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Jeeper's daily reports about the Pentathlon. Translation by Susanne.

Preview (04/27/2015)

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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Silence… Silence … Can you hear the Silence?
Darkness … Darkness …. Can you see the Darkness?
Cold… Cold…. Can you feel the Cold?

It’s been almost a year since the fire burned out. But there appears – just a little – hope on the horizon. All of a sudden, the silence, the darkness and the freezing cold are irrelevant. Because you see the glimmer of hope in the distance. No, it’s not THE doctor, even though the importance for our universe of the forthcoming event cannot be denied and is of similar importance.

You know what this means! Of course you know it. Warmth spreads around your heart and you listen to the world’s new awakening! The time of darkness has ended! AT LAST! Because on 5th May, the Boinc-Pentathlon is kicking off again. Teams who are currently still enduring the cold and huddling in the dark will be fully energised and smiles shall return onto the faces of our valiant crunchers.

The wait has been worth it. But sadly, not everybody has emerged unscathed from the dark times. There are some who can’t or won’t face the new challenge, too long and hard was their suffering. But there are always teams who want to meet the forthcoming challenge and prefer the noise of the Pentathlon to quiet contemplation.

However, not everybody is happy about the return of the Pentathlon. Really! There are those who enjoyed the calm and life of leisure. Those who shake in their boots, not of the cold but out of fear. They can feel the panic rising as neither CPU, GPU or other hardware building blocks are certain to survive the days of the Pentathlon unscathed. Just the mere thought of it will drive some boards and power units to suicide at the same time as the author is composing these lines.

But that won’t stop our valiant competitors. They will have a sort-out and acquire suitable material. They will face the challenges of this year’s Pentathlon. The Org-Team has already made vague announcements, maybe, there’ll be something new. You are probably as excited as I am. But what is awaiting us this year, who are the favourites and who can give them a fright? Let’s see:

Five Pentathlons so far, five times a German team stood on the podium. Last year, SETI.USA got very close to relegate the triple champion, Planet3DNow! SETI.Germany had to make do with “only” 3rd place. My crystal ball won’t be needed to forecast that the overall win will be shared amongst these 3 teams. They will decide the overall standing amongst themselves. Or maybe not? Who could take a bite out of the bottom of the dinosaur of those teams?

Czech National Team and L'Alliance Francophone are two well-known teams which will aspire to climb the podium. But there is a player who can be classed as an insiders’ tip. In the past, Team China consistently managed to advance to the top and maybe this year, the Chinese dragon will launch into the great fire storm.

Once again, there will be exiting battles in midfield. And not to forget, it’s not only about the overall standings, as the individual disciplines also offer opportunities for medals. This is where some of the teams will fancy their chances. Team 2ch must be wishing for WCG but also Russia, Boincstats, BOINC.Italy, LITOMYSL, Overclock.net and the Meisterkuehler.de Team have to be reckoned with.

And not to forget Boinc@MIXI, Ukraine, Crunching@EVGA, Rechenkraft.net, SETI@Deutschland, SETIKAH@KOREA, TeAm AnandTech and TitanesDC. They will do everything to play a big part in the Pentathlon game of thrones.

Having returned to the Pentathlon, we welcome BT Retired Club who indulged in a 3 year break. They should be well rested. And, Ladies and Gentlemen, a warm welcome to first timers Overclockers UK, Gridcoin and [H]ard|OCP.. Let’s wait and see what this trio can achieve at their premiere.

And what is awaiting our teams this time?
There is a Marathon, meanwhile permanent fixture of the Pentathlon. It is still open which project will be tackled there. It is tempting to look at the distance and have a leisurely start. But only those who start well and keep up a good pace will be victorious in the end. Every point counts for the overall standing and it wouldn’t be the first time that a team loses decisive ground.

Just the thought of a Marathon might make some of you weak in the knees. For the Gimlis amongst the starters, the Sprint would be just right. We will be expecting a bunker battle but we will have to wait if quickly in and out is the best strategy. Here we will surely be witnessing a crazy pace and a heart attack finish.

For a classic distance of 5 days, the organisers will send the teams on a City Run. Here the CPUs can quietly do their duty as the route is nice and even. But watch out, the hard ground of the city can be painful.

Over hedge and ditch, classic Cross-Country will challenge the teams in the next discipline. This is where the GPUs will line up at the start. Our seasoned veterans should know that GPU disciplines often stir up the field and regularly make for surprises. We can look forward to enthralling fights.

Those were 4 of the disciplines, but what about a Fifth? Don’t worry! No 5 is alive! Honestly! Though currently, this discipline is surrounded by a shroud of silence, securely kept in the vaults of Gringott. Let’s hope that one of the apprentices doesn’t break in and cause mayhem. What have the makers planned? What brew have they concocted? We will soon know and until then, it will be difficult to live with the anticipation.

I now look at you and can see that blood has returned to all your limbs. Arms and legs are tingling and pleasant anticipation is spreading. Because one thing is certain:

It will be exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!
Daily Bulletins starting 05.05.15.

Day#1 - 05/05/2015

27 teams have signed up and I can only hope that they are aware of what they have let themselves in for. Most would have been asleep at the start but not all. Some of you would have had a surprise when you checked the standings in the morning.

Did you wake up in the night drenched in sweat? Were you gripped by panic thinking you might miss the start? Were you only able to calm down once you were sure that your computers were still running? With that, please find a ready welcome at the 6th Boinc-Pentathlon!

But please don’t inform your doctor about these symptoms. The uninitiated could misinterpret this… Pentathlonitis is incurable, though harmless, and releases feelings of pleasure. It’s a seasonal occurrence, only happens in May. But take care, as it’s contagious but only infects those who have a crunch device at their disposal.

Following the announcement of the 1st Discipline, the Marathon, sake bottles in Japan would have quickly refilled with air as the great favourite, Team2ch, is a giant and not easy to overcome. WCG will be host to a Pentathlon-Discipline for the 3rd time. In 2011, Team 2ch won ahead of SETI.Germany and L'Alliance Francophone. A year later, the Japanese were able to repeat this achievement with SG regaining Silver. That year, SETI.USA were 3rd past the finish line.
Then in 2013, a big surprise: - Planet 3DNow! won ahead of SUSA and 2ch. It had been possible to beat the Japanese who had been favourites. You can guess that something’s missing. Sure. It’s a very pronounced HOWEVER: 2 years ago, WCG was only crunched with its sub-project (CEP2). This will be different again this year. Will everything be different?

All who have ever stood on the podium at WCG must again be reckoned with. Traditionally, the first day brings a lot of movement and surprises with it. Let’s take a look what our teams are currently serving up.
And this is the first thing we see. The American eagle has launched into a nosedive. Keeping their prey in full sight, SETI.USA have currently got their talons in #1 and must sincerely hope not to lose their quarry in flight. But the Marathon is not all about the start. That will be P3D’s motto as the Green Planet is currently at #2, followed by Team 2ch. The Japanese will count on their legendary endurance and hope it pays off in the end.

This then followed by SETI.Germany who will not be altogether happy, only Rank 4 at present and trailing by a considerable margin. Team China is presenting very strongly indeed and have just gained Rank 5 due to an increase in tempo. Boinc.Italy are known for great starts. Previously Rank 5, reality is fast catching up and now at #6. But L’Alliance Francophone seem set to change this. At the moment, Overclock.net are calmly monitoring the wild antics of the 3 teams in front. Are they checking their rivals out? Are they trying to discover their weaknesses?

Ukraine and the currently very weak Czech National Team conclude the Top10. Newcomers [H]ard|OCP are valiantly holding on to #11 followed by Russia. The Russian bear is gaining momentum and is relegating Meisterkuehler.de Team to #13. The quiet performance of the Cool team could indicate that they are harbouring a special plan. But where or when?

Crunching@EVGA is currently at Rank 14; but there is mayhem behind them. Gridcoin, Rechenkraft.net, TeAm AnandTech and BOINCstats are not allowing the others any advantage, categorically none. Is this quartet fighting amongst themselves or are they trying to gain ground and get ahead?

In their first Pentathlon, Overclockers UK started cautiously at #19 but are able to keep AMD Users, BOINC@MIXI, TitanesDC and LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic behind them. SETIKAH@KOREA, BOINC Confederation, BT Retired Club and SETI@Deutschland conclude the field.

Every team will be able to get into the points this year as the valuations have been adjusted. This will ensure excitement even at the tail end of the field. At present, we are already aware of 3 further Disciplines. Whilst WCG is a regular guest at the Pentathlon, Malariacontrol is a bona fide Pentathlon-newbie.

Starting on Saturday, the organisers will send the teams straight through the countryside. It’s been left open if the teams have to run, ride or cycle. Well, all will soon be revealed at Einstein@Home. You will move on tarmac, through rough and smooth terrain, cross rivers and mountains and also be allowed to swim. The Discipline Swimming will signal the start at yoyo@home. Sadly, the originally planned discipline had technical problems which can’t be disclosed. We will look forward to including it next year.

You can surely feel the excitement and joy at the start of the 6th Pentathlon. Will SUSA be able to sustain their speed following their early sprint? Are the Samurai from 2ch able to retaliate? Will SG stop giving autographs to the spectators and step on the gas?

I don’t (yet) know but one thing is certain:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!

Day#2 - 05/06/2015

At around the same time yesterday, a period of endless amazement had been forecast. The Pentathlon gives constant rise to new discoveries, similar to rooting around a range of warehouses. Yet there seem to be things which rarely change. And exactly this state of affairs is currently evident.

SETI.USA had made such a lightning start, giving the illusion that all other teams had remained on the spot. But a Pentathlon is not won in the first 100 metres. Currently, SUSA remain at #1 but the Americans will have to pay the price for their fast starting pace. And this is the reason: just behind chuffs the stoic steam engine of Team 2ch. With their steady pace and consistency they have already relegated P3D to #3 and are poised to re-align the laws of the universe.

At a distance, SG are viewing these events in a relaxed manner but will be busy keeping their fingers crossed for the team from Japan. 2ch have not previously posed a danger in the overall standings and every team which takes points off the competition is welcome.

I’ve never been able to proclaim that L'Alliance Francophone are quick at the start. They are quite happy to let the fast paced teams run ahead but then quickly catch up with them again. Rank 5 has thus been claimed and in the process relegated Team China to #6. It’s strange to watch this duel between the Francophone rooster and the Chinese dragon. Currently, the dragon from the Far East is sizing up its unusual opponent. How soon for some barbecued chicken?

Since we are talking about food, let us quickly go over to Italy. Pizza and pasta have ensured a turbo start but now a bout of stomach ache is about to befall them. Having slipped down to #7, the Italians must prepare to be overtaken by the beer drinkers of Czech National Team (#8).

In the Czechs’ slip stream, Russia (#9) is fighting to keep up. The Russians are currently able to match the pace of CNT and are thus working their way up in the rankings. The Russian bear better not get up to speed as they will be difficult to stop.

Then, behind a little safety buffer, Ukraine have settled at #10, but [H]ard|OCP don’t want to be kept at #11 and are attacking the Ukraines. On the other hand, Overclock.net seem to have been overcome by the notorious side stitches. They are currently at #12. Gridcoin (#13) and RKN (#14) are vigorously pushing from behind.

The team of Boincstats have let it slip a bit. The statisticians were unable to follow their pace. Rank 15 seems secure at the moment as there’s no danger from behind. Crunching@EVGA (#16), Meisterkuehler.de (#17) and TeAm AnandTech (#18) are unable to keep pace.

Two teams have found each other in the fight for #19. OcUK - Overclockers UK are currently still retaining the rank but AMD Users are already in the slip stream and are expected to overtake any moment now. It remains to be seen to which extent TitanesDC (#22) and LITOMYSL (#21) are able to intervene in this duel. Both of them have at least won places in the last few hours which cannot be said about BOINC@MIXI (#23) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#24).

There is also some fluctuation at the end of the field. Although BOINC Confederation (#25) remain unchanged, SETI@Deutschland managed to push past BT Retired Club this morning and have handed over the red taillight. There’s not a lot dividing these three teams. Here too, a lot of excitement is forecast in the fight for the points.

All eyes are still on the Marathon but this is due to change in a few hours. The classic City Run will premiere malariacontrol.net. Obviously, the general favourites are expected to perform but when I look at the updated project stats, no obvious favourite stands out. Pentathlon newbie [H]ard|OCP will surely look forward to this discipline as motivation must run high after their successful fight for #6.

One thing is sure. It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!

Day#3 - 05/07/2015

The start of the City Run at malariacontrol now gives the Pentathlon real momentum. There are no hiding places left. It will now be plainly evident who nurtures great ambitions and who will give the matter some serious thought. As you have probably already seen, the City Run does not disappoint in that respect.

The Czech National Team have moved to the top of the field and are genuinely engaged in the battle for victory. This now explains their weakness in the Marathon. But just behind, SUSA have shored up their claim to overall victory. On the other hand, P3D are still lying in wait; the genuine fight amongst this trio will keep us busy throughout the next few days.

But wait! What about SG? Where is AF? Groupies must tough it out because it’s the turn of some other teams. Following a super start, Meisterkuehler.de Team have pounced, not unexpectedly, and vaulted to #4. Just behind at #5 are the newbies from [H]ard|OCP.

This will not be easy as an old blue-yellow ocean giant is following just behind. SG appear to have somehow fallen asleep as #6 is surely not what had been planned. And not only that. The Russian bear is demonstrating that it can swim and has already moved into position alongside SG and could bite at any moment.

Only at #8 can we finally find AF, although they are not lagging too far behind. Overclock.net at #9 and Crunching@EVGA (#10) appear to have both had a fairly good start. Boinc.Italy can be found at #11 followed by Gridcoin who until now have cut a great figure at this Pentathlon. The small Czech team LITOMYSL (#13) are doing wonders in keeping the giants from Team China behind them. Did the Chinese oversleep this discipline or is there more to come? I sincerely hope that Team China aren’t already gambling away a good rank in the overall standings.

Quite appropriately ranked, I find TeAm AnandTech at #15 but am unsure if the same applies to Team 2ch at #16. Margins in this part of the table are relatively miniscule, if that may be said. BOINCstats (#17), BOINC@MIXI (#18) and OcUK - Overclockers UK (#19) could mix it all up if deciding on an intermediate sprint.
I could only find the Ukraine at #20, very closely followed by Rechenkraft.net. SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) lead the tail end of the field: AMD Users, SETI@Deutschland (who are busy stacking up points), TitanesDC, BT Retired Club and BOINC Confederation.

Now, take a deep breath. Breathe deeeeeeeeeeeply. Done? Good, let’s continue.

There’s been another change at the top of the Marathon. I would like to think that this situation could go on and on but have an inkling that my wishes will not be fulfilled. Team 2ch have launched into such a high tempo that the other teams are unable to follow. Worst of all, the Japanese don’t even appear to break into a sweat. There must be something in the water…

Loser of the day goes to SUSA as they weren’t only dethroned but also relegated to rank 3 by P3D (#2). SG have to fight hard for Rank 4 as AF have nearly caught up. On the other hand, Team China are continuing at their own pace and will no doubt be hoping to profit from slipups of their rivals.

CNT (#7) and Russia (#8) have overtaken Boinc.Italy (#9). There might be worse in store for the Italians. Coming ever closer in seven-league boots are [H]ard|OCP and also the Ukraine (#11). Gridcoin (#12) too are clearly advancing. This I cannot say about Overclock.net (#13). But this isn’t the time to rest as RKN seem to be thoroughly fed up with Rank 14.

Just behind, 2 teams have exchanged places, Meisterkuehler.de Team (#15) and BOINCstats (#17), Crunching@EVGA (#16) must have felt exceedingly dizzy in the process. Further along, it has become a little calmer but SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) and BOINC@MIXI (#24) have now switched places.

All this will naturally be reflected in the Overall Standings and how! SUSA and P3D are currently leading the field neck and neck. Looks like last year’s duel is being continued. An unfamiliar picture at #3 where CNT (#3) are clearly placed ahead of SG (#4). The Germans won’t like this. They are even having to share Rank 4 with 2ch but you don’t need to be a prophet to know that this will change.

AF at #6 are currently already well behind the pure metal medal ranks. Russia and [H]ard|OCP are two teams at #7 who could be a worry to AF. With their super start at malariacontrol, Meisterkuehler have moved up to #9 which will not be all that easy to retain.

Only at #10 can Team China and Boinc.Italy be found. Well, quite acceptable for the Italians but what the Chinese are doing there ... Overclock.net (#12), Gridcoin (#13) and Crunching@EVGA at 14 are following this duo. The Ukraine at #15 have still got the potential to advance whilst TeAm AnandTech wouldn’t object to remaining at Rank 16. Nevertheless, Boincstats (#17), Rechenkraft.net and LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (both #18) will not be in agreement.

Ranks 20 onwards are led by OcUK, followed by BOINC@MIXI, AMD Users, SETIKAH@KOREA and TitanesDC (#24). Like a busy squirrel, SETI@Deutschland have been collecting points and are rewarded with #25. BOINC Confederation and BT Retired Club are concluding the field.

The City Run has caused mayhem in the Overall Standings. That’s how it should be! There will be lots of activity in the next few hours, I can guarantee, so don’t change the channel! Can CNT remain in front at the City Run? When will MK’s power begin to weaken and will SG light the afterburners?

We don’t yet know but one thing is clear:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!

Day#4 - 05/08/2015

On the eve of the start of the 3rd Discipline “Cross-Country”, the situation at the Marathon is calming down. The teams have found their pace and don’t let each other out of sight. But just because a period of calm is setting in we mustn’t forget about the Tarte Flambée.

Green tea seems to be having an effect on Team 2ch because the Japanese are not letting up. But what it is they are smoking on the Green Planet is beyond my knowledge but the vast speed they are able to produce poses some questions. Are they really going to engage 2ch or are they suffering from delusions of persecution. Maybe withdrawal is the answer.

SUSA (#3) are already practising withdrawal as the Americans’ tempo has literally crashed. SUSA is almost at a standstill! But it remains questionable if their pursuers will be able to profit from this. AF (#4) have meanwhile left SG (#5) behind and are catching up. But the gap stretching to #3 is relatively large. In the fight for #6, Team China are currently holding the best cards despite the fact that CNT continue to lie in wait. On the other hand, Russia (#8) should be careful as [H]ard|OCP is dashing up from behind. They’ve already left Boinc.Italy (#10) behind them.

Ukraine at #11 and Gridcoin at #12 could also pose a threat to the Italians. The Marathon is long and the dividing gaps not unmanageable. Rechenkraft.net and Overclock.net are currently tussling for Rank 13 whereby the Rechenkraft Team appear to have a slight momentary advantage. Just as tight is the run for #17. TeAm AnandTech and Boincstats are engaging in some lively interaction and are leaving the onlookers bewildered. And just a little further back, the advance of SETIKAH@KOREA continues, the Asians have conquered #22 and left a shocked looking LITOMYSL(#23) behind.

But now it’s time to turn our gaze elsewhere. The fiery eye has caught sight of the City Run where one or other team is currently living through its darkest hours and wishes for “One ring to rule them all…”

CNT are still holding on to the lead but pressure from behind is increasing. SUSA can already hear the Czechs’ breathing and not far behind, P3D (#3) have come around the bend and continue to advance on the other two teams in the inside lane.

Pure drama prevails in the fight for Rank 4. AF have crunched their way to #4 and are well able to defend this position. But there’s no certainty in this City Run. H]ard|OCP (#5) and Meisterkuehler (#6) are currently on almost equal points whereby MK appear to slowly lose power. And what’s next? Drama, what a drama! Currently, I can only find SG at #7. This is the worst SG have ever produced in a discipline. It’s time now: SG must fight really hard, it’s written in their faces. But everything is still to play for, the margin to #5 could be made good in an hour and even AF is still within reach.

We shouldn’t ignore Russia (#8) altogether. The Russians and the others could really spoil things for SG. Gridcoin (#9) are able to watch all these goings-on from a distance. The Pentathlon-newbies are at present able to keep Overclock.net (#10), Boinc.Italy (#11) and Crunching@EVGA (#12) at a distance.

Still not moving very fast, Team China are at #13. A very weak result so far; is more to come or are the Chinese preparing the attack at yoyo? Team 2ch at #14 and LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (#15) are trotting side by side behind the Chinese. The Czechs have lost 2 places but can only hope not to drop any further.

I found TeAm AnandTech (#16), Ukraine (#17) and Boincstats (#18) occupying the next few places. There’s disagreement between RKN (#19), Boinc@MIXI (#20) and OcUK - Overclockers UK (#21). Here, there’s a fierce pushing and a shoving. SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) and the AMD Users (#23) appear fairly content whereas TitanesDC and SETI@Deutschland are heavily engaged in a battle for #24. BOINC Confederation have managed to get to safe ground at #26 whereas BT Retired Club are making it easy for themselves as they are on strike.

In the Overall Standings, P3D and SUSA are still leading the field, side by side. CNT are still able to hold onto #3 but that would change quickly if SUSA and P3D were to pass them in the City Run. Then, AF’s (#4) hour would strike, the Francophone team would love to jump in there. 2ch are still able to hold onto Rank 5. SG (#6) will surely get hold of #5 but is that the ambition of a past Pentathlon-winner?

A great rank for [H]ard|OCP at #7, a really classy performance. It remains to be seen if this can be retained. I am still counting heavily on Russia (#8) and Team China (#9). Both are currently underperforming. Just like SG, the Russians will be anticipating the Cross-Country run and Team China maybe the Swimming?

There’s a lively threesome at #10: Meisterkuehler.de Team, Gridcoin and Boinc.Italy. Looks like they are having fun. Spanner in the works will be Overclock.net at #13. They’re in a really great positon because the 2 teams behind them, Crunching@EVGA and the Ukraine at #14 are also giving each other a squeeze. RKN (#16) are jealous onlookers but they are not allowed to join in. However, TeAm AnandTech (#17), BOINCstats (#18) LITOMYSL (#19) and OcUK - Overclockers UK (#20) have decided to keep a little distance between themselves.

On the other hand, AMD Users (#21), BOINC@MIXI (#22), SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) and TitanesDC (#24) are continuing to move towards each other. Surely, they are not going to pull off something even more ambitious? It is evident at #25 that today is a snuggle day, SETI@Deutschland and BOINC Confederation are also unable to keep away from each other. They too are without feeling as BT Retired Club (#27) are not allowed to join them.

As you can see, Ladies and Gentlemen, the City Run is anything but boring. It has really stirred up the rankings and will be topped by events tomorrow. The start of the discipline Cross-Country will call for a fresh shuffling of the cards. Will SG be able to win there or might it be another team nobody had reckoned with? Can the boys and girls at CNT continue to resist the immense pressure at Malaria?

We don’t know this yet.
But one thing is certain. It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!

Day#5 - 05/09/2015

It’s relatively easy to use superlatives but their effectiveness soon wears off. But not so at this Pentathlon. There’s never been such tension! There’s a surprise behind every corner. The teams continue to reinvent their strategies and continue to stir up the old order. It doesn’t matter if it’s CNT at the City Run or Team China at the Cross-Country, the old Top3 will rub their eyes in amazement.

That’s what you would have seen me do too this morning. Not only did this morning’s intermediate standings at Cross-Country distract me from my breakfast but I was also bowled over by the discovery that this report could also be read in Czech. Thank you very much, hanbanaroda. But now let’s take things one at a time.

My head is spinning. No, that’s not on account of alcohol residue in my blood or last night’s visit to the theatre. Even though parallels could maybe be drawn to “One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. As from today, 3 disciplines are running at the same time and from tomorrow this will even increase to 4. It will be prudent not to lose the overview.

At the Marathon, it’s still relatively easy to stay on top of things. It’s become a little calmer there since the teams have begun to focus their attention elsewhere. But beware, surprise attacks are not ruled out. Team 2ch are continuing to lead ahead of P3D and SUSA. The two pursuers are keeping an eye on each other as the Marathon might be the decider in the final standings.

That could also apply to the duel between AF(#4) and SG (#5) even though SG are currently making no move to attack. Team China at #6 continue to keep SG in their sights and might even still be hatching a plan. CNT appear to have settled at #7 but there’s danger from behind. [H]ard|OCP (#8) have not slowed down and are launching an attack.

Russia have already been subjected to that experience and have slipped down to #9. Even the fight over #10 has not yet been settled. Boinc.Italy and Ukraine are not giving the other any advantage. TeAm AnandTech and Boincstats continue their fight for #17. Ranks have been swapped at #23. BOINC@MIXI had no problems passing LITOMYSL The Czechs might have been caught out in the catering zone whilst enjoying coffee and cake. They should have noticed by now that their stomachs are too bloated.

Cross-Country saw the Chinese dragon spit fire and leave the other teams in disarray. But that effect didn’t last long as a quick shake was all that was needed. The American eagle was the first to show its talons but now, with a gigantic bunker, SG have made clear that they know their stuff.

Therefore, SG are currently leading the field. But that doesn’t really mean very much as we’ve already had a few leader changes today. SUSA (#2) are still digesting SG’s bunker action but they shouldn’t be disappointed as the Americans are still able to keep P3D behind them at this time.

After a furious start, Team China have fallen back to #4, followed by Overclock.net who also raised some eyebrows with their hearty bunker. Not altogether unexpected, AF (#6) are unable to keep pace and must even fear an attack by OcUK - Overclockers UK who have stoked the fire in the last few hours.

CNT are currently at #8, followed by Russia. The Russians are expected to empty one or other hefty bunker in the next few days. For this reason, the teams must keep an eye on the Russian bear. For Ukraine, #10 seems to be all that is possible and even that looks like a hard piece of work. BOINC.Italy (#11) lying in wait and Crunching@EVGA (#12) are also not going to give up.

TeAm AnandTech have claimed Rank 13 with their splendid bunker and have thus gained breathing space to RKN, Meisterkuehler.de and the near neck and neck teams of Boincstats (#16) and Gridcoin (#17). Only at #18 can 2ch be found. The traditional GPU-weakness will cost the Japanese a very good position in the overall standings. SETIKAH@KOREA (#19), TitanesDC (#20), BOINC@MIXI (#21) and [H]ard|OCP (#22) are following behind. The end of the field is completed by AMD Users, BOINC Confederation, SETI@Deutschland, LITOMYSL and BT Retired Club.

SUSA continue to lead the City Run but P3D are not letting up. Both have been able to separate from the field but are unable to shake the other off. Victory in this discipline will probably only be decided right at the end but so far, none is showing any weaknesses. Ladies and Gentlemen, please prepare yourselves for a heart-stopping finale.

CNT are circling in the shadow of the leading duo. A medal is within reach but which one will it be? Could the Czechs attack anew and bring disorder to the top? AF have secured Rank 4 somewhat but it would be unwise to rest as the rivals are close by. In the last few hours we were able to witness an exciting battle for #5 between three teams. Currently, SG have claimed this rank and are setting their sights ahead. But Russia (#6) have been able to cause trouble for SG on several occasions and could still interfere with the Germans’ plans.

However, [H]ard|OCP are unable to continue at that speed. Is that a temporary state of weakness or is #7 all that can be achieved? If Meisterkuehler at #8 keep up this tempo they have a good chance to get into the Top10. The pursuers of Gridcoin (#9) are not coming closer and are also not really able to detach from Overclock.net (#10).

Continuing to advance to the top are Crunching@EVGA (#11) and Team China (#12). Boinc.Italy, who now find themselves at #13, are the victim of this duo. Places are also being swapped amongst the next few ranks. TeAm AnandTech (#14) have won 2 places whereas 2ch, on the other hand, have lost one. Following behind, the Ukraine are expected to move past the Japanese in the next few hours; what bitter hours for 2ch at the City Run!

Following on, LITOMYSL (#17) have also had to give up two places and as RKN are faster, it might mean a further backwards slide. Boincstats had to let RKN pass; it remains to be seen if they can stick to their heels. Then follow OcUK - Overclockers UK, BOINC@MIXI, SETIKAH@KOREA, AMD Users, TitanesDC, SETI@Deutschland, BOINC Confederation and BT Retired Club.

In the Overall Standings, SUSA are leading by a small margin ahead of P3D. On account of leading the Cross-Country, SG have at last crunched to #3 and have created a buffer to AF (#4) and CNT (#5). Team China seem to have subscribed to Rank 6; if they want to do better in the Overall Standings they need to come up with a plan.

Russia at #7, 2ch at #8, Overclock.net at #9 and Boinc.Italy are rounding off the Top10. Rank 11 is currently being claimed by Ukraine and [H]ard|OCP who have lost ground due to their GPU-weakness. With only 3 points behind, Meisterkuehler and Gridcoin (both at #13) are waiting for their chance.

Next are Crunching@EVGA(#15), TeAm AnandTech (#16), RKN (#17) and OcUK - Overclockers UK at #18. Boincstats at #19 are currently finding themselves in no-man’s-land. But further back, there is a heated battle: SETIKAH@KOREA (#20), TitanesDC (#21), LITOMYSL (#22) and BOINC@MIXI (#23) are only separated by 5 points. And AMD Users (#24) find themselves 2 points behind. A merciless battle is being fought over Rank 25 between BOINC Confederation (#25) and SETI@Deutschland (#26). BT Retired Club have taken a liking to the red tail light and are concluding the field at #27.

We are certainly not bored at the moment. Can SG win at Cross-Country? Will P3D be able to overtake SUSA at the City Run? And which team will really power ahead tomorrow in the cool water.

I don’t yet know.
But one thing is certain. It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon!

Day#6 - 05/10/2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Pentathlon surpasses anything we’ve ever seen, 3 disciplines in one day are nothing new but today and tomorrow, this will increase to 4 disciplines. Our valiant teams must keep their eyes open everywhere and mustn’t miss the tiniest twitch of their rivals. Every small detail can be decisive.

For this reason I will only mention the Marathon in passing. 2ch continue to lead ahead of P3D and SUSA. The fight for Silver has not yet been settled. There were also no changes behind them. Small skirmishes only at #12, where RKN are currently ahead of Gridcoin and at #18 where OcUK have their nose in front of Boincstats.

There, that’s the short visit to the Marathon completed. The new start last night was Swimming. We now have 7 days of cool water, a new element to tackle. The start proceeded surprisingly calm. But I’ve got a peculiar feeling about this. It is so quiet. Even the wind seems to have fallen asleep. Just outside those places with crunch machines, animals are exchanging nervous glances. Yes, they can feel it, I can feel it, something is brewing.

P3D have moved into the lead at present, followed by SG and SUSA. The Americans are currently appearing very defensive which makes me suspicious. On the other hand, SG are continuing at a pace. It’s a bit confusing further down the ranks. CNT have pushed up to #4, followed by Meisterkuehler at #5.

After their hell for leather start, Overclock.net (#6) must now come to terms with the fact that there are limits. The same goes for Boincstats who are currently able to settle in at #7. Selling themselves short at the moment are Team China (#9), only just behind Ukraine (#8).

A good start too was had by BOINC@MIXI at Rank10. It will nevertheless be difficult to hold onto it. One of the reasons for this are AF who will currently not be content with #11 and might be trying to hide an inward chuckle. They would be seen as contenders for a medal but have they invested too much in the other disciplines?

The margins between the teams behind them are still so narrow that constant changes are possible. Team 2ch at #12, followed by Boinc.Italy (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#15) make up a nice group which also includes Russia (#14). Rank 16 onwards we find TeAm AnandTech, OcUK (#17), RKN (#18), Gridcoin (#19), AMD Users (#20), [H]ard|OCP at #21 and TitanesDC (#22) continuing on their way. The rest of the field must have found the water still too cold to swim.

On the other hand, the outcome of the City Run is approaching. Mistakes could result in tragedy and every little thing could dip the scales this way or that. SUSA are still leading ahead of P3D but the team from the Green Planet are relatively full of sap and are closing in.

It is questionable if CNT can retaliate but the team wouldn’t be too disappointed with Rank 3. But maybe there’s more to come. The fight at #4 has seen SG inch up to AF in the last few hours and they have now passed them. But there was worse to come for AF as Russia ran in SG’s slipstream and are now occupying #5. That’s why AF have been left at #6. It remains to be seen if this is only a weak phase or if the concluding battle at #4 will be fought as a duel.

[H]ard|OCP appear to have smelled blood, they don’t seem to be content with #7 as unsettling times are on the cards. AF have to be extra careful. Meisterkuehler have taken up temporary residence at #8, it appears that the Cool Team are not expecting any danger from Gridcoin (#9) and Team China (#10). But this could all be a bluff as the Chinese are folding up the field from the back and will continue to put on the pressure.

Team China’s victims are Overclock.net (11), Crunching@EVGA (#12) and Boinc.Italy (#13). Especially the Italians must take care as TeAm AnandTech (#14) are continuing to battle their way forwards. 2ch are making attempts to keep up but that this is not looking very convincing somehow.

The Ukraine at #16 are pursued by the trio of RKN, Boincstats and LITOMYS who are not giving an inch in their fight over #17. And further behind, it’s all about tiny margins. BOINC@MIXI and OcUK are going about their contest for #20 in style.

SETIKAH@KOREA at #22 appear calm and measured. To advance further appears unlikely and there seems to be little danger from TitanesDC and AMD Users. The reason for that might be their mutual preoccupation with the points #23 will bring in. SETI@Deutschland, BOINC Confederation and BT Retired Club are concluding the field.

At Cross-Country, SG are fastest at collecting Einsteins and are meanwhile clearly in the lead and extending the margin. SUSA (#2) and P3D (#3) can’t or won’t currently follow. But at least P3D are increasing their pressure on the Americans which they won’t surely tolerate?

At #4, Team China will not be altogether comfortable. So near to the medal and yet so far. But not only that as Overclock.net (#5) and CNT (#6) don’t appear to have any issues with the bumpy terrain. Both are putting pressure on the Asians.

It has always been exaggerated that AF are a GPU-strong team but surely they won’t be content with #7 without fighting for more. But that will demand a mighty stretch by the Francophones. There’s currently no danger from Russia at #8 but take note of this warning. I am expecting a mighty retaliation in the next few days. Those who can should move well away from the reach of the Russian bear’s paws.

Looks like OcUK (#10) will now have to pay for their good start. They are currently blundering through the countryside and have allowed Ukraine (#9) to pass and Boinc.Italy (#11), Crunching@EVGA (#12), TeAm AnandTech (13), Rechenkraft.net (#14), Gridcoin (#15) and even Meisterkuehler (#16) are closing in. Mind you, the margins are currently still very large but don’t be fooled!

Boincstats at #17 have to exert themselves not to be left behind which seems to have already happened to BOINC@MIXI (18). Looks like 2ch at #19 have given up, the Japanese are stumbing through the undergrowth without any great enthusiasm. This would be a chance for TitanesDC (#20), SETIKAH@KOREA (#21), [H]ard|OCP (#22) and the AMD Users (#23) who are currently letting this slip through their fingers. The BOINC Confederation at #24, followed by SETI@Deutschland (#25), LITOMYSL (#26) and BT Retired Club are concluding the field.

4 disciplines are now feeding into the Overall Standings. Lines have apparently been drawn but so far, no discipline has been completed. P3D are currently leading, just ahead of SUSA. SG have jockeyed for position on account of Cross-Country and Swimming. #3 has been claimed by a clear margin and there will be hopes for one or other slipup at the top.

CNT have reached Rank 4 getting past AF who are feeling the Chinese dragon’s hot breath. AF and Team China (#6) are currently weakening at Swimming und even CNT have still got reserves. There will be hopes of hot fights ahead. Super advance by Overclock.net at #7, neck and neck with Russia. Disappointed progress by 2ch at #9. Rank 10 is heavily contested with Meisterkuehler and Ukraine currently sharing.

The jump into the Top10 is still on the cards for Boinc.Italy (#12) but might be more difficult for Crunching@EVGA (#13) and Gridcoin. But it’s not impossible. But the teams would have to increase power and collect big points in the jump. [H]ard|OCP are currently positioned at #15, only a breath away from TeAm AnandTech (#16), RKN (#17) and Boincstats (also at #17).

OcUK - Overclockers UK have built a little castle at #19. Storming this will be difficult for BOINC@MIXI (#20) and nigh impossible for TitanesDC (#21), AMD Users (#22), SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) and LITOMYSl (#24). BOINC Confederation are just about hanging on to #25 ahead of SETI@Deutschland and BT Retired Club (#27).

Will it be possible for SG to win a discipline again? How will the duel end at the City Run and how will Swimming progress?

We don’t know this yet but what we do know is:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 05/11/2015

Dawn has broken on the City Run results day. More besides, the situation at both Swimming and Cross-Country is coming to a head and neck and neck races are not considered special anymore, they are the norm. I am having difficulties in getting all these changes down on paper. However, I will give it a try, are you coming along?

Just to warm up, we take a quick look at the Marathon. As expected, there are only few changes in this field; teams are watching each other furtively. 2ch are running towards a sure victory. But behind them, we will be kept in suspense until right at the end. P3D at #2 and SUSA at #3 are not worlds apart and this rank could be the decider in the overall standings.

AF continue to secure Rank 4 whereas SG (#5), Team China (#6), CNT (#7) and [H]ard|OCP (#8) are running at the same pace but independent from each other. The same goes for Russia (#9) and BOINC.Italy (#10); it remains to be seen if the Italians can pick themselves up again. Maybe even RKN can still join in the fight. They’ve just managed to get past Ukraine (#12) and thus claimed Rank 11. Tightly bunched together are AMD Users (#19) and BOINCstats (#20) though the statisticians appear to weaken at the moment. There is no less excitement at the end of the field. This is where BT Retired Club have pounced and handed over the red tail light to SETI@Deutschland.

Today, we are awaiting the decision at the City Run. There it will remain thrilling right until the last few seconds. The decision will be made between SUSA and P3D. Currently, both teams are practically neck and neck. CNT can afford to entertain small hopes of Bronze but no more. But who knows what the pursuers from SG (#4) and Russia (#5) have in mind. These two teams have been neck and neck for the last few days. Unbelievable! At times, SG have their nose in front, sometimes Russia have extended a paw. You can get all jittery just by watching.

The team from [H]ard|OCP continues to be very courageous. AF (now at #7) were overtaken and handed over Rank 6. And maybe, just maybe, Meisterkuehler could still join in. The margin is only the size of a bunker. Team China collared Gridcoin (#10) and thus reached #9. The way ahead is clear but would require a mighty effort. For Gridcoin the Top10 would be a great result but Overclock.net (#11) and Crunching@EVGA (#12) are catching up and could still overtake on the finish line.

The battle for #13 is fought out by TeAm AnandTech, Boinc.Italy, Ukraine and 2ch. Which team will come up with the best sprint at the end and which team will stumble? There’s currently calm before the storm between RKN (#17) and Boincstats (#18). Both are stalking each other, don’t let each other out of sight and are trying to unnerve the opponent and hope that mistakes are made. As you can see, Ladies and Gentlemen, no team can really be sure of its position . We can anticipate a grand finale at the City Run!

Swimming is presenting us with constant changes, the cool water hides quite a few things and is constantly revealing something new. Surprisingly, SG are continuing to lead ahead of P3D. Both German teams are progressing peacefully. But CNT might have thought that too much leisure needed to be punished and have begun to close in on the two. A great result for the Czechs at the moment.

Either the American eagle (#4) is afraid of water or playing a game of poker. Everybody is waiting for the Americans’ charge but this hasn’t happened so far. Or could it be that SUSA have invested too much power in the other disciplines? Meisterkuehler (#5) won’t be a danger to SUSA but they’ve pulled off a really accomplished start. AF will soon swim by and Ukraine (#7) and Overclock.net (#8) are not that far away.

I am puzzled by the boys and girls from Boincstats, Rank 9 is currently ok, but they are barely moving. Please pay attention and don’t swim backwards. Team China (#10) are performing below their capabilities. The Chinese puzzle us at this Pentathlon, they are too inconsistent. It would be a lie to say the same of BOINC.Italy whose Rank #11 gives them a voice in the allocations of Top10 places. However, Russia (#12) and BOINC@MIXI (#13) are proving to be persistent pursuers.

Team 2ch at #14 continue to disappoint, followed by Crunching@EVGA (#15) and RKN (#16) who have activated the waterproof indicators. AMD Users (#17) are swimming quite unnoticed in RKN’s watery slipstream (is there a proper word for that?) and have also left TeAm AnandTech (#18) behind them.

The newbies of Gridcoin and [H]ard|OCP are currently both paddling towards #19, followed by OcUK (#20) who seem to be taking in the underwater world. They’ve got time for that as TitanesDC (#22) and LITOMYSL (#23), SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and SETI@Deutschland (#25) appear to be taking it easy. It must be in the non-swimmers pool where BT Retired Club and BOINC Confederation can be found.

Everybody is in position at the Cross-Country and they are all watching each other furtively. We can still expect one or other bunker action. It remains to be seen who will begin to stumble amongst hidden roots and burrows. SG lead ahead of SUSA and P3D. All 3 teams have currently found their tempo and are waiting for the right moment to attack.

Team China at #4 must surely look on enviously. But Overclock.net (#5) should be content even though CNT (#6) are currently preparing to change places. AF (#7) and Russia (#8) are unable to follow right now. Ukraine must fear for #9 as Boinc.Italy are rushing towards them. On the other hand, OcUK have almost come to a standstill with stitches. This is Crunching@EVGA’s chance, but will they make use of it? There are no changes behind them, only [H]ard|OCP were able to win a place (#21) and thus move past SETIKAH@KOREA.

P3D are leading the constantly changing field in the Overall Standings, only marginally ahead of SUSA. SG too were able to crunch towards the top. Are SG still a contender for overall victory? That would be top class!

Rank 4 for CNT, only tin again? The Czechs are still able to change this but would have to step on it at the Marathon and Cross-Country. AF are at #5 ahead of Team China and Russia. Overclock.net find themselves at #8 ahead if WCG-giants 2ch (#9). Currently engaged in the fight for the Top10 are Ukraine, Meisterkuehler and Boinc.Italy. On equal points at #13 we find Crunching@EVGA and [H]ard|OCP followed by Gridcoin at #15. RKN (#16) must slowly get a move on if they were planning to get further ahead.

This will be difficult for TeAm AnandTech (#17) but not impossible. BOINCstats (#18), OcUK (#19) and BOINC@MIXI (#20) conclude the Top20. TitanesDC are currently pursuing AMD Users at #21 whilst LITOMYSL (#22) and SETIKAH@KOREA(23) have enough to do with each other. BOINC Confederation, SETI@Deutschland and BT Retired Club conclude the end of the field.

Who will win the photo finish at the City Run? When will the teams come out of hiding at Swimming and could SG really win the Cross-Country again?

We don’t yet know but what we do know is this:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 05/12/2015

This year’s Pentathlon has its first decision. For a whole week, our valiant teams faced the demands of the Pentathlon but never have I had to announce a winner of a discipline so late after the start. The wait was worth it.

The sparks really flew during the last few metres of the City Run. SETI.USA and Planet 3DNow! were spurring each other on but in the end, the Green Planet could not catch up with the Americans. SETI.USA were able to draw on more plentiful reserves and have earned their win at the City Run. Not far behind, Planet 3DNow! were able to secure Silver. Bronze goes to the Czech National Teamin in the Czech Republic who deserved to step onto the podium on account of a super start on the first day. Congratulations to the medal winners.

Following on, you couldn’t have guessed that the prize was only cheap metal as the tension here was no less intense. In the last few hours, Russia had pushed up to SETI.Germany and thus secured themselves #4. Right until the end, SG tried everything to catch up with the Russians but it just wasn’t enough. They won’t be happy with Rank 5 as this will minimize the chances of an overall victory.

Corks are popping too at [H]ard|OCP. Rank 6 is a super place, especially as the Pentathlon-newbies have managed to keep the whole of L'Alliance Francophone (#7) behind them. Looks like Obelix will need an extra wild boar to counter the frustration. Meisterkuehler.de Team started with confidence and are now being rewarded with Rank 8, followed by Team China at #9. Whilst the Chinese might be dissatisfied, Gridcoin at Rank 10 have reason to cheer. Though Overclock.net (#11) pressured from behind, in the end, the Overclockers didn’t do enough. Maybe there wasn't enough room at the finish line.

Unnoticed, Crunching@EVGA crunched themselves to #12, followed by Ukraine (#13) who were able to make good 3 places, rearing up at the last minute. The fact that they left Team 2ch (#14) in their wake just fits the picture. The other victims were BOINC.Italy (#15) and TeAm AnandTech (#16).

In the final sprint, BOINCstats were still able to claim #17 and left a shocked RKN (#18) behind. Just behind, LITOMYSL (#19) were therefore able to get past the finish line at a leisurely pace. It nearly went wrong for OcUK (#20) as TitanesDC (#21) came rushing up from behind but missed the Brits by a cat’s whisker. Next, BOINC@MIXI (#22) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) crossed the finish line. We had to wait a little for AMD Users (#24), SETI@Deutschland (#25) and BOINC Confederation (#25). BT Retired Club must have forgotten to bring their running shoes, maybe that’s the reason they did not start.

We won’t have to wait long for the next decision. The teams have less than 36 hours to ensure a decision at the Cross-Country. SG continue to lead the field and can start to get their hopes up for a win. But SUSA and P3D at #2 and #3 will not hand over victory without a fight.

The rest of the field won’t be concerning themselves with medal awards. For that the margin is too hefty. Team China (#4) and CNT (#5) combined have less credits than SG on their own. The Chinese, nor the Czechs will concern themselves with number games like that. They are fighting for tin with grim determination. It remains to be seen if Overclock.net (#6) and AF (#7) are still able to get in on the act.

Russia (#8) had been the secret favourite but are already way, way back. A large scale assault is still on the cards but it remains to be seen if that allows for mighty leaps. At least they won’t have to deal with Ukraine (#9) who they have already left behind. Currently. Boinc.Italy conclude the Top10.

In the last few hours, Crunching@EVGA have begun to come to terms with the demanding terrain because they overtook OcUK and thus claimed #11. TeAm AnandTech (#13) seem to harbour no further ambitions to advance, the same goes for RKN (#14). Gridcoin, on the other hand, should take care not to succumb to this infection as Rank 15 is in danger. Meisterkuehler (#16) are rushing up from behind and are looking for more. As there have been no noticeable events further back and we have been fairly covered in dust from the Cross-Country, we will quickly change the discipline.

Swimming will allow us to wash off the dust and cool down. Nice thoughts. But you would be wrong as there is fierce fighting here. After CNT left the assembled world elite gasping with astonishment and placed themselves at the top, P3D have now begun to retaliate and thus claimed #1. Behind CNT, we currently find SG (#3) who keep turning round to keep an eye on SUSA (#4).

AF at #5 have gained a bit of space after passing Meisterkuehler (#6). But that won’t be enough if Team China (#7) can manage to uphold their tempo. The team from the East are currently performing fourth best. Overclock.net (#8) and Ukraine (#9) are unable to follow at that pace and have started to square off against each other.

Their preoccupation allow Boinc.Italy (#10) and Russia (#11) to advance by stealth. They are getting away with it at the moment, let’s see if and when the duel will become a four-sided contest. BOINCstats, however, had to leave a lot of feathers behind. Having dropped back to Rank 12, there’s further danger from RKN who are still some way behind but are beginning to catch up.

It’s a bit quieter in midfield. Crunching@EVGA (#14), AMD Users (#15) and TeAm AnandTech (#16) were able to overtake Team 2ch (#17) but it will be difficult to advance further. Nipping boredom in the bud, they will now be eyeing each other up. And Gridcoin (#18) will not want to be left out of this.

Only 300 credits are currently separating BOINC@MIXI (#19) and [H]ard|OCP (#20). BOINC@MIXI have just lost 6 places and are currently experiencing a very bleak phase, let’s hope they can rally round. The last few moving through the water are OcUK (#21), LITOMYSL (#22), TitanesDc (#23), SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and SETI@Deutschland (#25). I caught sight of BT Retired Club and BOINC Confederation at the beach bar.

Seldom have the Overall Standings changed as much as this year. P3D are in a convincing lead, at least for the moment. That can and will be sure to change. SUSA (#2) will ensure that. SG (#3) must now face up to CNT (#4). Looks like the fight for Bronze will be decided between those 2 neighbours.

AF (#5) must write off the Overall medal and must take care not be overtaken byTeam China (#6. It remains to be seen if Russia (#7) can still be a danger, let’s wait and see. Overclock.net (#8), Team 2ch (#9) and Ukraine are rounding off the Top10. BOINC.Italy and Meisterkuehler are pushing against the fence as they want to be let in too. As it currently stands, they are both still outside at #11.

Crunching@EVGA and [H]ard|OCP continue to fight for #13, a target that remains in both RKN (#15) and Gridcoin’s (also at #15) sight. Rank 17 appears fairly secure for TeAm AnandTech at the moment, as well as #18 for Boincstats but carelessness is often punished at the Pentathlon. OcUk (#19), AMD Users (#20) and maybe even BOINC@MIXI (#21) are contemplating to make good some places. LITOMYSL (#23) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) are still only separated by 4 points, followed with a little spacing by BOINC Confederation, SETI@Deutschland and BT Retired Club.

You say you miss the updates for the Marathon? You are actually not missing anything. There are currently only small changes to report. 2ch ahead of P3D and SUSA. This will change once the finish line comes into view. Of some importance might be that a short while ago, [H]ard|OCP were pushed off #7 by CNT; that should please SG.

And maybe you have noticed something else. There’s still a discipline missing. The creators of the Pentathlon are keeping us on tenterhooks. The sprint project will be announced at the last possible date which will be tomorrow. That’s really mean, after such a hard Pentathlon our valiant teams must now line up for the Sprint.

We don’t yet know but what we do know is:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#9 - 05/13/2015

The hardest Pentathlon of all time has begun its last 6 days today. Participants have already had to endure long punishing days, sapping at their strength, and still they are not in sight of the finish line. At least the competitors know now what awaits them in the Sprint. LHC will present a special challenge to the teams but first of all it will be necessary to complete the Cross-Country properly. And that will require full concentration.

The advantage SG (#1) had over SUSA (#2) has begun to melt a bit but the Germans can still dream of victory. I am quite sure that this evening will turn out to be sizzlingly hot. I am not entirely certain about P3D. Can the Greens step up their game or was that it? At times they stagger along, at other times they burst with energy.

And maybe the real danger will come from behind. CNT had a clearing sale at their stores last night. The Czechs have put on a substantial intermediate spurt and thus pushed past Team China (#5) and AF (#6). Those two must have felt as if they had been overtaken by a racing car. Overclock.net (#7) are unable to follow and will hope that Russia (#8) are not going to launch an attack. The next few hours will provide some clarity.

Ukraine at#9 will wonder if their advantage over Meisterkuehler is going to be enough. MK are always good for a final surprise which they have already demonstrated in the last few hours. Boinc.Italy (#11), Crunching@EVGA (#12), OcUK (#13), TeAm AnandTech (#14), RKN (#15) and Gridcoin (#17) must have thought a rocket car had overtaken them. MK have messed up more than their hair-dos. BOINCstats (#17) must have decided not to get involved. BOINC@MIXI (#18) must take extreme care as TitanesDC (#19) are continuing to advance after overtaking 2ch (#20). No changes in the other ranks have been recorded.

It’s still like a madhouse at Swimming. Though P3D have been able to extend their lead, SUSA have already shown their cards. The cowboys have pushed up to Rank 2 and thus relegated CNT (#3) and SG (#4). An explosive duel even for Bronze in the Overall Standings. It’s great to see how CNT have presented at this year’s Pentathlon. That’s just what we like to see, teams with bite!

The Chinese dragon must be suffering from toothache this year. AlthoughTeam China are moving along nicely at Rank 5, the expectations have so far been dashed. At least the last few hours were used to make up places. This also applies to Russia. 6 places gained and at #6, not bad at all. With so many winners, there must also be losers. AF (#7), Meisterkuehler (#8), Overclock.net (#9), Ukraine (#10), Boinc.Italy (#11) and Boincstats (#12) all had to loose feathers. RKN (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14) should consider themselves lucky that they have hung on to their places.

A lively up and down can be seen further back. An exchange of places took place between TeAm AnandTech (#15) and AMD Users (#16), between Gridcoin (#17) and 2ch (#18), between [H]ard|OCP (#19) and BOINC@MIXI (#20) and between LITOMYSL (#21) and OcUK (#22). No changes behind them.

However, there have been some developments at the Marathon. Ranks have also been exchanged between RKN (#10) and Boinc.Italy (#11), between Gridcoin (#12) and Ukraine (#13), between Crunching@EVGA (#15) and Meisterkuehler (#16), between OcUK (#17) and TeAm AnandTech (#18) and between SETI@Deutschland (#26) and BT Retired Club (#27).

At the top are 2ch, ahead of P3D and SUSA. Whilst SG seem to have come to terms with #5, AF (#4) on the other hand could still be hatching a plan. Without attracting much attention, the Francophone rooster is creeping ever closer.

The situation in the Overall Standings is coming to a head. SUSA and P3D are currently on equal points. You would find it impossible to fit a piece of paper between the two. SG (#3) have lost ground und must now defend themselves from the fast-approaching crowds from CNT (#4).

Rank 5 is being contested by AF, Team China and Russia. The battle for #8 is being fought by four teams. Overclock.net (#8), Meisterkuehler, 2ch and Ukraine can hope for success. It will be a little bit more difficult for BOINC.Italy (#12) however, but at least they have managed to put some distance between them and the squabblers of Crunching@EVGA and [H]ard|OCP at #13.

Whilst Gridcoin and RKN are tussling over #15, TeAm AnandTech (#16) must still be fearing an attack by Boincstats. For this, OcUk appear to be a little too far away. Rank 19 appears to be secure territory. BOINC@MIXI (#21) are still ahead of TitanesDC, LITOMYSL and SETIKAH@KOREA. The fight for #25 is intensifying. BOINC Confederation are ahead of SETI@Deutschland by only one point.

As you can see, it remains tight and that in every discipline. Can CNT and SG retaliate at Swimming? Will SG finally manage to win a discipline and are AF reaching for a precious-metal medal at the Marathon?

We don’t know it yet but what we do know is:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 05/14/2015

It’s very quiet at the Cross-Country track. You wouldn’t be able to imagine what happened here in the end. A finale which wasn’t just breathtaking but sleep-depriving as well. Mesmerized, the teams kept looking at the scoreboard, at times hearts jumped for joy and at other times leapt in panic. The demanding course has at last been mastered.

SETI.Germany win the Cross-Country and can thus end the 4 year drought waiting for Gold. SETI.USA and Planet3DNow! had to let go quite early but were able to advance again within striking distance. But once SG saw the distant finish line, with a quick glance to the rear they shifted into a higher gear and left some wretched pursuers behind them. Silver goes to SETI.USA and Bronze to Planet3DNow!. In the end, both were unable to follow SG. Congratulations to the precious-metal horders.

Despite their end spurt, the Green Planet were unable to catch up with SUSA. Czech National Team (#4) nearly put a spoke in their wheel. The Czechs started to sprint fast on the last few metres but it came too late. Team China claimed #5 and have thus relegated L'Alliance Francophone to Rank 6.

Not in any danger, Overclock.net went over the finish line at #7 followed by Russia (#8). The Russians did not pick up speed in the end and have to make do with #8 ahead of Ukraine (#9). Meisterkuehler.de Team turned it up a bit on the last day and therefore secured Rank 10. Rank 11 goes to BOINC.Italy who were able to hold their ground a short distance ahead of Crunching@EVGA.

In contrast, OcUK (#13) decided on a leisurely last day. TeAm AnandTech (#14) were able to come a bit closer but that wasn’t enough in the end. Rechenkraft.net (#15), Gridcoin (#16) and Boincstats (#17) all came over the finish line one by one. This wasn’t the case with the next two teams. TitanesDC had paced themselves brilliantly and were able to achieve #18 and so, only Rank 19 was left for BOINC@MIXI.

A GPU-weakness could be seen at Team 2ch (#20) and [H]ard|OCP (#21). SETIKAH@KOREA were able to bring #22 home, AMD Users (#23) were unable to prevent that. BOINC Confederation (#24) SETI@Deutschland (#25) and LITOMYSL (#26) crossed the finish line in that order.

After such an exhilarating race it would be nice to take it easy. Just catching one’s breath would be a relief but this is not the order of the day at the Marathon track. Stoically, just like clockwork, Team2ch are running towards the finish line. P3D (#2) have managed to increase the distance to their pursuers but SUSA’s (#3) plans continue to be shrouded in mist. Are they still able to attack P3D or not? I am certain that there’s serious trouble brewing.

The American eagle continues to be quiet. I am uncertain if the eagle’s eyes have caught sight of the Francophone rooster or not. However that may be, AF (#4) are slowly approaching the eyrie. SETI.Germany (#5) and Team China (#6) on the other hand appear to do nothing but maintain their places. The distance to the front runners is getting too large and there’s not really any pressure from [H]ard|OCP (#7) nor from CNT (#8) behind them. It would be important for CNT to gain a place in view of the Overall Standings. Thus far, all efforts to advance have been energetically thwarted by [H]ard|OCP.

Russia (#9) are running a lonely race. Behind them, the four battling protagonists have decided to switch to stalking. RKN (#10), Boinc.Italy (#11), Gridcoin (#12) and Ukraine (#13) are each trying to decide when the best time for an attack might be. Currently doing very well are AMD Users who were able to take advantage of the momentary calm and advance to #16. That caused the shoes to smoulder quite a bit. Meisterkuehler will try and keep up but this doesn’t bode well looking at their grimace.

Whilst the teams are moving towards the end phase in the Marathon, there’s no room for such thoughts at the Swimming. It comes as a surprise to see the teams stalking each other. P3D lead ahead of SUSA but everybody, really everybody, is still expecting the ultimate attack here.

There’s not a lot of room for manoeuvre behind them. A bitter fight broke out between SG and CNT. SG had won Rank 3 but just now, CNT have retaliated. But here too, the final touch will decide whose flippers are foremost. Team China (#5) must feel a bit lonely. The teams in front have swum into the distance and nobody seems to want to play with the dragon. Looks like the Russian bear might want to give it a go. Russia have sped up since yesterday and thus left AF (#7) and Meisterkuehler (#8) behind on their own.

Following at a little distance are Overclock.net (#9), Ukraine (#10) and Boinc.Italy (#11). Manwhile, Boincstats (#12) are coming under pressure from RKN (#13), whereas Crunching@EVGA (#14), TeAm AnandTech (#15) and AMD Users (#16) also unable to keep pace. Having sped up and claimed Rank 17, [H]ard|OCP are setting their sights on more. Gridcoin (#19) were the first victim of their ambition and had to endure getting caught by 2ch (#18). LITOMYSL (#20) have meanwhile pushed past BOINC@MIXI (#21) who themselves are feeling the pressure from OcUK (#22). There are currently no changes to report in the other ranks.

P3D and SUSA continue to lead the field in the Overall Standings. Swimming and Sprint must decide who will open the door to Eldorado. SG (#3) have so far been unable to shake off CNT but the last word has not yet been spoken.

Whether they like it or not, all those thinking of a challenge must put their faith in the Sprint. It is possible that the squabbling teams of AF (#5), Team China (#6) and Russia (#7) might goad each other on. Overclock.net (#8) can be just as unsure about their place in the Top10 as Meisterkuehler and 2ch following behind. Reason being is that neither Ukraine (#11), nor Boinc.Italy (#12) and maybe even [H]ard|OCP (#13) can be written off.

Crunching@EVGA (#14) have no such ambitions. They will prefer to keep an eye on RKN (#15) and Gridcoin (#16) who are both within striking distance. It’s also getting interesting between TeAm AnandTech (#17) and Boincstats, only a few points separate the two.

OcUk can only be found at #19. The results at yoyo are currently dropping off, is there something cooking? AMD Users (#20), TitanesDc (#21), BOINC@MIXI (#22), LITOMYSL (#23) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) appear to have been shaken off but a point-rich finish in a discipline could change all that. Surely, that’s what BOINC Confederation (#25), SETI@Deutschland (#26) and BT Retired Club are dreaming of but the reality is not looking so rosy. Despite everything, no decision has yet been made between these teams in view of the final allocation of places.

When will the earth-shaking attacks start at Swimming? Are SUSA squandering away the Overall Standings at the Marathon and will SG have a hangover after their victory party?

We don’t know it yet. But one thing we do know:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 05/15/2015

The last few hours afforded the teams some rest. Currently there are only 2 projects where crunching for points is in progress. But that ends today because tonight the start of the Sprint will ring the bell on the Grand Finale of the 6th Boinc-Pentathlon. Further more, tomorrow will signify the final day at Swimming.

The sea remains calm at Swimming. There’s hardly any wind and lots of sunshine but this is soon to end. Forthcoming events are also beginning to show up on the horizon. Our Pent-athletes will soon bring about a hurricane with a force that will whip the competitors’ faces. Time will tell who is best able to deal with these conditions and who …..

The final bunkers should be filled to bursting. Though P3D continue to be in the lead ahead of SUSA, no decision has yet been made. Actually, SUSA are reducing speed at the moment as their resources are needed at WCG. The strategy sections of the teams are currently busy speculating, wow how thrilling is that!

Behind, SG have regained #3 and were successful in counteracting the charge by CNT (#4). CNT have not thrown in the towel and are continuing to advance in waves. Team China (#5), Russia (#6) and AF (#7) should theoretically not be under consideration when it comes to handing out the medals.

It’s been a little bit more difficult to take the measure of Meisterkuehler (#8). The place in the Top10 appears secure but have they got the strength to overtake the swimmer in front? Overclock.net (#9) are also still able to endanger MK, so be vigilant!

A fervent skirmish has broken out between Ukraine (#10) and Boinc.Italy (#11) but Boincstats (#12) and RKN (#13) are slowly but surely inching up to the squabblers. And just maybe, [H]ard|OCP (#15) might be able to surprise these four. They’ve just overtaken TeAm AnandTech (#16) and AMD Users (#17) and are already busy putting Crunching@EVGA (#14) under pressure.

Team 2ch (#18) are not currently showing much ambition. More than ever before, Gridcoin (#19) need to be demonstrating some drive as LITOMYSL are giving signs of overtaking them. OcUK have already succeeded in doing just that and were awarded with #21. Please send out the lifeboats for the “casualty" BOINC@MIXI, I am afraid that they are just treading water.

A suspenseful calm is continuing to prevail at the Marathon. The field is not concerning itself with 2ch (#1) but is eagerly keeping an eye on developments in the contest between P3D (#2), SUSA (#3) and AF (#4). Just about everything could still happen here. On the other hand, SG (#5) and Team China (#6) appear to have formed diplomatic ties and are not bothering each other.

[H]ard|OCP (#7) were able to detach themselves a bit from CNT (#8). The contest at Swimming appears to be taking it out of the Czechs. And behind them? That’s where RKN (#10) are eyeing up the team from Russia (#9). There is some doubt if Misha would willingly agree to hand over the honey.

Gridcoin (#12) too must ready the defences as Ukraine (#13) are coming ever nearer. It’s worth mentioning another fighting group which I only noticed after a second glance. 5 teams have still got a chance to run up to #15. Crunching@EVGA are currently in the best postion but AMD Users (#16), OcUk (#17), Meisterkuehler (#18) and TeAm AnandTech (#19) are nevertheless still within reach. Changes here would also influence the outcome of the Overall Standings which I will bring to you now.

As expected, not a lot changed yesterday. Everybody is waiting for the start of the Sprint and tomorrow’s last day at Swimming. SUSA and P3D together at the top, ahead of SG (#3) and CNT (#4). As it stands at the moment, SG could bolster their advantage, let’s wait and see if this continues.

Practically unchanged, we find Team China, Russia, Overclock.net, Meisterkuehler and 2ch in the Top10. I am certain though that this will change tomorrow. Ukraine (#11), Boinc.Italy (#12) and [H]ard|OCP (#13) will want to get into some serious points at the Sprint to take them further ahead.

A lot of turbulence on the day is also in store for Crunching@EVGA (#14), RKN (#15) and Gridcoin (#16) and I also think a change between TeAm AnandTech (#17) and Boincstats (#18) is on the cards. Behind them it continues to be really tight. SETI@Deutschland (#26) especially will do everything at the Sprint to head off efforts by BOINC Confederation (#25). And all this about 1 point!

When will the water begin to boil? Which team will get the best start at the Sprint and can AF really make a dash at SUSA?

We don’t know this yet. But what we do know is this:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#12 - 05/16/2015

3 is not only the number of Roland’s Ka-Tet (The Dark Tower), it also signifies the time left until the final outcome. I hope you are prepared for 3 unbelievable days, days which could turn everything on its head and set new benchmarks. At this moment it looks as if we could have 4 individual winners. That would be unique. Never before has a Pentathlon been characterised by so many facets which is not due to change as we head towards the final countdown.

This all starts in the cool water. Towels are still dry, victory at Swimming is not yet a sure thing for P3D. SUSA’s (#2) long-awaited attack has so far failed to appear and must therefore come today. It will all depend on getting the timing right, SUSA won’t want to run the risk this year?

Swimming could be synonymous with the Overall Standings as we are shown in the dash for Bronze. SG and CNT are constantly changing places. Neither team is able to completely pull away from the other and thus the decision will be made tonight.

The situation is coming to a head between Team China and Russia. In the dash for #5 the Russians had gained significantly and forced the Chinese to take countermeasures. However, it will be more difficult for AF (#7) to get further ahead. This also appears to be true for Meisterkuehler (#8) and Overclock.net (#9), only strong end spurts would affect any changes.

[H]ard|OCP (#10) continue to stir things up amongst the next competitive group. Ukraine (#11), Boinc.Italy (#12), Boincstats (#13), RKN (#14), Crunching@EVGA (#15) and TeAm AnandTech (#16) have already had a taste of it. But there’s not really not much of a possibility of getting further ahead. AMD Users (#17) have still got a chance to improve whilst I have almost lost faith in 2ch (#18). LITOMYSL (#19) have already launched their end spurt and overtaken Gridcoin. However, we have to wait and see if OcUk (#21), BOINC@MIXI (#22), TitanesDC (#23), SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and SETI@Deutschland (#25) are even able to put on a final spurt at the finish.

It can’t surely have escaped you that a Marathon is run a little more measured. But this year it’s full of lively rhythms right until the finish line is crossed. Whilst 2ch can already wave to their supporters, the situation behind them is a lot less clear. P3D at Rank 2 are beset by unrest. Frowns appear on their forehead. What plans are SUSA hatching? The Americans have fallen back to #4 and let AF (#3) pass which seems to be spurring them on. What will happen here? Are they going easy on their reserves or will the American Eagle just feebly drop out of the sky?

Changes are only showing at #18. TeAm AnandTech have pushed past Meisterkuehler. Otherwise it’s ghostly quiet here as if awaiting a volcanic eruption.

We’ve already seen that at the Sprint. SUSA shot out of the start blocks like lightning but the competitors are not asleep. P3D have since worked their way up to #2 and are now trying to close the gap. Behind them, the race for Rank 3 is in full swing. Currently, Ukraine are causing a stir by having claimed it but [H]ard|OCP (#4) and SG (#5) are very close behind. Russia too started very well but are now having to let the competitors pass though still able to keep at #6 ahead of Team China.

CNT are currently running at #8. The Czechs will have to extend if they are after overall Bronze. Behind by a small margin are Boinc.Italy (#9) and Meisterkuehler (#10), two well-known teams. The Sprint doesn’t appear to be AF’s priority, looks like they prefer to bet on the Marathon. They are currently at #11 which seems to confirm that theory.

Behind them, the margins are paper-thin. Every hour can lead to massive displacements. Overclock.net (#12), Crunching@EVGA (#13), Boincstats (#14), TeAm AnandTech (#15) are very close together. Those behind them prefer to run holding hands: SETIKAH@KOREA (#16), RKN (#17) and Gridcoin (#18) are so close together, they can only be separated under the microscope.

2ch (#19) are showing that they have specialised in the Marathon. Behind them, OcUk will surely still want to antagonise the Japanese and so too, TitanesDC (#21). The fact that this is a Sprint appears not to have been taken seriously by AMD Users (#22), BOINC@MIXI (#23), SETI@Deutschland (#24) and LITOMYSL (#25). Their pace is too leisurely for that.

In the Overall Standings, the fight for Gold is continuing to escalate. P3D and SUSA are unable to keep out of each others way. Their loss of a place at the Marathon is preventing SUSA from leading and P3D are also still in with a chance of Overall Winner.

Due to CNT’s (#4) weak start at the Sprint, SG (#3) have been able to gain distance. Russia (#6) on the other hand are going to move in on AF (#5) despite their current third place at the Marathon. Only 1 point behind, Team China (#7) are lying in wait ready to make a move.

The race for #8 has erupted between Ukraine and [H]ard|OCP whereby Ukraine appear to have the advantage. Behind, Overclock.net and Meisterkuehler are engaged in a tussle for #10. This then followed by BOINC.Italy (#12). It will be difficult for the Italians to get further ahead but there doesn’t appear to be any danger from behind.
Reason for that is 2ch, their performance in the non-marathon disciplines is rather weak. Crunching@EVGA at #14 will also be able to move along in relative calm which will not be copied by RKN (#15) and Gridcoin (#16). They are separated by only 6 points.

It’s all about #17 for TeAm AnandTech and thus keeping Boincstats behind them. AMD Users (#20), TitanesDC (#21) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) are currently fighting for a place in the TOP20. BOINC@MIXI (#23) and LITOMYSL (#24) too can’t agree. Due to a good start in the Sprint, SETI@Deutschland have pushed up to #25 and thus relegated BOINC Confederation to #26. In the end, BT Retired Club (#27) will probably be picked up by the broom waggon.

Can we still expect the ultimate attack at Swimming by SUSA? Can SG make a move at the Sprint and what are AF capable of at the Marathon?

We don’t know it yet. But one thing we already know:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 05/17/2015

The cards are on the table. Last night, the teams’ tactics were laid bare here and there and showed up this and that surprise. This will mean hard battles for positions in the final two days and lots of fun for all the rest. It can now be confirmed that there will be at least 4 different winners in the individual disciplines at this Pentathlon. This is not unique to the Pentathlon but it’s impressive and shows what variety is being offered this year.

With Swimming, the third discipline came to an end last night which crowned the 3rd individual winner of this Pentathlon. Planet 3DNow! collect the first win this year and thus keep alive their chances in the Overall Standings. However, the expected attack by SETI.USA (#2) failed to appear. The Americans have bet on the Sprint and it remains to be seen how that will end. Bronze was awarded to Czech National Team.

There was only tin left for SETI.Germany. With gritted teeth they tried everything until the final touch but more than Rank 4 was not achievable. We had to wait a little whilst Team China (#5) and Russia (#6) also finished their swim as well as L'Alliance Francophone (#7). It looks as if L’Alliance are investing more in the Marathon and in the process upsetting the field a bit.

Meisterkuehler.de Team’s effort is being rewarded with a super Rank 8 whilst keeping their position ahead of Overclock.net. [H]ard|OCP (#10) should indeed now let the champagne corks pop after their strong performance during the last few days. Though Boincstats were unable to follow [H]ard|OCP in the final spurt, they succeeded in claiming Rank 11 after overtaking Ukraine who were thus relegated to #12.

Not much later, Rechenkraft.net (#13) touched, followed by Boinc.Italy (#14). The Italians had a really wretched last day, they dropped back by 3 places. Nice and steady, Crunching@EVGA (#15) got Swimming over and done with, followed by TeAm AnandTech (#16) and AMD Users (#17).

Team 2ch (#18) were left trembling for a while because LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (#19) were coming dangerously close in the end. Gridcoin (#20), OcUK - Overclockers UK (#21), BOINC@MIXI (#22) TitanesDC (#23) SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and SETI@Deutschland (#25) touched next. Whereas BT Retired Club and BOINC Confederation never got wet at all.

The Sprint will deliver results. And it’s here where the organisers have tripped up the teams as it doesn’t say anywhere that the Sprint has be run on an even course. As the project demands, it has turned into a real challenge with hurdles, uphill stretches, water-filled ditches, tunnels to crawl through, farm tracks and a few straights. The Pentathlon isn’t simply a good weather race but can put the Ironman in Hawaii in the shade.

P3D (#2) must win here in order to stand at the very top in the Overall Standings. But SUSA (#1) are not playing along. The Americans passed on an attack at Swimming in order to win here and so far their tactics are paying off.

At half-time, SG managed to claim #3 and in so doing, pushed the valiant boys and girls from [H]ard|OCP off the podium. Ukraine (#5) and Russia (#6) are not keeping up. Even though CNT can celebrate Bronze in Swimming, their hopes are being dashed in the Sprint. There will be no overall Bronze with Rank 7 as that’s only possible if they can pass the finish line ahead of SG.

Solid, but not much more, Team China (#8) are continuing the race. They’ve already managed to put a small rift between themselves and their pursuers from Boinc.Italy (#9) and AF (#10) but AF are currently doing everything to catch up with the departed train. Just like AF, Overclock.net (#11) have passed Meisterkuehler (#12) and both are pulling away from the pursuing teams. Crunching@EVGA (#13), Boincstats (#14) and TeAm AnandTech (#15) only get a glimpse of the soles of their shoes.

We find SETIKAH@KOREA (#16) ahead of Gridcoin (#17) by a nose and both are being pursued by RKN. Team2ch are once again doing less than expected and find themselves at #19. TitanesDC (#20) and OcUk (#21) could make use of their rivalry to draw on more resources to catch the Japanese. And even behind them, a photo finish would be necessary for LITOMYSL (#22), AMD Users (#23) and BOINC@MIXI (#24) as it’s very difficult to tell whose nose is in front. And maybe, just maybe, SETI@Deutschland (#25) are still able to step in.

Not much happened at the Marathon during the last few hours, it remains to be seen how the teams will allocate their resources. Team 2ch (#1) don’t need to concern themselves with that and even P3D should be quite close to Silver. But behind, an important decision is expected.

AF continue to claim #3. But it’s about much more for SUSA (#4). As it stands at the moment, the Americans must get past the Francophones if they want to avoid having to share the Overall Standings. However, there is currently no evidence of any increase in speed. Maybe they don’t want this and are content with the classification in the Overall Standings.

As has so often happened, lots of places in the Overall Standings are already securely allocated but a lot is different this time. As you are probably aware, P3D und SUSA continue to share the lead. Two winners, that has never happened! Are both content or do they both harbour a wish of being the sole wearer of the Pentathlon-crown? We’ve been following this game for days, let’s wait and see when we get an invitation to their engagement.

On the other hand, SG were able to further shore up the Bronze Rank even though CNT (#4) still want a say in the matter. AF (#5) must fear an attack by Russia (#6) and they in turn by Team China (#7). Also, [H]ard|OCP can’t be sure of #8 as Ukraine and Overclock.net (both #9) are just waiting for others to trip up. Slowly but surely Meisterkuehler.de Team are finding it more difficult if they still want to make it into theTop10, on the other hand, #11 is not to be scoffed at.

Boinc.Italy (#12) are holding their place ahead of 2ch (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14), whilst RKN (#15) must fight off Gridcoin’s tackle. Still together at #17: Boincstats and TeAm AnandTech. Due to their good result in the Sprint, OcUK have further secured Rank 19. AMD Users (#20) must surely wish for just such an outcome as TitanesDC (#21) and even SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) are not wanting that wish turned into reality.

LITOMYSL (#23) and BOINC@MIXI (#24) have also not yet decided on the rank distribution. Two are currently together at #25, SETI@Deutschland and BOINC Confederation. Both have nothing further to fear from BT Retired Club.

Are P3D still able to win at the Sprint? Can SUSA surprise at WCG and are CNT still in with a chance of claiming Overall Bronze?

We don’t know it yet. But what we do know is:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 05/18/2015

The last few hours of a sheer unbelievable Pentathlon are running down. At the same time, the Overall-podium is still open and we won’t know who will stand where until tonight.

At the Marathon, it could still lead to a mind-blowing turnaround. And no, 2ch (#1) will not be in the tea house letting everybody pass. P3D must continue to worry about Silver!, because AF have sped up tremendously and are catching up in great strides. It remains to be seen if AF can make the Green Planet tremble.

What’s going on with SUSA? It gives the impression that the Americans have already backed out of a medal at the Marathon. Everything could change with a colossal end spurt but so far they’ve not drawn attention to themselves with claps of thunder but with fine tactics. Rank 5 for SG hasn’t yet been 100% affirmed even though Team China (#6) don’t give the impression of posing a threat. Beware the dragon waking up …

[H]ard|OCP will do everything to hold on to #7 and can be content when this succeeds. This will probably not apply to CNT. The Czechs are only at #8 and might well have left decisive points for the Overall Standings uncollected. Is this where the old saying can be confirmed that the Pentathlon can’t be won at the Marathon but quite possibly be lost there?

Calm before the storm reigns between Russia (#9) and RKN (#10), followed by Boinc.Italy (#11) and Gridcoin (#12). For Ukraine, #13 will most likely be their end result, too slow to catch up and too fast to lose. In part, that also applies to Overclock.net (#14) where they appear to maintain their advantage.

Beware, that this doesn’t cause them any problems as Crunching@EVGA (#15) are under pressure from AMD Users (#16) and have therefore had to increase speed. Meisterkuehler (#17) have already done that and thus advanced 2 places. OcUK (#18) and TeAm AnandTech (#19) are unable to keep up such a tempo. BOINCstats (#20), TitanesDC (#21), SETIKAH@KOREA (#22), BOINC@MIXI (#23), LITOMYSL (#24) and the hikers from BOINC Confederation (#25), SETI@Deutschland (#26) and BT Retired Club (#27) complete the field.

The situation at the Sprint continues to be very tight. SUSA lead the field but P3D are slowly closing in. This lets us expect a heart-stopping finale. SG continue to work towards Bronze, slowly, they were able to detach from the field. Therefore, [H]ard|OCP’s chances of a sensational medal are dwindling

Russia at #5 are looking good on foot, followed by CNT (#6) who might just have left it too late to increase the tempo. The medal in the Sprint and thus in the Overall Standings is meanwhile far away. Ukraine (#7) had to let the Czechs go and are currently trying to keep Team China at a distance.

For AF, #9 is definitely not fitting their status, nevertheless, they have left Boinc.Italy (#10) behind them. Next are Meisterkuehler (#11) and Overclock.net (#12) who are both involved in a bitter fight. Shoe soles are also smoking at Crunching@EVGA and Boincstats in the fight for #13.

TeAm AnandTech (#15) are beginning to look over their shoulder as RKN are attacking from behind. Rechenkraft put on a sprint and have left SETIKAH@KOREA (#17) and Gridcoin (#18) standing and are not showing any signs of fatigue. 2ch at #19 are beginning to feel the pressure from TitanesDC (#20) and OcUk (#21) could still be in with a chance.

LITOMYSL (#22), AMD Users (#23) and BOINC@MIXI (#24) are working hard towards important points for the Overall Standings. For SETI@Deutschland, it will be about holding on to Rank 25. For that, chances are looking good as BOINC Confederation (#26) and BT Retired Club (#27) are not giving the impression of launching an assault.

In the Overall Standings, P3D and SUSA are steering towards collective Gold but this is not yet certain. Too much could still be happening at the Marathon and the Sprint. There seems to be a better outlook for SG, Bronze is within reach. CNT have so far had to make do with #4 but the race is not over yet. Nevertheless, the Czechs would need a miracle.

AF at #5, Russia at #6 and Team China at #7 won’t be able to contribute to the discussion. [H]ard|OCP continue to do well at #8 and are ahead of Overclock.net (#9). 11 teams in the Top10? That could happen as Ukraine and Meisterkuehler are currently sharing Rank 10. Should Meisterkuehler succeed in overpowering AMD Users at WCG, this result could still change.

Then follow Boinc.Italy (#12), 2ch (#13), Crunching@EVGA (#14) and RKN (#15) as well as Gridcoin (#16). Not all the cake’s been eaten between BOINCstats (#17) and TeAm AnandTech (#18), only 3 points separate them. Looks like OcUK are secure at #19 whilst AMD Users (#20) and TitanesDC (#21) are both only separated by 3 points. It’s even tighter between SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) and LITOMYSL, it’s all about 2 points here. 4 points further back, BOINC@MIXI are hurrying along.

We can expect exciting final minutes. Stay with us and all your questions will be answered.

Who will claim Gold in the Sprint and in the Overall Standings? Can CNT still effect a miracle?

We don’t know it yet. But one thing we do know:
It remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Final Report (05/19/2015)

Part 1

The most exciting Pentathlon of all time has come to an end. We’ve made it! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Traditionally, the bulletin on the last day will appear in 2 parts. The 1st part will deal with the results from the Sprint and the Marathon and the 2nd part with the Overall Standings but let me now recall the dramatic results from last night.

For the second time running, the Sprint was part of the Pentathlon but this time round, provided a new level of drama. Struggling for victory and points continued until the very last second. Right until the very end, Planet 3DNow! tried to catch up with the team from SETI.USA. But the Americans noticed in time what was about to happen and therefore, Gold goes to America and Silver to the Green Planet.

It’s difficult to put into words what took place just behind. Yesterday morning, you would not have guessed that Czech National Team would have a say regarding the medals. However, they must have found Little Muck’s shoes and just dashed onto the Bronze rank. Congratulations to the medal winners.

A shocked SETI.Germany were left behind at #4. The medal was within reach but in the end, was wrestled from the blue-yellow hands. Russia had to let the Czechs pass but due to having overtaken [H]ard|OCP, were able to safely sprint home at #5. Too bad for [H]ard|OCP who shouldn’t be too disappointed with Rank 6 but yesterday had shown promise of more.

Ukraine were CNT’s first victim and find themselves at #7 in the final reckoning, followed by Team China #8 who managed once again to pass the finish line ahead of L'Alliance Francophone (#9). BOINC.Italy secured Rank 10 and were thus able to keep Meisterkuehler.de Team (#11) and Overclock.net (#12) behind them.

Crunching@EVGA (#13) and BOINCstats (#14) stayed out of the general bustle. TeAm AnandTech only just succeeded in securing Rank 15 as they crossed the finish line ahead of the storming runners of Rechenkraft.net (#16). SETIKAH@KOREA grabbed #17 ahead of Gridcoin (#18), Team 2ch (#19) and TitanesDC (#20).

OcUK - Overclockers UK laid claim to #21 ahead of LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (#22). Despite all their efforts, AMD Users (#23) were unable to catch up with the team from the Czech Republic. The same goes for BOINC@MIXI who remained at #24 in the end. SETI@Deutschland collected Rank 25 ahead of BOINC Confederation and BT Retired Club.

Good things come to those who wait. This can also be said about this year’s Marathon. As a rule, the end tends to be less dramatic but it was certainly not boring.

Gold went to Team 2ch who just kept going without ever stopping. And unless they are resting up now, they’ll still be running today. Behind them, Planet 3DNow! did manage to collect Silver but with furtive glances at the standings. Slowly, L'Alliance Francophone closed in but remained at Bronze in the end. Congratulations to all the collectors of precious-metal medals.

Following a sprint start at the Marathon, SETI.USA did no more than necessary and thus managed to take home #4 in the end. Whilst the Americans won’t be that disappointed, SETI.Germany, on the other hand, will be at odds with Rank 5. It was fortunate that the distance had nearly been covered as Team China came dangerously close in the end but were unable to effect any changes at #6.

Pentathlon-newbie [H]ard|OCP have not only claimed a great result with #7 but also ensured that Czech National Team had to be content with #8 and thus missed out on Bronze in the Overall Standings by a small margin. Russia (#9) and Rechenkraft.net (#10) complete the Top 10.

BOINC.Italy (#11), Gridcoin (#12), Ukraine (#13) and Overclock.net (#14) fill the next places. But it turned out to be quite suspenseful behind them. In the end, Crunching@EVGA were left to fear for #15 as Meisterkuehler.de Team (#16) had overtaken AMD Users (#17) and had come dangerously close. But in the end, Meisterkuehler were unable to cover the full distance.

We saw an obstinate tussle for Rank 18. In the end, OcUK - Overclockers UK succeeded in claiming this Rank by keeping TeAm AnandTech (#19) at bay. Some distance behind, BOINCstats (#20), TitanesDC (#21), SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) and BOINC@MIXI (#23) crossed the finish line. A bit further back, LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (#24) also completed the race and had no problem keeping BOINC Confederation (#25), SETI@Deutschland (#26) and BT Retired Club (#27) behind them.

Part 2 Overall Standings

What a Pentathlon! The most exciting ever. It’s not that the teams’ output was becoming similar but no, it was due to the tactics which strongly shaped this Pentathlon like non before. This is how SETI.USA collected Overall Gold. And also Czech National Team who nearly succeeded with their tactics. 4 winners in 5 disciplines, that has also never happened before and shows how complex the Pentathlon has become. The time has passed where you could win by sheer power alone!

It was evident that those who wanted to join in at the front of the field could not afford any slip-ups. This is what happened to Czech National Team at the Marathon and cost them the Overall Bronze. Stability is also a means to success, which SETI.Germany can confirm. It was great watching newbies like. [H]ard|OCP who stirred up the field decisively.

For the first and most likely the last time, we have two winners at the Pentathlon and this is not the only rank that teams are allowed to share. To this effect, the organisers are already working on a modification for next year. But the two Golden ones are now able to celebrate. They brought us a gripping duel right until the end. The skirmish for Bronze and lots of small duels kept up the suspense right until the finale.

I will now take one last look at the Overall Standings. In brackets you will find the results of the disciplines City Run, Cross-Country, Swimming, Sprint and Marathon, followed by last year’s result for comparison.

1st Place SETI.USA (1,2,2,1,4) – Previous year: #2
With clever tactics, the Americans succeeded in putting their rivals under pressure to act. They’ve tried for many years and have finally succeeded. They were the only ones who collected two individual victories, in the City Run and in the Sprint where they were unbeatable. However, their weakness at the Marathon could easily have backfired. Nonetheless, a great tactical achievement which is being rewarded with Gold.

1st Place Planet 3DNow! (2,3,1,2,2) – Previous year: #1
Once again Gold, therefore targets met? You could put it like that but it’s not quite as simple. This Gold Medal has got a bit of a silver sheen. Of all the participating teams, P3D hold the most power in their hand. They are really the strongest team but the wrong or shall we say, missing tactics prevented them from standing at the very top of the podium on their own. That calls for improvement next year.

3rd Place SETI.Germany (5,1,4,4,5) – Previous year: #3
Bronze for the third time – hattrick. That’s probably all that was achievable for the two times winner of the Pentathlon. The win at Cross-Country ended a barren spell but there were no further medals. In the end it was SG’s consistency which defined them and secured Bronze. Without an improvement, it will be tight next year. And then again, SG might show tactical finesse and keep the necessary luck on their side.

4th Place Czech National Team (3,4,3,3,8) – Previous year: #4
Missed Bronze by only 2 points. That will irk the Czechs but with 3 individual medals in the City Run, Swimming and the Sprint, they have completed a successful Pentathlon and can be satisfied. The pursuit race at the Sprint was legendary and will go into the history books. Only the slip-up at the Marathon cost them the medal in the Overall Standings.

5th Place L'Alliance Francophone (7,6,7,9,3) – Previous year: #5
Once again, Rank 5 in the Overall Standings. They are having a hard time competing for medals but at the Marathon at least, they were stedfast like Asterix and Obelix. But they must begin to be vigilant as Russia and Team China are close by. They can no longer afford slip-ups like the one in the Sprint.

6th Place Russia (4,8,6,5,9) – Previous year: -
Last year, the team from DC Russian Union held the Russian flag aloft. Russia did just as well even when they were overcome by GPU-weakness. The result in the Marathon also prevented them from advancing further. With a little more finesse, they might be able to threaten AF next year. At any rate, it won’t take much more.

7th Place Team China (9,5,5,8,6) – Previous year: #6
The Chinese’s performance too is characterised by inconsistency. I am still waiting for the big breakthrough. It wasn’t meant to happen this year. The margin to AF and Russia can be made good. More work is needed at the City Run and Sprint and that will take care of the neighbours.

8th Place [H]ard|OCP (6,21,10,6,7) – Previous year: #NEW
From 0 to 8, that is a great result for the new team. There’s still some work to be done due to GPU-weakness where a lot was left unclaimed. But even then, more than Rank 8 wasn’t on the cards. The gap ahead was too large. Their rivals should pay attention because, as the Sprint showed, we might well have an insider’s tip for a future individual medal.

9th Place.Overclock.net (11,7,9,12,14) – Previous year: #8
Once again, Overclock.net presented reliable and consistent. Highlight was Rank 7 at the Cross-Country. They paid dearly for the good result at Swimming with slightly weaker results at the Sprint and the Marathon.

9th Place Meisterkuehler.de Team (8,10,8,11,16) – Previous year: #10
Once again in the Top10, the team will be pleased. It is difficult to say if in the end they neglected the Marathon a bit too much. Was Rank 8 possibly still on the cards? We will never know, but despite that it was a great result for a team with clever tactics. They could maybe offer private coaching.

11th Place Ukraine (13,9,12,7,13) – Previous year: #12
They climbed up a place compared to 2014. They were particularly strong this year in the Sprint and Cross-Country too seems to suit them. The start of the Pentathlon was possibly missed because of stumbling in the early disciplines of Marathon and City Run. With a little bit of work, the way into the Top10 might be on the cards.

12th Place BOINC.Italy (15,11,14,10,11) – Previous year: #9
The Italians are not performing any worse, it’s the competitors who have improved. Last year still in the Top10, this was not achieved this year. On the other hand, this result is still better than that from 2013 (#16). City Run and Swimming did not suit them but the Sprint was more to their liking.

13th Place Team 2ch (14,20,18,19,1) – Previous year: #15
They were the top favourites in the Marathon and didn’t even have to wear themselves out. They continue to be capable of really only winning in one discipline. For the Pentathlon, that will not be enough in the long run.

14th Place Crunching@EVGA (12,12,15,13,15) – Previous year: #13
This year, they managed to keep RKN behind them which shows up more clearly when looking at the points. A small victory for the team which performed strongest in the City Run and the Cross-Country. There was evidence of weakness in endurance at Swimming and at the Marathon but that can be worked on.

15th Place Rechenkraft.net (18,15,13,16,10) – Previous year: #13
Strong at the Marathon which had to be paid for with a modest result at the City Run. The Sprint was also not as sprightly as might have been expected. Twice at Rank 13, they have slid back a little this year. Time to be cautious as the young wild ones are moving up the ranks.

16. Gridcoin (10,16,20,18,12) – Previous year: #NEW
17. BOINCstats (17,17,11,14,20) – Previous year: #16
18. TeAm AnandTech (16,14,16,15,19) – Previous year: #16
19. OcUK - Overclockers UK (20,13,21,21,18) – Previous year: #NEW
20. AMD Users (24,23,17,23,17) – Previous year: #25
20. TitanesDC (21,18,23,20,21) – Previous year: #23
22. SETIKAH@KOREA (23,22,24,17,22) – Previous year: #21
23. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (19,26,19,22,24) – Previous year: #20
24. BOINC@MIXI (22,19,22,24,23) – Previous year: #19
25. SETI@Deutschland (25,25,25,25,26) – Previous year: #27
25. BOINC Confederation (26,24,26,26,25) – Previous year: #NEW
27. BT Retired Club (27,27,26,27,27) – Previous year: -

To finish off, a quick look in the Statistics Department. With their win in Swimming, P3D claimed their 11th Individual Gold, SG succeeded 6 times and SUSA 5 times in the disciplines. By the way, SUSA are keeping the most of the Silver medals in the trophy cupboard, a grand total of 11. However, most individual medals were won by SG. SG stood on the podium 22 times but P3D and SUSA are both not that far away (both 21 times). There have so far been altogether 30 Individual decisions.

In the Overall Standings, P3D have now collected their 4th Gold and after SG (2x), SUSA have just been added to the winners list. Here too, the Americans have the most Silver Medals in the trophy cupboard (3). SG, P3D and ESL, who seem to have disappeared, collected 1 times Silber. By the way, SG are Bronze King (3 times), SUSA and AF succeeded once each.

We seem to have got through it. Every discipline was exciting and showed variety and maybe it will be possible to confront the teams with new challenges next year. But now it’s time for a little rest and to look forward to next year.

Who will claim the crown next year? Can the Czech National Team bring in their first Overall Medal and can SETI.Germany turn the corner?

We won’t know it yet. But one thing we do know is:
It will once again be exciting at the 7th Boinc-Pentathlon 2016

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