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Jeeper's daily reports about the pentathlon.

Welcome to all

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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5th Boinc-Pentathlon – Daily Bulletin

Welcome to all my regular readers and all newcomers as this is the Pentathlon-Jubilee.

Our now almost traditional Pentathlon will take place for the 5th year running and is now seen as an established event. A ‘5’ (E) on a German school report would not be readily accepted but at this year’s Pentathlon, it’s a figure we are all too happy to celebrate.

Those of you who believe that the organisers might make it easier for the teams in view of the special anniversary, will be mistaken. Once again, the gods demand sweat, ruined graphic cards, unstable power packs and high electricity costs ahead of the triumph. Once again, teams are facing hard times and only those who sail close to the wind will in the end bring home victory. But Poseidon warns: there will be lots of headwind and high waves, masts will snap, crunch machines fall overboard and here and there, teams will lose their bearings; hopefully, none will come ashore near the Cyclops.

However, the boats haven’t been launched yet. They are being rigged up, rapidly modernised and modified. And most certainly, in a few cases, the altered rule book will be studied.

So that our contestants don’t become too attached to well-loved projects, the organisers have wisely decided that those projects crunched the previous year, will be put on hold this year. A fantastic change, making us engage with new projects which one or other of the teams might not have heard of before.

Last year, Marathon fans were the lucky ones, but this time round, teams skilled in sprint will also have the opportunity at individual success. The new Sprint-Discipline has been shortened to 3 days and will be announced 3 days ahead of the start. This will involve GPU-projects. It is not easy to make predictions as the trusted crystal ball is struggling with its forecasts. Of course, the GPU-giants will have great advantages, but it is also about utilising the existing power. And we have learnt that large and tall does not always equate to fast and quick. Whoever is most successful at this, will achieve great fame as they will be the first winners of the Sprint in the history of the Pentathlon.

Once again, there will be a Marathon this year. Last year, the rankings on the podium matched the overall standings exactly. Will that be repeated this year? Let’s wait and see which project will be lined up for the Marathon. The teams will surely be anticipating the announcement.

Sciences, Mathematics & Co. and Showbag are the 3 disciplines which will complete the competition. They will cover the classic distance of 5 days each and will surely provide some surprises for our 30 teams. It will again be important to steer power at the right time to the right place.

You will surely ask yourselves: Who will be able to prevent P3D achieve a hattrick? Will SETI.USA succeed in claiming overall victory at last? Will Team China win their first medal this year?

It’s all possible, but then again, it could all end so very differently. Seti.Germany, especially, will be rearing to go, after not having achieved their goals last year. But Czech National Team and Team China should not just be counted in the individual disciplines, they could be causing havoc with the favourites, like AF, P3D,SG and SUSA.

Looking at the last few years, it wasn’t just exciting at the top. Small but fast teams were constantly able to antagonize the large teams and have made important contributions to the overall results. We expect some memorable action in this year’s event too.

Can you feel it already? Are your CPUs and GPUs waiting for the ultimate challenge? You can take it from me, they are rearing to go. Therefore, leave the safe harbour, rig the sails and let your face feel wind and rain! Race start is 05.05. with corresponding updates in the daily bulletin!

There’s only one thing left to say:

As you can see, it will be exciting in the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#1 - 05.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
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The bell has tolled, the alarm clock has gone off and the starting shot has been fired. The 5th Boinc-Pentathlon has commenced.

And at the Marathon they are off and away and there’s no holding them back. The Gods, uh, the Org-Team have chosen “theSkyNet POGS” as the Marathon project. Great to see that with POGS a new project is able to introduce itself to the “Crunching Hords” of the Pentathlon. It is obvious that our crunchers like this galactic project very much just by looking at the results so far.

Until recently, POGS was mostly to be found on the large teams’ diet plan. Surprisingly, the current lead in the team statistics is Boinc@Australia. SG and P3D especially, will use this Pentathlon to advance their standings in the overall project stats to try and iron out their previous neglect. The project’s current number 1 will look at this with mixed feelings. But now it is time for me to attend to the current standings at POGS.

As if bitten by a tarantula, P3D have shot off like there was no tomorrow. I hope that those on the Green Planet are aware that this is a Marathon, not a Sprint. Following a good start and in Silver Medal position, SUSA is following behind and keeping P3D in their sights. SG appear to have worked out different tactics. They seem to be conserving their energy as this solid start at #3 is surely acceptable for now.

At this time, Rank 4 resembles a fast food outlet: rush in and rush out. Doesn’t matter who, Czech National Team (CNT), Electronic Sports League (ESL) or Team China, all have recently been guests here. CNT have currently clawed their way up to this standing, closely followed by ESL. They started well and have also emptied their bunkers thoroughly in the process. Looks like there’s not a crumb left. Team China at #6 must be hoping that long distances aren’t ESL’s forte; there are surely grounds for their uneasiness.

Where are they? - you are wondering when trying to find L’Alliance Francophone (AF). They are at #7 where the Gauls surely did not mean to end up. A look in their rear view mirror will cause great astonishment at AF as the team with the cool grin is Meisterkuehler.de team. By a great leap, Meisterkuehler have just now catapulted themselves into the Top10.

That should have left Boinc.Italy at #9 as well as Crunching@EVGA at #10 a bit puzzled. Let’s wait and be surprised how Meisterkuehler will fend off these two teams. DC Russian Union (#11) find themselves outside the Top10. Let’s leave the Siberian cold behind and quickly rush to the land of the kangaroos. Boinc@Australia can be found at #12. But let the opposition be warned. The Australian team is currently No1 at POGS and can be counted on over the whole distance.

Overclock.net (#13) is moving in the wake of the Australian team, followed by Team2ch at #14 who are continuing to lose ground. Aggie The Pew is making their debut and gaining respect with a good start at rank 15 but Rechenkraft.net are trying to move up from #16 and are attacking. Boinc@Mixi (#17) have come out of their starting blocks quite well but Boincstats (#18) have gained an awful lot of ground within the last hour.

At rank 19 we find ICAR, also a newbie. They are currently managing to keep Ukraine behind them. Have you missed the team with the long name? Well, here it is, at #21: LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic. The distance to the Ukraine should give the Czechs something to seriously think about as it is not increasing. Behind them, TeAm Anadtech, who will also not be happy with their current #22, are getting ready to overtake. SETIKAH@KOREA (#23) are keeping their cool and preparing for the big jump.

Then a small void. Once through, we find TitanesDC at #25 who have to engage with Team Belgium (#26) and AMD Users (#27). On the other hand, SETI@Deutschland (#28), ObDoHe and AerospaceResearch.net (#29) seem to have managed to oversleep the start.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is being prepared. The ingredients are ready for a very hot Chilli. And let me tell you, the heat will continue to burn for a long time ……

Even though the gaps appear large, so are the credits. Everything is still to be played for. It is important that the teams find their pace, hold it and don’t forget to lose sight of the forthcoming projects. Thus the next discipline is waiting in the wings. This time, Natural Sciences are being covered by Rosetta. But more about that in the next few days.

And thus, questions over questions:
Can P3D keep up the pace?
Is CNT reaching for the podium?
And what’s happening at AF?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#2 - 06.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The first day is over, time to catch our breath, pause a while and then start up again. Whilst POGS keeps the teams on the long distance track, the next disciplines are already waiting in the wings. Starting on 08.05.14, teams will put all their efforts into Rosetta. It will then be interesting so see how the teams will divide and allocate their resources.

But there’s another project which has already been announced. More than likely it was due to mean little gremlins who put the spokes in the Org. Team’s wheel which resulted in a premature announcement of the Sprint Project Collatz. The start was postponed out of fairness but the project has been confirmed. We’ve never had such tension. When will it start? How will the teams react? Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking right at the faces of the participants. They can’t take their eyes of the blog. Staring with unblinking eyes, they wait to be informed when it is time to start. A second too late could cost millions (credits).

But the time hasn’t come yet and our gaze wanders over to the beautiful Marathon track. At any rate, I am looking out at the Oberlausitzer hill country and am imagining (with a mean grin) what will happen when the teams have to scale the steep inclines that even I can’t manage on a bike. The first day is over and the gunsmoke of the first bunker fight has dispersed.

P3D has managed to separate from the rest by a very noticeable margin and it looks as if they have discovered a super-biofuel on the Green Planet as wave after wave increases the distance further. SUSA had been able to match P3D’s output for quite a long time but we must be wondering if the Americans have still got something up their sleeve. That could also be said about SG because the race is still verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long and everything is possible.

There’s not much that separates SG and SUSA; SG ought to be vigilant. CNT is not letting up behind them. The Czechs do not appear to be happy with #4. Team China is well on the move but they are beginning to fall behind the Czechs. ESL is holding their own at rank 6. But the keypad-sportsteam is under pressure as AF has now decided to step on the gas.

Close behind, a wild fight for ranks 8 to 13 is developing. Rank #8 is hotly contested in a fierce duel. In the last few hours, Boinc.Italy appeared to have had the best cards but once again, Meisterkuehler were able to keep their heads out of the noose and regained #8 with a valiant effort. On the other hand, I don’t expect the Italians to be content with #9.

But both of them ought to be vigilant as Overclock.net (#10) are working their way up and even Crunching @EVGA (#11) and Boinc@Australia (#12) are still within striking distance. The Australians have spent the last few hours thwarting the attack by DC Russian Union. In the meantime, the Russians had managed to slip past but had to cut back for the time being. We could potentially see the first victim of too hasty a start, as currently the Russians are distinctly losing ground.

Our Japanese crunchers from Team2ch are finding it difficult to get into gear, rank 14 continues to be a disappointment and might not be the lowest stop of the elevator as RKN are slowly and steadily working their way forwards. Rechenkraft have crunched to rank 15. I hope that the Germans look behind them as Boincstats continue to be a passenger in their wake. Boincstats have also been able to push past Aggie The Pew (#17) and have now claimed #16. When will the statisticians attack?

Boinc@Mixi on the other hand have slipped down a position to #18, followed by the Ukraine who have pushed past ICR (#20). Behind them, changed positions – at rank 21 we currently find TeAm Anandtech, followed by LITOMYSL at #22. But the intervals are still quite narrow and in this area of the rankings a lot of changes are still expected, of that I am certain.

As you can see, it is far from dull here. And to give your brain something to work on for tomorrow, I will send you on your way with the questions of the day:
Will SG counter-attack?
Will Meisterkuehler survive in the Top10?
And when will the Sprint start?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon

Day#3 - 07.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

My very honoured Ladies and Gentlemen, Information and events are coming thick and fast today. Not only was the start of two further disciplines announced, but the Marathon-Project POGS has come up with something really special. And by the way, all hell has broken out on the Marathon-Track.

But first of all more about last night’s news. The Org.Team have let the cat out of the bag: the Sprint will be held from 10.05.14. This will be the ultimate GPU-Battle of the year. We can be sure of extremely thrilling days ahead! Whilst Collatz has now been involved in the Pentathlon for the 3rd time, we are witnessing a premiere with Enigma@Home as it was voted as the 4th Project for this year’s Pentathlon.

Our contestants will have a little time beforehand though. Time which our brave computing heroes can spend in POGS’s forum. Not only are the organisers extremely delighted with the project’s idea to reward the participants but a lot of contestants find their appreciation first class. It is the first time that a project has done that for our Pentathletes. I can only take my (authentic) Stetson off to them and convey my great compliment to the project operators.

But before I am addressing the events at the Marathon, I will glance at the 2nd Discipline at Rosetta. Starting at midnight, the teams will be tested in their natural sciences’ abilities. If I am not mistaken, Rosetta will be participating at the Pentathlon for the 4th time and is therefore the frontrunner. At the 1st Pentathlon in 2010, ESL won ahead of SG and SUSA. One year on and SG claimed victory over P3D and AF and in 2012 P3D won in front of SG and SUSA. 3 times Rosetta, 3 different winners but also 3 times SG on the podium. SG and P3D will no doubt be in the mix but SUSA could also be a possible winning candidate. And who knows, maybe ESL, CNT or a team still hiding in the dark could cause a sensation.

But enough of basking in the glory of yesteryear and anticipating tomorrow, it is the present that is important. P3D is still dictating the pace. They are continuing to enlarge their lead without ever visibly tiring. It will soon be known if this pace will make them have to pay dearly at Rosetta. On the other hand, the fight for #2 is still exciting; SG and SUSA are not relenting. Thus SG was able to reduce their distance to SUSA somewhat yesterday evening but had to concede again during the night.

CNT at #4 is trying hard not to lose touch with SG although the Czechs are unable to come closer. All the same: they were able to extend their lead a bit over Team China. The Chinese have decided on a steady pace; it remains to be seen if this is the correct tactic. For the time being, they are thus not going forwards but at least not slipping backwards.

And when you think it is all over, Meisterkuehler are advancing again. This must be the headline of the night. Yesterday evening it had the appearance that they would have to leave the Top10 and now they are even attacking! The cool guys have even sent a chill through the francophone rooster and pushed past them to #6. AF, now finding themselves at #7, must have been most perplexed earlier today.

ESL (#9) too had to let feathers overnight and their output these last few hours does not bode well. But maybe new priorities are being set because from tomorrow, there will be Rosetta; after all, ESL managed to win this project in 2010. Not only was ESL sliding back but Boinc.Italy (#10) too as they were positively outrun by Overclock.net (#8). The Overclockers are now embarking on a rooster hunt.

DC Russion Union is celebrating a surprising comeback as they advanced in a lightning strike by 2 places to rank 11. If the Russians can continue onwards it will be putting the squeeze on Boinc.Italy. Victim of the recent Russian sprint are Crunching@EVGA (#12) and Boinc@Australia (#13). Both teams will have to work extremely hard if they are not to rot in mid-table obscurity. They are becoming isolated as they are losing the connection.

However, a small private duel is fought between Team2ch (#14) and RKN (#15). Only a few credits separate them whereby RKN have advanced bit by bit in the last hours. It is not yet certain if the fight for #18 is a duel or involving 4 teams. It can only be confirmed so far that Aggie The Pew are valiantly defending rank 16 but are now being threatened by Ukraine (#17). The Ukrainians have gained 2 places and now want more. Not far off, also in terms of output of the previous two, are Boincstats (#18) and Boinc@Mixi (#19). Whilst the chief statisticians had to concede 2 places following a midterm high, Mixi had to drop back by yet another place.

No changes for ranks 20 – 22. But that can change in the next few minutes. ICRAR (#20) are under enormous pressure, nervously glancing behind them. It will only take 1k and TeAm Anandtech will have overtaken. If TeAm Aanandtech were able to keep up this tempo, #18 might be within their reach. Behind them, LITOMYSL (#22), SETIKAH@KOREA (#23), Crystal Dream (#24) and AMD Users (#25) have taken up their places.

What an exciting race! Lots of questions are whirring around in my head:
When will SG attack?
Are Meisterkuehler going to pick a fight will all of China?
Will RKN wrestle Japan to the ground?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#4 - 08.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Even though the Pentathlon has been running for a few days now, it is really only today that it started in earnest. The second discipline kicked off with Rosetta and immediately created excitement within the teams’ tactical divisions. There is a counting, calculating and speculating until the doctor has to be sent for. Though the Sprint-Project Collatz is currently offline it seems to have had no calming effect whatsoever. Don’t any of the teams suffer a heart attack!

But first of all the Natural Sciences. Not easily digested, I know. Maybe our teams have masochistic tendencies. Rosetta commenced last night and the American Eagle began its search for prey at once. Right from the start SUSA signalled that victory could only be had through them. They thus managed to distance themselves easily from their pursuers; P3D did not have such a good start. Did they possibly invest too much in POGS? Behind them, SG has meanwhile pushed onto #3 having recovered from an obligatory weak start. Following close behind SG, AF have advanced to a promising position though CNT (#5) and Team China (#6) have shown their colours and signalled that they won’t be left by the roadside once the traffic speeds up. Again a good start for DC Russian Union (#7) and Boinc.Italy (#8). It appears that RKN is more active at Rosetta than at POGS and at #9 are announcing their ambition to reach the Top10 which is currently completed by Crunching@EVGA, followed closely by Ukraine at #11.

Team2ch complete the dozen, thus confirming their poor performance at this year’s Pentathlon. As the Rosetta winner from 2010, ESL at #13 will surely not be triggering excitement within the team. We will certainly be expecting some kind of reaction. At #14, TeAm Anandtech conclude the contenders for the Top10 because a very clear gap has opened up from rank 15 which is headed by Overclock.net.

At POGS the night has also provided clarity here and there. P3D are still leading of course but behind them the situation is not yet set in stone. SG did try and impress SUSA with a bunker strike but the Americans watched, grinned and countered. Meanwhile SUSA has protected #2 even further and relegated SG to #3 for the time being.

At least SG are currently not threatened from behind. CNT at #4 is too far away. In addition, Team China have the Czechs in their sight and continue to advance. Team China has now got a great chance to secure their best ranking at the Pentathlon so far. That would be a great achievement and would get them noticed.

Meisterkuehler have embedded themselves spectacularly at #6 and if the pace could be maintained MK would have a good chance to hold on to this position until the end. On the other hand, the plucking of the French rooster continues. Overclock has overcome AF and thus achieved #7 and it at the moment it doesn’t appear as if AF (#8) were able to retaliate. They have surely not written POGS off already? It is hoped that they don’t feel too secure just yet. It might seem that there is no danger from the pursuing teams of ESL (#9), Boinc.Italy (#10) and Crunching@EVGA (#11) but they should not be so sure.

DC Russian Union look out of breath again. Having dropped to #12 they are now being pursued by the koalas from Boinc@Australia. RKN have finally managed to wrestle Team2ch to the ground and are rewarded with #14 for the time being. There is some doubt if the Japanese can remain at #15 because Ukraine (#16) have fought past Aggie The Pew (#17) and have set course for Japan.

As expected there is a lot of fluctuation in the overall standings. Small changes at Rosetta make for significant changes here. The only certainty is that there is a duel at the top between P3D and SUSA. The Americans are deadly serious this year and want to be the first team which manages to take the Overall-Trophy out of Germany.

It needs to be said that both of them should not write SG off just yet. The blue-yellows are lying in wait and are ready to counteract and who knows, one slip-up and SG will immediately take advantage of it. Meanwhile, CNT are getting used to being at #4 but for Team China (#6), this would be a great achievement. But even AF (#5) have shown at Rosetta that they want more. We will surely be getting a lot of entertainment from this trio.

A small gap is already opening up behind. This surely shows how important it is to score consistently at the Pentathlon. Who will complete the rest of the Top10 in the end will be decided between Boinc.Italy (#7), DC Russian Union (#8), Crunching@ EVGA (#9), Overclock.net and ESL (both #10) and RKN (#12).

Though Team2ch and the Ukraine (both #13) are within striking distance, some doubts remain. Improved individual performances are required. Meisterkuehler (#15) will not really be looking at the overall standings, but it remains to be seen if Boinc@Australia (#16) and TeAm Anandtech (#17) are happy with their standings; that is written on another sheet. They are followed by Boincstats (#18) and on equal points at #19, Boinc@Mixi and Aggie The Pew.

You can surely guess what my questions are? No? Never mind;
Can SUSA defend their lead at Rosetta?
What is SG planning?
When will AF finally get some concentrated feed?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#5 - 09.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Since last night, all cards are on the table. With POEM, the teams have chosen a project which can indeed provide some surprises. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next few days will be packed with action at the Pentathlon. Collatz, the third discipline, is already waiting for the crunchers tomorrow. This will show us who has real ambition to win in the overall standings and who must bury their aspirations.

Just to top it all with an olive wreath, the Maths discipline Enigma will start as 4th Project on Monday. That particular Monday might go into the history books as a day of important decisions because both end spurts at Collatz as well as at Rosetta will be taking place. It will therefore be advisable to stay with us and follow the order of events. Today is thus the calm before the storm. Breathe deeply whilst you still can, you will need it later. But let us first look at the current state of affairs.

Most teams have now found their pace at POGS. This is understandable as the challenges of the other projects are beginning to divide the focus. I must warn you though not to make too much of developments there. P3D are still leading the Marathon field clearly and convincingly. Yet, without mercy, the American eagle continues to circle above the grassland of the Green Planet and is ready to pounce on its prey. Though the distance between the teams is seemingly large, SUSA is beginning to catch up slowly. It looks as if it might not be necessary as SG have also fallen behind slightly. Either SUSA fears an attack from SG (quite possible) or they are preparing the ultimate onslaught on P3D.

Quite realistically, it’s not about the medal anymore at Team China and CNT. This doesn’t appear to deter either of them to engage in an intense fight for #4. For the moment, the Chinese have decided that in their favour and thus relegated CNT to #5. In contrast, the Gaelic rooster appears to have woken up. AF have once again crunched their way to #7 and are now pressurizing Meisterkuehler who have valiantly held on to #6. Quite a terrific achievement by MK and every day their chances of reaching one of the top ranks at the end are increasing.

Overclock.net (#8) could also be a threat to MK but would have to work a little harder to make it happen. Boinc.Italy have managed to settle near the front of the middle section whereas ESL are in danger of making their exit from the Top10. They are just about clinging on to #10 but Crunching@EVGA is already so close that the E-sports team can feel the breath of their pursuers. Boinc@Australia are currently at #12 and have managed to detach themselves from DC Russian Union. It looks as if the Russians are running out of steam.

In view of the distance which still lies ahead, RKN could quite possibly be in a position to antagonize the team from Russia. The Germans are catching up fast. Team2ch (#15) are busily preparing to be overtaken by Ukraine (#16) whereas Boincstats (#17) have got their second wind and slipped past Aggie The Pew (#18). Behind them, no further changes and thus quickly over to Rosetta.

At Rosetta the fight for the top continues. P3D have sounded the attack and have displaced SUSA from their place in the sun. But the Americans are beginning to catch up again and are clearly focussing on the top rank. It appears as if SG have settled on #3 but in my opinion the armchair is a bit too comfortable as the bronze rank is not yet confirmed. Reason for that is AF who have made up a lot of ground in the last few hours. CNT at #5 and Team China at #6 are unable to follow at such a pace.

Boinc.Italy follow behind at a good 7th place. The deficit isn’t all that large and theoretically something could be done about that. Lots of wonderful things happen in the world, don’t you agree? Team2ch are back! And in fact at #8. The Japanese have pushed past RKN (#9) but would have to step up if they wanted to get further ahead. DC Russian Union (#10) also seem to have lost power at Rosetta as they slid back 2 places. Moving in the opposite direction are ESL (#11) and thus protecting their chances to reach the Top10. Crunching@EVGA remain at #12, followed by a weakened Ukraine (#13) and the freshly fortified team of Overclock.net (#14). Their victim TeAm Anandtech find themselves at #15.

In the Overall Standings, P3D have got the golden rank all to themselves, followed by SUSA and SG. Behind them, the lively 3-team battle between Team China (#4), AF (#5) and CNT (#6) is still ongoing. Only 4 points separate this trio. Boinc.Italy is currently floating between worlds at rank 7, followed by the ESL (#8) who have to fend off Overclock.net (#9).

It’s getting really busy at rank 10. Margins are very tight there. Bumps and bruises cannot be ruled out. DC Russian Union, RKN, Team 2ch and Crunching@EVGA make up a lively mix. Let’s hope such close contact won’t have any consequences. Anyway, let’s move on quickly.

They are also quarrelling at #14. Boinc@Australia have currently got the best cards but Meisterkuehler.de is only 3 points behind and Ukraine are lying in wait. All 3 teams of Boincstats, TeAm Anandtech (both at #17) and Aggie The Pew (#19) are engaged in a brilliant fight. Boinc@Mixi appear not to be too lonely at #20 and are evidently well pleased with the company of SETIKAH@KOREA. The Top25 is concluded by TitanesDC (#22), LITOMYSL (#23), ICRAR (#24) and AMD Users.

My head is spinning, so let’s have the questions:
Can SUSA retaliate at Rosetta?
What is SG hatching?
Can Team China continue to surprise?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#6 - 10.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Three, an important number. At least, in German, this is the title of a book about the gunman, from the master of horror; Roland finds the number 3 which he needs in order to reach his destination and is also joined by some companions. Somehow fitting, because without good results in the 3 disciplines, our gunmen will have difficulties reaching the end of the road. And it will surely be the case that one or other will become a constant companion to one of the projects crunched so far. And maybe this or that crunch-machine will not see it through to the end.

Even though there are no smoking guns here, crunch-computers are far more deadly weapons. They constantly demand to be reloaded, treated well and keep asking for blood, uh electricity, and every so often start to smoke. Today, the heads of our teams will also begin to smoke because Collatz has started as the Sprint-Discipline and is currently causing mayhem.

At Collatz, our gunmen have thrown themselves fully into the battle. SUSA especially have fired really big cannons and might thus be hoping to facilitate an early decision. But this hasn’t happened at all. In the meantime, P3D have occupied #2 and are trying to close the gap. The Russian bear has also buckled on the holster, pulled the gun and fired. By means of a lightning start, they are currently placed at #3.

Still sleepy, SG must have looked at the table early this morning. Meanwhile, SG are beginning to make up the shortfall needed to reach the top. As the output at Collatz is very high, fluctuations are happening all the time. AF is only able to command #5 by a tight margin but here too, Team China (#6) are fully engaged. The mouse tormenters at ESL have claimed a good starting position for themselves at #7 whereby CNT are unusually trailing behind at #8.

At #9, Crunching@EVGA are confirming that they are meanwhile a solid part of the Top10. Boinc.Italy (#11), Team2ch (#12), RKN (#13) and the Meisterkuehler (#15) follow behind. There is currently still a lot of action at Collatz whereby it is relatively calm at POGS.

The Marathon is clearly controlled by P3D, victory will most likely not be taken from them. SUSA at #2 are keeping pace but don’t seem to be getting ready to attack. This could also be the famous calm before the storm. SG are also controlling the tempo at #3 where they have established themselves for now.

Of the top-trio, SG are in the least comfortable position. The reason for that is Team China (#4) who keep their pace up and have thus managed to break away from CNT (#5). AF (#6) seem to have left Meisterkuehler behind at last. It remains to be seen if the Francophone alliance can still succeed to put pressure on CNT.

Right now, Meisterkuehler (#7) appear to be leaking coolant. They are not only losing ground against AF, but no, Overclock have MK firmly in their sights and are coming ever closer. Whilst Boinc.Italy have claimed #9, Crunching@EVGA (#10) and Boinc@Australia (#11) have each been able to gain a place.

The drama of the Marathon can be seen at ESL. Having started really well, ESL are falling apart and currently find themselves at #12. Should the team be unable to improve, DC Russian Union (#13), RKN (#14) and Ukraine (#15) are still in a position to overtake.

But quickly now to Rosetta where we can witness a drama. The duel at the top continues between P3D and SUSA. None of the teams are giving way and it will probably only be evident on the finishing line who will win here. SG have had to shed lots of feathers in the fight for #3. The fans look on in amazement at what is happening here right now. AF have overtaken and relegated SG to #4. The cheering at AF has caused their forum to shake.

But even CNT, just behind, are catching up and appear to be preparing to attack. Further on, there are currently no changes, Team China at #6, Boinc.Italy (#7), Team 2ch (#8), RKN (#9), DC Russian Union (#10) and ESL (#11) have not moved from the spot. The Ukraine (#12) and Overclock.net (#13) have overtaken the team Crunching@EVGA (#14) with an intermediate sprint. Before I float off to the Overall Standings, an information update that Meisterkuehler have managed to fight their way upwards by 6 places and have therefore reached #17. Who knows where it will end.

Lots of tears have been flowing as Collatz has seriously shaken up the Overall Standings and put an end to some of the friendly goings-on. P3D are only leading the Overall Standings ahead of SUSA by a narrow margin. A change of position at Rosetta will suffice to reverse the result here.

If SG want to have a say regarding the winner in the Overall Standings, they will now have to do something about it. The deficit is quite substantial but there are surely still some reserves. SUSA especially will hope that SG can still catch P3D at Collatz. Even though the distance to SG is not very much, AF (#4) must obviously do more to claim Bronze. Currently, this is too measly.

Team China (#5) and CNT (#6) continue to lie in wait and look out for slipups by AF. DC Russian Union have won lots of ground due to Collatz, and are currently at #7. Boinc.Italy (#8), Overclock.net and ESL (both #9) can only hope that that particular high altitude flight comes to an end soon. All continuing close together: Crunching@EVGA (#11), RKN and Team 2ch (both #12) and Meisterkuehler.de (#14). These teams can still hope to leap further ahead.

There’s a lot going on at the moment. Not only are my fingers smoking but urgent questions are trying to make a bid for freedom.
Will SG nosedive at Rosetta?
Can DC Russian Union keep up at Collatz?
Are ESL recovering at POGS?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#7 - 11.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

There’s no room for melancholy tendencies in this Pentathlon; there’s lots going on to make us prick up our ears. These last few years, I kept writing that Team China were continuing to improve and now the time has come when the Chinese have decided not to remain in the shadows any longer. Incidentally, SG could be the next prey of the Chinese dragon; for all that, it’s currently strangely quiet at SG.

Never before have our Pentathletes had to wait so long for the crowning of the winner of the first discipline. That’s about to change. One of the decisions will be reached at Collatz where SUSA is continuing to dictate the pace. But behind them, not all the cake has been shared out. Even though P3D at #2 have distanced themselves a bit from their pursuers, at Collatz, you can’t rest on your laurels.

The pursuing trio is currently being led, quite sensationally, by Team China (#3) who, with strong wing beats, whooshed past DC Russian Union (#4) and SG (#5). The current German result throws up some questions; it is definitely a bit out of the ordinary. The rivals are already pondering and speculating what the Teutons could have up their sleeve.

Close behind, CNT have battled to #6 and thus pushed past AF (#7), Overclock.net (#8) and ESL (#9). The fight for #10 is also closely contested; Crunching@EVGA are only just able to stay ahead of Boinc.Italy. There’s also lots of activity further back. Team 2ch have at last heard the alarm clock ring and catapulted themselves to #12 with a mighty bunker strike. And joining them in their flight were RKN (#13), Meisterkuehler (#14) and LITOMYSL (#15) who incidentally moved up 7 places.

When there are so many winners there will of course be some losers. Boincstats suddenly find themselves relegated to #16, followed by TeAm Anandtech (#17) and Boinc@Mixi (#18) who managed to improve by 1 place. Downhill for the Ukraine (#19), Boinc@Australia (#20), Aggie The Pew (#21) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#22).

And now to Rosetta. Can you hear it? No? It’s deadly quiet. There’s been no movement within the classification in the last few hours. Even though you can’t hear anything, if you concentrate you can feel the tension in the air and crackly build-up of electricity just waiting to be discharged.

P3D, especially, will continue to scan the sky expecting an attack by the American bald eagle. There’s no doubt that they will pounce, the only question is when. The same goes for the battle at #3. In this case, the German eagle is on the hunt and is looking for fresh rooster. But AF are also equipped with claws to defend #3 and ward off SG’s attack.

As there’s not much going on at Rosetta at the moment, I will now leave this discipline and turn my attention to POGS. Things have quite naturally settled down here and renewed hectic activity will be expected in the last days of the Pentathlon. P3D are clearly in the lead even though SUSA are keeping pace. Does their fast speed signify a possible attack or do they fear SG (#3)?

At the very least, SG have managed to find a tempo that makes it difficult for Team China (#4) to come closer. Despite the difficulties of forging ahead, Team China will not be able to reduce their pace because CNT (#5) continue to keep up the pressure. And AF (#4) have also not given up and are toiling forward with giant strides.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Meisterkuehler to hold on to #7. Overclock.net are inching forward. At #9, Boinc.Italy are unable to match the pace of the team in front, with the result that Crunching@EVGA will soon steal a slice of pizza from the Italians. Places have been changed behind Boinc@Australia (#11); DC Russian Union have caught ESL and advanced to #12.

P3D are continuing to lead the Overall Standings ahead of SUSA and there are currently only 10 points in it between the two. In contrast, SG (#3) have had to fall back as things are. SG can surely already feel the hot breath from Team China (#4). AF (#5) and CNT (#6) are continuing to lie in ambush, just waiting for the right moment.

DC Russian Union continue to hold on to a super 7th place, followed by Boinc.Italy. Overclock.net do not have to be content with #9, there should be more in it for the Overclockers. ESL are still able to hold on to #10 but Crunching@EVGA (#11) are on a great run at the moment and attacking.

ESL have not seen the end of this as RKN (#14) are coming ever closer with giant strides. Behind them, the teams have settled in their current positions for the time being. Changes are noted from #19. Aggie The Pew (#21) became a victim of ICRAR (#19) and TeAm Anandtech (#20).

It’s getting alarmingly cosy at #12, Team2ch and RKN seem to be the very best of friends. Whilst the Meisterkuehler #14 look on with great amusement, it’s not quite so amicable behind them. The Ukraine and Boinc@Australia are bitterly fighting for #15. TeAm Anandtech (#17) are unable to join the fight at this time. They are currently engaged in warding off the attack by Boincstats.

Further on we find Boinc@Mixi (#19) and LITOMYSL at #20. Whilst SETIKAH@KOREA are fighting with Aggie The Pew (#22) over rank 21, TitanesDC (#23) are having to grapple with AMD Users and ICRAR, both also on the same points. The last team with points are Crystal Dream at #26. Behind them we can see ObDoHe, SETI@Deutschland, Team Belgium and AerospaceResearch.net.

Will SG still ignite a rocket at Collatz?
How will the teams start at Enigma?
When will SUSA strike at Rosetta?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#8 - 12.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Welcome, it’s the day of decisions. The last few hours at Collatz and Rosetta have dawned and they are still exceedingly intense. In both disciplines the fight is still full on. Today, grave decisions are expected which will affect the Overall Standings. F5 will surely be the most used key by the teams today. Their eyes will be glued to the statistics, they will hope and worry, the blood pressure will rise, hands will shake and inner turmoil will befall them. Unfortunately, there’s no antidote, we’ve all got to get through it.

Four disciplines and the Overall Standings in one day are quite a lot. I am therefore going to disregard POGS today and will concentrate on the outcomes and also the start of the 4th Discipline. We might just as well continue with the topic.

It’s all happening right from the start at Enigma. Be warned, people with heart defects should stop reading now. I am not going to be responsible for tension overload. Not only is the Chinese Dragon snorting and spitting fire but it can bite too. Quite sensationally, it has placed itself at the top of Enigma. Following by a narrow margin are SG and P3D. But that’s not all as SUSA is also close by. What a riveting fight!

AF have again settled some distance away from the podium and it remains to be seen if they will be content with #5. The Ukraine (#6) are a surprise discovery a little further behind, followed by CNT (#7) and Crunching@EVGA (#8). RKN (#9) are getting along fine too. A skirmish has ignited between Boinc.Italy and RKN for #10. The dozen is completed by ESL (#11) and Overclock.net.

There’s lots of fiery action at Enigma but it’s still possible to get your fingers burned at Rosetta. P3D continue to lead the field. Constantly looking in the rear view mirror, the Green Planet are expecting an attack by SUSA which is sure come. From the depth of the void, CNT (#3) attacked and overtook AF (#4) and SG (#5). Will SG and AF sit there and do nothing?

Behind them, there were no further changes. Team China can count on #6 at the end, whereby Boinc.Italy (#7) should still anticipate an attack by Team 2ch (#8) or even from RKN (#9). There’s a volatile duel looming at #10. Can DC Russian Union defend against the attack by Ukraine? The teams of ESL (#12) and Overclock.net #13 are also close together but will most likely not have to anticipate an attack by Crunching@EVGA. There’s no confirmed winner yet in the fight for #15. Although TeAm Anandtech have the current advantage, Boinc@Australia could still be risking a strike.

The trees are also alight at Collatz. SUSA appear to be sprinting towards a convincing Start-Finish-Win, but who knows what might happen. It is all still possible. It is more likely though that P3D (#2) will be put under pressure. Team China continue to remain at #3 and are even making up ground towards the top. Behind them, DC Russian Union at #4 mustn’t snooze but be vigilant and not miss the inevitable attack by SG (#5).

Further on, CNT (#6), AF (#7), Overclock.net (#8) and ESL (#9) seem to have settled at their positions. But beware, a bunker could change all that in the last few hours. Boinc.Italy have to give it their all to defend #10 against Crunching@EVGA, whereby RKN at #12 might still be in with a chance. LITOMYSL have wangled rank 13 off Team2ch and behind them, Meisterkuehler.de are calmly chugging along. Boinc@Mixi (#16), TeAm Anandtech (#17) and Ukraine (#18) have all won a place in the home straight whereas Boincstats slipped down to #19.

All this has naturally brought great disorder into the Overall Standings. Although P3D are currently leading by 20 points, this could all change in the next few hours. This is due to SUSA who are giving it their all this year to win. There’s an unusual sight at rank 3, however, where Team China have ousted SG and have caused them a lot of worry. But SG are confident that they can retaliate.

CNT are valiantly standing their ground at #5, followed by AF who still live in hope, naturally. Boinc.Italy (#7), DC Russian Union (#8) and Overclock.net (#9) are ahead of RKN and Crunching@EVGA (#10) who are on equal points. I am slowly getting concerned about RKN who were yesterday snuggling up to Team2ch (#14) who in turn have also sidled up to Meisterkuehler.de (also #14). In the buffer zone ESL (#12) and Ukraine (#13) are providing a bit of space.

Will Team China achieve the sensation?
Can CNT hold on to #3 bei Rosetta?
Will SG retaliate?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#9 - 13.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

What a drama we experienced last night! Tension was tangible and the air was electrified. The teams gave it their all at Rosetta and Collatz. And even Enigma didn’t disappoint. This day will surely go into Pentathlon history as one of the most exciting but maybe also, as one of the most tragic ones.

What happened at Rosetta last night can only be described as pure drama. SUSA launched an attack, but too late. Over 1 Million credits arrived 2 hours too late. It’s puzzling why that was so. Was it due to mistaken timing or technical problems at Rosetta? Never mind what it was, they will be devastated at SUSA. And thus Planet 3DNow! win the Discipline Natural Sciences. SETI.USA have to make do with Silver which will not be much comfort to them under the circumstances. Sensationally, Bronze goes to the Czech National Team who snapped up a place on the podium for the third time running with a brilliant tactical performance. Congratulations to the medal winners in the Discipline Natural Sciences!

SG will have to make do with Rank 4. There wasn’t enough left in the tank to displace CNT. AF (#5) were the closest they had been for a long time to win an individual medal but ran out of puff on the home straight. Team China take #6 with a solid performance, followed by Boinc.Italy. The Italians ensured they gained the most from Rosetta. Performing below their best, Team2ch ended up at #8.

RKN can leave this discipline quite content at Rank #9. On the other hand, DC Russian Union (#10) succeeded to ward off the attack by Ukraine (#11). It would not have taken much more. Once a winner at Rosetta, ESL went past the finish line at #12, followed by Overclock.net (#13) and Crunching@EVGA (#14). At Rank 15 we greet Meisterkuheler.de. The cool team succeeded to make up 2 places in the end with a hefty strike and thus took TeAm Anandtech (#16) and Boinc@Australia (#15) by surprise.

In the end, SETIKAH@KOREA were able to claim #18, followed by TitanesDC (#19) and Boincstats (#20). Boinc@Mixi were unable to shift from #21 and Aggie The Pew (#22) were also short of breath at the end. AMD Users (#23), LITOMYSL (#24) and Crystel Dream (#25) ensured they had their share of the rest of the points. SETI@Deutschland (#26), Team Belgium (#27), ObDoHe (#28) and AerospaceResearch.net (#29) are rounding off the field.

The second result was announced in the Sprint at Collatz. Gold goes to SETI.USA who scored a convincing victory. Silver is for Planet 3DNow! who showed that we have to reckon with them even in a GPU-Discipline. Whereby SETI.Germany will look at the Bronze Rank with mixed feelings. Even though they managed to claim one of the precious metal medals, the feeling remains that they didn’t give it their all. My congratulations to all the Sprint medal winners.

It wouldn’t have taken much more for Team China to reach the precious metal but they remained at #4 in the end. Despite all that, a great performance by the Chinese who learned to improve their tactics. DC Russian Union are one of the losers of the last day. They dropped 2 places and remained at #5 in the end. Behind them, CNT went through the finish line at #6. Only #7 was ultimately left for AF. ESL had also tried to jump to #8 with a mighty bunker strike, but the attack was thwarted by Overclock.net. This is then how it ended, Overclock.net at #8 and ESL at #9.

Our next two teams showed us what can be done with a nice fat bunker in the closing stages. Both climbed 4 places! Nobody had reckoned with LITOMYSL but a strong bunker catapulted the team to a great 10th place. Meisterkuehler.de would also have loved to claim that rank. Only 55k were missing in the end, nevertheless, a great #11 remains. Victim of the race between the previous two were Boinc.Italy (#12), Crunching@EVGA (#13), RKN (#14) and Team2ch #15. Boinc@Mixi were not distracted by the great hustle and bustle and unperturbed, went through the finish line at #16. Whereas TeAm Anandtech (#17) and Ukraine (#18 were able to gain a place on the last sprint day, Boincstats (#19) dropped 2 places. Behind them, Aggie The Pew struck once more and snatched #20 thus relegating Boinc@Australia to #21. SETIKAH@KOREA (#22), AMD Users (#23), Crystal Dream (#24) and TitanesDc (#25) clawed at the last remaining points, whilst SETI@Deutschland (#26) and ObDoHe, AerospaceResearch.net and Team Belgium (all #27) had to come away empty-handed.

Whilst the Marathon continues to remain calm, and as before, P3D ahead of SUSA and SG, the situation at Enigma is less clear. SG placed themselves at the top of the field last night with a bunker strike which left the server shaking. P3D are slowly gaining on SG and SG will have to be extra vigilant. In addition, SUSA at #3 have also hoisted all their sails and are gathering tremendous pace

We find AF once again at Rank 4, in whose shadow Team China (#5) continues to be exposed to the attacks of other teams. A great start by the Chinese promised more but the outlook is currently not so great. A bit further on, CNT have claimed #6, followed by the Ukraine (#7) and DC Russian Union (#8). The Russians left half the field behind with a tremendous spurt. Crunching@EVGA (#9) and RKN (#10) complete the Top10. But knocking at the door are ESL (#11), Boinc.Italy (#12) and Overclock.net at (#13). Further on are SETIKAH@KOREA (#14) and Aggie The Pew (#15) who have taken up their position.

All this activity is of course affecting the Overall Standings. Though P3D continue to lead by 20 points a hot race is on the cards for the winning position. SG have managed to create some space in their fight for #3. The margin to CNT and Team China (both at #4) is already noticeable and gives the Germans some room to play with. It looks as if there’s not much of a chance regarding the overall win this year.

AF can’t really be content with #6, they are treading water. There is still some potential to move forwards. On the other hand, DC Russian Union (#7) will have difficulties to advance further; the distance appears to be too much. Boinc.Italy (#8) and Overclock.net (#9) will no doubt ensure that the Russians won’t become bored.

Rank 10 is heavily contested. RKN have chosen to remain single, whilst ESL and Crunching@EVGA (both #11) are moving closer together. Meisterkuehler.de (#13) should not be dismissed so easily, even though it won’t be easy for them. The Ukraine have taken up place at #14, followed by Team2ch. TeAm Anandtech have fought for and won #16 ahead of Boinc@Austalia and we hope that they can hold on to it. #18 is surrounded by lively battle-thirsty teams, separated by 9 points. LITOMYSL and Boincstats currently share #18. Behind them another double at #20 with Boinc@Mixi and SETIKAH@KOREA. It looks like POEM will be needed for the final decision

The final days of the Pentathlon begin tonight. For the last Discipline Showbag, the teams chose POEM. The project is currently stringing our participants along a little, creating tension which our teams really don’t need right now. Let us be surprised.

Can SUSA take the drama in their stride?
Will SG win at Enigma?
Will the Overall Win be wrestled from P3D?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#10 - 14.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The last 5 days of the 5th Pentathlon have broken. From today, all cards are on the table. How they will be played will be up to our teams. The fight for the Overall Victory will remain exciting until the very last day. But yesterday’s drama continues to occupy us. We have meanwhile been able to establish that SUSA were unable to empty their bunkers on time due to a private emergency. This is regretful and we hope that everything is alright. It would have been half the rent for SUSA. But I don’t want to speak out of turn.

There have been a few developments at POGS during the last few days but no change at the top. P3D ahead of SUSA and SG. Team China (#4), AF (#5) and CNT(#6) follow behind, whereas AF are speeding up and have thus managed to catch CNT. The podium seems taken but it’s really quite tight a bit further back. Especially CNT and AF could still manage to wrestle some points for the Overall Standings from this. It was on the cards and now the opportunity has arrived; Overclock.net (#7) have certainly still got chances to attack MK.

Boinc@Australia appear secure at #11. Behind them, RKN have pushed up to #12 and thus relegated DC Russian Union to #13. ESL (#14), Ukraine (#15), Team 2ch (#16) and Boincstats (#17) follow behind. The Statisticians, especially, must look out because TeAm Anandtech (#18) and ICRAR (#19) are sneaking up from behind. Boinc@Mixi were unable to keep up and have fallen back to #20.

SG had put all the stakes on Enigma but that gamble has so far not paid off. The reason for that is SUSA who have to win by all means to secure the Overall Standings for themselves. Currently, P3D have the best cards because the Green Planet have taken the lead. But SUSA know how important this is and are already placed at #2. After their brilliant short burst of speed, SG have now dropped to #3 and must be vigilant not to get swallowed up by AF (#4) and Team China (#5). There’s currently lots of heated action between the two and AF have just won #4 with a quick sprint.

It’s a bit calmer for CNT at #6, whilst the Ukraine (#7) must be vigilant not to get gobbled up by DC Russian Union (#8). There will certainly be no boredom in the following positions. ESL had only just fought their way to 9th place when Overclock.net turned up and claimed #9 for themselves. It remains to be seen if ESL (#10) are able to retaliate. Separated by a hair’s width are RKN (#11) and Boinc.Italy (#12). Crunching@EVGA should look out as they are in danger of being left behind.

The rest of the field is separated by a bit of a gap. SETIKAH@KOREA have taken up residence at #14 but must be careful though, as Meisterkuehler.de (#15) are currently ploughing up the field from behind. Aggie The Pew (#16) are experiencing difficulties at present which Boincstats (#17) might be able to exploit. Boinc@Mixi (#18), TeAm Anandtech (#19), LITOMYSL (#20) and Team2ch (#21) are so preoccupied with themselves that they have missed the connection.

A familiar scene presents itself at the top of POEM. P3D and SUSA are fighting for the top spot. But the field behind them has not yet sorted itself out. With a fantastic start, Crunching@EVGA bunkered their way to #3. But AF have put an abrupt stop to it and are themselves currently residing at #3. Crunching@EVGA, now at #4, must look out for SG who are gaining speed.

Boinc.Italy are currently at #6. We find a familiar face at #7. Team2ch are showing signs of life. DC Russian Union (#8) are quarrelling with Team China (#9). A fascinating duel from which more than #8 should be expected from the Chinese. There’s surely more to come. CNT (#10) appear surprisingly weak, followed by ESl at #11. It’s neck and neck in the following positions: RKN (#12) and Overclock.net (#13) are almost overlapping. Another tight situation follows between the Ukraine (#14) and Boinc@Australia.

There’s always lots of movement with the start of a new discipline. This is also causing the Overall Standings to fluctuate. P3D continue to lead the field. 30 points seem a lot but that can quickly change. SUSA have to clear the finish line ahead of P3D in two of the three remaining disciplines. And that is possible. SG have more or less secured #3 even though AF (#4) have moved closer. But we should still keep an eye on Team China (#5). That also applies to CNT (#6) for whom a jump to rank 4 is still not out of the question.

A positive surprise of this year’s Pentathlon is DC Russian Union at #7. This shows how valuable it is to win points regularly. Boinc.Italy follow closely behind. Overclock.net (#9) have profited from a rank lost by Crunching@EVGA (#10) at POEM. But ESL (#11) are also ready to attack Crunchin@EVGA. RKN is completing the dozen. It is difficult for the Rechenkraft team to advance, but there is still danger from behind from Unkraine (#13) and Team2ch (#14). The Japanese are having a miserable time at Enigma, should they do something about it, it could get tight once more for RKN. Meisterkuehler can also be expected to do better but would have to improve convincingly at POEM.

Can SUSA attack?
What’s brewing at SG?
Will Team China continue to surprise?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#11 - 15.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The clock is ticking, time is running out and tension is rising. It’s almost time for the decisions. SUSA must attack P3D and are certainly capable of it. P3D will do everything in their power to ensure such an attack will come to nothing. Can they do it? We will see.

At the Marathon, the obvious exertion is showing in the teams’ faces. The last days were really hard. The cooling units are getting noisier, the power supply units unreliable and the computers more clapped-out. Now the time has come to hold position and ensure progression to the finish line. This does not apply to all teams as a few running duels have not yet been decided. There’s not much of a chance that the win can be taken from P3D. It would amount to a major effort if SUSA were going to attack here. It can’t be ruled out though but the Americans will probably attach greater importance to Enigma and POEM.

SG could theoretically still attack SUSA but the situation is the same as SUSA’s. Finishing at #3 will be quite acceptable. Behind them no decision has yet been made. Team China are currently at #4 but have to keep an eye on AF. The Francophone rooster has just taken #5 from CNT with the help of wing beat boosters.

The Czechs have slightly reduced their tempo at POGS but why let a place go in the process? Is a bunker strike in the offing on the last day? A substantial cleft is still in place ahead of rank 7 with no change in sight. Overclock.net are currently trying to secure this place but Meisterkuehler (#8) always tend to have a surprise in store. At least MK have managed to enlarge their advantage to Boinc.Italy (#9). Success came about because the Italians have noticeably lost pace. This too will give some teams something to think about. Another team to profit from this are Crunching@EVGA (#10) who thus managed to reduce the deficit. Behind them are no changes at the moment, only #18 is currently hotly contested by ICRAR and TeAm Anandtech.

Not too long now before we arrive at a decision in our Maths-Discipline. P3D are still in the lead at Enigma but this cannot be taken for granted. Maths projects are not necessarily the kind that will fill large halls on the Green Planet. Even though SUSA (#2) are losing a bit of ground, nearly everybody is expecting a mighty attack tomorrow. On the other hand, SG (#4) will have quite a fight on their hands. AF (#4) and even Team China (#5) are not far enough away not to pose a threat.

On the other hand, CNT (#6), Ukraine (#7) and DC Russian Union (#8) are taking it easy at present. A hefty bunker could still wreak havoc in this trio. 5 teams (logic ) are still in with a chance to reach rank 9. Overclock.net are leading the horde, followed by ESL and Boinc.Italy. RKN and Crunching@EVGA are wrangling for #12.

Meisterkuehler have advanced to #14, and thus passed SETIKAH@KOREA. Whilst Aggie The Pew (#16) and Boincstats (#17) seem to have signed a moratorium the teams behind them don’t seem to respect that. Boinc@Mixi have reclaimed #18 and showed TeAm Anandtech how it’s done. Team2ch didn’t seem happy at #21 and handed over the place to LITOMYSL instead. Admittedly, #20 is still disastrous for the Japanese.

POEM is proving to be quite a Showbag. I could copy the text from POGS word for word as the situation here is exactly the same. P3D ahead of SUSA and everybody is waiting for the storm which can be heard rumbling in the distance. There’s more unsettled weather to follow behind them. SG (#3), AF (#4), Boinc.Italy (#5) and even DC Russian Union (#6) have chances to claim Bronze. And even Team2ch (#7), CNT (#8) and not to forget Meisterkuehler.de (#9) could influence the final outcome. What we see brewing here might develop into the most exciting decision in this year’s Pentathlon.

Started brilliantly but have now dropped 7 places, Crunching@EVGA are currently living through this rollercoaster of emotions. And it could get worse because the ESL (#11) and the Ukraine (#12) are coming closer. What is Team China doing at rank 13? Good question! As the Chinese are currently not noted for their large output at Enigma as well as at POGS, we can venture a guess that they might be bunkering in a big way. We are happy to wait and see what the Chinese are able to deliver.

Current losers are Overclock.net (#14) and RKN (#15). On the other hand, LITOMYSL (#16) were able to gain ground and kept Boinc@Australia (#17) and Boinc@Mixi (#18) behind them. Boincstats are currently at #19. Whilst TeAm Anandtech (#20) and Aggie The Pew (#21) have lost places, SETI@Deutschland (#22) are set to grab some points. The same applies to Crystal Dream (#23). But margins at the end of the field are tight, nobody should feel secure.

P3D ahead of SUSA, this is the situation at the top of the Overall Standings. SG is following behind and are securing the Bronze rank calmly and without haste. AF at #4 and CNT at #5 are keeping a beady eye on Team China (#6) because something seems to be brewing. DC Russian Union (#7) and Boinc.Italy (#8) have both not yet decided in which order to run.

Overclock.net, however, have good chances to hold on to #9. It won’t be easy for ESL to hold on to rank 10 because Meisterkuehler are lying in wait and still have potential at Enigma. Due to the crash at POEM, Crunching@EVGA are slipping down in the ranks and #12 is also being threatened by RKN (#13) and the Ukraine (#14). To which degree Team2ch are still bluffing at Enigma can only be guessed but it could possibly allow the Japanese to move off #15.

Behind them, a wide chasm has opened up. Boinc@Australia (#16), TeAm Anandtech (#17), Boincstats (#18), Boinc@Mixi (#19) and LITOMYSL conclude the TOP20. Aggie The Pew will be hoping that they can crunch their way home at #21. Danger threatens from SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) who currently have no points at POEM. It is almost impossible for AMD Users (#23) to advance but there are plenty of chances to slip back. Crystal Dream (#24) and TitanesDC (#25) are still a threat. ICRAR who only started at POGS, can be found at #26. Then follow SETI@Deutschland (#27) and Team Belgium (#28).

When will the storm be unleashed at Enigma?
Will Team China cause chaos at POEM?
Will AF manage to claim #3 at Enigma?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#12 - 16.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

You are surely waiting to hear about the latest developments but before I turn to those, I would like to mention something else at this stage that would otherwise go under if left to the end of the Pentathlon. This bulletin isn’t just available in German but also in English and French. That’s why I would like to cordially thank Modesti (French) and Susanne (English) for the translations. I find it motivating to see how much fun participants from other linguistic areas have with it. I would also like to thank vmc for picking out my countless spelling mistakes which are inevitable. But once again to all: Many thanks! Now it’s time to find some new work for the trio. There could be a preliminary decision in the Overall Standings tonight but it could also get even more exciting.

There are not many changes to report on the Marathon track. The teams are preparing for the last few kilometres. We don’t yet know what awaits us. Will there be a round of heavy attacks or will everybody be happy with their current positions? P3D continue to lead ahead of SUSA and SG. Though the podium appears to be taken, some changes are expected further down. Team China (#4) cannot be sure that AF (#5) are not going to sound their attack.

Narrow margins too at rank 7. Overclock.net are currently being pressured by Meisterkuehler. It’s just as tight between Ukraine (#15) and Team2ch (#16). The only changes to report happened in the last few hours and are from further down in the field. ICRAR have taken #18 from TeAm Anandtech and will hope that they can hang on to this rank. Even though the margins can at times appear huge, a well placed bunker can be the catalyst for quite a few changes. We are sure to expect a lot of movement at POGS once the Maths-Discipline has been concluded.

We are expecting a hot night at Enigma and I want to be there right until the bitter end. P3D are seeking refuge in flight. The Greens have currently abandoned POEM to ensure victory here which could mean winning the Overall Standings. However, that is quite a risk to take. SUSA will attack tonight and it remains to be seen how strong they are. I hope the server doesn’t bail out.

Even though AF have claimed #3, nothing is stirring at SG. They are possibly going to put everything into the sprint at the end. Team China (#5) will most likely join them although the gap is widening. On the other hand, CNT (#6) haven’t really got any hope of moving up which could provide a tactical advantage at POEM. The volatile duel at #7 is still without a decision. The Ukraine must however look on as the margin to DC Russian Union is melting like ice in the sun.

Nearly every position is still bitterly contested. The ESL have won #9 but are still expecting a counter attack by Overclock.net (#10). Deceptively calm, Boinc.Italy have placed themselves at #11, followed by Cruching@EVGA (#12) and RKN (#13) who are engaged in an explosive fight. It’s questionable if Meisterkuehler (#14) could still enter that particular battle and even SETIKAH@KOREA (#15) can take some time out to rest awhile.

I would love to say that the teams in the following positions were all happy with their lot. But far from it, they are going all out. Boincstats (#16) and Aggie The Pew (#17) seriously disagree who is the better of the two. The same goes for Boinc@Mixi (#18) and TeAm Anandtech (19). I am not quite sure about Team2ch (#20). Do they belong with the teams fighting ahead of them or behind? Both could equally be true. LITOMYSL (#21) could still antagonise the Japanese severely, whereas Boinc@Australia (#22) are imitating the koala and enjoying the view. And it doesn’t surprise to find out that there is disagreement about the last few points. AMD Users (#23), TitanesDC (#24) and Crystal Dream (#25) will now have to decide that amongst themselves.

There’s sheer chaos at POEM. There are currently so many positional changes that even I have trouble following them all. At least one thing is clear, victory will once again be decided between two well-known teams. SUSA is currently placed at #1 and have thus relegated P3D to #2. It is now evident that P3D have taken resources away from POEM. #3 has invited a thrilling fight. CNT have leapt onto the podium with a might jump and thus left AF (#4) and SG (#5) behind them.

DC Russian Union are continuing to hold on to #6, followed by Boinc.Italy (#7) and ESL (#8). Team2ch (#9) and the Meisterkuehler (#10) are still lying in ambush. Slowly but surely, the Ukraine (#11) are pushing ahead, not forgetting to keep an eye on their rivals. Behind them, Crunching@EVGA are worried they might lose #12 because Overclock.net (#13), Team China (#14) and RKN (#15) are closing in. We have thus arrived at the edge of the cliff. The rest of the field are led by LITOMYSL (#16) and followed by Boincstats (#17). Whilst those two teams have managed to win places, Boinc@Australia (#18) and Boinc@Mixi (#19) are heading for the basement in the elevator.

P3D und SUSA are continuing to slug it out in regards to who will win the Overall Standings. SG are currently placed #3 but just like the character Kai in the book ‘Bill of the Black Hand: a very all story’ who suddenly emerges from the box, CNT (#4) have appeared within striking distance. But the Czechs would be better off checking out AF (#5) and Team China (#6). DC Russian Union continue to hold on to #7, followed by Boinc.Italy at #8. Only 3 points are currently separating Overclock.net (#9) and ESL (#10).

11 will be a great rank for Meisterkuehler, much more can possibly not be achieved. Crunching@EVGA (#12) are only leading the Ukraine (#13) by 3 points. They have just now slipped away from RKN (#14). But RKN shouldn’t pine away because Team2ch (#15) might well continue to have an interest. Although the Japanese might currently lag behind by a great margin, this could quite possibly shrink. We can see why, when we look at their points at Enigma which are currently suspiciously measly.

Both at equal points at #16 are Boincstats and Boinc@Australia who have still to reckon with TeAm Anandtech (#18) who are proving to be a serious pursuer. This Pentathlon must ooze strange pheromones, as LITOMYSL and Boinc@Mixi are loved up at #19, let’s see how long their happiness lasts. Whilst SETIKAH@KOREA (#21) and Aggie The Pew (#22) are crunching for their positions, Crystal Dream, AMD Users (both #23) and TitanesDC (#25) are still having to sort things out amongst themselves.

Who will win Enigma?
Can CNT still challenge SG in the Overall Standings?
Will P3D’s tactic go belly-up?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#13 - 17.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

The last few days of the Pentathlon have begun and tension can be grabbed with both hands. Quiet anticipation has spread over the field, waiting for Sunday when everything will be decided. And the last few hours have added to the confusion.

Waiting for Godot was the end theme at Enigma. Everybody was waiting tensely for SUSA’s attack. This however did not happen to all our surprise. Planet3DNow! thus wins the Maths-Discipline at Enigma and is therefore able to bring home the second individual success. SETI.USA collect Silver and have left a lot of questions open which won’t be answered until tomorrow. SETI.Germany succeeded in collecting the Bronze Medal with a brilliant sprint just before the end of the race. Congratulations to all the winners of precious metal medals.

Bronze was there for the taking for AF but in the end there was only enough in it for #4. The rooster will probably be hanging its head. Team China can be delighted with #5, but I am not so sure if CNT (#6) are happy with their position. Ukraine managed to secure Rank 7 with a strong performance on the last day and in the process left DC Russian Union in their wake.

Next up, we witnessed a bitter fight for #9. This was in the end decided by Overclock.net with a very narrow margin indeed. The key-sports team, ESL, had to content with #10 at the finish. Another tight situation could be found behind them. Here, Boinc.Italy (#11) were able to stand up to Crunching@EVGA (#12). RKN took #13, followed by Meisterkuehler.de (#14) and SETIKAH@KOREA at #15.

Once again, Boincstats finished with a bunker to secure rank 16 and thus relegated Aggie The Pew to #17. Boinc@Mixi (#18), TeAm Anandtech (#19) and Team 2ch (#20) are next in line. LITOMYSL claimed #21 in the end and have thus left Boinc@Australia behind them. And even the last few points were heavily contested. In this way, TitanesDC were able to wrangle #23 off Team AMD Users (now #24). Crystal Dream collected the last points ahead of SETI@Deutschland at#26. ObDoHe, AerospaceResearch.net and Team Belgium were once again conspicuous by their absence. .

In the end the grand duel did not happen at Enigma, so where will it take place now? SUSA must win the last two disciplines if they want overall victory. The ultimate decision must therefore be made at the Marathon. Ladies and Gentlemen, please make your way to the track, bring food and drink and for those of advanced years, something to sit on. Don’t concern yourselves with clothes as the temperature just keeps on rising.

On the other hand, SG at #3, have only to concern themselves with securing the Bronze rank.

Team China (#4) and AF (#5) are almost running side by side. Yesterday, it looked as if AF would overtake but after the dragon picked up speed this was no longer viable. We must still reckon with CNT at #6 but the Czechs are more than likely concentrating on POEM because they still have medal chances there. Their pursuers have now dropped back by a considerable margin, giving CNT a chance to advance further.

Overclock.net (#7) and Meisterkuehler.de (#8) are busy with each other. It would be especially important for MK to win a place here in view of the Overall Standings because they are within sniffing distance of the Top10. Boinc.Italy (#9) and Crunching@EVGA (#10) conclude the Top10 at Enigma. For those further back, everything remains to be played for because a well-placed bunker can lead to huge gains in the middle of the field. But quickly on to POEM where the game of Musical Chairs is continuing.

POEM is and remains a showbag. The limited number of available WUs is posing a real challenge. But that is something our valiant heroes have to cope with. SUSA have quite visibly not given up the pursuit of overall victory because they are firmly in the lead. Even though P3D (#2) gave up their place at the top in favour of Enigma, we should still keep an eye on them.

It’s quite possible that the Americans have enticed the Green Planet into a trap and ensured that they burn up all their power at Enigma. In view of the WU supply, this would be difficult to undo. The following trio have still got realistic chances to reach rank 3. CNT hold the best cards at the moment, followed by SG (#4) and AF (#5). Only seen as an outsider for the Bronze position is DC Russian Union at #6.

Behind them, Meisterkuehler (#7) have once again flexed their muscles and pushed past their astonished rivals. Boinc.Italy (#8), ESL (#9) and Team2ch (#10) must now decide whether they want to retaliate or not. The Ukraine can be found at #11 and are being pursued by Overclock.net (#12). Less than paper-thin is the margin between Crunching@EVGA (#13) and Team China (#14). RKN (#15) had to let the Chinese pass but are still able to retaliate.

But now a quick glance at the Overall Standings. Here too we find the calm before the storm. P3D ahead of SUSA and SG. That will probably not change until tomorrow. CNT have managed to cement #4 and are profiting from the fact that SG succeeded to slide onto #3 at Enigma. Things are now very difficult for AF (#5) as the distance appears too great. But it is still possible for CNT to fall back and if that happens, the cards will be shuffled anew. We must continue to reckon with Team China (#6) who are moving along in a daze at POEM.

Whilst DC Russian Union look sure to claim #7, no final decision has yet been made between Boinc.Italy (#8) and Overclock.net (#9). Who will battle their way to #10 in the end? Currently, ESL are ahead of Meisterkuehler but 3 points aren’t all that much. The Ukraine and Crunching@EVGA share #12 at present with RKN continuing to anticipate one them to make a mistake.

Let’s await the things that are brewing in the sky:
When will SUSA attack at POGS?
Can CNT win at POEM?
Have P3D begun to shake in their boots?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#14 - 18.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

Showdown in Pentathlon-City. The opponents are facing each other, eyeball to eyeball, and try to work out their rivals’ intentions. Every twitch is spooking the people and the slightest of coughs is taking the onlookers to the edge of despair. It’s raining here, Ladies and Gentlemen. The rain drops are drumming on the window panes and underscore everything with their own music. Time and again, the teams are checking the cards they are still holding, ponder for a while and even come to some decisions. And what about us? We must puzzle out who holds the best cards and who is bluffing.

SUSA continue to lead at POEM ahead of P3D and could increase their advantage. Earlier, CNT at rank 3 would have been able to do likewise but SG are slowly gathering speed and are thus signalling that they haven’t yet given up on Bronze. The distances between the teams aren’t too large yet, a decision will only be made today.

AF have obviously not yet digested their drop to #5 because they’ve not only failed to keep up but no, DC Russian Union (#6) have finally got their chance to catch up to AF. Still looking good en route are Meisterkuehler.de (#7), followed by the ESL (#8) who are doing everything in their power to gain a good place here at POEM to defend their tenth place in the Overall Standings.

Currently showing some weakness are Boinc.Italy (#9). Not enough that they had to let ESL pass, Overclock.net (#10) have started to put on the pressure from behind. The Overclockers have managed to overtake Team2ch (#11) and continue on their way in great strides. Following behind and coming ever closer, with a greedy eye on the Japanese, are Ukraine (#12), Team China (#13) and RKN (#14)

In contrast, Crunching@EVGA continue to slip down, now at #15. They would only lose their current place if Boincstats (#16) or LITOMYSL (#17) were to release a mighty bunker. The duel at rank 18 between Boinc@Mixi (#18) and Boinc@Australia (#19) is not easing at all at the moment. Here, only the last few hours will bring about a decision. TeAm Anandtech at #20 might themselves want to enter into that particular fight, whereas SETI@Deutschland (#21), Crystal Dream (#22) and Aggie The Pew (#23 are completely engrossed in the fight amongst the three of them.

The biggest winner of the Marathon is: POGS. The Marathon has given the project a mighty boost. The most successful days of the project all fall within this year’s Pentathlon. And not to forget, there’s still the prize draw to follow. Quite truly a great project which has been able to profit greatly from the Pentathlon. It would be nice if that were to catch on.

Will there be an attack or not? P3D have meanwhile got a giant advantage and it is still a mystery if SUSA are even going to attack. We will soon find out because such a bunker cannot be built up in the last few hours. SG (#3) have even managed to get closer to SUSA but the blue-yellow team would do better to look behind them. Because both Team China (#4) and AF (#5) are there and still within reach when considering possible bunkers.

CNT will most likely be content with #6, but the same applies here, it’s amazing what miracles a well- placed bunker can perform. Not to forget that the irregular WU-supply at POEM is forcing many teams to crunch POGS. Meisterkuehler (#8) continue their attempt to push the team from Overclock.net off #7 because MK urgently need those points. Meanwhile, Boinc.Italy (#9) have decided to engage with this duel. The Italians have increased their tempo and are catching up.

Crunching@EVGA still manage to defend rank 10 against Boinc@Australia. Are RKN (#12) still able to attack? DC Russian Union (#13) and ESL (#14) seem to have come to terms with their ranks. We have to apply a question mark when considering if Team 2ch (#16) could still endanger the Ukraine (#15). It looks much more lively amongst the following teams.

TeAm Anandtech have taken over #17 from Boincstats (#18) but ICRAR (#19) too appear to be showing an interest. It looks as if Boinc@Mixi (#20) and Aggie The Pew (#21) won’t have to fear any pursuers, the distance appears to be too great. Rank 23 is fought over by Crystal Dream (#23) and LITOMYSL (#24). SETIKAH@KOREA (#22) continue to keep their cool over the two pursuers. AMD Users are in with a good chance to grab the last points.

An air of anticipation is hovering over the Overall Standings. P3D ahead of SUSA, no changes here. We are now waiting for the eagle to show itself. Meanwhile, SG can put the Rotkäppchen-sparkling wine on ice and behind them, it’s looking good for CNT (#4).) There are only theoretical chances left for AF (#5) to reach rank 4. How good is Team China’s (#6) hand? Are we still expecting something, if yes, how much or are they bluffing? We will soon be able to glimpse behind this particular curtain.

DC Russian Union remain at #7, followed by Overclock.net at #8. The Overclockers were able to make up some points and have thus crunched in front of Boinc.Italy (#9). In their fight over #10, ESL (#10) have given themselves a little bit of space, but Meisterkuehler.de don’t appear to have quite finished yet.

RKN have so far been unable to settle at #12 as the Ukraine (#13) are still following in their wake. Crunching@EVGA (#14) appear to be unable to keep up. It looks as if Team2ch will take home a disappointing 15th place in the end, that’s sure to displease the emperor. Who will be 16th? TeAm Anandtech, Boincstats (both #16) or Boinc@Australia? All will be revealed soon. There’s a tight skirmish for #23. TitanesDC and Crystal Dream are sharing this place at the moment but the AMD Users are only behind by 3 points.

Decision Day is here – together with a heap of questions.
Will there be an attack by SUSA?
When will Team China charge at POEM?
Are AF still able to launch an attack at POGS?

As you can see, it remains exciting at the Boinc-Pentathlon.

Day#15 - 19.05.2014

Daily Bulletin of Events: german / french
Discussion Thread for Daily Events Bulletin in the Forums of: LAF and SG

That’s over! This is what the teams will be thinking now. This Pentathlon was one of the hardest and decidedly not for gentle souls. The jostle for positions continued right until the end with one or other surprise. But more about that in a moment. Following tradition, today’s bulletin appears in two parts. In Part 1, I will turn my attention to the results at POGS and POEM and in Part 2, I will deal with the Overall Standings. But now to the results.

POEM was a real Showbag. The project wasn’t all that easy for the teams; now and again, limited WU-supply caused some furrowed brows. Ultimately, all teams had to come to terms with the same conditions. Deservedly, victory goes to SETI.USA. The Americans kept their pace consistently high and for that reaped the rewards in the end. Planet 3DNow! had reduced the tempo earlier in favour of POGS but in the final stages, had no problems collecting Silver. Once again, the Czech National Team showed that they have to be reckoned with. With some clever tactics, the team secured Rank 3 and therefore Bronze. Congratulations to the medal winners.

Ultimately, there was nothing SG could have put in the way of CNT in the final spurt and thus, only Rank 4 was left. Behind them, the pursuing group virtually exploded. You had to witness it to believe it. With a mighty final effort, Meisterkuehler.de took Rank 5 and left AF (#6) looking like a complete fool. They had surely not reckoned with that at AF. Rank 7 went to DC Russian Union who were equally caught off guard by MK’s attack.

Too late and too weak was the final attack from Team China. Therefore, they have to be content with #8 and as a consequence of their mis-crunching, have squandered a better place in the Overall Standings. In the wake of the Chinese, Overclock.net (#9) and the Ukraine (#10) also improved their lot. Where there are winners, there must also be losers. Downwards headed Boinc.Italy (#11), ESL (#12) and Team2ch (#13). Crunching@EVGA (#14) also managed to win a place in the end spurt and thus relegated RKN to #15.

Behind them, no changes were recorded on the last day. Boincstats are bringing #16 home, only just ahead of LITOMYSL (#17). Boinc@Mixi (#18), Boinc@Australia (#19) and TeAm Anandtech (#20) crossed the finish line behind them. SETI@Deutschland claim #21, the best ranking in this year’s Pentathlon und leave Crystal Dream (#22) marginally behind them. The last points were grabbed by Aggie The Pew (#23), SETIKAH@KOREA (#24) and AMD Users (#25). Team Belgium reached Rank 26 and TitanesDc #27. ObDoHe and AerospaceResearch.net (both #28) remained stuck in the start box.

By the time our teams reached the finish line last night at POGS, they were completely exhausted. Once again, the Marathon pushed our teams to the limit. Deserved victory went to Planet 3DNow! whose clear and consistent run ensured their win. The large anticipated attack from SETI.USA did not happen in the end. There had probably not been enough power left for the large assault. Bronze was deservedly won by SETI.Germany. Congratulations to all winners of precious metal medals.

The contest for #4 was only decided on the finish line. In the last second, AF managed to push past Team China (#5). As expected, CNT went over the finish line at #6 but behind them a sprint to the end decided the outcome. Overclock.net or Meisterkuehler.de, that was the question. By a cat’s whisker, Meisterkuehler decided this duel in their favour and thus claimed Rank 7; Overclock.net had to make do with Rank 8.

Boinc.Italy helped themselves to #9, followed by Crunching@EVGA at Rank 10. Confidently, Boinc@Australia brought Rank #11 home, as well as RKN, who claimed Rank 12. DC Russian Union (#13) were unable to advance in the end but that was also true for ESL (#14). With a satisfactory last day, Ukraine managed to secure #15 and also increase the distance to Team2ch (#16).

TeAm Anandtech managed to triumph over Boincstats (#18) in the fight over Rank 17. Even though ICRAR gave it their all, they did not manage to close in on Boincstats in the end and thus remain at Rank 19 in the standings. A respectable result for this small team. Over the finish line behind them went Boinc@Mixi (#20), Aggie The Pew (#21) and SETIKAH@KOREA (#22). Crystal Dream (#23) also dragged themselves over the same, closely followed by LITOMYSL (#24). The last points were snatched by AMD Users. On the other hand, without points are TitanesDC (#26), Team Belgium (#27), SETI@Deutschland (#28), AerospaceResearch.net (#29) and ObDoHe at Rank 30.

I am going to cast an eye at the Medal Table of the Individual Disciplines at the end of Part 1.
The most successful team remain P3D. At 21 individual medals, SG have collected the most precious metal medals. Whilst CNT were able to expand their collection, we continue to wait for a new medal winner.

Disziplines Gold Silver Bronze
Planet 3DNow! 10 5 1
SETI.Germany 5 9 7
ESL 3 1 -
SETI.USA 3 9 5
Team 2ch 2 - 3
Czech National Team 1 - 3
DC Russian Union 1 - 1
L'Alliance Francophone - 1 6

Part 2 (Complete Analysis) will follow later this morning.

It’s time for me to cast a concluding glance at the Overall Standings. Right from the start it came down to the duel between P3D and SUSA. No other team was able to keep pace with those two. Never before have SUSA been so close to Overall Victory but in the end, the drama at Rosetta was the deciding factor. It was here that SUSA lost the decisive points.

Even more exciting this year was the group of teams fighting just behind the podium. Whilst CNT managed to collect Bronze twice, AF and Team China came away empty-handed. Meisterkuehler provided lots of entertainment and showed the teams what can be achieved with good tactics and (obviously) a little bit of power.

And now to the evaluation: in brackets you will find the standings at the disciplines in the following order: Rosetta, Collatz, Enigma, POEM, POGS.

1st Place: Planet 3DNow! (1,2,1,2,1) - (last year #1)
They’ve definitely earned their overall win but a bit of luck was involved too. We continue to be impressed by the way the Green Planet are able to mobilize their power. Whoever wants to win the Pentathlon must push past P3D, that is still a fact. Victories at POGS, Enigma and at Rosetta guaranteed the triumph. But they shouldn’t become too complacent. The battles will be even more difficult next year.

2nd Place: SETI.USA (2,1,2,1,2) - (last year #2)Victory was on the cards but sadly, reality intervened. Never before have SUSA come so close to be Overall Winner. The Americans provided us with days and nights filled with tension. They won POEM and Collatz quite decisively and made their rivals sweat. If the Americans return next year in similar form it will be difficult to stop them.

3rd Place: SETI.Germany (4,3,3,4,3) - (last year #3)Really, could not more have been done? This question is for SG to answer. Three times Bronze is surely not the haul they envisaged. More could have been achieved, especially at Collatz. Once again they hadn’t been able to motivate enough people. This shows in the fact that they were unable to stay close to the action in all projects. SG suffered quite a lot in the parallel projects. Next year, SG have to take care not to have the Bronze Medal taken away from them.

4th Place: Czech National Team (3,6,6,3,6) – (last year #5)Collected two medals, the Czechs can be content with that. On the other hand, that is not enough to enter the discussion for medals in the Overall Standings. There isn’t currently enough power or consistency for that. They can always be counted on to deliver good individual results. In future, we must continue to reckon with the Czechs.

5th Place: L'Alliance Francophone (5,7,4,6,4) - (last year #4)
They came within a whisker of the individual medal at Enigma. It wouldn’t have taken much more. This impression can be applied to the whole competition. The biggest weakness appears to be bunker management. There, they lose ground far too quickly. AF have to be careful, their rivals are wide awake.

6th Place: Team China (6,4,5,8,5) - (last year #6)There ought to have been more, Team China are surely aware of that. They narrowly missed the first individual medal at Collatz. The Chinese have once again shown that we have to reckon with them in the future. A better placement was gambled away at POEM. We don’t know why, that question remains unanswered. We are sure to have to count on Team China next year. It might even be enough for the first medal.

7th Place: DC Russian Union (10,5,8,7,13) - (last year #9)Even though they didn’t reach the podium this year, they have nonetheless improved. Better consistency was decisive even though they fell back at the Marathon. If they continue to work on it, it’s possible that they might move up to the group of favourites next year.

8th Place: Overclock.net (13,8,9,9,8) - (last year #7)Overclock.net have become a firm component of the Top10. There isn’t enough power to move further on but who knows, they might make it happen. Without the slip-up at Rosetta they could have overtaken the Russians and validated last year’s result.

9th Place: BOINC.Italy (7,12,11,11,9) - (last year #16)After having messed up last year, the Italians have reported back. They would need to get rid of the small weakness at Collatz for next year. But generally speaking, they must improve because other teams are coming up from behind and will soon be knocking on the door.

10th Place: Meisterkuehler.de Team (15,11,14,5,7) - (last year #17)
Much has been written so far but there’s always another surprise. A brilliant effort on the last day saw MK rewarded with Rank 10. They taught their rivals the meaning of fear at POEM and POGS. Compared to previous years, Meisterkuehler have clearly been able to improve, let’s see how this story continues next year.

11th Place: Electronic Sports League (ESL) (12,9,10,12,14) - (last year #10)Our E-Sports Team fell out of the Top10 on the home straight. They left some points behind at the Marathon but that alone didn’t account for it all. It just needs a bit more power. They shouldn’t be unhappy about it though. The Silver team from 2010 have stabilized and can look positively into the future.

12th Place: Ukraine (11,18,7,10,15) - (last year #15)An improvement in the Overall Standings will always be a reason to celebrate. Their weakness was Collatz; here they lost important points. They were strong at Enigma but that was bought by weakening at POGS. The team’s performance showed a lot of fluctuations but with a little more consistency, more could be possible.

13th Place: Rechenkraft.net (9,14,13,15,12) - (last year #13)
13th Place: Crunching@EVGA (14,13,12,14,10) - (last year #14)I’ve found a right pair here. They were already neighbours in the standings last year and are sharing Rank 13 this year. The strength both teams have is their balance. Whilst RKN were strong at Rosetta, Crunching@EVGA collected points at POGS. Apart from that there are very few differences and thus, both teams are parked side by side. This duel will surely continue to be interesting next year.

15th Place: Team 2ch (8,15,20,13,16) - (last year #8
This result is a catastrophe. I didn’t account for the Japanese finishing so poorly. Even without the Japanese’s pet project, this outcome is a disappointment. They only showed a brief flash of their capabilities at Rosetta. I would hope for a strong comeback next year.

16. BOINCstats (20,19,16,16,18) - (last year #11)
16. TeAm Anandtech (16,17,19,20,17)
18. BOINC@AUSTRALIA (17,21,22,19,11) - (last year #21)
19. BOINC@MIXI (21,16,18,18,20) - (last year #20)
20. LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic (24,10,21,17,24) - (last year #22)
21. SETIKAH@KOREA (18,22,15,24,22) - (last year #24)
22. Aggie The Pew (22,20,17,23,21)
23. Crystal Dream (25,24,25,22,23) - (last year #19)
23. TitanesDC (19,25,23,27,26) - (last year #26)
25. AMD Users (23,23,24,25,25) - (last year #18)
26. ICRAR (-,-,-,-,19)
27. SETI@Deutschland (26,26,26,21,28) - (last year #32)
28. ObDoHe (28,27,27,28,30)
28. Team Belgium (27,27,27,26,27) – (last year #32)
28. AerospaceResearch.net (29,27,27,28,29) - (last year #32)

This has obvious consequences for the breakdown of the medals in the Overall Standings. P3D are now the team with the most Gold Medals. SG, by the way, are the only team who have stood on the podium in every Pentathlon. Until now, there have only been 5 teams who have collected a precious metal medal in the Overall Standings. That might change next year.
Planet 3DNow! 3x Gold, 1x Silver
SETI.Germany 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze
SETI.USA 3x Silver, 1x Bronze
Electronic Sports League 1x Silver
L'Alliance Francophone 1x Bronze

As a reminder, the podiums of the last Pentathlons:
2010: 1. SG / 2. ESL / 3. SUSA
2011: 1. SG / 2. P3D / 3. AF
2012: 1. P3D / 2. SG and SUSA
2013: 1. P3D / 2. SUSA / 3. SG

It is now time to say goodbye to you in the hope that you have enjoyed this Pentathlon as much as I have. A big thank you to all the participants without whom this would not have been possible.

Last year’s questions have been answered but we must of course pose new ones:

Will SETI.USA claim the title next year?
Will Team China succeed to collect their first medal?
Will SETI.Germany be able to enter the fight for Gold?

As you can see, it will be exciting again at the Boinc-Pentathlon 2015!

Taken from SETI.Germany Wiki translated by Susanne

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