? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: We agree the Birthday Challenge is by far the more important event, but you could hold us off with just a little more effort for this event. :) Info
[AF] ancelinj: Nice try 7AA7 :D Info
thorsam [P3D]: @VietOZ I'm a diver, and Vietnam should be a hotspot for diving. But i know nothing about the diving infrastructure and hotels. Do you? Info
VietOZ: @thorsam I'm sorry i'm not familiar with what they have now. I left when I was 10 and haven't been back since Info
VietOZ: One of my buddy owns a hotel in Nha Trang. He said it's beautiful over there, but like I've said. I haven't been back yet. Info
thorsam [P3D]: Ya, big city. Me dive buddy left Vietnam in the same age. He was once back, but he wish he has'nt done it. Info
thorsam [P3D]: I'll push the button at 9 pm UTC Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Öh - nich so spät Junge Info
pipin: Hammertime!! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: To all P3D, an incredible performance! Very well done! Congrats! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Thanks again, SETI Germany! And we will all meet again in a little more than 7 days! Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Wait until you see what thorsam did ... Info
i want to break free: thor-sama will do something? Info
:S:O:A:D: Freak on a Leash Info
[P3D] Crashtest: he will push the contact the scheduler button ... Info
VietOZ: what chu talking about? Can I join? I love pushing buttons Info
VietOZ: @thorsam I hated to admitted it, but the reason I haven't gone back is probably the same reason your buddy experienced. Hence why it offended me when you guys called me VC Info
VietOZ: VietCong Info
VietOZ: but i know who i am and i'm happy where i am. No grudge or whatever. What we're doing is more important Info
VietOZ: now, i don't have any button to push :D Info
VietOZ: I don't want to tease you guys anymore. So get some sleep and prepare for the WCG's birthday.What I had is all I have, you guys are behind on the birthday race. Just saying Info
VietOZ: because i'm not even in it :D Info
VietOZ: Now, i'm willing to work for a price. TaaT or P3D? Make your offers :) Info
pipin[P3D]: @VietOZ ;) More Ryzen and Epycs on the way, we will be good. Info
VietOZ: not in time for birthday race. I held 4x 5950X here Info
thorsam [P3D]: Good friends should call him Charly. ;) Info
[P3D] Crashtest: waiting for the 1st BOOM Info
P.O.D: B00M Info
thorsam [P3D]: Just a moment, you held 5950X? Where did you get them? Lucky Guy. Info
VietOZ: Lucky indeed! Info
pipin[P3D]: Hammertime :) Info
[P3D]Landjunge: Bautz!!! Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Das war sicherlich noch nicht alles Info
[P3D] Crashtest: SG muss aufpassen Info
bluestang: "@thorsam [P3D]: Good friends should call him Charly." You are an absolute arsehole! Info
bluestang: Show some damn respect and don't be a ******* racist pig. Info
Nick Name USA: Thanks CSF for the event and SG for the stats! See you next week! Info
motqalden: Thanks for the stats! Info
thorsam [P3D]: Sorry, do we know each other? Info
VietOZ: it's cool. Just crunch Info
sobitthen: I had no clue on how to adjust what project within a project to do more, just let PC run 24/7 and no sleep and hoped for best. Info
Trotador: Thanks to SG for the stats! Info
SystemViper: I'm in the house! Info
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