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Markfw: In response to Bill. I have 2 5950x's and they rock at primegrid. But I have 3800 cl16 memory, and that makes a difference Info
Markfw: They do a MCM task in less than 1/2 hours per thread/ 32 threads runnin. Info
Grumpy Swede: The very small team "Seti Orphans" have joined the challenge, but not yet appear here. Next update probably. We're not going to achieve much, but we do participate. Info
Grumpy Swede: 72 teams so far, 4 hours 41 minutes left before it starts,. Good luck all, and happy crunching, Info
Wintermute: Happy Crunching! Info
Grumpy Swede: 1 hour, 30 minutes, and counting. Info
Grumpy Swede: 30 minutes..... Info
Lane42: I can start to smell the upload servers starting to smoke Info
Grumpy Swede: Yup, bunkering will smoke the servers Info
Grumpy Swede: Go, Go, Go..... Info
Lane42: 0 0 0 Something is broke Info
Grumpy Swede: That will change at the next update. Info
Markfw: the detail page still says stats updated 24 hours ago, on the 14th Info
10esseetony: Enourmous gratitude, as always, for our gracious host Seti-Germany, for another outstanding event! Info
Lane42: (: Info
pututu: 10esseetony, good to hear from you. Awaiting your trash talk, lol Info
yodap: Ok TAAT already hogging the shout box.:) Info
pututu: They have a big task to defend their title, oops more pressure on them, ;) Info
yodap: Good luck to all teams Info
Orange Kid: Wow, TAAT moved up so fast it sucked points from other teams. :) Info
Grumpy Swede: Hehe, we're going backwards. Info
yodap: want to be one of those 0 point teams Info
Markfw: I have 1000 cores working on MCM Info
Grumpy Swede: I have Champagne, working for me :-) Info
crashtech: Harnessing that zero point energy! Info
Maths: Well if we go by absolute value then RKN is kicking some major booty right now. Info
10esseetony: PAUL!!!! Great to see you! Pututu! You as well! I have been on Sabatical.....and will return to it shortly, I am sad to say. But meanwhile, let the games commence! Info
yodap: Good to see you and the boys 10 as always. Also heard Pututu was a solid guy. Info
TAAT: Pututu is great. He's just on the wrong team. LOL Info
yodap: Hear that! Info
Grumpy Swede: Are we going to see WCG numbers here, or BOINC numbers? Info
History: WCG points Info
Grumpy Swede: ok, tnx Info
TAAT: Alright, let's go ahead and wrap this up now before P3D wakes up and sees what we did. Info
pipin[p3d]: still sleepy - whoot?` Info
TAAT: Oh nothing to see here. Go on back to sleep. Info
pre64-amd: hope the 3dnow instructions struggle with MCM! Info
Markfw: I should add that most of my cores are EPYC, Rome, those that most supercompers are going to be in the near future,,,, Info
xii5ku: @Markfw, unfortunately for us, some of the competing teams had the same idea of putting a bunch of Epyc Romes to the task. Info
xii5ku: …or have lots of users with Ryzens. Or both even. Info
xii5ku: Hmm, I wonder, have P3D and SG finished their morning routine by now? :-) Info
xii5ku: (No, they haven't.) Info
Frank [RKN]: It seems that P3D's machines have reached their operating temperature. Not an early bird ;-) Info
[P3D] Crashtest: nope ... P3D is warming up Info
Grumpy Swede: Seti Orphans, 41st place. We're a small team, and not all of our members are even aware of the challenge it seems. So they're running other WCG projects :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: No big deal, it's fun just tp participate. Info
xii5ku: @Grumpy Swede, you already went 4 places up. Now just keep going! :-) Info
lane42: 36 Seti Orphans Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah, but I fear that will drop soon, if not more of our few members change to MCM1 only. But it's just a fun challenge, and not a matter of live or death :-) Info
huhu: is it possible to see what each member of a team has contributed? Info
Markfw: somwhthing went really wrong with the stats Info
Grumpy Swede: It's the change of days. It will be OK at the next update, Info
TAAT: Lol it always happens, did the same thing at the start Info
Grumpy Swede: Yeah, situation normal, all F'ed up :-) Info
TAAT: TAAT still somehow in first. Wonder howuch they're paying Seti.germany for first Info
Grumpy Swede: Free beer at the next Oktoberfest? :-) Info
Markfw: well its like one hour did not exist. the points --1h = 3 pm (vs 5 now) Info
Lane42: TAAT still somehow in first.......Roger That Info
Grumpy Swede: What happened to the score of Boinc Synergy? At the end of yesterday, they had a score of 892,562, and today they've been slowing creeping up from zero to now having 351,732 Info
Grumpy Swede: Their score from yesterday can be seen here: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=10477 Info
pschoefer: likely related to them joining late yesterday Info
pschoefer: to me, it looks like the WCG stats include the full day for late entrants, while the SG stats only count the part after they actually joined Info
kleines grünes Männel: Mr. pschoefer is right. We count hourly correct for late entrance but we have to adapt to wcg's (official) daily counting afterwards. Info
kleines grünes Männel: And so BOINC Synergy jumps to no. 18. Info
Grumpy Swede: Hmm....OK Info
P3D: TeamAnandtech enjoy 1st now for Info
kleines grünes Männel: What do you mean with "Hmm"? Not enough credits? Should I add bonus points? Info
Grumpy Swede: @kleines grünes Männel No need for any bonus points :-) We in Seti Orphans are doing alright. I was just hmm'ing because my old brain had to try to understand what Info
Grumpy Swede: you said about the Boinc Syndergy points Info
Grumpy Swede: And btw, my spelling sucks :-) Info
Lane42: P3D, We know you guy's are Good, very Good. We will watch our backs (: Info
Grumpy Swede: Not as much chatting here, as it used to be during the SETI@Home Wow!-Events Info
Dirk: No speeding rockets either, Grumps Info
Grumpy Swede: I miss the speeding rockets :-) Info
Contact: @Grumpy Swede and all. My apologies for the confusion caused by registering BOINC Synergy only yesterday. Info
Contact: Almost like the nightmare where you show up late and unprepared for a school exam :) Info
Grumpy Swede: @Contact: No problems, I'm permanently confused anyhow, so it really didn't make any difference :) Info
Grumpy Swede: My sister says that I have been suffering from Alzheimers Light since I was born :) Info
MIA: Its not very chatty because the trouble makers are participating in this challenge. Info
MIA: are not** Info
MIA2: You mean, they're missing in action ;) Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: Hallo, sind die hier dagestellten Credits eigentlich WCG-Credits(=das 7-Fache der Boinccredits) oder Boinccredits?? Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Da P3D gestern nur 4 Mio Boinccredits gemacht hat werdens wohl WCG-Credits sein Info
kleines grünes Männel: Moin Uwe, ja wir lesen die WCG-Points aus. Da auch die offiziellen WCG-Stats immer in WCG-Points dargestellt werden Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: Alles klar,- Danke. Info
Handicap [SG-FC]: @[P3D] Crashtest: Ihr habt nicht BESCHEID gesagt ;-) Info
[P3D] Crashtest: BESCHEID Info
Handicap [SG-FC]: Ich glaube gerade mag ich Euch nicht mehr Info
[P3D] thorsam: Ihr seit herzlich zum nächsten Grillen in Dresden eingeladen. :-) Info
Handicap [SG-FC]: Müsst IHr aber bitte BESCHEID sagen ;-) Info
Wut: how does team ananddtech have almost as many points as Planet 3now and seti.germany combined? Info
Grumpy Swede: Maybe because they have either twice as many members and/or twice as much computing power. Info
Wut: I looked. They only have 38 members returning work, the other two teams have almost 300 combined members Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, then it's about computing power. Some of those 38 members could have thousands of cores, company computers, Info
Grumpy Swede: https://www.anandtech.com/ Info
Grumpy Swede: https://forums.anandtech.com/forums/distributed-computing.15/ Info
Grumpy Swede: One of the members writes in their forum I will have almost 1000 threads/processes running. Info
Grumpy Swede: And that's just one of them. So case closed I'd say Info
crashtech: That would be Markfw, he's pretty passionate about DC, Folding and WCG in particular. He has to keep windows open even in the dead winter Info
Grumpy Swede: Must own a personal nuclear power plant too :-) Info
Grumpy Swede: Anyhow good for that team, and for WCG Info
crashtech: I haven't asked, but assume he's pretty well funded. It also doesn't hurt to live where ~88% of the electricity is hydroelectric. Info
Grumpy Swede: True Info
crashtech: I have "only" 448 cores at home and my small shop, feels already pretty crazy. It's strange where we find our passions! Info
Grumpy Swede: You're a member of that team? Info
crashtech: Yes, perhaps I ought to place that in my nickname. I crunch for TAAT. Info
crashtech [TAAT]: There. Info
Grumpy Swede: OK, well, as I was hinting to earlier, it's not the number of members that counts, but the number of cores/threads :) Info
crashtech [TAAT]: I'm not even a real heavy hitter on the team, glancing at the individual stats I am #8 for the day... Info
Grumpy Swede: Well, good for you and your team. I'm off for some sleep now. Crunch carefully. Info
crashtech [TAAT]: Thanks, have a good night! Info
Grumpy Swede: tnx. Nite Info
Wut: Yeah, seems fishy Info
Markfw[TAAT]: Yes, 1100 cores, mostly EPYC 64 core 7742. And power is over $600 a month even though its cheap ! Info
Markfw[TAAT]: And many others on the team have 500 or more cores. Info
Lane42: Here comes the trouble, Everyone watch Wut Then he will change his name Info
Markfw[TAAT]: I don't why its' fishy. Isn't all our data and computers publicly available under the alias we use here ? If we use our real alias, which I do) Info
Lane42: Hey Mark, hope your feeling better (: Info
PecosRiverM: MarkFW need me to bring some of my systems over? It's suppose to be cold tonight.;-) Info
Markfw[TAAT]: Oh, I have plenty to keep it warm. Dow to 2 windows open, 74F. And, Lane doing good after discharge today. Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/hospital-for-surgery-starting-nov-9th.2598742/post-40631077 Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: sorry, I'm a knat fart on TAAT, but I respect the team leaders that are insane and contribute batshit crazy to DC! haha? Info
Markfw[TAAT]: @Dipshit Well, at least my cancer problems explain why I spend so much to contribute in curing cancer... Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: This is a shout out to all of you and the big hitters for contributing! Well done!, though contribute more and get more humans involved! That is the challenge! Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: Peon here: I'm not even a fart, but I'm doing a call out to all teams-may be looking for a home soon? Let's do this! Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/wcg-17th-birthday-challenge.2598639/post-40634576 Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: Human up! Info
DipShit[TAAT]-notworthy!: Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes... look it up you young ins Life is about learning and generations. Info
PecosRiverM: Same here MarkFW. 2 windows open and exhaust fan to maintain 70F Info
PecosRiverM: At least that's what thermostat says on other side of the house. Info
Dirk: 70F, that's 21.1C. We have it no warmer than 18C at the moment -where the thermostat is located. Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Pos. 35. Not bad for our small team Info
PecosRiverM: @Dirk: That's inside temp with 1/2 Farm running. Other half would make it in the upper 70's ;-) Info
Dirk: Our thermostate is in the relative cold living room. The man cave is warmer... Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Silence is golden, but...... Info
PecosRiverM: Shhh We're taking a nap. Info
Dirk: I could do with Jeepers' bulletins during this challenge... Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: was macht man mit einem Teamkapitän der seine Manschaft im Stich läst um kleine Bildchen zu jagen?? Info
Fardringle: Geben Sie ihm viele lustige kleine Bilder, damit er nicht auf die Jagd gehen muss. Info
Handicap [SG-FC]: Einfach Teamwechsel machen. Hast ja Übung drin ;-) Info
gemini8_RKN: Gesamt-Punkte: 1.020.640.849. Nice! Info
Dirk: Let's aim for the next Info
Dirk: ...and 1.123.456.789 afterwards Info
Dirk: Last day shift..... Info
Markfw[TAAT]: Whats up guys ? Its too quiet here.... Info
Stephen - Heretic: Rhubarb, rhubarb rhubarb rhubard, aber rhubarb rhubarb. :) Info
Stephen - Heretic: 17 hours to go :) Info
Stephen - Heretic: oder ... jetz septzehn heuren :) Info
Sirius B: Looking forward to the 18th Info
Dirk: We passed, and 1.123.456.789 too Info
Dirk: Now for 1.234.567.890? Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: SG macht Pause: vBulletin-Systemmitteilung Der Server ist zurzeit ausgelastet. Bitte versuchen Sie es später wieder. Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: Hallo Handicap [SG-FC]:, danke für den Tip, bist ja ein ganz helles Köpfchen :-)) Info
[P3D] thorsam: easy-peasy, I say we got the 1,311,759,780. Info
Handicap [SG-FC]: @Uwe, deswegen rechne ich aj auch für SG ;-) Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: AAAAAAAAHHHHH daher der grelle Schein wenn man ins SG-Forum eintaucht--die Leuchte des Nordens Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: ACHTUNG ACHTUNG wichtige Durchsage: DerPlatz 27 gehört Boinc@Pfalz,bitte ausweichen oder gerne Überholen--Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit Info
Uwe-Bergstedt: ATTENTION ATTENTION important announcement: The Platz 27 belongs to Boinc @ Pfalz, please avoid it or overtake - thank you for your attention Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Well, we're on the homestretch Info
Stephen - Heretic: Less than 3 hous left, jetz drei heuren Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: 1 hour, 42 minutes... Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: And I do think we're going to make it :) Info
BunkerAlert: Anyone see RKN leap frog TPU on that nice size bunker attack? Info
Dirk: We can still reach 1,311,759,780 Info
gemini8_RKN: ...or go past it. Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Last hour coming up. Watch our for the bunker gangs :) Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: our=out Info
pututu: This challenge has brought 7 consecutive daily results https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/stat/viewProjectsHistory.do?pageNum=1&numRecordsPerPage=365 Info
pututu: daily record results... Info
Stephen - Heretic: I just get an error Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Error here also Info
Stephen - Heretic: I doubt we will achieve 140mill credit in one hour :( Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: But as usual, we will not get any sensible data until 01:00 UTC. At 00:00 there's only a ton of minus numbers Info
Dirk: 1,325,544,167 and counting... Info
Lane42 TAAT: Close race for 6th and 7th Info
BunkerAlert: 12, 13 and 14 are pretty close, too. Especially 12 and 13. Info
BunkerAlert: 20 and 21 are battling to make it in the top 20, too. Info
Lane42 TAAT: Nice Info
BunkerAlert: and now P3D is gonna drop a 175M point bunker, right? Info
Lane42 TAAT: Ya never know (: There a Good Team. Info
vaughan-AMD: Go AMD Users! Info
Dirk: Right in the middle of the Friendlies and the snurkers Info
RONNIE: At the end of the challenge USA points suddenly changed from more than 100 million to 84.725.397. What happened? Info
pututu: It will be corrected in the next hour. Info
RONNIE: Thanks! Info
1fd: Thanks for hosting this challenge. It was my first taste of crunching. TPU! Info
Grumpy S[Seti Orphans]: Yes indeed, a big thank you to SETI.Germany for hosting this event. Info
TAAT: Did you sign up at the TAAT forums, vaughan? Info
vaughan-AMD: yes TAAT Info
pututu: Thanks SG for hosting this annual event. Love the stats. Info
pututu: ... and gratz to the top 3 finishers Info
Orange Kid: TAATer, TAATer, sha oobie Info
Orange Kid: Great fun all. Till next year.. Info
What?: Thanks for hosting and the custom stats are wonderful! Info
TAAT: Thanks for hosting SG, congrats on 3rd. Congrats on 2nd, P3D. It was fun. Info
motqalden: Thanks for the contest. Fun times as always and good for the MCM researchers Info
bill1024: Congratulations to the winners. Thank you for hosting and the stats! Info
gemini8_RKN: Thanks to the SG staff, crunchers and WCG for making this fun event possible! Cya next round! Info
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