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Silent Bob: Did anyone manage to get any tasks on Android? Info
bluestang: Morning ladies. Info
кёит: mornin'? Info
кёит: ladies?? Info
кёит: funny :) Info
кёит: laters Info
scole of TSBT: @Silent Bob there hasn't been any work for androids for a month or so Info
scole of TSBT: Lets try this again. @Silent Bob there hasn't been any work for androids for a while Info
Silent Bob: Ok, thanks for confirming my suspicion :) Info
[H]auntjemima: Finish line is in sight! Info
Topper: in 6 days yes xD Info
motqalden: This shoutbox is too quiet. Thanks for the event SG Info
bluestang: Yes, definitely thanks to SG. Info
RoE187: Goood Morning :) Info
кёит: mornin' Info
кёит: Does WCG use Lunatics? Info
[H]auntjemima: I do not believe so. Info
davidBAM: WCG only uses lunatics willing to buy hardware and electricity in order to compete ;) Info
RoE187: xD Info
кёит: I can't get my 2nd computer to connect to WCG Info
кёит: laters Info
Billy Ewell 1931: Kent: Try reinstalling BOINC and then obviously give the offending computer a restart; might help.. Info
Billy Ewell 1931: I am suprised that several crunchers have not already replied to your situation. Good luck. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Shout out to XtremeSystems....quite the arse kicking you gents are giving the rest of us! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Would it be fair to say SUSA has aligned with you? I have no problem with that, it is good to have friends, and I do love to see so much power going to a favorite project. :) Info
scole of TSBT: @кёит did you remember to use your email address instead of your username? Info
VietOZ: @Tony, yes it's fair. We're honoring a fallen comrade. The aim was for Obyte though :) Info
VietOZ: *fallen Info
VietOZ: great, auto correcting? Info
bluestang: Fallen comrade Info
bluestang: WTF does the shoutbox autocorrect when you hit enter lol Info
bluestang: fallen Info
bluestang: FFS I give up Info
Bryan: @Tony last year Obyte and GC competed that's why we are helping our friends. They didn't enter this year. Info
Bryan: @Tony this event is very important to XS. Not winning, but running a week of WCG in memory of Movieman. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Noooo. So sorry. I didn't know him, but have heard of him. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: On behalf of TAAT, we send our condolences to his friends, and thanks for keeping his dreams of a cure alive. Info
VietOZ: Much appreciated, Tony! Info
Coleslaw: Movieman passed? Condolences here as well. Is there a thread anywhere on it? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Alright Ladies, 10esseeTony of XtremeSystems wishes to honor your fallen comrade, OUR, fallen comrade, Movieman. I have aligned with XS for the duration of this challenge. Info
VietOZ: @Coleslaw, he passed in 2015 i believed (that's when I decided to make my comeback to DC) Info
VietOZ: my godness, * i believe * autocorrect Info
VietOZ: We (XS) usually do an annual week for him during March. But this year we're doing it on this race Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Anyone from OcUK here? Who did you guys lose a year or so ago? Sadly, I have forgotten his username... Info
VietOZ: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?289884-My-friends-it-seems-I-drew-the-short-straw Info
VietOZ: still info for those who wants to run E5s Info
VietOZ: *still* god damn it Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: "If you have lost faith in humanity, then hold a newborn in your hands." God bless you Dave, and the ones you have left behind. :( Info
VietOZ: "Some people keep things to themselves but I've always believed in 'get it out" and say what you feel." Movieman Info
VietOZ: That changed my attitude a lot. I used to not saying what I think. But now? Try me :) Info
VietOZ: "used NOT to say" jesus christ Info
[H]auntjemima: This shoutbox autocorrect is brutal Info
davidBAM: Otto Korrekt - official SG lexicographer Info
VietOZ: shoutbox in english doesn't seem to have the autocorrrect problem :) my dumb *** been using the de version Info
кёит: mornin' Info
bluestang: Thanks Tony...much appreciated. Info
bluestang: "Put a smile on someone's face" Info
SystemViper: i'm a smiling today.... Info
кёит: every day Info
[H]auntjemima: Cats in the cradle... But why? And what's the the SPOON?! Info
кёит: laters Info
Hugh Jarse: @davidBAM Are we still allowed to laugh at made up foreign sounding names? I just woke up. Info
davidBAM: :D Info
Mike Hunt: I'd prefer we didn't go down this route Info
Mia Culpa: me too Info
Ben Dover: I'm all for it xD Info
Phil McAvity: be gentle with me Info
Neil Anblomi: ;) Info
Phil McCrackin: Dae nae slag mah name Info
Coleslaw: Thanks VietOZ for the info Info
The End: @[H]auntjemima Why? I don't know, maybe we should ask little boy blue or the man in the moon..... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: You're welcome, bluestang. :) Info
Hitchhiker: I wish there was a boinc project to calculate the meaning of life and everything Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: I was able to do just that, years ago, only took a AMD Duron 700 138 seconds to give the answer of 42. Info
Hitchhiker: :D ..if only we knew the question Info
Greta Thunberg: Disaproves Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Hmm. Maybe the BOINC project you suggest should be used instead to find out what the original question was. And Greta Thunberg says "WE'RE WATCHING YEW!!!" Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Uhm, bluestang, VietOZ, do you think I could be excused, to return to TAAT, after the midnight update? Those bastages at [H] are making me nervous...SG is too. Info
PecosRiverM: It was nice of you to stop by Tony Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Thanks PecosRiverM. Skillz joined too. So 48 hours worth from both of us. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: ...for movieman. Info
VietOZ: Thanks, Tony and Skillz! I was gonna make a post on the forum about "watch your back" lol. Got busy with work and forgot Info
VietOZ: Thanks for stopping by! For Movieman!! Info
Skillz: For Movieman. I gotta go back to TAAT soon though. [H] is closing in on us. I'll stay till tomorrow though. Info
VietOZ: Cool, thanks Skillz! Appreciated the help! Info
motqalden: So you're saying its [H]ard to stay on their team because we are coming up fast? Info
motqalden: should join us so we can pass you faster! Info
PecosRiverM: Thank you also Skillz (sorry I didn't notice until today) Info
bluestang: Thanks for the pitstop guys! Info
Skillz: Movieman Info
Dingo: Congrats to Team BOINC@AUSTRALIA for holding on to 10th place for one day. Info
кёит: mornin' Info
infrared TPU!: So uhh, dunno if anyone else has noticed, but the WCG servers don't seem to have any jobs available atm, my two computers are about to run out of work. Info
infrared TPU!: FAH2 to be specific, not sure if other projects are affected Info
VietOZ: MIP and MCM still seems ok here Info
infrared TPU!: Thanks VietOZ :) Info
infrared TPU!: Spot on, got a queue of MIP & MCM jobs now, cheers ;) Info
VietOZ: np, just beware MIP requires 4mb or L3 cache per task Info
infrared TPU!: good tip, I guess that explains the slowdown I saw when I tried running 16x MIPs tasks last time xD Info
VietOZ: yep, assign more tasks than your L3 can handle will cause performance suffers Info
Billy Ewell 1931: Where do I locate "Server Status" on WCG? Info
Urs: @Billy Ewell 1931 "Server Status" is locatet nowhere (like @ other projekts) Info
кёит: laters Info
Dark Angel: WCG doesn't have a "server status" like other Boinc projects. Info
bluestang: Butt th Info
bluestang: But they do have a new Project Status page lol Info
bluestang: (sarcasm) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/ms/device/viewProfiles.do This link (if logged in) will allow you to limit the number of MIP tasks, Home, Work, School profiles Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: [H], you gonna cut us some slack and back off? (Please :D ) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Eh, nevermind, what would be the fun in that!? Fine, 2600 watts of uneeded heat getting fired up. Info
PecosRiverM: Tony you firing up the still?? Info
Skillz: Fired up the rest of my rigs. :) Info
[H]Lopoetve.: Why would we back off? I’m curious if I can find more horsepower... Info
Billy Ewell 1931: quote: Where do I locate "Server Status" on WCG? Info
Billy Ewell 1931: Thanks for the answers!!!! Info
VietOZ: found some horsepower https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FfUTaMUvVMM/V7XG6m75JaI/AAAAAAAAAZg/jJF4eaLZ-ywT3V9gKgXdzPZhYS98BnLygCLcB/s1600/download.jpg Info
Crunchie: Really, I thought this was what you was rockin... https://imgur.com/1GgjaJN Info
Nostradamus: I predict that XS are going to win this challenge Info
xii5ku: Congrats everyone for passing a 1,000,000,000 milestone (a little over an hour ago). Hip Hip Hooray! :-) Info
bluestang: Cool! Info
bluestang: Also, if anyone wants to join some of us after this b-day challenge... Info
bluestang: Some of us will be switching over to team "Sawyer's Cancer Fighting Network" Info
bluestang: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/viewTeamInfo.do?teamId=8N78G65PC2 Info
bluestang: I say we get that kid to his 100 yrs for Cancer before the New Year! Info
Skillz: I plan to switch back over to his team at the end of this. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Thanks xii5ku, that's one big B! Well done all. Whew, TAAT currently has no one on the 'overtake radar' Info
[H]Lopoetve: I'm fixing that. Info
Skillz: Come at me bro lol Info
bluestang: @[H]Lopoetve...those all VMs you running? Info
Skillz: Yes Info
[H]Lopoetve.: Mebbe? ;) Info
bluestang: and boom...we're officially double 2nd place. Info
The End: Lapped the field..... Info
davidBAM: Aye but some of the 'field' are helping out :D Info
bluestang: and a big thanks to them :) Info
bluestang: Anyone running ClearLinux? Any point/runtime advantages over say Mint or Lubuntu? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Good Heavens, [H] has latched on tight to our bumper! Maybe we should try swerving from one lane to the next to shake them off! Info
bluestang: Nah, just drive in reverse! Info
bluestang: It will confuse them. Info
[H]Lopoetve.: Sadly, my last 14 cpus can’t join. TAAT probably has this one. Info
VietOZ: they've been having this one. phoenicis still hasn't drop Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: 25 years ago, I had the rare priviledge to visit Germany for a few days. Driving a rented Renault minivan on the Autobahn, I was cruising at a max speed of 110mph, passing... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: ...others constantly. I was surprised only a few drove "fast" on the Autobahn. Then I see headlights nearly 1km behind me, flashing... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: ...Just as soon as I return to the 'slow' lane....Whoooosh, there goes XS driving their Merced-MW-Golf at twice my speed!!!!!! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Phoenicis has been a bit quiet on this one...I am hoping for a bunker, but not sure. I do think we have a few tasks not yet sent, however, mebbe. ;) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: bluestang, I don't know of anyone running ClearLinux, but I doubt there is an advantage to such a short race, versus other versions of Linux. Info
VietOZ: don't listen to Tony. He only "slowed" down to add on a few boosters :) Info
bluestang: I was asking in general if its faster or leaner or something. Info
bluestang: Figured maybe Intel optimized it to their CPUs to give an advantage. Info
bluestang: Oh well...of to drive home in with assholes talking or texting...later Info
PecosRiverM: I got my 1st driver lic. in Germany at 16. The Autobahn was Great 40+ years ago. When I got back to the States I got a ticket for 112 in a 55..but I was slowing down. Info
motqalden: Looks like a close race for 4th. Better hold on to your Bratwursts because TC is drafting ya! Info
Coleslaw: Somebody mentioned wanting a challenge. So, here we are... Info
PecosRiverM: Only 914 hours to OverTake (Unless you have more bunkers) Nice drop BTW Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Run SG, RUN! Info
[H]Lopoetve: Next time, I save some bunkers for emergencies. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: (Almost) 1.25 B and counting. I am so very proud of my diverse community!!! Info
Skillz: Next time you should run 100% of what ya got out the gate. ;) Info
Markfw: Well I guess my army of 2990wx's and other threarippers aren;t doing too bad. Info
Markfw: Dual 7501 EPYC's firing up tomorrow. Info
Markfw: 7601's, typo Info
VietOZ: nice drop @PecosRiverM. Final hours. Info
PecosRiverM: Is there more?? Humm.... Info
bluestang: Morning gents. Last day...great work everyone and all teams! Info
bluestang: And remember...everyone switch over to team "Sawyer's Cancer Fighting Network" https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/viewTeamInfo.do?teamId=8N78G65PC2 Info
davidBAM: Will switch a few hours after challenge ends. Hope to be sleeping Info
VietOZ: I'll be there after the daily update. Gotta keep my words with Movieman or he'll throw a ban hammer from WAY up there :) Info
bluestang: lol yep not till the update and Challenge ends. Info
bluestang: lmao ban hammer lol the good ol' days Info
Billy Ewell 1931: bluestang: I don't see the Sawyer's project under WCG current projects. shouldn't it be listed or is there something I don't understand about how this is being handled? Info
Billy Ewell 1931: BTW I normally run WCG continuously and select all current projects. Info
PecosRiverM: Markfw was that your drop? Nice to who's it was. Info
bluestang: @ Billy it's a Team not a project. Join the Team and run Cancer projects only. Info
bluestang: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/viewTeamInfo.do?teamId=8N78G65PC2 Info
bluestang: https://www.helpsawyerfightcancer.com/ Info
VietOZ: Tony's turbo booster activated Info
PecosRiverM: Nice I want to see these last 6 hrs Info
PecosRiverM: Thanks for the big drops my Pendings are down to 116 pages Info
SystemViper: Crunching first, award ceremony later behind that palm tree Info
SystemViper: or at the space center Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: TAAT had a 3x bunker drop, a 4th is possible, smaller. I have been running open once the comp started, OZ. ;) Info
Bryan: Those were definitely beautiful drops! WTG TAAT! :) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: TAAT wishes to thank Bryan for his kind comment, and wishes to thank ALL participants, and of couse SG, for participating!!!!! Info
Markfw: Just a note here from someone who had cancer and lost... This is why I support WCG and F@H and Rosetta@home. I lost my bladder, prostate, hearing and balence in 48 hours. Info
yodap: Nice work everyone, well done. Info
Skillz: Congrats everyone! Now, onto Sawyers team. Info
motqalden: Thanks SG Info
VietOZ: Thank you SG for hosting the event! Congrats on 4th place! Barely hold off TC, great efforts!! Info
VietOZ: Also Congrats to all the teams participated! At the end of the day, science won. Great job everyone!! Info
motqalden: Also wanted to say XS you kicked some major arse! Info
bluestang: Great job everyone. And thanks to those who hopped on team XS to honor Movieman! Info
bluestang: And like others...on to Sawyer's team. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: To be clear, the Sawyer's team link a page or two down is to further honer 'Movieman'? For the 3rd, 4th 5th, 6th, time, thans so much to SG for hosting the wonderful event!!! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Grrrr, I am a grammar freak, "honer" should be "honor".... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: ...Stupid accent of mine.... lol :P Info
kleines grünes Männel: The Challenge is over, the winners are chiseled in marbles. Thanks to all participant and nice 51 weeks until next WCG Birthday :D Info
kleines grünes Männel: https://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/stats_winner.php?&lang=en Info
bluestang: Ok, who got upset at us winning and suspended our XS site? Lol Info
Dark Angel: XS team members can still make use of the FaceBook page to keep in touch while our team page is being sorted out. Info
https://www.facebook.com/: https://www.facebook.com/1586770388207601/posts/2649763738574922/ Info
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