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kleines grünes Männel: Hallo? Info
the Sagittarius: Hi little green man Info
VietOZ: we all know who's gonna take that #1 spot. Who will claim #2 and #3 spots? Info
PecosRiverM: The 2nd and 3rd best teams..? Info
walli: t-30 min Info
No_Name: t-5 min Info
walli: du flunkerst :) Info
No_Name: t-4 Info
No_Name: t-3 Info
No_Name: t-2 Info
No_Name: it´s a countdown walli ;-) Info
No_Name: t-1 Info
No_Name: Go :-) Info
walli: moment :) Info
PecosRiverM: Do we have ignition? Info
trigggl: Happy Birthday!!! Info
motqalden: haha i thought these scores were in boinc points instead of WCG points Info
marlon: hello where are stats by user? Info
UrsD: These are boinc points Info
marlon: i mean where is the list of the user with the points made by user? Info
VietOZ: https://boincstats.com/en/stats/15/user/list/ Info
marlon: i mean here; where is the competition? Info
marlon: the graduation is only by team or also by user? Info
Italianpower18: I love GIB :) Info
XSmeagolX: 1. The stats showing WCG-Points Info
XSmeagolX: 2. This is a team challenge, no user stats available. :D Info
nux: go-go Info
XSmeagolX: WCG has some issues: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,41248 Info
XSmeagolX: So our data import run into errors. Info
[H]Skillz: Next export should correct everything right? Since it's fixed on WCG's side. Info
magiceye04: the stats look good in this way. :) Info
OldChap: Good effort fixing the stats guys Info
SEARCHER: :) Hello to all Info
黄旭东: 我大哥始终是我大哥! Info
F91: 干死黄旭东!~~ Info
BBP: BiblePay! Info
VietOZ: 4th Info
SEARCHER: :) Good Morning to all Info
PecosRiverM: It's the Final Countdown Info
Finrond: Happy Thanksgiving! Info
[H]Skillz: Now my finger nails can start growing again. Info
OldChap: Have you looked at last year vs this year numbers? WOW! Info
[H]Skillz: Yes, it's insane. Info
10esseeTony of 7AA7: Thank you so much, SG, for another great event! Info
XSmeagolX: The company manufacturing the medals unfortunately has delivery difficulties because of the Black Friday shopping. We will distribute them as soon as possible after delivery. Info
XSmeagolX: Thanks you all for participating in this event! Info
XSmeagolX: My personal congratulations to XtremeSystems for being on podest nearby all these coin based teams! Info
XSmeagolX: Thanks to HardOCP and TeAm AnandTech for nice birthday race to position 6 Info
kleines grünes Männel: Desd. Info
KidDoesCrunch: Test :-) Info
KidDoesCrunch: Test https://www.seti-germany.de/wcg/yshout/smileys/smile.gif Info
kleines grünes Männel: du meinst :) Info
kleines grünes Männel: der hat hier keine Nase Info
XSmeagolX: Registration for the event is possible. https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/team/challenge/viewTeamChallenge.do?challengeId=9700 Info
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