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[SG] KidDoesCrunch: Bei Willkommen steht als Punkt 3 "Infos zur 15th ...." soll wohl "...16th..." sein? Info
XSmeagolX: Danke! Wurde geändert! Info
joe carnivore: Der Counter könnte mal gerade gebogen werden. Info
joe carnivore: Danke Info
Dirk: Still says 'Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2019' here Info
XSmeagolX: Where is "here"? Info
XSmeagolX: maybe presing "F5" will solve your problem...? Info
Nick Name: @XSmeagolX: Auf der Willkommensseite in englisch und französisch steht noch 2019. Info
VietOZ: just a forgotten edit. No big deal. But yeah, still says 2019 on English and French Info
VietOZ: "The Challenge will take place from Nov 16th - Nov 22nd 2019" Info
XSmeagolX: Ups... my fault. This has been fixed. Info
VietOZ: meh, just a minor thing. Thanks for your hard works on the stats! Info
Urs: Lets go Info
Lane42: ???? Info
VietOZ: go down about 5 inches .... yeah ... 5 more inches .... that's right ... 5 more inches ... i'm short ... that's right ... right there Info
yodap: happy birthday or happy ending? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Well crap. I DDoS'd my own internet. Info
VietOZ: good job Tony! Info
VietOZ: heads up. I'll be on TSBT this race. Don't cry in the end Info
PecosRiverM: Oops forgot me too.... Info
bluestang: But, but, but...meh **** it why bother! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Is it legal for P3D to have rocket engines on that steam-roller of theirs? Info
pipin[P3D]: Not Steamroller nor Excavator, Epyc baby. ;) Info
VietOZ: yah, that 7h12 is old. Need a new launch Info
thorsam [P3D]: 100-000000320 be there for burn in. Info
[P3D] Crashtest: We dont have EPYC 7H12, we have EPYC 7V12 ! Info
P3D Landjunge: i only have old raspberrys Info
pipin[P3D]: @thorsam wait for it. whoot? :O Info
Mega TSBT: @VietOZ & @PecosRiverM Thanks for helping. You are always welcome. Info
Chuck: What team do you think is the surprise of the competition thus far? Info
motqalden: I think It's too early to tell yet Chuck. I would hazard there is still some pretty deep bunkers we have not seen yet. Info
Lane42: I know of at least one team that's going to drop a big load Info
Lane42: 2k a day, HA Info
motqalden: common TAAT you have a long way to go to get to 7th Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: LOL Info
Coleslaw: I don't know motqalden, they may not have it in them to place 7th this year. They may need to rethink their name... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: 1AA1 ? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: P3D has merely jettisoned the first stage rocket booster. Orbital insertion burn from the 2nd stage coming up soon? Info
thorsam [P3D]: The early bird catch the worm? You get up very early, don't you? But you can set your mind at rest. There will be no kick in the teeth from my side. :) Info
thorsam [P3D]: We are working like a V8 engine, or like a 7V12. Info
Jenny: You're telling me P3D doesn't have anymore bunkers ready to drop? Lol yes right! Info
thorsam [P3D]: Goodness knows. ;) Info
[sg]marodeur6: Go Planet Go! Info
[P3D] Crashtest: kommt noch ... wir haben immerhin noch ein paar Sofaritzen Info
thorsam [P3D]: Schön mal wieder etwas von dir zu hören marodeur6. Ist ja schon wieder ein Weilchen her, dass Du rigeros den Stecker gezogen hast. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Hey Jenny! how is your mom? I love it when she peels the scabs! Info
Learning: So you use computers to add "points" in the challenge? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Quite certain we are being trolled, but yes, points come from results returned, results returned meaning scientific research into a variety of topics, such as COVID research.. Info
thorsam [P3D]: Sorry 10esseeTony for my post, i'ven't recognized, that the clock in the shoutbox don't make a differend between am and pm. Info
thorsam [P3D]: When will we see the next 10 Mio. upload from TAAT? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Well, let us just say, the last 12 hours should be rather entertaining. :) Info
billy ewell 1931: The alternative to having a birthday at my happy age is definitely superior to the alternative!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1931 was a very good year. Info
thorsam [P3D]: That sounds good. *great* Info
Fishing for Bunkers: Pssst. Hey. Hey guys. You want to tell me all about your bunkers? Info
[P3D] Crashtest: My AMD A6-5200 Laptop has a big bunker - over 200h of work Info
[P3D] Crashtest: My AMD EPYC 7V12 has a small bunker - only 3000h of work Info
billy ewell 1931: More very good news on a vaccine for COVID from the UK's AstraZeneca!!! Info
billy ewell 1931: More definitive guidance should be announced later in December. Info
thorsam [P3D]: Things are looking good for the humanity. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: I'll tell you about my bunker. Small shipping container buried in the hill side, 280w solar, 500gal water, 120 days canned food, HAM radio, two metal tubes used for hunting. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: ...basic meds/1st aid, iodine pills, clothing, rechargable lighting, lots of toilet paper, and LOTS of whiskey. Info
Lane42 of 7AA7: Never mess with a Good OLD Boy Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Hee Hee. Heya, Lane! Home till Tuesday...sinus infection most likely, but sore throat and fever scares the company. Clinic says I have to wait until tomorrow to take the test. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: The SCC project is going into hibernation SOON. Make sure you have a backup project selected. Info
Lane42 of 7AA7: Feel better T. Info
thorsam [P3D]: Thanks for the information. Info
pipin[P3D]: Thanks Tony. And stay safe. Good luck. Info
yodap: You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey You're as sweet as strawberry wine Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: yodap is in the houzzzz! Wassup, P? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: P3D is losing some ground...I hope they get that network working again shortly before the event ends. ;) Info
pipin[P3D]: what ground? gained 60k today :P Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: PrimeGrid should quit interfereing with SG events. :( Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: It will not be long until we surpass last years combined total points! Well done all! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Is there a Jeepers daily report around here somewhere, that I seem to be overlooking? Info
XSmeagolX: Jeepers daily report is for Pentathlon only :D Info
[P3D] Crashtest: Das sollte geändert werden! Info
yodap: Need to drop those great Chris Stapleton lyrics on you 10 Info
Fact_Speaker: Luke Combs > Chris Stapleton Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: I agree with Crashtest, we love our Jeepers! :) Info
The_Crowd: Jeeper! Jeeper! Jeeper! Jeeper! Jeeper! Info
Jeeper: Waiting for the TaaT bunker to drop... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: So soon? :D You may see a bottle rocket or two, but the real reason to attend an event with fireworks, is to see the grand finale! Info
Lane42 of 7AA7: Have my core i3 all set to drop (: Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: I have my fingers crossed that SG has more to give. It would be good to see our wonderful hosts on the podium. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: [H] should probably be wary of CNT, who are suspiciously down in points... Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: With 49 hours to go, we have surpassed last year's total points! Info
Jusst sayin: those scotch and there groupies have a lot to drop Info
yodap: CNT killing it at PG, Wonder if they are coming back. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: It would appear not, I forgot how much they love PG Info
Dirk: Any AMD User with a bunker: drop it within 16 hours Info
PecosRiverM: Someone need to drop so my Pending will go away.. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Pendings are no fun. TAAT quit accepting quroum 2 tasks on day one. I do hope your wingmen report soon. Info
VietOZ: ok ok I'll drop. But for who? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: SG or [H] or TSBT or....hmmm....FreedomRoad! Info
Only1Question: @VietOZ: What would be the idea to drop for your team XtremeSystems? Info
Lane42 of 7AA7: 10, i think he said TSBT Info
Lane42 of 7AA7: heads up. I'll be on TSBT this race. Don't cry in the end Info
VietOZ: lol, just love messing with y'all. 2 minutes checking Boincstats and you'll see I have nothing. I don't own a data center lolz Info
VietOZ: don't want to spoil fun of a great race so far. So there you have it. Y'all love me too much and I appreciated it :) Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Let the final battle(s) of this AirSoft/Paintball event begin! :D Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Whoa, there goes CNT! Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: oops, I was looking at the wrong column. Info
pipin[P3D]: O_o Info
and so it begins: where will it end ? Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Someone is perhaps a carpenter, because it seems he is building stairs in our hourly output chart. Does he intend to reach the International Space Station with stairs? Info
thorsam [P3D]: giddy with excitement Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Heads down and Helmets on! Sorry for screaming, but all I can hear is 'taat taat taat'....'taat taat taat'....'taat taat taat'.... Info
Richard Wagner: The Ride of the Valkyries? Info
thorsam [P3D]: So we break the 1,9 billion sonic wall? Easy-peasy. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: 2018 was an incredible year, but included GridCoin and Byteball, 3.077B points. This has been a great, and productive year though! Info
Chuck: Yeah top 5 from 2018 didn't participate this year. Info
thorsam [P3D]: In the meantime i've hired Rudolp Giuliani. Info
Trump: Lock Me Up, Lock Me Up, Lock Me Up... Info
thorsam [P3D]: That are FAKE NEWS! Info
Trump: These late points don't count Info
thorsam [P3D]: :) Info
Trump: illegal votes don't count... Lock Me Up... Info
thorsam [P3D]: Enough politics. ;) Info
thorsam [P3D]: I went to the basement, perhaps i'll found some WUs. Info
[P3D]Landjunge: I hope so ;-) Info
Onkel_Dithmeyer[P3D]: I'll help you searching thorsam :) Info
Biden: Well find points, I like to cheat.... Info
pipin[P3D]: eeek, no update? and plz no politics Info
motqalden: Go TAAT! Info
Malaysian Farmer: I'ma firing mmh lazer Info
PecosRiverM: Somebody dumped a wee bit..I'm down to 92pgs of Pending was ~120 pgs. Info
thorsam [P3D]: I've to get up early tomorrow, so, now from me: Well done TAAT. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Jaheezus.....let 'em breathe man, let 'em breathe! Down boy! DOWN! WOW! You always surprise Info
10esseeTony: 40 minutes left to break the 2B point barrier! Fantastic run, to all Teams! Much thanks to SETI.Germany for organizing and hosting, as always Info
10esseeTony: To XS members, is there a Sawyer WCG tribute event this year? We do continue to greieve with you over your loss of a member to cancer. :( Info
VietOZ: Sawyer is a kid who we helped. Our guy was Movieman and we moved it back to Feb to celebrate his birthday as well. I think it's the week of Feb 5th Info
10esseeTony: Ah, I see. Thank you for the reply. Info
VietOZ: Thanks for still remember about our Movieman! Info
10esseeTony: For Movieman! Hip Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Info
VietOZ: Congrats TaaT on the win! Great run! Info
10esseeTony: It would have been even MORE interesting if it were a 3 or 4 way race....... Info
VietOZ: also Congrats to all of other teams! Heck of a show you guys put up Info
VietOZ: yeah we'd enter, but didn't want to mix competition with the celebration Info
VietOZ: United States is a surprise this year ... strong performance Info
VietOZ: I see that P3D is confusing right now lmfao. Welcome to have to deal with xii5ku's bunkers! Info
VietOZ: i'm ready for the accusations ... throw them at me lol Info
USA: Many thanks. We wanted a good send off here and during Thor for one of our members who is retiring from BOINC. Info
VietOZ: ah, still a very strong performance you got there. May I ask which member is retiring from Boinc? If y'all don't mind Info
10esseeTony: Well done USA, quite the tribute to a retiring member! Info
VietOZ: how long did this end now? about an hour ago? Info
10esseeTony: Yes, it is safe now to drop your bunker. :D :D D: Info
10esseeTony: @USA, we have had several members retire....now they are back stronger than ever! I hope the finances work out similarly for your recent retire-ee! Info
VietOZ: I dropped mine, but I bunker the wrong project hic Info
10esseeTony: Arse! :D Info
VietOZ: :D always Info
10esseeTony: We will take an SG event any day over Formula BOINC. ;) Thanks a again and again SG for a wonderful event! Info
VietOZ: i'm gonna ear Seb on that one :D Info
10esseeTony: We are looking forward to the next FB Sprint project being either prject Python Error, or Project Canceled. We can match your output at either project. :D Info
10esseeTony: You might be a lil bit short, but.....we love you, Oz. ;) Info
Icecold TAAT: I put up as many points MYSELF as XS did in the last Sprint of Project Canceled :D Info
10esseeTony: Lol, heya Ice man. :D Info
VietOZ: lol it's aite. Hopefully last Sprint will be fun Info
Icecold TAAT: I figured I'd wait until after the competition is over for an hour+ to see what this shoutbox is about lol Info
VietOZ: Vote WCG if you want fun Info
VietOZ: ehh, i just finish putting together my Milan Epycs QS ... i didn't have time to watch what was going on Info
10esseeTony: Re: next FB Sprint: I doubt it Oz, you guys are kicking our arse in the last viable project, to the tune of 14M ppd! Info
VietOZ: that was when SCC still available. We probably have less cores so OPN and others ... we're no match to you guys Info
10esseeTony: I hope you are serious about Milan epyc's? A great big congrats if you managed to obtain some of those!!! Info
VietOZ: vote WCG Info
10esseeTony: @VietOz, maybe stop in and challenge us during our annual Internal F@H event, 01DEC to 01JAN? Could be great fun! Info
VietOZ: I'll try. But XS doesn't have much interest with F@H Info
10esseeTony: Could be a great opportunity to repair the bearings damaged by the recent 'friction'. ;) Info
VietOZ: definitely Info
10esseeTony: F@H being best on GPU, y'all could still work hard to keep us out of 3rd in the FB Marathon! :D Info
10esseeTony: (Good luck on that) :D :D :D Info
10esseeTony: Good heavens, xii5ku! https://stats.free-dc.org/team/bwcg/16700# Info
VietOZ: lolz I've tasted that Info
10esseeTony: G'night Oz, I have had enough liquied muscle relaxer for one evening...maybe for two evenings. :P Info
10esseeTony: Thanks once more, SG. Very appreciative of your time and efforts!!!!!!!!!!!!! Info
VietOZ: Nite Info
bluestang: Yeah, SG sure knows how to put on events. If only Seb could manage 1/10th of that lol Info
Nick Name USA: Thanks S.G for a fun event! Congrats to TAAT and condolences to P3DNow! See you next year! Info
kleines grünes Männel: Thanks to all participating teams and users. Info
kleines grünes Männel: Congratulations to the 3 winners. https://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/stats_winner.php Info
kleines grünes Männel: Thanks also to the stable project (is not a matter of course with SG challenges ;) ). And see you next year. :) Info
yodap: Congrats TAAT and thank you SG for great race! Info
zalo: and now try primegrid on that amd s ,, zero power,, dont see taat theere))) Info
zalo: https://www.primegrid.com/challenge/2020_8/top_teams.html Info
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